Three at the Club. Club Wives 11 Final Chapter

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Erotica Sex Story: I take Jennifer and Chrissy to the club for an adventure. Final chapter in the Club Wives series

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Double Penetration   .

I had never been happier to be home. Though, it’s easy to be excited when you have two hot, sexy college girls waiting for you in the airport. I found out later that they had played a game to determine who would have to drive us home while the other one was in the back seat blowing me. Apparently the girls fucked each other with the double ended dildo until one of them came first.

Chrissy gave me a huge hug and kiss when I got off the plane, but was obviously upset when she had to get behind the driver’s seat. Jennifer giggled happily as she pulled me into the back seat. I had barely closed the door when Jennifer grabbed at my zipper.

We had barely gotten onto the highway when I blew my first load into Jennifer’s mouth.

Dropping my load in Jennifer’s mouth helped take the edge off, since I knew the main course was going to be Chrissy’s ass when we got home. Sure enough as we entered the girl’s apartment they dragged me into Jennifer’s bedroom and stripped off their clothes. To my surprise, Chrissy had been wearing a butt plug the entire trip to the airport and back. Jennifer bent her over the bed and pulled the plug out, sucked me to hardness and spread Chrissy’s ass cheeks open as I pressed into her waiting butthole. I sighed loudly as I bottomed out in Chrissy’s tight ass and grinned a little, knowing that I now had full access to six waiting holes.


Summer turned into fall. The downside was that there were fewer opportunities to get out in public with two beautiful women. The bright side was that there were more excuses to stay inside, having three warm naked bodies under the covers. We rotated between beds and apartments, depending on schedules. Occasionally the girls would join me for a 1 on 1 when the other one wasn’t feeling well or had an early day, but the overwhelming majority of the time it was all three of us locked together in every various combination.

Neither of the girls were overly jealous but I realized I’d not been to the club in months. There wasn’t much of a reason since the girls were very adept at draining my balls. It sounded so terrible to complain about being stuck indoors with two smoking hot women fucking all night long, but I was starting to get a little stir crazy.

I was still on the mailing list for Club Velvet Rose and I’d see their event emails. I eventually saw a message about their Halloween costume party and thought it might be a fun event. One night when I was with Chrissy alone, I asked her if she thought that Jennifer would enjoy. Chrissy excitedly said yes and revealed that they had discussed getting sexy outfits for me on several occasions. We talked about logistics a little bit and I left it to the girls to figure out what they wanted to do for costumes.

I decided to let the girls surprise me so I didn’t press them on their plans. Though, I was fairly excited to see what they had in mind. The big night finally came and I had to admit that I was anxious to see what the girls were going to do as I knocked on their apartment door.

“Come on in!” Came Jennifer’s voice.

I opened the door and came inside. My mouth fell open.

Jennifer was in a super sexy all white push up bra and panty set, complete with stockings and garter belt set up. She had on heels that must have been 6 inches tall. She spun around I noticed that she had small angel wings on her back and her panties were a g string going right up the crack of her ass. Her makeup made her look a little more pale than usual, with the exception of bright red lipstick. I grinned as she pointed to the halo on her head.

“I’m such a sweet, innocent angel!” She giggled.

“You are the sexiest, most naughty angel I know!” I laughed as I walked towards her.

“Awe, you say the sweetest things!” She replied embracing me as my hands gripped her ass cheeks.

“Where’s your friend at?” I asked.

“Right here!” Chrissy said. Jennifer and I both turned around to see Chrissy standing in the doorway to her bedroom. I think I started to drool a little.

Chrissy was wearing an identical outfit to Jennifer, only hers was red. Her eye liner was black as were her lips. She grinned a little as she spun around, revealing some black bat wings on her back and she pointed to some red horns on her head.

“I’m a naughty devil!” Chrissy purred as she approached me seductively.

“Oh yes you are!” I exclaimed as she slowly ran her hand up and down my chest.

“We have another surprise for you.” Chrissy said.

“Oh God, I might just die if there’s more than this.” I replied with a laugh as Jennifer picked a bag up from the couch. The girls looked at each other and then slowly knelt down together in front of me. Jennifer held the back up to me and I reached in.

Inside were two, matching collars. One was white and the other red. Both of them had ‘Fuck Toy’ engraved on them and had matching leashes. My cock grew rock hard as I pulled them out.

The girls looked up at me and smiled.

“Tonight, we’re yours to do with what you please. Anything you want, anyone you want, we’ll do.” Jennifer said seductively.

“Oh is that so?” I asked.

Both of the girls nodded as they lifted their hair up. I buckled the collars onto each of them and handed them the leashes to hold onto.

“I hope you have something to wear over that, because we’ll never make it out of the parking lot!” I laughed.

“We’ve got it covered.” Chrissy said with a grin.

Somehow I managed to get the girls into the car without ripping their outfits and we made our way to the club. The parking lot was packed and I could see a line at the door. We hurried to the door and joined the line. Jennifer especially was excited to get inside.

“So what is it like?” She asked.

“You’ll see!” Chrissy giggled.

“Tell me! Is it like a big orgy?”

“You’ll see!” Chrissy laughed.

Jennifer crossed her arms in a pout.

“Poor thing. Chrissy is so mean.” I laughed. Jennifer stuck her tongue out at Chrissy.

“Tease. I’ll put that to use later! I am the Devil after all!” Chrissy laughed.

“And I’m a good girl that wants to be BAD tonight!” Jennifer replied seductively.

“You’ll get your chance.”

We finally made it inside and to the social area. It was packed, almost shoulder to shoulder. Jennifer’s eyes bounced wildly around the room as she pulled her jacket off. While there were tons of beautiful women in skimpy outfits, having a matched set of angel and devil college girls immediately drew eyes from every direction.

“Ahem!” I announced, trying to get Jennifer’s attention.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Forgetting something?” I asked, tapping her neck.

Jennifer immediately dropped to her knees and held up her leash to me.

“I’m sorry Sir. I forgot who I belong to.” She said seductively as I leaned down and clipped it on. Chrissy followed suit and I put her leash on. The girls grinned at each other and up at me as they rose.

“Shall we explore?” I asked.

“Yes please!” Jennifer exclaimed.

I led the girls by their leashes over to the bar for a drink. I could feel jealous eyes burning into my head as everyone stared. I grinned big and got drinks for everyone and we started to wander around the social area a bit. Jennifer sipped her drink nervously and looked around the room and then Chrissy tapped her shoulder and pointed.

“Oh God, is that a shower?” Jennifer squealed.

“Yup!” Chrissy replied.

“Can we get closer?” She asked.

“Sure.” I said, and lead the girls closer to the glass wall that contained the shower.

As we approached, it was obvious that there was a woman and a black man in the shower. Her back was to the glass and she appeared to be making out with him. As we got closer, however, he turned her around and pushed her up against the glass. Her large tits flatted as he pushed into her from behind. There was a fair amount of steam in the shower room, but it was clear that he was banging her good and hard. We made our way in front of the glass and I noticed the woman’s tattoos.

“They really are fucking.” Jennifer said wistfully as she looked up at the couple.

“Yup. They are totally fucking.’ Chrissy replied with a grin.

“And everyone is watching. That’s so hot!” Jennifer replied.

We watched for a few minutes and then the woman looked down and waved at me. Stella.

“You know her?” Jennifer asked.

“Yup.” I replied.

“She’s beautiful!”

“I guess I’ll have to introduce you two then huh?” I said, pulling Jennifer closer to the glass and moving behind her. Stella looked down at Jennifer and grinned.

“Oh God, would you? Her tits are amazing!” Jennifer said lustily as I rubbed my crotch into her ass.

“And she’s amazing at licking pussy.” Chrissy said, moving closer to her friend.

“You know her too?” Jennifer squealed.

Chrissy nodded.

“Maybe you three girls can all take a shower together later.” I said, tugging on their leashes to pull them away from the shower.

“Fuck that would be hot!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“So, you ready to see the real action?” I asked.

“Fuck yes!”

“Let’s go!”

I lead the girls back down the hallway towards the sex room. We passed by the gloryhole room but it was totally packed with men waiting in line.

“What’s that?” Jennifer asked excitedly.

“I’ll show you later. It’s too full back there now.” Chrissy said.

“Oh ok.” She replied a bit dejectedly.

We rounded the corner into the primary play area.

“Wow.” Jennifer said, barely able to form words

It was bedlam. If there was ever a modern Roman orgy, this was it. Since I had been to the club last, they had expanded. The sex swing had moved into the corner of the room and there was a wall that was missing. There were couches and benches all over the place now and virtually all of them were occupied with someone, or several someone’s fucking. The smell of sweat, pussy and sex was almost overwhelming and I was immediately ready to fuck someone.

“Well, aren’t you a lucky bastard.” A voice came from beside me. I turned to see the tall redhead from the last time I was at the club. She was wearing what was supposed to be a Black Widow costume, but instead of a one piece leotard, her top and bottom were split into two pieces. She had on thigh high black boots and a black thong. Her top looked like the Widow’s outfit, with a deep V neck splitting down the middle of her chest. Her tits were barely covered by the fabric.

“Why yes, yes I am.” I replied, staring straight at her tits.

“Are your girls available?” She purred, dragging her finger up and down my chest.

“They could be.”

“Well, if they are, I’d love to borrow them.”

“Oh is that so?” I asked. She nodded.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll make it VERY worth your while!” She replied, sliding her hand down and rubbing my cock.

“Well then, be good to them. They are very sweet girls.” I replied, handing the redhead the girl’s leashes.

“I will, I promise.” She replied.

“What’s your name anyway?” I asked

“Erica. Come her girls, I’ve got a very specific fantasy that you’re going to help me with. You two are perfect!” She exclaimed, leading the girls off to a fairly empty corner near the wall. Both Chrissy and Jennifer looked over their shoulders at me with a worried look on their face. I smiled and waved them on and then followed behind them.

“You sweetie, kneel down here.” Erica directed to Chrissy. Chrissy slowly knelt down on the floor in front of her.

“And you, kneel down here.” She directed. Jennifer knelt down behind her. She held onto the girls leashes with one hand and grabbed her thong, pushing it down with the other and kicking it off. In her boots, her crotch was exactly face height with the girls and I think I knew what she had in mind.

“I’ve always wanted to have two cute girls eat me out in both holes at the same time.” Erica said with a grin, un clipping the girls’ leashes and spreading her legs into a wider stance.

“Hot, very nice!” I replied as she put her hand on Chrissy’s head and pushed her towards her crotch. Chrissy eagerly leaned forward and pressed her face into the woman’s bare snatch.

Erica leaned forward a bit, pushing Chrissy’s face between her legs.

“Spread my ass for your friend sweetie.”

Chrissy reached up and grabbed Erica’s thighs and pulled them open. This also gave her additional leverage to lick Erica’s pussy. Erica looked back over her shoulder and down at Jennifer and wiggled her ass a bit.

“Get to it sweetie.”

Jennifer looked at me. I nodded and she leaned in, pushing her tongue against Erica’s ass crack, her hands on top of Chrissy’s on Erica’s thighs.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s perfect! Get in there good and deep cutie!” Erica called out, reaching back and grabbing Jennifer’s head and pulling her against her perky ass cheeks.

“Well that’s fucking hot.” A voice came from behind me. I turned around to see Jill standing next to me, staring at the threesome.

“Yeah it is. Hey stranger.” I replied, scoping out Jill’s curvy body in a slutty school girl outfit.

“Long time no see! But if those two girls are with you, I can understand why you ghosted on me.” Jill said, turning towards me.

“Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy.”

“Too busy for me, but not too busy for Rochelle and Vanessa I hear.” Jill said, her voice slightly accusing.

“That was months ago. I’ve not seen them since.” I replied, my eye on the girls. Erica had one hand on Chrissy’s head and was pushing her forward while grinding her ass back against Jennifer’s face. She had pulled her outfit to the side and extracted a perky tit and was rubbing her own nipple, her eyes closed.

“Well, the group that you set them up with has kept them pretty busy apparently. I see the updates on their web page.” Jill replied.

“Web page?”

“Yeah, they have a secret web page where they post the pictures and videos. Didn’t you know that?” Jill asked.

“Nope. You’ll have to send it to me.”

“Could be arranged. I take it you’re done with me then huh?” Jill asked, sighing a little.

“This is the first time I’ve been anywhere in a long time. Those two keep me pretty busy.” I replied, nodding at the girls.

“Yeah, I understand. So, how about a good bye fuck then? Ya know, for old time sake?” Jill said with a grin.

“You make it sound like I’m going off to die in a war!” I laughed.

“With those two, I don’t know how much longer your heart will hold out!” Jill laughed.


Jill grabbed my hand and led me over to a couch where I could still watch the girls. She shoved me down and quickly dropped to her knees and extracted my cock. I had missed Jill’s talented mouth as she sucked my cock down in one push.

“Oh yeah baby!” I exclaimed, putting my hands on the back of her head.

“Like that? Do I suck better than your little jail bait girls?” Jill teased.

“They are legal I promise.” I gasped as Jill swallowed my cock.

“Uh huh. I admit, they are cute. Do they take it up the ass?” Jill asked.

I nodded.

“Lucky man. I’ve got a new favorite for you.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, grunting a bit.

Jill stood up and turned around. She flipped her skirt up and wiggled her curvy ass at me.

“Still like my ass? It’s bigger than your girls is.”

“It’s still fantastic.” I replied, giving it a smack.

Jill slowly sat down on my lap. When she got low enough, she reached back and grabbed my cock and nuzzled it between her ass cheeks.

“Help me out, would you?” She asked seductively.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them open and pushed my cock against her back door. She put her hands on my knees and pushed down and my cock popped into her asshole.

“Oh yeah, that’s it!” She moaned, pushing her body the rest of the way down until she was resting in my lap.

“Damn girl.” I exclaimed as she leaned back against my chest, wiggling her ass in my lap.

“Told you. Now we can both watch.” Jill purred, leaning backwards and kissing my neck as she ground her ass onto my cock. I reached around her and pulled her top apart and grabbed her big tits, squeezing them roughly. Jill slowly bounced her ass up and down on my dick as I played with her tits and we watched Jennifer, Chrissy and Erica.

The girls had now switched positions. Jennifer was sitting on a nearby table, with Erica between her legs and her ass stuck out. Chrissy was behind her, alternating between licking her pussy and ass. Jennifer had her legs spread wide and had pulled her bra down under her tits and was playing with them as Erica feasted on her cunt. Erica’s large breasts had fallen out of her costume and were rocking around as she bucked her body back against Chrissy’s face.

“Fuck that looks fun.” Jill gasped as my cock penetrated her ass.

“Yeah it does.” I grunted, thrusting up into her.

“I might have to borrow your girls later.” Jill replied, turning to me and licking my ear.

“What are you going to do for me?” I asked.

“Anything you want.” She purred, clenching her ass tightly around my cock shaft.

“Do you want to go join them?” I asked.

“Fuck yes!” She exclaimed, slowly standing up and lifting herself off my cock.

We walked over to the girls and Jill bent over the table where Jennifer was still laying.

“Can we play too?” Jill asked Jennifer. The blond looked over Jill’s shoulder at me as I approached and I nodded.

Jennifer nodded and Jill leaned down and began kissing her. Jennifer reached up and started playing with Jill’s tits as Jill lifted her leg up and rested it on the table next to Jennifer. I moved behind Jill and pressed my cock into her spread open asshole in a single push. Jill grunted loudly into Jennifer’s mouth and then moved her head down and took one of Jennifer’s breasts into her mouth and began to suck it. Jennifer moaned loudly and I could see her hand move between Jill’s legs.

I held Jill’s hips and began to fuck her asshole as Jennifer’s fingers found her pussy.

“Oh that’s good!” Jill moaned, pulling her head away from Jennifer’s tit.

“So you like ass huh?” Erica asked me, panting hard. I turned to look at the redhead, whose face was extremely flustered as she lifted it up from Jennifer’s pussy. I could see it shining with Jennifer’s juice.

“I do. Seems you do too!” I replied with a grunt.

“I do. Your girl is doing a fantastic job on mine by the way.” She groaned, shoving her ass back against Chrissy.

“Good, I’m glad you like her.” I replied with a smile as I pounded my dick into Jill.

“Maybe when you are done with your friend there, you can give mine a try?” Erica replied with a grin.

“Well that sounds like a date!” I grunted, slamming into Jill.

“He’s not done with me yet!” Jill panted, lifting her mouth from Jennifer’s breast and shoving her ass back against me.

“Take your time sweetie.” Erica replied, dropping her face down to Jennifer’s pussy again.

Jill moved back to Jennifer’s face and resumed making out with her and the 5 of us were a hot, sticky, sweaty mess. I banged Jill’s ass as Erica ate Jennifer’s pussy and Chrissy worked over Erica’s holes. Jennifer’s hand was still attached to Jill’s pussy and I could feel her fingers working their magic on her clit.

Jill came first, her ass clenching wildly around my cock shaft. I shoved in hard and held still as her body began to twitch and shake.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck yes!! “Jill screamed.

“You’re going to rip my dick off!” I called out as her asshole contracted around my dick. Erica looked up from Jennifer’s pussy at the noise.

“Get out, my pussy is burning up!” Jill yelled. I quickly pulled my cock out of her ass and Jill climbed onto the table and lowered her pussy onto Jennifer’s face.

“Eat it girl! Lick it up!” Jill demanded, grinding her pussy on Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer reached up and cupped Jill’s ass cheeks as she began to lap at her pussy.

“Someone’s turned on!” Erica commented as we all watched Jill buck wildly on Jennifer’s face.

“I can’t stop cumming!” Jill screamed as she grabbed Jennifer’s hair, pulling the blond’s face up into her crotch.

“Damn boy, is your cock magical or something?” Erica asked me.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them!” I replied, motioning to the other women.

“It’s pretty awesome.” Chrissy chimed in from behind Erica’s ass.

Erica and I both laughed a bit.

“Well stud, that’s quite a recommendation. Would you like to try me now?” Erica asked seductively.

“Love to.” I replied, moving behind Erica. Chrissy moved out of the way as I positioned myself behind the redhead.

“Can I wet that for you Sir?” Chrissy asked, reaching up and grabbing my cock.

“You know where that just was, don’t you?” I asked, shocked.

Chrissy nodded and then pushed her mouth down onto my dick, taking it entirely down her throat as only she can.

“Damn, that is impressive!” Erica commented.

“Yeah, she’s pretty amazing.” I gasped as I thrust my cock in and out of Chrissy’s throat.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to leave!”

“Good thing I love watching him fuck other women.” Chrissy replied, pulling off my cock and moving out of the way.

“You are a lucky son of a bitch.” Erica commented as I rubbed my cock over her ass crack, which was still slick with Chrissy’s spit.

“Yes I am.” I replied as I pushed my cock smoothly into her asshole.

“Oh fuck, easy there!” Erica gasped, her hands going over her head and grabbing at my hair as I bottomed out in her ass. I moved my hands around her front and gripped her tits and began to slowly pump her asshole. Chrissy stood up next to us and Erica kissed her passionately, rubbing her hands over Chrissy’s perky ass cheeks.

“How is she Sir?” Chrissy asked, rubbing Erica’s pussy.

“Tight.” I grunted, thrusting into Erica’s ass.

Suddenly Jill screamed and everyone flipped around to look. Jill had her head thrown back and was shaking wildly again as she flooded Jennifer’s face with her girl juice. A couple of seconds later her body slowly slumped to the side and Chrissy jumped up to catch her as she fell off Jennifer’s face. Chrissy carried her over to the couch where we had started.

“Are you ok?” Chrissy asked a dreamy Jill.

“Fuck that was amazing. You’re a fantastic pussy licker!” She called out drunkenly.

“Thanks!” Jennifer replied coyly, sitting up a little bit. Jill’s juice was clearly covering her face.

“Sir, can Jennifer and I play now?” Chrissy asked seductively.

“Yes, go take care of your sister.” I replied. Woah, sister. That came out of nowhere. I thought to myself.

“Thank you Sir.” Chrissy replied happily, moving over to Jennifer and kissing her passionately.

“Fuck your girls are hot together.” Erica commented as I resumed thrusting into her ass.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I replied, grabbing her curvy hips. Erica and I fucked hard as we watched Chrissy and Jennifer’s make out session grow in intensity. Then Chrissy climbed onto the table opposite of Jennifer and positioned herself into a 69.

Jennifer had received plenty of attention, but Chrissy had be fairly left out. The sexy devil quickly lifted her head up and pushed her ass back on her friends’ face.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” I asked.

“So good Sir. I love how she eats me!” Chrissy gasped, reaching down and rubbing Jennifer’s swollen pussy.

“Chrissy, have you ever had your ass licked?” I asked.

“No Sir.” She replied, her eyes sparkling.

“Care to help her with that?” I asked Erica.

“I’d love to. As long as you keep fucking me.” Erica replied.

“Deal.” I said, slowly pulling my cock out of Erica’s ass. Erica moved around the other end of the table towards Jennifer’s head and Chrissy’s ass. I followed behind her and Jennifer looked up at me and waved.

“Having fun cutie?” I asked.

“Yes!” Jennifer replied, her voice muffled by Chrissy’s crotch. I could see that Jennifer had pulled Chrissy’s G string far to the side to access her pussy and her cute pucker was exposed to the air.

“Mind if I get in here too?” Erica purred, grabbing Chrissy’s ass cheeks and pulling them open wide.

“Not at all.” Jennifer replied. Erica winked and lowered her face down between Chrissy’s ass cheeks. She looked right at me as she stuck her tongue into Chrissy’s asshole. The Devil girl’s head immediately shot up from Jennifer’s crotch and she moaned loudly.

“Oh Sir! Sir, she’s licking my butt!” Chrissy cried out.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“It’s so good Sir! So good!” Chrissy called out.

It really was an amazing scene. Jennifer on bottom eating Chrissy’s pussy. Chrissy on top, licking Jennifer, and Erica behind Chrissy, licking her ass. We had drawn a crowd at this point and both men and women watched the incredibly hot situation unfold.

“You have a tasty butt girl!” Erica called out, smacking Chrissy’s ass.

“Thank you Miss!” Chrissy cried out, shoving her ass back against Erica’s face.

“Are you just going to watch or are you going to fuck me some more?” Erica asked me. I quickly moved behind her again and suck my cock back into her ass. I didn’t last long and shortly blew my first load deep into her asshole. Erica’s body twitched as I filled up her ass.

“Fuck, I’m cumming from my ass you bastard.” Erica called out, lifting her face away from Chrissy’s perky butt.

“Oh, I love that!” Chrissy said, lifting up again from Jennifer and turning around to watch Erica’s orgasm.

“Ungh. Ungh. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck that’s hard, it hurts!” Erica grunted as her body contracted in new ways.

“Shit, that’s tight!” I called out as Erica’s ass clamped down on my dick.

“Fuck. I need a break!” Erica gasped. I slowly withdrew my dick from her ass and Erica gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hobbled over to the couch next to Jill, who was still recovering.

I watched my girls resume their 69 as my cock took a break. The girls were so hot in their outfits and nearly identical bodies. No doubt they were enjoying the attention from the crowd, but more importantly, they were genuinely enjoying each other. They licked and fingered each other into a frenzy and I knew that both girls were burning up. I glanced around the room at the crowd that was watching and had an idea.

“Would you girls like some dick now?” I asked. Chrissy’s head immediately popped up.

“Yes Sir!” She called out.

“Yes Sir!” Came Jennifer’s muffled reply from between Chrissy’s legs.

“Why don’t you climb off and take a break.” I suggested. Chrissy nodded and climbed off Jennifer’s face. The blond sat up and Chrissy sat next to her. The girls looked around the room at the crowd and both blushed.

“Stay here.” I commanded. The girls nodded.

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