Dumb Shit

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Clueless guy really doesn't know what his wife needs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Swinging   Teacher/Student   .

Betsy was just exasperated as she felt him awkwardly pushing his pecker into her pussy. She knew that in just a few strokes he would squirt and then pull out and fall asleep. That is not what she expected from a husband.

It’s not that she was a sex queen herself, but the few guys that she’d experienced had known a lot more than he did. Especially the older married one that had convinced her to take off her panties the first time. She still had fond memories of what he did.

What could she do?

Finally, she decided to have a conversation with an older cousin who always seemed so happy in her marriage and would drop hints about how good their sex life was.

Karen offered her some wine, something she was not used to drinking and it really helped her open up quickly. Karen listened carefully and asked some questions. A big one was, “Why didn’t you find this out before you married him? You weren’t a virgin, after all, from what you say.”

“Yeah but I had just enough sex to know what I am missing now. I thought he was too religious or polite to try to get some before we got married, not such a dumb shit. Now I know what a big mistake it was not to insist.”

Karen absorbed that, “Having an affair might give you some thrills but wouldn’t help long-term so don’t go that way. I know.”

Those last two words shook Laurie, “Uh, what did I just hear?”

Karen smiled and said, “a year ago I was feeling like you do and screwed around with a couple of guys. When the first one didn’t make me feel any better, I tried a second. He didn’t either so I figured I was on the wrong track.” Her imagination made Betsy’s pussy tingle little bit.

“But you seemed very happy with your husband now. What did you do to make it better? That’s what I need!”

Karin refreshed their wineglasses and watched Betsy’s face as she talked. “I happened to run across a previous boyfriend that I’d had pretty good sex with before I met my husband. We were trading notes and he told me about an older woman that he’d taken up with after we split. He said that she had taught him a lot about pleasing women he never knew. When he asked if I would be interested in feeling the difference, I was very tempted but said I would think on it a bit, remembering my previous experiences. I finally figured this would be different and gave him a call and yes indeed, he was much better than I remembered. I had no intention of taking up with him beyond that but asked to meet this woman.

We were introduced and spent a good bit of time talking. She was sympathetic and said she would love to teach my husband. She held my hand, “Honey, I’ve fucked for fun and for love. I’ve fucked for money and as a thank you. I’ve fucked for babies and for sympathy. I’ve even fucked to be mean and I’m sure there are other reasons I can’t think of right now. I can’t think of a better way to use my body than to improve the lives of a married couple. Let’s get to planning.

It took some figuring by me, her, and my ex-boyfriend to figure out how she could get my husband in a situation he couldn’t refuse. While my husband was in training, I took up my ex-boyfriend since he wasn’t getting as much of her pussy. My own abilities improved this way too. I knew what she’d been working on so checked it out and praised my husband without asking how he knew.

Finally, she and I gently confronted him and explained all that had gone on. He cried and kissed her goodbye and took me away on a second honeymoon weekend. Neither of us have any interest in others since.

So Betsy and Karen worked on a scenario where Karen would seduce Betsy’s husband. Betsy would have some fun and training with Karen’s husband too. He was in on the plan and looked forward to enjoying fresh pussy

They would arrange a weekend away and when they got to the hotel there would only be one room with two beds supposedly available. The first night Betsy’s husband was amazed at the other couple’s screwing which they not only made no attempt to hide but exaggerated a bit for his benefit. He was hard enough but didn’t last long as usual.

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