Diary of an Interstellar Whore

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Science Fiction Sex Story: This is the diary of a bipedal mammalian slave forced to turn tricks for her cruel invertebrate owners. She is manipulated by chemical addiction so she has no will to resist and she is motivated to please her clients by the knowledge that some males enjoy bringing slave girls to orgasm. She lives for the pleasure she feels when a client makes her cum. That and making a male ejaculate inside her sex are her only reasons for living.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

Yana of Wavaq, Age Fourteen
Planet Wavaq[1]
Year 9700, Earth Calendar

My world is pretty bleak for females. We were conquered by the Prapt[2], the interstellar pimps. Why the slimiest, ugliest, invertebrate creatures in the known universe have a monopoly on prostitution, especially owning or controlling a majority of the most beautiful bipedal, mammalian females, is one of the mysteries of the universe.

Wavaq females have long been considered the loveliest mammalians in the universe, even exceeding the beauty of the women of Earth. Before the conquest we joked it was something in the water. After we were defeated, our men were caged and bred to selected females like animals. If the Prapt were not satisfied with the beauty of the females the male’s line produced, he was terminated. The sub-par females were sent to serve as whores on slave labor planets or in low end brothels servicing free men who were skilled tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, welders, or mechanics.

The Prapt made laws limiting the legal occupations for Wavq females to breeding and prostitution.

My name was Yana, but it will be whatever my Prapt Masters or future owner wish it to be. I was considered lovely enough to be a high-priced whore, but not perfect enough to be a breeding female. I was sent to the Interstellar Whore Academy on an asteroid in a Prapt controlled sector of space. I was surgically sterilized when I entered the Whore Academy since I had been judged not beautiful enough to breed.

All Wavaq girls go to school on Wavaq up until the age of thirteen to learn reading, writing, and business math. We wear school uniforms that have a white blouse, red tie, and a full, pleated white skirt that falls approximately three inches below the knee. Our under-things are soft, white cotton. We are kept innocent, and it is a capital offense to sexually touch or penetrate a girl under fourteen-years-of-age.

At fourteen, Wavaq girls considered beautiful enough to be high-priced whores enter the Interstellar Whore Academy. Three years of intensive instruction teaches girls how to be elite whores. Fourteen-year-olds are called “Angels.” Our uniforms are white. Fifteen-year-olds are called “Demons.” They wear brief black uniforms similar to baby doll nighties, but opaque. Sixteen-year-olds are called “Devils” and their uniforms, what little there is of them, are red. The transparent bikini panties and open nipple bras are designed to bring customers into the Academy’s brothel where girls get practical experience servicing real clients.

My white “Angels” uniform is patterned after a Twentieth Century Female Maritime Naval Officer’s uniform with a collarless, jacket style blouse and a straight skirt that comes to three inches above the knee. My skirt seems to be magic in some way because it clings to my body down my thighs and around my butt and still lets me walk normally.

“Angels” are taught basic sex positions and how to please both men and women. We are auctioned off to the richest people in the universe for our devirginization at the beginning of our Angel year and taught progressively more advanced sex knowledge, acts, and techniques. While we are whores, “Angels” are not supposed to bring in our own clients. We are supposed to practice with the surrogates the school provides and later in the year, clients the school has vetted as within our capabilities to please.

One unique characteristic of Wavaq females is that we turn into legendary sluts when we drink Aca[3] wine. The wine contains chemicals which act like a switch and turn our bodies from normal girls to sex starved sluts. The Prapt conquered us so long ago that no one remembers that before the conquest Wavaq women only drank the Aca wine for special ceremonies and only two or three times in her entire life.

Once we have drunk the Aca wine, we can’t control ourselves and we are hungry in a way that makes us ignore everything about the male except his cock. The ability to be enthusiastic about any male who hires us is what makes Wavaq females so much in demand as whores and why the Prapt exploit us so brutally, using the Aca wine to keep us enslaved and turning tricks for them.

If we had not been conquered, Wavaq women would first drink the wine at their fourteenth birthday party. Wavaq parents would arrange their daughter’s first mating. The effects of a very small amount of the Aca wine ensure a pleasant first mating for the girl. This custom helped ensure the woman would have a satisfying sex life throughout her teen and adult years. When the male ejaculated inside the female, chemicals in the seminal fluid neutralized the chemicals the Aca wine put in the woman’s bloodstream. The cervix, uterus, and lining of the vaginal sheath provided the capillary rich tissues to efficiently absorb the chemicals in semen into the girl’s bloodstream. Counteracting the effects of the Aca wine is nearly instantaneous. The wine was only consumed for special ceremonial occasions like the girl’s first mating, the first mating in a breeding partnership, or the very rare declaration of love.

The Prapt use a larger amount of the Aca wine to turn Wavaq females into eager sluts and docile whores. They did not give Wavaq females in the Academy the Aca wine until their sixteenth birthday so they would be more controllable in the Academy. In the “Devil” year the girls were in effect full-time whores and the school was their bordello. They were already keeping the schedule they were going to be expected to follow after they were sold to whore house owners across the universe. There were also pimp corporations that supplied whores on a contract basis. These large corporations rotated girls through their customers’ brothels all across the universe so the stock always seemed new and the clients didn’t get bored.

The Academy always demonstrates the effects of Aca wine to the members of the “Angel” class. I was the sacrificial lamb or guinea pig. I was given the Aca wine to drink and I became like a female animal in heat with raging hormones and the legendary insatiable desires of a Wavaq whore.

My life and schooling would be different from the rest of the “Angels” because I would be building up to turning as many tricks as a “Demon” by the middle of my “Angel” year.

As soon as the wine hit me I was thinking of a million ways to make myself and my “Angel” uniform sexier. I am trim and my muscles are firm, but my “Inciting Desire” teacher told us that excess to drive a man beyond reason was always a good idea for a whore to ensure that a man’s admiring eyes became crazed with lust so that he would not think of the cost but act, reach into his money pouch, and become a customer. I went to the clothing issue room and browsed through the lingerie. I found thin, elastic briefs that were powerful enough to compress my little rump so it looked as firm and jiggle free as Liz Taylor’s buttocks in a power-net girdle beneath a Channel suit. Under my tight white skirt, I knew the swell of my barely pubescent butt would drive males wild with lust. I was supposed to wear white cotton underthings, like a little girl’s underwear, but I chose the palest pink imaginable. Truthfully, it was almost impossible to tell they weren’t white ... until they were on my body and under my translucent white uniform skirt.

I chose a matching bra to go under my uniform blouse. The jacket style blouse would not let my bra show through, but I was hoping when I started stripping, seeing a tiny girl with barely swelling tits in matching pale pink bra and panties would drive the client crazy with lust for me.

I reported to the headmaster’s office to be escorted to service my first client who had paid extra to deflower me. I tried to make jokes to the headmaster, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Since humor wasn’t working I switched to seduction. “They call you the headmaster. Does that mean your cockhead masters every woman it enters?” I asked, trying to sound innocent.

The headmaster angrily said, “You were instructed to wear white cotton under clothes suitable for a young girl. I suppose you can try to carry off the Lolita slut role to justify those pink panties, but you must be innocent and allow your client to initiate everything. However, you must respond enthusiastically to his every touch, caress, and kiss. If you enchant him, he may be inspired to fuck you in ways that will satisfy you. Many men enjoy seeing a young whore having an authentic, first cock induced orgasm, on his phallus. Find out what he craves and give it to him. Your name for this assignment will be ‘Bethany.’

“The client knows you are fourteen and legal under Prapt commercial law. It would please him if you could make him believe you are younger. He doesn’t want you so young he would hurt you in real life. He imagines you were given Aca wine at a young age by a cruel pimp and he is going to ease your suffering when he enters and fills you. He imagines you will be grateful and cuddly.

“Do you understand your assignment, ‘Bethany?’ The headmaster said.

The wine was starting to hit me full force and I just wanted a hard cock thrusting inside me as deeply as possible. I tried to clear my vision and realized every man would look desirable to me now. I wanted the headmaster to nail me in the worst way.

Finally, I was called to the bedroom we would use. My deflowering would be filmed and the file sold all over the universe. I knew my “Sex Techniques” teacher would show it to the class tomorrow and critique my performance.

I entered the room and dropped a curtsy as I had been instructed. I went for a British accent and said, “Good afternoon, distinguished sir. I am Bethany. May I entertain you?”

He smiled at me and quietly said, “Bethany, I’m going to teach you how good it feels when a young man takes the virginity of a young woman, like yourself. Do you know what that means sweetheart?”

“Yes sir. Xaga[4] the Prapt gave me Aca wine and now my young little body craves every dirty thing you can think of to do to me. The Prapt never let us know our birthdates, so I have no idea what year I was born. Do you know how old I am sir?” I said.

He smiled at me in a kindly way and said, “I know you are really fourteen. I know that’s the youngest a girl is allowed to be a whore by Federation and Prapt Commercial law. Would it be alright with you if you knew I was pretending you were younger and were forced to crave sexual penetration by the Aca wine?” The client said.

“Oh yes sir, you can imagine anything you wish. I will do my best to help you feel your whore is the age you desire. After all, the Prapt don’t care about us except to make us turn tricks and sell us. It is likely a mistake has been made and I am really the age your heart and cock desire,” I said.

“Do you like knowing you are a whore and that many, many men will use your body for their pleasure during your life?” He asked.

“I’m a whore, owned by a Prapt pimp. My feelings about the matter are inconsequential,” I said.

I could tell the Aca wine was overwhelming me so I knelt before him, looked down at his shoes, and whispered, “Take pity on me sir. I am under the influence of Aca wine. I need you inside me sir. My brain feels like it will burn up if you don’t allow me to pleasure you with my body.”

“Ah Britany, your owner has done a terrible thing to you. I will help you through your anguish and help you feel better. It is unforgivable that he has given Aca wine to such a young girl,” The client said.

“Sir, the Aca wine is tormenting me through my whole body. Please sir, help me. Ease my anguish as you promised,” I begged.

The client slowly undressed me, stopping to admire my body in each state of undress. When I was naked the client looked upon my fourteen-year-old body with admiring, almost worshipful eyes. I led him to the bed and I sucked his cock until he unloaded his sperm in my mouth. I was going crazy to get his dick in my pussy, but I planned to make him cum more than once. I wanted him to last the second time and fuck me until I was cumming multiple times. Hopefully he would be inspired and fuck me so well I was screaming with pleasure. He filled my mouth, I swallowed, he filled it again, and I swallowed again. When he filled my mouth a third time I held his spunk in my mouth and showed him how full my mouth was. I swallowed every drop, then showed him my empty mouth. I licked and sucked his softening prick to get his organ nice and clean.

I let the client hold me in his arms, cuddle me, and kiss me. I wished the headmaster had given me more of an idea about how to pretend to be a younger girl. I didn’t know what to say to please and excite the client. I just said the things the teachers of my classes said usually worked.

I was afraid of repeating myself so I started asking him if he thought it was too slutty for a girl my age to wear a pink bra and pink panties under my white uniform.

He blamed everything on my Prapt owner for giving me the Aca wine at such a young age. That fixed the image of me in pink underthings firmly in his mind and reinforced the idea that I was younger that my actual age. Then he said he thought it was smart for a girl to use a discreet color like “barely pink” to get noticed. He said wearing a black or red bra and panties under a white uniform would definitely be not only slutty but trashy.

He started kissing me and petting my already aroused body. I dropped back to the “Oh, that feels so good.” script. I started the “Please touch me here.” script until I had him massaging my breasts and rolling my turgid nipples between his thumb and finger. He sucked my nipples until I was squirming uncontrollably. He fingered my clit and made me cum. I was surprised when he went down on me. I tried to play up the first-time aspects of the, “I’ve never felt like this before.” script. I let myself get wilder and he made me cum harder from his tongue on my clit. I was cumming powerfully and it was satisfying, but I needed to feel his cock inside my vagina. I begged him to fuck me. He gave me my wish.

The Aca wine made it so I didn’t feel the pain or perhaps a better description is that I needed to be fucked so badly I didn’t care about the pain when he penetrated my hymen8. He rode me hard and made me cum over and over.

I whispered, “Sir, I wish I was your personal slut. You really know how to take care of and please a girl. I thought I would be afraid when you deflowered me, but you made me feel so good, it didn’t hurt at all when you popped my cherry. Did you enjoy knowing yours is the first cock to enter me and the only cock to ever fill me?”

The client growled, “What I loved was seeing that there wasn’t room in your little pelvis for anything bigger than my cock.”

“I love knowing I’m such a little girl but that I can take all of your big cock all the way inside me and that I can hold you there and that you can fuck me until I have pleased you,” I said.

That made the client pop off inside me. The chemistry of his semen turned off the tormenting desire from the Aca wine. I lay with him and both of us sighed with pleasure. I cuddled him and kissed him, sighing and whispering how grateful I was he had eased my anguish.

The madam came to get me and take me back to my chamber to clean myself up and to sleep. As I rose from the bed, the client said, “This girl was a true virgin, but she pleased me better than any experienced courtesan I ever hired.”

It made me smile to hear him praise me. His semen still felt warm and creamy and satisfying inside me. I allowed myself to be herded to my room by the madam, cleaned and put to bed by one of the low-priced whores that acted as our serving girls. The headmaster came in and kissed me good night. The incongruity of it shocked my brain out of its pleasant, hazy fog. He whispered, “You did well. Tomorrow you will please two clients. You will not have your hymen to thrill the men or excuse your ignorance, so you must improve your techniques whore.”

His words made me painfully aware of the reality of my situation. I was indeed a whore. I would receive Aca wine again tomorrow and become a wanton slut in need of vigorous fucking by a hard cock. This would be my life. Turned into a slut by Aca wine, serving a man until he ejaculated inside me, release from my chemical compulsion from the chemical reaction of his semen within my body, being cleaned up, then prepared to make another client believe I was a slut in desperate need of his cock and hungry for his seed, by another dose of Aca wine.

Before long, I was turning tricks at the same frequency as a girl in the “Devils” class every night. Regular clients would see me being led to my next client or taken to be cleaned up. My clients would talk to their friends about the bliss I brought them. I was in demand and the Prapt were going to wring every ounce of precious metal they could out of the males who used me. I was still taking my “Angels” classes every day.

The madam informed the headmaster that the “Demon” and “Devil” years of the Academy had nothing to teach me. While I was earning for the Academy turning tricks in the brothel, I would make much more for the Prapt by being sold.

The headmaster led me into the auction by the leash attached to the wide black leather dog collar around my neck. I was naked. He posed me in different erotic positions. He made me drink the Aca wine and in moments I was begging him to fuck me, using ever trick and wile I had been taught in the Academy. He pulled a chair to the center of the auction block, had me sit, and spread the lips of my sex wide, displaying the copious lubrication dripping from my swollen pussy lips to the lustful eyes of potential buyers.

The Auctioneer said, “See how this little whore lubricates? She is well suited to frequent and vigorous use by a well-endowed master or servicing clients of a giant race.

The bidding was brisk. A fully trained fourteen-year-old Wavaq whore was rare. It usually took girls longer to accept their fate and embrace the pleasure getting fucked, even by clients, gave them.

Women especially wonder why whores don’t resist or simply refuse to service men. The answer is simple, under the influence of Aca wine a Wavaq female will do anything to get a hard cock buried in her pussy. The other option is to go before your Prapt owner to be punished and as if the sight of him was not disgusting enough, knowing he owns your body makes most girls gag and some even vomit.

I have said the Prapt are ugly and disgusting, and that is true, but the fearsome thing about them is that they have tentacles like hentai monsters. Four of the tentacle tips, two on either side of the “mouth” resemble thick cocks and ooze an organic narcotic laced lubricant. If the Prapt pimp is really pissed at a girl he will jam one of his tentacles in the whore’s pussy and fuck her with it. One Prapt can fuck four whores simultaneously, so there really isn’t strength in numbers. A tentacle fucked whore becomes addicted to the narcotic nearly instantly. The Prapt appreciate the irony of a beautiful addict begging an ugly, disgusting Prapt to fuck her with one of his tentacles to get her “fix” of the narcotic.

The pimp will enjoy this for a while, then tire of the predictability and either let the whore go crazy in withdrawal or give her a fatal overdose. Only Prapt have actually seen either, but they are said to be gruesome which is what the Prapt like best. In withdrawal, the girl begs piteously and then descends into perpetual masturbation, which is totally futile, given the nature of her chemical addiction. Finally, the girl dies from exhaustion, malnutrition and dehydration. When the Prapt overdose a girl, she goes into sexual ecstasy and orgasms continuously. This can cause pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and dislocated joints. The wild thrashing continues until she dies from exhaustion, malnutrition and dehydration.

There is a rumor that the Prapt’s actual sexual organ is within its tongue, which has the dimensions of a giant’s cock. It is said to be between fourteen and eighteen inches long and so stiff it could penetrate steel.

The whore sentenced to ultimate punishment is disgusted to find herself bound to a frame and the Prapt licking her pussy and clit with its huge purple tongue. She loathes every second but can’t control herself and orgasms harder than ever in her life. The Prapt penetrates her and shoves the tip through her cervix and into her womb. It releases engineered sperm into the wildly orgasming, frantically squirming whore. The Prapt sperm is engineered to impregnate every species the Prapt have conquered.

The embryo grows in the whore’s body and consumes her from inside. When the Prapt infant is born, it bursts from her belly and the infant eats what is left of her body.

The moral of this gristly tale is, “Don’t piss off a Prapt.” It also explains why so few whores try to escape or resist.

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