Spreading the Word

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Woman uses her body for finding and bestowing salvation. Prayer was never so satisfying as when spreading the word was combined with spreading legs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Slut Wife   First   Clergy   .

WARNING: If you are too seriously attached to Christianity you may be offended by elements of this story. If that is the case, then you are probably sinning by reading this type of story anyway and need to get forgiven in whichever way your belief system recognizes.

Glenna had a mission in life. She figuratively and literally spread the Word of Salvation as the Director of the “Outreach To Men Ministry” of the “Living Word Missionary Bible Evangelical Church”. This story is how she learned to happily use her God-given body and its most wonderful parts as a way of spreading the Word. You might call it “Jism For Jesus”.

The story actually started a generation earlier. A little independent church was the only one in the tiny town deep in the Ozarks. It was more a social center for the area than a spiritual one. There were about fifty serious members plus an indeterminate number of folks who wouldn’t make a commitment (get immersed or pledge their tithe) but attended irregularly and put a few bucks in the collection basket. It was noticed that they rarely missed a potluck.

Glenna’s momma Opal was a real hillbilly woman. Tough as nails but quite a few cards short of a full deck. After 3 boys and a girl she hadn’t hit 30 yet. She was a faithful member of the little church. It was about the only interesting activity in the small community. She was one of the most regular attendees at services and Bible study. Her husband was one of the least.

One Wednesday, at the end of Bible study she asked to have a word with the minister. He was the only source for personal advice she had access to. She explained that her husband hardly ever “cleaved unto her” any more. Sex had never been real interesting or fulfilling but she knew it was important in a marriage. Her worry was that he might be sinning with some of the harlots in town. She had heard that a couple of wives of the guys that hung out at the bar would fuck anybody for a few dollars or a jug of shine. Their family had very little cash money and she didn’t want it to be wasted that way.

When Reverend Gerald Oliver Duncan (he always felt that his initials had determined his calling) heard that it might be a marital sex issue, his 50-year-old pecker perked up.

He had taken over this ministry a less than a year earlier when the previous pastor had very suddenly taken another position in a bigger city. The timing was the hand of God at work since Rev Gerald had just been dismissed from his prior ministry when too many parents discovered that their teenage daughters were receiving “love offerings” and “horizontal prayer sessions” after youth activities. His wife was not unaware of his “blessings for the (female) flock” but felt she had little choice but to endure. He wanted a lot more fucking than she did anyway. She cut him off at menopause when her interest went to zero.

He still got Christmas cards from many wives in the previous congregation who he had provided marriage counseling to. They always included pictures of their children. He knew that some of the offspring were the result of their improved sex lives with their husbands and a few were more direct consequences of his “therapy”. No one regretted it, he was pleased to recall.

The Rev was in a dry spell so even though Opal was no beauty, she wasn’t ugly or fat or have bad teeth. She had a pussy and that is what he needed. He sympathized and praised her and arranged that she would stay after Bible study each week for some personal counseling. She was pleased and reassured and flattered.

The next Wednesday they retreated to his office and she was seated on the couch (which was actually a fold out bed). He sat next to her and began asking rather personal questions. She got uncomfortable since folks didn’t talk about such things except sometimes among womenfolk. He expected that and reassured her that he had helped many wives and these were important things for him to know. He explained that after years of the same thing people often look for something new. If she ate cornbread and beans every day she would start thinking about hamburgers or something. She could understand that.

He further explained that he needed to know what she and her husband did in bed now so he could suggest how to make it better. He asked how often they had sex (once a month maybe), what positions they used (she only knew of missionary), how long did it last (about 5 minutes), and what about the act felt good to her (nothing special except the closeness). Was she a virgin when she married? (no, a cousin had cleaved to her a few times about a year before the wedding. She had been lucky she didn’t catch).

Rev Gerald held her hands and they prayed for God’s wisdom and knowledge to flow into her to resurrect her marriage and bring His love into their marital bed. The Rev had a well-practiced plan to deliver that love. The next week he explained that the best answer was to make her loving much more attractive to her husband than any other woman could offer. She would be “hamburger” while they would be “beans”. Plus, her husband wouldn’t have to sneak around or have to spend money to enjoy it.

He showed her the Christmas card pictures of smiling wives and said that he had counseled all of them. They all looked happy and that is how she wanted to feel. Next he showed her a well-worn copy of “Loving God’s Way, A Christian Guide To Sex”. He said that this book was prepared by religious scholars for just such situations as hers. Many women do not learn the glories of love that God had provided for them. The book was full of Bible quotations. She was a very poor reader so they sat close together and started at the beginning. He put his arm around her and had her turn the pages. She loved the tenderness which she had rarely felt from any man.

The first chapter explained that sex was a gift from God. If done for loving and good reasons it was a sacrament that made men and women closer to Him. Our bodies were temples of the Spirit so we should keep them clean and beautiful. Gerald stopped and asked Opal to stand in front of him and turn around slowly. He then said he had to inspect the “temple” and asked her to remove her clothes. She balked and he said there was nothing wrong with doing that since it was for a good reason just like the book said. She didn’t know how to argue with such a learned man of God so shyly stripped. He asked her to turn around again. She was pretty lean from hard work. Her belly bulged a bit and her tits sagged from nursing four children but she looked good enough to make his dick swell. He praised her somewhat excessively but said there were some things she could do to be more attractive to her husband.

After she dressed he referred her to a local woman who could do her hair better and help her with some simple makeup. He also advised her about attractive nightwear to look for at the thrift shop. If she wasn’t successful there, the church fund might spring for a WalMart purchase. She felt better about herself having a man say good things about her body. The cousin had only pulled her pants down before banging her from behind and her husband never commented about anything.

She felt the Spirit growing in her and held her head up higher as her looks improved. The next week it was back to the book. Chapter two was about anatomy and biology. Since it was so matter of fact and used medical terms she didn’t mind that it was a man reading it to her. Her schooling never got as far as biology class so this was very interesting. Now she had some understanding about why things like her periods and her husband’s ejaculations happened. She wanted to borrow the book but the Rev said he needed it and she could review it with him again if she wanted to. The Rev was very pleased with the way his counseling program was working, just as it often had in the past.

The third week was when it got real interesting. The subject matter was now “doing it”. This was a critical part of the seduction which determined if he got laid or not. The chapter focused on the importance of foreplay; the ways that the temple was made ready. The book explained how much more important this was for women because men were easily made ready for the holy union. Opal nodded agreement from her own experience. There were line drawings and verbal explanations but she didn’t seem to grasp some of the ideas. The Rev said, “I guess the best way is to show you. I have been married for many more years than you and have learned about these things.”

As expected, Opal protested that she couldn’t do “these things” with him. Rev Gerald reminded her that the book and the Bible said that sex was not sinful if done for good reasons. Saving her marriage was the best reason there was, so it was OK. He was only doing this to help her and her husband. She thought about it for a few minutes and didn’t know how to argue with the Bible. She took off her blouse and bra while the Rev took off his shirt. They practiced tongue kissing and caressing their upper bodies. When he began caressing and sucking her tits she began moaning. He told her, “Sister Opal, the Holy Spirit of love is surely increasing within you.”

His skills brought her to a rarely attained orgasm. She cried “Oh Lord! Oh my God! Sweet Jesus!” and other such spiritual appreciations. She was dizzy with the unexpected pleasure and kissed her tutor after she dressed and prepared to leave. “Thank you. I am learning so much. See you next week.”

Her reserve had been broken through and they quickly progressed through manual and then oral stimulation. Her husband had demanded blow jobs but never did her in return so she was amazed at the pleasure her genitals could get from a man’s tongue.

By now she had lost most of her inhibitions and was fully invested in “improving her marriage” and “welcoming the Spirit”. Gerald would carefully use phrases like “Oh, I’m entering the gates of heaven!” and “My rod and my staff shall comfort thee” and “Thank you Lord for your gifts”.

They were soon worshipping in a variety of positions and she dutifully reported each week what she had tried with her husband since last Wednesday. He had responded quite well to her better looks and her new delights. He was suspicious but didn’t want to cut off the best sex he had ever had. She was better than the whores he had tried and he had some guilt to work through.

The Rev finally completed her “counseling” when another wife in the congregation needed his time and talents. Opal was very appreciative even though she was now expecting. She stopped by occasionally during her pregnancy with questions that required a horizontal answer.

The baby girl was named Glenna which Opal thought was the name of the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. That was actually “Glinda” but spelling wasn’t her strength. As Glenna grew up she was smarter and a lot better looking than Opal’s other kids. The smarter was relative, of course, but Reverend was intelligent and good looking and Opal figured her newest baby was a “love child” from God and the Rev was His messenger.

When Glenna approached puberty her legal father told her brothers that they had better keep their peckers away from her or they would have to sit down to pee for the rest of their lives. If they wanted to fuck somebody maybe their oldest sister would be interested. Glenna was beautiful in face and figure so Opal had serious talks with her about sex and how God wanted her to save her body for her husband.

By now Glenna knew about her sister fucking her brothers and a few of the neighbor men too. She asked her momma about that and was told that God had a better calling for her than to be a slut. She stayed a virgin but did herself a lot when she heard her sister getting banged in the next room, which happened pretty often with such a variety of available partners, some closely related and some not.

Rodney would become Glenna’s husband. His story is interesting too. When he was younger, the previous minister’s wife noticed how he frequently stared at her in Sunday school. Julia was in her late twenties and had been married for seven years. She wanted a baby but it never happened. Her godly husband was a lousy lover and not very interested in such worldly pleasures. This frustrated the hell out of her since she liked sex. While she was studying for her teaching degree she had several lovers and appreciated a good fuck. She had practically lived with her boyfriend during senior year.

Her naive husband wouldn’t “sin” during their engagement and she easily faked her virginity on their wedding night. At first he wanted her body fairly often but with little foreplay followed by quick ejaculations. He rejected her attempts to add variety to their couplings. Nowadays she just created her own orgasms and cried about it.

Rodney always went by “Rod” because that was more masculine. He liked the phallic implications too. He was a big country boy so his male parts were proportionally bigger than average and he knew it. So did an older cousin who enjoyed them when her husband was out of town on business once a month. She felt “safer” if Rod stayed with her. That isn’t all she felt!

When Julia decided to act, she wasn’t shy. Rod was in her Sunday school class so she asked him about his school grades. He replied that he was “gettin by”. She told him that he was better than that and she would speak to his parents about tutoring him after school. He immediately saw the opportunity to be alone with her and said he would tell his parents. They all had a talk at church and were appreciative that “the teacher lady” would help their son.

Rod went to the preacher’s house three days a week after school. It wasn’t too long before there were four “R”s being taught: Readin, Ritin, Rithmetic, and Rolling in bed. There was no need for a religious context as both were very horny. The subject matter quickly became more advanced as the student eagerly absorbed everything his teacher suggested.

Some of the congregation, as well as her husband, noticed her improved spirits which she credited to a new “tonic” she had found. He rarely had sex with her or he might have noticed that her tonic was being injected between her lower lips, not swallowed by her upper ones. Rod’s school grades also improved but not nearly as rapidly as his sex skills. Julia knew how to motivate the boy so she explained to him that getting better grades would help him make more money and find better pussy. He adjusted his educational and life goals.

Julia’s husband volunteered for a three-month mission trip and asked Rod to help Julia in his absence, not realizing how much help she was already getting. Rod and Julia could now spend extended times screwing on Saturdays. She had never used birth control since her wedding because she wanted a child. Since she hadn’t “caught” for so many years she thought she must be barren so banged her boy helper whenever she could.

She missed her period just before her husband returned from his trip and the doctor confirmed that she was with child. This was a joy and a sorrow. She gave neither man the news right away. She was thrilled to be pregnant but knew that all the town women always counted backwards by nine when a baby was born.

Her husband had changed as well. He was now more interested in her body when they got in bed, did some different things and didn’t just dump after a few strokes and go to sleep.

Two weeks after he returned they had just finished a pretty good Sunday afternoon screw when Julia told him she was pregnant. His instant joy quickly turned to worry as the facts sank in. He wasn’t stupid and asked, “Who is the father”.

She answered, “I can’t tell you.”

He didn’t know how to take that. Did it mean she wouldn’t tell or didn’t know? His mind was reeling but his dick was getting hard again, which Julia noticed with amazement.

She quickly continued, “After wanting a baby for so long, please consider it a gift from God.” As she guided him back into her cheating cunt for the first “seconds” of their marriage, she asked softly, “Is there anything you need to tell me?”

He stopped his humping and began to cry, pleading, “I can forgive your sins if you can forgive mine.” That wasn’t a very Christian way but she ignored the technicality. He had missed Julia so was easy prey for an older widowed lady preacher on the mission. It was she that taught him the new things his wife had noticed.

Julia murmured, “I like what she has taught you so maybe we both need to thank God for His many blessings!” The subjects were never brought up again and the marriage was more fulfilling for both.

The reverend understood Julia’s concern about the birth timing and was able to find an assistant minister position in a bigger city. It paid more and there was health coverage too. They gave notice and left before Julia’s belly had swollen noticeably. That is what brought Rev GOD to this little town.

Rod had taken all of Julia’s instruction to heart. He got good grades and took a job delivering groceries and prescriptions in a larger town nearby. This put him in regular contact with a variety of both housewives and single women at their homes. He was a charmer and it didn’t take long before he was getting tipped with twat.

When he graduated he decided to start a delivery company for businesses that did not want to do it themselves. He got some financing from the grocery and drug stores he had worked for who were glad to outsource. It didn’t take long for him to have a nice income plus lots of sex, sometimes two and three willing pussies in one day. He didn’t bother dating.

A few months later Julia called Rod. She had been sending him Christmas cards and pictures of the child, now two, on her birthday. In spite of the renewed interest in her pussy by her husband, she had not conceived again. She was ready for another child though and decided what had to be done.

Rod was more than happy to couple with his teacher and mother of his only child. He understood why she had called him and arranged to be at a motel in a small town near hers for the three days she was most fertile. She was as delicious as he remembered. It was erotic to slide into the place his child had emerged from. And knowing that she wanted his seed planted again was very stimulating too.

She was very pleased at his improved sex skills. He was bigger and better than her husband, for sure. She asked him if he was dating anyone and he explained his sex life. That got her hot and she orgasmed repeatedly as his wicked, married-cunt-fucking shaft filled her with sperm. That was supposed to help fertility as well. She didn’t screw her husband until the time was past so there wouldn’t be any possible interference.

The first try didn’t take so she had mixed feelings. Disappointed in the outcome but pleased to get some more of Rod’s big rod. She wished she lived in his delivery area! Her husband was at a conference and grandparents could take the child so she spent again three days mostly in bed with Rod. It was delightful and effective. She got pregnant! Her husband, none the wiser, was pleased too. Julia wondered how many children she would want. Maybe Rod would visit during the pregnancy too.

When one of the single women “customers” got way too possessive and another one had a pregnancy scare, he decided that boffing only married women was the safest. They were motivated to avoid detection and if they got pregnant he wouldn’t have child support.

There was one wife who surprised him by saying her husband knew all about it and liked sloppy seconds. Would he come over for dinner some night and let her husband watch them screw? His adultery had always been in secret so he was surprised but very curious. She convinced him with her eager cunt and a written invitation from her husband.

He arrived at their apartment a bit nervous. The husband greeted him warmly and offered a beer. Quite experienced with “first time” concerns he opened with, “My wife tells me how much she enjoys your cock. She really likes having two at once and I think you will like it too. I know you haven’t done this before so she wants to take you in the bedroom to get you relaxed before dinner.” Rod had been in her bed quite a few times but never with her husband listening in the next room. She got his cock’s attention and Rod only realized that her husband was watching after dumping a big cum load.

She rolled Rod off her and for the first time he saw a woman being fucked live. He was hard again before the husband finished and she pulled Rod in for the first fresh sloppy seconds of his life. They ate dinner in the nude and went back to the bedroom for repeated courses of dessert. Rod staggered out to go home and sleep.

He was invited over about once a month in addition to his other deliveries to her box. In visiting with them he found out that she had two other men she regularly did threesomes with and this had been going on for several years. Her husband explained that they started when he discovered how stories about the sex she had before they were married turned him on. It made her even sexier and the thoughts that his dick was getting in where others had been just stirred up a kind of jealousy that made him want to fuck her better than anyone else. She loved his desire for her, of course, and when the stories got old they decided to make new ones.

This kind of thinking was new to Rod but he quickly picked up on it as he screwed her and the other married women. He thought about their husbands fucking them and asked for details as he filled their adulterous snatches. Most of them were delighted to talk about it as they were banging. He encouraged them to get laid soon before he made a delivery (both kinds). They loved the “seconds” too.

Rod still went to church regularly. Since he wasn’t screwing any of the local women, was prosperous, and had good manners, he was respected in the community. He was still a bachelor (why buy a book when you can go to the library) as he watched Glenna grow up. She was by far the prettiest girl around and had a momma who watched over her like the Secret Service, so was probably a virgin.

When she reached sixteen his attraction to her was so strong that he asked her Pa if he could take her to a church dance. He had used every opportunity to visit with her at church and went to Wednesday Bible study from time to time because he knew she would be there and it would look good to her folks. Even though he was more than twice Glenna’s age, her momma and poppa thought that would be a good “catch” for their daughter. It was time for her to be hitched and pregnant. Opal never forgot how good an older man had been between her legs, and figured Glenna needed that, so she encouraged the relationship. He was clean and mannerly and had his own business. What more could a girl want in a husband?

They began seeing more and more of each other. Rod was exceedingly polite and when Glenna shyly offered a chaste kiss he acted innocently thrilled. They got engaged with a wedding date two months hence. Momma Opal stopped Rod after Bible study one night and asked to talk to him, so they sat on the church steps. She opened with, “I figger that by now you’ve been with a woman (Yes) but ever with a virgin (No). I want you to counsel with Reverend Gerald then. He knows about such things. I will help Glenna know what to expect on your wedding night so you will have good loving.” Rod said he would do whatever she wanted.

What Opal REALLY wanted was to “Praise the Lord” on her back with this good looking man who was much closer to her age than her daughter’s, but knew better. So she did the next best thing and arranged a counseling session with the still virile pastor. He wasn’t looking for any new women to “save” these days since there was a substantial flock who just needed tending to. Opal figured he probably knew about virgins. After enjoying his familiar love offering she had two requests. She explained that he needed to talk to Rod about how to treat a virgin and she wanted to borrow his Christian sex book to educate Glenna. The horny preacher offered to do the latter and she playfully hit him. “No you won’t!”

The preacher and Rod had a good long talk over a few beers and each got a better appreciation of each other. Rod was bright and wealthier than most of the men in the congregation so the Rev marked him to become a deacon.

Glenna was shown some things by her mother that she had never thought of, but of course not the “hands on” kind of teaching Opal had received. Two weeks before the wedding her mother broke her hymen with a hairbrush handle so there wouldn’t be any pain on her wedding night. She had told Rod what she was going to do so he wouldn’t think Glenna wasn’t really pure.

The wedding was nice with mostly townspeople and family in the wedding. The couple that Rod was still having threesomes with attended and the wife emphatically congratulated the bride on what a good man she was getting. The naive young woman didn’t read between the lines. She was in bliss.

After a potluck church dinner they drove for three hours to the biggest city Glenna had ever seen. They stayed at a Comfort Suites with a swimming pool and breakfast bar. This luxurious place is where she got naked with a man for the first time in her life since growing up. She was prepared enough to respond well to Rod’s careful overtures and had a small climax from the foreplay even before taking his rod inside her. Thanks to her wise mother it was pleasure from the start. Her husband stimulated her well and she had a full blown orgasm the first time she was screwed. All her pent up female urgings got him laid again before they went to a nearby chain restaurant, which she loved. It was wonderful to be waited on like that.

Another new experience was the indoor pool. They had to go shopping for suits and Rod insisted she buy a nice and rather brief bikini. Her body was every bit as terrific as he had surmised. She was definitely the best looking woman he had ever bedded. It took serious urging to get her to wear the new suit in the hotel pool but she acquiesced to her husband’s orders, like a good Christian wife, and they both got turned on by the other men and boys ogling her. She fucked HIS brains out when they got back to the room.

They saw the sights and fucked and ate out and fucked and went swimming and fucked. Rod had a tiger who was now ready to try anything he suggested. After three nights they returned to settle her into his small house.

She had coffee with her momma and just glowed telling about all the new things she had experienced. Opal had to directly question her about sex and the bride made it clear that she liked that best of all. Momma reminded her that the book they had studied said it was a gift from God and whatever she did for her husband for loving reasons was not a sin. Glenna nodded in agreement.

A few of the women who had experienced marital counseling from GOD began to talk to each other and found much common ground. One by one others joined an informal group of alumni until it numbered about a half dozen. They would meet from time to time at the cafe and visit, using biblical code phrases from their counseling as code in case anyone else overheard. It was like a secret language. They gradually compared their experiences and revealed how it had affected their marriages. Four of the women had become pregnant and one of the other children resembled the Rev like Glenna did. All of them still had follow up sessions with their sexual mentor from time to time. He had a bigger cock and better technique than any of their husbands. They were now very careful with birth control too.

After a year of enthusiastic effort Glenna’s belly still wasn’t swelling. Rod had reduced the number of “special deliveries” he made and usually did them in the morning in order to be recovered by his return home. He knew Glenna would expect a good lay before dinner.

After the pregnancy scare that he had a few years ago, Rod had chosen a vasectomy but had never disclosed it to Glenna. He wasn’t as anxious to have children underfoot as she was. He had learned to appreciate wife sharing from the delivery couple and was feeling the mating pressure of his horny young housewife so he devised a plan. The first step involved the town doctor who was an old high school buddy of his. Quite a few times they had double dated and swapped girls in the old camper van they owned for just such activities. Doc owed him a favor for getting set up with a couple of Rod’s hornier delivery customers a while back. Rod took Glenna for a checkup and after a lot of impressive tests the doctor implanted a hormone capsule that he suggested would affect her fertility. While not a lie because it was really a contraceptive, she didn’t question such an expert and assumed it would do what she wanted.

Another three months went by without the pee stick changing color. The doctor had explained that an egg could drop at any time so that made every coitus a possible breeding experience for her. Time for step two of the plan. Back to the doctor for some more tests where it was “discovered” that Rod was not ejaculating sperm. Glenna was crushed. Rod suggested that they counsel with Rev GOD who had been so helpful to her mother.

During this time Rod had become one of four deacons. During planning sessions augmented by plenty of Jack Daniels “spirits”, Rod had tapped the old man’s ego and got him boasting about all the pussy he had “saved”. He retained a shred of ethics in his drunkenness and didn’t name names although Rod figured out who a few of the women might be. Rod explained that he needed the man’s help in a spiritual matter and detailed the desire of Glenna to have a child and his inability to fertilize her. He was thinking that another source of sperm was needed but his religious wife would not like artificial methods. Was there a way her principles could allow sex with another man?

As Rod well knew from their inebriated conversations, the old man knew that making sex a religious experience often opened the legs of the most pious woman. He figured that down deep inside they wanted to fuck around like most men, but had to justify it somehow. He would be happy to counsel the young wife. Rod asked if the Rev wanted to be the first to “bless” her. He was stunned when the grey haired man said, “I can’t do that. I’m her father. She was conceived on the couch where you are sitting.”

Rod was speechless. After a while he managed, “What?”

“Opal was one of my first after I moved here. Can’t you see how much better Glenna is than her siblings?”

Glenna and Rod met with Rev GOD. As she sat down on the aforementioned couch the two men glanced at each other.

The smooth-tongued preacher started the conversation, “I understand you want to bring little gifts from God into your life.”


“And there is a problem with your husband that is keeping that great joy from happening.”


Standing up, and putting a hand on each of their heads, he droned on for a while invoking God’s wisdom and guidance and love in this important matter. Rod was getting bored but Glenna kept squeezing his hand so he knew she was eating it up. The Rev said that he would pray on it and they should come back tomorrow evening to see if God had given him any answers.

Glenna was giddy and Rod got very little sleep and had to cancel the lunchtime threesome with the city couple. His cock was worn out.

The next evening Glenna was ready to go a half hour early. She anxiously inquired about any divine messages.

The preacher again laid on hands and said that he had received instructions from above. She was not the Virgin Mary so she must receive sperm from a man to conceive. God hadn’t directly intervened for the last 2000 years. It could not be just any man but someone who was of good character, filled with the Lord, and in the service of Jesus.

Glenna opened her eyes with a worried look, “But that is adultery!”

“My dear daughter in Christ (Rod almost choked on that one), do you remember the book that your momma shared with you before your marriage? It said that sex for a good reason is not sinful. If your husband knows and accepts what you do, how can it be wrong? You two go home and make peace with God’s wishes.”

Logic was not her strong suit so by the time she got home she had accepted the commandment. Her big concern was how her husband would accept another man “knowing” his wife.

Rod was ready for that one. He gently explained that although she was a virgin at their wedding, he was not and that is why he knew so much about pleasuring her. What he had done with other women did not make him love her less, but actually more, because she was more loving than they were. The act of coupling with another man would only be to receive their seed and not the act of love, like they performed together. He would be alright with it because it was what she needed to make her life complete.

The next night the minister explained he could not provide seed because he was too old (wink to Rod). However, he would help them identify good men who could help. He would discreetly check with the other three deacons first since they shared the same spiritual background.

Glenna interrupted, “What do you mean ‘men’? I thought it was just going to be one.”

Rod interjected, “We don’t know if any one man is capable so we will let God decide which seed quickens your womb.”

Now with persons to attach to the impregnating penises, Glenna protested, “Oh no! I couldn’t ever face them again!” Rod thought, “You don’t have to face them, just screw them!”

The reverend continued, “I will swear the seed donor to secrecy on the Bible, but the seeding could happen with the lights out so they and you would not know who was involved.” That reassured the young woman who was actually getting an itch in her loins from the idea.

Rod spoke up, “We must pray on this so will give you our answer on Sunday. Please see if there are any volunteers to do God’s work.”

They prayed for the next couple of days. A lot of it was on her back, or side, or hands and knees. While Glenna was secretly aroused thinking of other penises and sperm invading her, she protested and questioned, thinking it was what a wife should do.

Rod reassured her that she had given him her virginity and no one else could ever have that. He knew he would be the only one in her heart even if he was not the only one in her vagina. He did some role acting as they fucked so she could imagine what it might be like to accept another man. He noticed her orgasms nearly ripped his pecker off. On Sunday Glenna bashfully told GOD that she would do as he recommended.

Since the time of her greatest fertility could not be predicted now, according to the doctor anyway, it was decided to have her seeded every other day for two weeks. All three deacons had quickly volunteered to contribute to this “holey” mission. Their wives only knew it was a special church project. The wives of all the deacons had received the Rev’s best, and most intimate, marital counseling, so he knew them well, and was sure that the husbands would be up to the task. He picked the biggest and the best to begin with Glenna.

Rod had the idea that blindfolds would be better than a completely darkened room. He would be present to hold her hand and be part of the fertilizing. This gave a little extra thrill to the wife who was feeling a bit naughty about this by now.

On the appointed night Glenna and Rod were ensconced in the minister’s office on the same fold-out bed where Glenna had been conceived. The lights were low and Glenna was blindfolded having removed only her lower garments. Rod was by her side, his rod fully extended in his pants after fondling his wife to a state of arousal and suitable lubrication. The reverend brought in the blindfolded sperm donor. He was naked and his pecker was a bit bigger than Rod’s, which was duly noted. The man was guided to kneel between Glenna’s spread legs and her hand led to grasp her second male organ. She shuddered and then pulled the staff of life into her tunnel of love. She tried to hide the orgasm that hit her when the new dick was only half way inside. This was not supposed to be for her pleasure. Rod noticed, of course, and squeezed her other hand.

The penetration was completed and stroking began in earnest. Even under the limitations of the situation it didn’t take long for the donor deacon to thrust deeply and deliver his love seed. Glenna spasmed several times when the hot liquid erupted inside her.

The sperm donor, his task completed, was led out of the room by Rod who returned, dropped his pants and rammed his erection into the still blindfolded woman. He’d slipped into plenty of fresh fucked pussy before, but this time it was HIS wife! She bit his shoulder to keep from shrieking out loud as he shot his spermless semen into her depths. It was done. Glenna had taken the big step from which there was no returning.

Later, at home, she was scared by her powerful reaction to the strange cock and it made her hornier than hell. She repeatedly wanted Rod inside her now non-monogamous cunt for reassurance that he still desired her and to quell the fire that had been lit.

Two nights later she lay trembling in the bed again with her eyes covered and her legs spread. The ritual was reenacted but, without explicitly informing her, it was another deacon. And then the next time it was the remaining one. She didn’t realize the difference for a while since her arousal overrode her attention to detail.

At the end of the two weeks she was fucking Rod when she asked an odd question. “When you made love to other women did they feel different than I do now?”

“Yes. Why do you wonder?”

“Well when the deacon was putting his seed in me it felt different each time. Why would it be like that?”

Pushing his cock deeply in her and kissing her gently he explained, “The reverend and I decided that your chances were better if it wasn’t all the same sperm in you each time and that way we wouldn’t ever know which one seeded you either.”

She shook with an erotic thrill as she exclaimed, “So I have been bred with three men! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We thought you would be too anxious. It was not unpleasant with any of them, I could see.”

Glenna stared at her husband, “You could tell that their penises gave me pleasure. Is that sinful?”

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