by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: Jayne can't take another second of her mom's constant lecturing. Now she's on her own, on the street. She planned to walk to the rough side of town and find some kind man to relieve her of her troublesome virginity. Now she is surrounded by three big guys and thinking, "Maybe I didn't think this through!"

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

I’m the kind of girl who sees herself as someone who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Unfortunately, my mom thought she should be able to dish out a full ration of crap and I should just sit there mute. Finally, the feces hit the fan and I’m on the street. I’ve got on a dress with a scandalously short skirt. The top is tight, and although my breasts are small, the tightness makes it look like I’m more stacked than I am. I’m not wearing panties, and I’m unconsciously heading for a rough part of town like I’m a zombie under a compulsion.

My mom and I fought because she doesn’t like my fashion choices. She especially doesn’t like me going commando and she thinks I still need a curfew. She gave me a big lecture about protecting my virginity. I think my seemingly random route is designed to get me raped so my damn virginity won’t be a damn issue any more. That’ll show her!

Now there are three guys looking at me like I’m raw meat in front of a pack of hyenas. They start the typical harassing talk. You’ve undoubtedly heard it. Something like, “Hey honey, did you bring us something sweet?”

They surround me, and I’m starting to panic because I don’t want to get raped on a vacant lot covered in dirt, sand, and broken glass. Suddenly the reality of sexual assault hits me. It will be an assault on my body and mind. I will be hurt in many more ways than a swollen pussy, a chance I will contract an STI, and the possibility I will get pregnant.

I’m about to panic and scream. Of course, there will be no one to hear me scream. My mother’s warnings will be proved true.

Suddenly a big black man is there. He says, “Boys, you better step away from the little lady and go on home, unless the little girl has invited you to have a party with her. From the way it looks to me, whether or not she invited you is immaterial though, because I’m pretty damn sure the state of Wisconsin is gonna tell you she is under age and jailbait, no matter what sweet lies she told you.”

The guys started looking unsure of themselves and trading anxious looks. The man looked at me and said, “Well which is it missy, did you go home the wrong way, or did your mouth write checks your pussy isn’t prepared to cash?”

I blushed so they could see it even in the yellow sodium street lights. “I kinda exaggerated my age. I’m only fourteen and I’m sorry for the inconvenience gentlemen. I hope we can meet again under better circumstances when I’m eighteen.”

One of the teenage boys growled, “You gotta watch out for this creep, little girl. He’s as crazy as a loon from too many tours in Afghanistan. The towel heads over there fuck sheep and whatever else they can get their hands on. He just might make you say ‘baaaa’ for old time’s sake if you go off with him.”

I smiled and said, “I’m sure one of our military veterans is an honorable man.”

The big guy who I decided was the leader, said, “Old man, is it true you handed Mikey’s ass to him?”

The man said, “Someone who acts like a punk gonna get treated like a punk. You know it’s true and I don’t need to brag, so why are you asking a punk ass question Reggie? Did you all of a sudden try to think and come up with a need to get your punk ass handed to you? Your grandma is gonna be awfully upset to find you out bothering little girls, even if she is as white as a blizzard over Lake Michigan.”

“We’ll just be going home Mr. Gerald. You don’t need to mention this to my parole officer, right, since nothing happened to the little lost girl?” A tall skinny boy asked.

“No T-Bird. I don’t need to mention it to Mrs. Grant or your mama for now. That could change at any minute if you keep up this kind of behavior,” Mr. Gerald said.

The boys beat a hasty retreat and Mr. Gerald turned his steely gaze on me.

“Now what in the world were you trying to do to yourself?” He asked me.

“What the boys wanted to do to me, but I didn’t think it through and realized a bunch of bad stuff could happen to me too once they figured out I’m under age. If they watch enough T.V. one of them would decide they had to kill me to eliminate witnesses. I also decided I’d rather not get raped in the dirt, sand, and broken glass on a bed of broken concrete,” I said.

“Well damn! You are honest. It’s too late to take you home tonight. We’ll go to my place where you can be safe while you reevaluate your plan to lose your virginity. The police are worse than those boys and considerably rougher. The fire station guys are a definite improvement over the police, but if the squad has to do a run, the scum will be left with you at the station. The hospital is full of junkies, and no one there has time to babysit you.

“Like you said earlier, I’ve got some practice being honorable, so I’ll do my best not to help you do anything irreversible before morning,” Mr. Gerald said.

We walked several blocks and climbed the stairs up to an apartment on the fourth floor. There were four different deadbolt locks on the door. Mr. Gerald took out his keys and unlocked the deadbolts. He opened the door, and I followed him inside.

It was neat, but not OCD, so I stopped worrying about Mr. Gerald being a serial killer.

He got out a pillow and a blanket. He dropped them on the couch. He threw me a clean T-shirt to sleep in. He looked at me and said, “I’m semi-chivalrous, but I wasn’t out at night doin’ stupid stuff, so I sleep in the bed. He locked the deadbolts and took the keys with him. He pointed at the bathroom and rasped, “If there’s a fire, wake me up so we don’t die.” He went in the bathroom, I heard him piss like a race horse, then he brushed his teeth, and went in his bedroom.

I used the bathroom, undressed and put on his T-shirt, and went to make a bed for myself on the couch. I thought about calling mom but she was always yapping about how much it cost her for my damn obsolete cell phone, which I was only allowed to use to call her, so I had left it on my bed at home.

I made up my bed, crawled in, and was quickly asleep. I woke up sometime before the sun came up. I went to the bathroom and peed. I looked around and found a washcloth and a hand towel. I washed and dried my slit. I put toothpaste on my finger and did my best to clean my teeth and improve my breath.

I tried to move very quietly and slipped into Mr. Gerald’s bedroom. I got in his bed. I carefully moved my hand, searching for his cock. I found it. It was big compared to my little body, and it was fully hard. Mr. Gerald laughed and said, “I wondered how long it would take you.”

“I was worn out, so I had to sleep, then I figured it would be polite to clean up some. Then I figured you were due a reward for rescuing me,” I said.

Mr. Gerald laughed and said, “You came down here on purpose to lose your virginity. I gotta give you credit for being honest and not getting those boys in trouble. It’s just as illegal for me to fuck your little jailbait pussy as it is for those boys. The reward you want to give me is damn tempting, but I have no desire to go to prison. Besides, how do I know you wouldn’t chicken out?”

I laughed at myself and said, “I was trying to get raped because I wasn’t brave enough to get some guy to take me on a date and then put out for him. I’m afraid I’m too skinny or too ugly for a guy to want me. You are clean, you have a nice clean bed, there’s only one of you, and while you are big, you aren’t like a horse or a monster. I might chicken out, but I want to do it a lot, so I hope I wouldn’t be a scaredy cat. Even if I did chicken out, I wouldn’t accuse you of anything. At this point I’m pretty wound up, and I’d settle for getting my pussy eaten and giving you a blow job.”

Mr. Gerald said, “I don’t know you. I don’t do one-night stands, I won’t rape you. Are you planning to rape me?”

“I suppose that might be difficult. The way Reggie and company shuffled off, I suspect you’ve had to demonstrate some of what you learned in the Marines before, so there was no need to repeat the object lesson. If three big guys don’t want to take you on, I suppose it would be foolish for a little eighty-pound girl to try your patience too far,” I said.

Mr. Gerald chuckled and said, “I better watch out. I guess you’ve taken me as a challenge, and you are going to use that sexy little body to get me thinking with my little head.”

I grinned at him and softly said, “There’s nothing little about your other head. I’d dearly love to feel it stretching me out just before you pop my cherry and fill me up completely.”

Mr. Gerald grinned back at me and said, “For a skinny, no-ass, jail bait white girl, you surely do know exactly the right words to say.”

I let him think I was giving up. I got in bed with him and pulled the covers up under my chin. I let myself go back to sleep snuggled up tight against Mr. Gerald’s body. When I woke up again I stroked his cock until it was hard. I fingered my pussy until it was dripping wet, then I got my fingers good and slimy. I spread my juice on his cock and stroked him so his big wiener was slipping smoothly through my fingers. His cock belched out a load for me just before he woke up.

“Damn girl, if you are going to assault me in my sleep, I might as well give up and let you do it to me while I’m awake, so when they come to arrest me, I’ll at least have fond memories to take to prison with me,” Mr. Gerald said.

I pulled back the covers and licked up all his sticky goo. I did lots of swirling my tongue around and lots of “Ummmms” and “Yummmms” for his benefit. I was shocked by how fast he got hard again.

Before I knew it, I was on my back, my legs were spread wide, my knees were pushed up against my tits, and a real, honest to god grown up man was eating my little pussy. I went off like an atomic bomb the first time, and I just kept cumming as he ate me.

Finally, I was getting hoarse from screaming, and I pulled his face up to mine. I whispered, “I can’t get any hotter or wetter Mr. Gerald. You can’t make me need you inside my cunt any more than I already do, so please shove your cock inside me and make me your woman.”

He rammed his dick all the way in me with one thrust, obliterating my hymen. He didn’t give me a chance to feel the pain or object. He just fucked me like I was a woman and knew what to expect. I didn’t anticipate how damn good it made me feel to have his thick cock pounding into me, like the battering ram that had breached the castle gates.

I thought getting eaten-out by an honest to god all grown up man was incredible, but it was nothing compared to the bliss I felt from getting fucked by a thick, honest to god all grown up man’s cock. He fucked me senseless. I went into some sort of faint or coma or something. When my eyes came open, he was still hard and still inside me. He started pounding me again until I was screaming and squirming for him even more wildly than before. He let go and filled me up with what seemed like gallons of hot, sticky cum.

Mr. Gerald looked worn out too, and we cuddled up and went to sleep again. When we woke up he asked, “Was getting knocked up part of your plan, little girl?”

I frowned and said, “Not really. As you saw first-hand, my plan wasn’t worth shit. Now I feel like getting pregnant with your baby would be totally worth it for getting to feel you flood my womb with your hot cream. I adore having you fuck me bare-back.”

“I suppose I can’t convince you to go home to mommy and be back in school on Monday,” Mr. Gerald said.

“I doubt mom and I can be in the same room until I’m thirty or forty. Besides, if you wanted me to go home, you shouldn’t have fucked me. You are a very addicting drug, Mr. Gerald, and I am going to need more and more and more of you,” I said.

That’s how Jayne Simmons went missing and was presumed dead. That’s how Andi Barns was born. Let me tell you that Jayne was an ignorant bitch and kind of a scaredy-cat. Andi was a street smart, fearless little slut.

I had never thought much about race before, even when Gerry was fucking me the first time, it was more about getting my cherry popped and feeling how great it is to be royally fucked by a big strong grown-ass man. His color didn’t have that much to do with it in my conscious mind, but I guess in my subconscious it did. Gerry fucked me hard the first time so I had a civilized taste of the rape I thought I wanted. My subconscious went to town over the “I got raped by a big black man with a big black dick” thoughts.

Somehow, we turned into a couple almost right away, and while our relationship was pretty unconventional, I guess you could call it love. I have his back, and he has mine. We have to be careful about being together in public though because cops are going to look for Amber Alerts and want to run Gerry for priors. I’m still illegal according to the Great State of Wisconsin, so that and my phony ID make me want to avoid any contact with any government agency. I keep my blonde hair dyed black, so hopefully I don’t look like my suburban schoolgirl self.

I do score groceries from the food bank and I make sure Gerry’s VA disability pay goes for food for us. It’s kind of weird because sometimes he is in the parental role, like making me go to school online, and sometimes I am like, no “Milwaukee’s Finest” unless all the bills are paid and we have real food in the house. I’m talking about fresh fruit and vegetables, not Pop-Tarts and box mac and cheese. Gerry also doesn’t know about the savings account I opened for him so that there never is any left-over money. Someday he may get tired of my skinny white ass, and I want him to be better off than when he found me.

I make sure he goes to the VA Clinic and sees his therapist. I know what to do when he wakes up screaming. Mostly we have found that fucking is the best therapy for both of us, no matter what problem we have. If we are at home fucking each other’s brains out, there is less chance of me getting recognized as a runaway and less chance for us getting into trouble.

Andi Barns did go to the Planned Parenthood Clinic right away and get an IUD. Gerry and I agreed a pregnant little white girl was going to stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of urban Milwaukee. Gerry has some naughty fantasies, which I thoroughly encourage, where he rapes me and knocks me up, leaving me with my clothes so ripped up I was naked for all practical purposes on that dirty vacant lot with sand and broken glass ground into the tender skin of my skinny little white girl ass.

It surprised the crap out of me when Gerry started playing CDs one night. It turns out he doesn’t even have one Hip Hop disc. He likes Baroque era music. While we relax after our “after-dinner” fuck, Gerry sits in his recliner and I sit on his lap. He plays Vivaldi, Bach, Purcell, Telemann, and Pachelbel. We cuddle. When he gets hard, I open up his pants and stroke his cock until it’s fully hard. Sometimes I go down on him and suck him off so it takes him forever to cum when he gives me my bedtime fuck. Other times I can’t control myself and I drag him out of the chair and he fucks me on the floor. I suck him clean, and we go back to cuddling and listening to his music. After we’d been together a while it became our music.

We’ve read some online porn together and we don’t like how cruel the black guys get when they have some white chick addicted to their big cocks. I didn’t like the way the white chicks were so cruel to the white guys, taunting them about being so inadequate. I’ve never fucked a white guy, so I can’t relate. Gerry is sweet to me, not all gangsta’ cruel, and I can’t imagine myself wanting to be humiliated. Gerry knows I’m a slut, I know I’m a slut, and we are both happy I’m that way because it gives both of us all the pleasure we can stand. We may be kinky, but orgasm denial just seems stupid to us.

When I was almost legal, the Green Party wanted Gerry to run for office. Besides that, they want him to get into working with the neighborhood development organizations. His therapist says he is able to deal with the stress.

Gerry and I have always agreed that a person should do what they can to make the world a better place. If Gerry gets into community development and politics I can’t stay with him. First, I would be found out and second, Gerry would get in trouble.

After a lot of soul searching, we agreed that we were great fuck partners and we demonstrated practical or functional love, but we didn’t really have the romantic love most people want.

Before Gerry started getting involved, I slid into the shadows and Gerry became the handsome bachelor disabled veteran.

I went to see my mom. It was surreal. She was nice to me, and not judgmental or bossy. She let me move back home. I let Ali Barns die and Jayne Simmons came back to life.

I took a placement test and met the requirements for a high school diploma. I was allowed to graduate. I went to community college for two years and got all my required courses.

I started dating guys that seemed kind and put together, pretty much regardless of race. I liked a pre-law guy and a guy going into social work the best. Both of the guys were average size white guys. We had good sex, but it never seemed exceptional. Neither guy seemed pathetic, and each of them could make me cum with their average size cocks, but neither of them seemed exceptional because I didn’t find a love connection with either of them.

I got a degree in public administration from a state university. I dated more aggressively at the university.

For pure sexual pleasure, a music major had my number. He was a white guy, hung heavier than Gerry. He made me lose my mind every time he fucked me. He was so egotistical and narcissistic that I couldn’t stand to be around him if he wasn’t fucking me. A close second was an accounting student. He was a black guy. His dick was a little shorter than Gerry’s, but it was fatter. The first time he fucked me, it felt like he was splitting me in half. Every time we did it, I liked it more. Still, I never felt the emotional heat I was hoping for. The only guy who made sex bad for me was a law school guy who dumped a load in me after only two minutes. He didn’t even try to give me any pleasure.

I went to work for the urban planning and redevelopment office of a small city. The minute I met the mayor, I knew there was something different about him. Just looking at him I had a knot in my belly and a fire in my pussy. I knew I was so wet my panties were soaked through. Of course, that meant anyone with a sense of smell knew I was in heat. The mayor explained that he was the political head of the city, while the City Manager was the administrator who would be my boss.

Mayor Piermont grinned at me, letting me know he was perfectly aware of my problem. He said, “Jayne, because I’m an elected official I’m not your boss, so I’m allowed to ask you out, as long as I don’t harass you. So, what do you think? Are you up for Cherry Limeade at Sonic after work?”

“I’d like that Jack, as long as it’s all social and no shop talk,” I said.

After work Jack walked me out to his F-150. It was a 4WD truck, so I had to climb up to get to the seat in the cab. Jack opened the door for me, and I know he got to see the big wet spot soaked through the crotch of my panties as I climbed in.

Jack drove to the Sonic Drive-In and parked next to one of the speakers. We both got the Cherry Limeade and burgers. I got fries and Jack got rings. We shared without talking about it.

Jack said, “This is the Midwest, so most guys wouldn’t say anything for ten years or so, but I was raised in California, so I’m going to tell you that I felt something different when I met you today, and I know something unusual happened for you too. Do we want to put a name on it right now, or do we need to date and get to know each other before we surrender to the inevitable?”

I laughed and said, “I seem to be unable to conceal anything from you. It puts a woman at a disadvantage, but you don’t seem like a prick, so I’m going to take a chance and admit that I was affected on a physiological level when I met you. I don’t want to dance around this thing, whatever it is, so I’m going to invite you to come home with me so we can find out how deep this thing goes.”

Jack laughed and said, “Are you a girl who only likes things that go really deep?”

“I’m an equal opportunity kind of girl. It seems to matter more who the guy is and how skillful he is, rather than the size of the equipment,” I said.

“I’m happy to meet a girl who doesn’t discriminate,” Jack said.

While we were waiting for our order, Jack reached up under my skirt, slipped a finger inside my panties, and rubbed my clit until I came. “Feel better?” He asked.

“Did I give you permission to do that? I can’t remember, but it doesn’t seem important at the moment. I do feel a little relief, but I think we need a more in-depth investigation before I can reach a conclusion,” I said.

Jack laughed and said, “I guess we got things out of order, but I think kisses are more intimate, and I’m not sure we are there yet.”

“I agree Jack. I hope we will feel close enough to kiss when we are alone in the privacy of my house,” I said.

“All the signs point to things moving in that direction,” Jack said.

The Car Hop brought our order and we ate, chatting about where we were in our lives and what we were looking for. We were smiling a lot and nodding as we realized we were looking for the same things.

The Car Hop took our tray and Jack followed my directions to the cottage I was renting. Jack opened the door for me and I let him lift me down from his truck. I was holding his hand without even thinking about it, and it felt completely natural.

We walked up my drive and I unlocked the door. We went into my kitchen, and suddenly I was in Jack’s arms. My face turned up to his, and his lips were on mine. Electric shocks were coursing through my body, moving from his lips to mine, straight down to both my nipples and then from each nipple, directly to my clit.

I moaned softly into his open-mouthed kiss. Jack’s strong hands cupped my ass and he lifted me up. My arms went around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist without even thinking. It was the best kiss of my life.

Jack whispered, “I’ve never felt like this before Jayne.”

I hopped down and led Jack to my bedroom. I undressed him and was pleasantly surprised by the size of his cock. I’ve always like circumcised penises. Jack was cut and his shaft looked just right to my hungry eyes. The head was big as a plum and my mouth started watering. I wanted it in my mouth and then in my pussy, which was drooling too. A lot of people describe the head as purple or angry looking. Jack’s didn’t look angry, it looked like MINE, and I wanted it inside me so I could claim it with my body and make Jack know his cock belonged to me and it belonged in me and only me.

Jack started unbuttoning the back of my dress. I lifted my arms and he pulled it over my head. I knelt in front of him in my bra and panties. Jack was hard. I licked the head, and Jack gasped. I swirled my tongue around the head and then began working on the underside. I had taught myself to deep throat Gerry, and now I pressed my head forward until Jack’s cock head was down my throat and my nose was pressed into his pubic hair. I swallowed twice, the backed off to breathe. I licked the underside just behind the head, then took him down my throat again. I swallowed repeatedly and Jack groaned as his cock swelled in my mouth. His dick shot wads of hot cum into my stomach. As the throbbing, jerking movements of his cock became less intense, I backed off so I could take the last spurts of his semen in my mouth and taste his cum. I smiled around his dick because he was delicious in a way a man never had been for me.

Jack’s knees were rubbery, and he sat down on my bed. I stood up and took off my bra and panties. Jack moved to the middle of my bed and lay down. I cuddled up to him and we started kissing again. Jack caught his breath, then he started kissing my neck, then down to my breasts. He covered my tits with kisses, then began licking and sucking my nipples. I lost track of time. It seemed like Jack’s mouth had been working over my boobs forever. I was so hot, I wanted to beg him to fuck me.

I didn’t want to rush him. It had been my idea to make him cum in my mouth so he would last longer when he fucked me, so I needed to be patient and wait for him to recover. I had learned that if a girl acts like she thinks a guy isn’t measuring up, it is really destructive. I wanted to give Jack a chance to show me everything he could do.

Jack rolled me on my back, spread my legs, and ate my dripping pussy until I was cumming non-stop. I was afraid the neighbors were going to think porn filming or a whore house was now located in the little river stone cottage behind the thick hedges and tall trees. Well not actually. When Jack was working on me I didn’t care about anything. Those thoughts crept in the morning after.

Jack rose up on his hands and knees and moved on top of me. His dick flowed into me, and then we were fucking like animals. We fucked hard, but not brutally. I don’t know how to describe our lovemaking. We fucked. We fucked hard. However, we did it, it was US. That was how we did it. That is how we did each other. While Jack was pounding me, there was more caring and love in how he fucked me than I’d ever felt before. I tried to put every bit of my emotion and caring into how I loved him back. I came harder and more often when Jack started fucking me. His cock felt big, but it also felt just perfect for me as he filled me up completely. It was completely different. It wasn’t like being battered by an animal dick that was too big or trying to make do with a guy who was too small. Jack was just perfect for me.

We fucked for a long time, then Jack shot off inside me. I loved the feel of his thick, hot cream squirting against my cervix. We held each other after sex and we both sighed, “Perfect!” in unison.

It was obvious to each of us that we had found what we were looking for. Jack stayed with me that night. We woke up to pee about the same time. We made love again, then went back to sleep. In the morning we awoke in a sticky puddle. Jack was hard as could be. I giggled and asked him if I was woman enough to take care of him. Jack explained about morning wood. He went and used the bathroom. He was about half-staff when he came back to me. I got Jack’s staff stiff and proudly flying his horn dog flag with just a couple of strokes of my hand.

I climbed on Jack and rode his rigid dick until we came together and collapsed on the bed. Jack ran home to shower and dress there. My pussy was pleasantly sore from being used as much as she was intended to be for the first time in quite a while. I wasn’t walking bow-legged, but I fondly remembered being filled with Jack’s cock with every step I took.

I showered, dried off, and dressed in thick cotton brief style panties hoping they would keep my pussy juice from saturating them and soaking through. I was cautious and wore a Navy colored Dockers skirt. I hoped the dark color would hide the wet spot if I did soak through my panties and skirt while I was at work. I wore a soft white satin bra and a sky-blue polo shirt.

I was just about to panic because my car was still at work when I heard Jack’s truck pull into my driveway. I grabbed my purse, slipped on my loafers, and ran out the door. Jack opened the door for me and helped me up into his truck.

“You know we will be the subject of the rumor mill when we arrive at work in the same vehicle. Are you up to being the center of attention?” Jack said.

I giggled and said, “I think I can deal. The cost/benefit analysis says I will enjoy you loving me more than the office gossip will be a pain in my skinny butt.”

One of the good things about living in a small city in the northern mid-west is that most of the residents are nice people. Everyone in our little part of Wisconsin was polite. Their mommas all taught them manners and good sense. When Jack and I walked into City Hall holding hands, the verbal barbs were all aimed at Jack, and they were all good natured.

I never thought I was good looking, or attractive, let alone pretty, but the comments to Jack were all of the, “Finally found a girl pretty enough for you Jack?” variety.

When Jack answered the comments, I saw myself through his eyes, and apparently the ugly little street rat had grown up into a swan, to mix up my fairy tales and metaphors.

That started our official courtship and love affair. It was very different from anything I’d experienced before. Usually I was in charge. I went out and found a college boy to use. I insisted that he act like a gentleman. Usually he gave me what I wanted from him. Part of what I wanted was one night only.

With Jack, we were equals emotionally, but he had a higher status and different life experiences. The thing that was different was that Jack wanted ME. Not just a wet pussy to shove his dick in. He wanted the person and personality named Jayne attached to my face and body. It was a new experience to be courted and pursued and wanted intensely. When Jack and I realized we needed each other in a joint epiphany, we mutually reached the conclusion that having two places was totally unnecessary because we both wanted to be in the same place at the same time, as much as possible.

When I say we needed each other, I mean we needed everything from conversation to looking at each other, to making love with each other.

When I was first discovering how much my body loved getting fucked, I felt addicted to Gerry, but that was a different thing altogether. It was my virgin slut reaction to having good sex for the first time. Gerry was the provider, I loved it, I wanted as much as I could get, therefore I thought I needed Gerry. What I thought I needed was his body pleasuring mine in various ways. With Jack, I need the whole package. I need his stupid jokes, I need his being sweet to me in his old fashioned, mid-western way, I need the smell of him and the warmth of him in our bed as well as his big cock filling my tight little pussy.

We got a place together and we were very happy sharing every moment with each other. We went on weekend adventures and summer vacations in the Dells. We got into canoeing and ended up with two in our garage; one for lakes, the other designed for rivers with moderate rapids. We agreed we didn’t want to risk either of us getting hurt, so we didn’t try anything above a category three, and we scouted those carefully before we started our run. We wore low bulk flotation and light weight helmets.

The only thing we didn’t like about camping was the hordes of mosquitoes trying to feed off us. They especially seemed to be hungry for my skinny white ass, and there is nothing that breaks a girl’s concentration on her quest for her next orgasm like knowing one of Wisconsin’s fifty-six species of winged vampires is shoving a proboscis through the skin of her bottom while she is riding her guy to an epic finish. You don’t want to stop what you are doing, even to move a hand to try to smack the pest, but you don’t want to be a blood donor either.

We started spraying inside our tent, waiting a few minutes, then getting busy with the evening’s activities. I have always been pretty impulsive, but that level of planning is needed to prevent looking like a pin cushion by the end of the trip. I do kind of object to taking up the bathroom habits of bears too, but not enough to stop camping. A girl does have to be very alert while doing her business in the woods, or she can get bitten on very sensitive places, and that can spoil subsequent bouts of romantic ardor.

We were car camping one weekend, cuddled up in our Zero Degree Rated double sleeping bag. The fall frosts had killed off the mosquitoes, so our only hazard was keeping the bag over us so a sudden cold draft didn’t cause male shrinkage. We’d just loved each other particularly well. The campground was empty except for us, so I’d screamed my little head off. Now we were lying in each other’s arms catching our breath.

Jack looked into my eyes in this adorable way he has and asked, “Does the idea of me knocking you up get you hot?”

I laughed and answered, “Yes baby. My biological clock would like you to get me with child as soon as possible.”

Jack thought a moment, then said, “I’m old fashioned. Would you marry me so we don’t bring a bastard into the world?”

I frowned at him and said, “I can think of more romantic ways to be asked Jack.”

“OK, well I can’t comprehend a day without you, so would you marry me Jayne?” Jack asked.

“Only if you promise to be the same sweet, horny man who lured me into living in sin with him,” I replied.

Jack turned on the LED light hanging from the ring on the inside of the tent. He reached into one of the pockets on the wall of the tent and brought out a black velvet covered box. He opened it and the fire of light hitting diamond flashed out. I took the ring and slipped it on my finger. It fit perfectly. That’s just one of the advantages of a couple living together.

“Yes, I will marry you Jack!” I said, to make it official.

I created a minor stir in City Hall when I showed up on Monday morning with a small rock on my hand. I was congratulated and hugged by all the female employees.

As Jack and I contemplated getting married, my lack of female friends told us a typical wedding with bridesmaids and all that was not for us. We got the license and a week later got married in a judge’s chambers.

The next day I went to my gynecologist and had my IUD removed.

We rented a cabin near the Canadian border so we could keep warm. We spent two weeks seeing how much sperm Jack could get through my cervix and into my womb during the time I was most fertile.

Apparently, my body was made for having babies. I caught right away. I haven’t talked much about female stuff, but all my systems worked as designed. I didn’t have cramps or pains or any of the other stuff that makes life hell for so many girls. I just had three days when sex was messy, and I appreciated being cuddled and romanced more than usual.

My pregnancy was about the same. Our baby was contained in an efficient incubator. Jayne Piermont was her normal cheerful, horny self. Jack did his research and found the best positions for getting me off with minimum discomfort, and we fucked each other silly every day, as usual. I started feeling a need to find a cave or dig a hole, then my contractions started. My water broke, and in compliance with the customs of our culture, Jack took me to the hospital.

About three hours later, our six-pound daughter, Amelia Grace was born. I adored the feeling of her baby skin against my naked skin. Her little mouth found my nipple and she latched on.

Being a former street rat, I can see nursing from two sides. From the point of view of a woman alone on the street, nursing is a biological function like sweating. To a woman in love, with a husband who takes care of her and changes the baby in the middle of the night, nursing is the sweet bonding thing the pamphlets in the doctor’s office try to sell you.

Of course, daddy needs some bonding time too, and the fact that nursing makes my uterus do flip flops, almost like I’m cumming, makes it especially nice to have Jack nursing on one of my breasts during the interminable six weeks we have to wait to fuck properly.

Jack and I agreed that we have a perfect daughter and we don’t need spares, so at my six-week check-up, I asked the doctor to put an IUD in my uterus again.

We went home and Amelia nursed and got all warm and cuddly and sleepy. Jack changed her and put her to bed. We fucked each other’s brains out, and we continued to keep each other too busy and too happy for other people to get into our hearts.

Amelia is just like me, just a little darker skin from Jack’s Italian genes. She is also a wild child, just like me, and she developed sexual needs at a younger age than most girls, just like me. Just like my mom, I’m not good at communicating with our daughter.

Jack is a remarkable father. He keeps calm and quietly explains why I don’t want her to wear a barely there outfit out in public. Amelia is also more intelligent and more disciplined than I was. She has internet access, and she does her research before she springs her latest scheme on us.

The day after her birthday she sat on Jack’s lap and said, “I’m feeling impulsive and driven. On a biological level, my body wants to mate. I don’t think boys my age are physically or emotionally equipped to deal with a girl like me. I think the chances of finding a male in the eighteen to twenty-one age range who could meet my emotional needs are slim. Besides that, I’m not competent to decide whether I’m ready to have sex, according to the State of Wisconsin, so even with my full and enthusiastic consent, I’d make the boy a felon.

“I’m going to propose an unorthodox solution to my problem and hope you feel it will benefit you too daddy.

“Mom is still a babe, and you ring her bell thoroughly and frequently. I think you look as sexy as it’s possible for a man to look. I think the logical solution to my problem is for you to have sex with me. The state says I’m incompetent to decide for myself and requires parental permission for most everything, so you should give me permission to have sex with you.

“We know you are clean and disease free. We know you won’t get me pregnant unless both of us want that. We know you are emotionally able to deal with me even when I’m hormonal and unreasonable and we know you won’t brag. If mom will sign on, I’d like to have a gyno checkup and get on some long-term form of birth control, so we can make love and I don’t go and do something stupid.”

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