Feather and Scale

by Les Lumens

Copyright© 2018 by Les Lumens

Fantasy Sex Story: (Follow up to Serpentine Destiny) Guided by the ancient knowledge of the Lamia Queen Tiassa, Aris indulges his love of camping and history to seek out ancient cave paintings in the mountains of Greece. In the night, he finds himself under the scrutiny of another of the ancient peoples - Harpies. His destiny takes yet another turn, making him the agent of peace between two races from before the dawn of man.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Aris finished tying his shoes and turned his eyes back to Tiassa. The Lamia Queen’s huge, impossibly perky breasts were partially hidden beneath an out-of-fashion bikini top. Her serpentine lower half was concealed by the waves, and an illusion, giving the impression that she was a normal woman relaxing in the surf. Albeit, a stunningly beautiful woman with green hair.

After finishing his first year of college, he had returned to the hometown of his distant relatives. There he had spent two weeks with them, and his parents, who had come to Greece to visit him. Once his parents returned home, he had made his way to this thin strip of beach at the bottom of the cliff, and to Tiassa’s lair.

After two days of frequent sex with Tiassa and her sister Alissa, he was loathe to leave.

The Lamia Queen smiled. “We are loathe to see you leave as well,” she said, and then licked her lips.

Aris shuddered as blood rushed into his manhood for another of uncountable times in the past two days.

Tiassa shivered as well. “But, go. The longer you stay, the longer you will wish to stay. You must return to the world of man.”

He wasn’t returning empty-handed. A waterproof - likely magical - pouch next to him contained previously waterlogged and then dried bills - the equivalent of about four thousand dollars American. From Alissa’s description of how she had found the cash, he suspected it was drug money tossed overboard by smugglers in danger of being caught.

While he wasn’t enamored of profiting from misery, he couldn’t deny how much the money would improve his life. He had a full ride to college thanks to his benefactor, but little for leisure and comfort. Though Gregory had hinted several times he would be willing to provide money for such, Aris had begged off.

“I’ll come back next summer,” Aris promised.

Tiassa moaned and said, “I will eagerly await your return.” She then blew him a kiss - a gesture she had learned from his thoughts - and vanished beneath the sea.

Aris picked up his bag and negotiated the precarious path up the cliff, already anticipating his first use of the money.

The sun was dipping toward the horizon when Aris sank wearily into his new camp chair. The view from his camp in the Grecian mountains was spectacular, and he suspected that the sunset would make it even more so.

Not only was it a chance to indulge his love of camping, but also an opportunity to explore one of the many ancient sites Tiassa had revealed to him. Nearby, there was a shallow, hidden cave with wall paintings from the Bronze Age.

As eager as he was to see it, the hike into the mountains had been exhausting. He wasn’t even looking forward to expending the energy to cook his dinner before slipping into his sleeping bag for the night.

With the sun creeping inevitably lower, he groaned and stood. Before he could reach his pack to pull out a pot and his freeze-dried meal, someone called from down the trail. There were two men about his age approaching. They were speaking Greek, but he didn’t recognize one of the words, and only knew it was a greeting.

“Hello,” he responded.

“Ah, English. American?” one of the men asked.

Aris nodded. “Yes, but I’m in college here. My name is Aris.”

“Cade,” the first man said.

The second said his name as well, “Tabor.”

Cade said, “We saw your fire and thought we would be polite and say hello. Our camp is just down the trail. We’re in computer science. How about you?”


The two looked at each other and chuckled. “You’re in the right place for that,” Tabor said.

“Wait,” Cade said. “Aris? Are you the one who found that wreck that was in the news last year?”

Aris nodded. “Yes, that was me.”

Cade said, “I thought I recognized you.”

Tabor snapped his fingers and said, “Yes, I remember it now, too. Get any money out of that?”

“Not really,” Aris answered. “Have someone footing my college bill, though.”

“Hey, that works,” Cade said.

“We should get back before it gets dark,” Tabor suggested.

Aris said, “I should get cooking. I haven’t had dinner yet.”

Cade gave a wave of his hand and said, “We’ll leave you to it.”

They all exchanged waves, and then the two men returned to their camp. Aris cooked his dinner while watching the sunset, and then climbed into his sleeping bag. He was soon fast asleep.

Aris awakened in near pitch blackness. Confused at first by the unfamiliar surroundings, it took him a moment to get his bearings. It was then that he realized what had awakened him. The ring on his finger had grown warm, and was subtly vibrating.

He fumbled about in the darkness, located his phone, and tapped the screen to see it was after two a.m. As the screen dimmed, he heard something. The song was beautiful, but haunting, and coming from the direction of Cade and Tabor’s camp. As he listened and wondered, a thought suddenly popped into his head, and he knew it had arisen from the magical ring.


The song was the song of a Harpy, and his ring was protecting him from its beckoning, charming call. It was also warning him without words not to approach. He was fearful for the two men in the other camp, but if any of the legends were true, there would be little he could do, should he choose to try to help them.

The song faded, and his stomach went sour. A dozen grisly possibilities of what could be happening down the trail flitted through his head. He slipped out of his confining sleeping bag, but remained in his tent. After a few minutes, an altogether different sound reached his ears. The moans, whimpers, grunts, and groans could have been something else, but Aris somehow knew they were the sounds of sex.

The sounds grew louder, more frequent, and then were punctuated by a series of screeches and primal growls. Afterward, there was silence for a time. Aris slowly and quietly unzipped his tent, and then peeked out in the direction of the other camp. He could see and hear nothing, though his ring remained warm and continued to signal a warning.

The heat and warning sensation both increased suddenly. The Harpies had noticed him, and they were approaching. Something told him that the creatures feared fire. He should build up his fire and remain near it. He scrambled from the tent, found his wood pile, and blew on the coals remaining in the fire pit. A sigh of relief escaped him when the fire began to crackle, catching the larger pieces of wood.

Not a second too soon.

He caught a flash of movement in his peripheral vision. It was little more than a brief vanishing of the stars in the sky above, but it was there. He heard the beating of huge wings, and saw another indistinct, shadowy figure swoop overhead.

Aris watched the sky, stirred the fire, and added more wood.

A whoosh of air passing over wings sounded - much closer - followed by the sound of something landing on the pine needles and twigs. Aris quickly turned toward the sound, and saw them.

The creatures had human female torsos and heads - their small, firm, teardrop shaped breasts bared. Their skin tone was a dark, almost nutty brown. Their lips and nipples were even darker, though with a tinge of red. Their golden eyes reflected the firelight, detracting somewhat from the undeniable beauty of their faces.

The one had a long mane of gray hair, though he had a sense it was not the gray of age. The other sported equally long tresses of mixed brown and white strands.

What looked like human arms ended at the elbow, replaced by wings. The gray-haired Harpy’s wings were reddish brown on top, but gray and black spotted on the underside. The other had wings with brown tops, and undersides decorated with brown and white spots. Aris thought there had to be magic involved in their ability to fly, because their wings - though impressive - did not seem large enough to actually hold them aloft.

Both sported a fan-shaped tail, colored in similar patterns to their wings. Below their absent navels, feathers covered them. From the knees up, these feathers were small, and fluttered in the slight breeze as though downy. At the knee, the feathers grew larger, and stiffer, creating a fringe. At about mid-shin, the feathers vanished, replaced by the scaly, three-toed feet of a bird, with impressive black talons.

The Harpies kept their distance from the fire, their gaze penetrating. Aris watched them, his body tense and his heart leaping from every little movement the creatures made. At the same time, he felt his blood stir, and begin to rush into his manhood.

He knew why. After his first encounter with the Lamias, he found Tiassa’s magic lingered for some time, making him ignore what was frightening and unappealing, while seeing that which was arousing. He had bedded two girls he would not normally have pursued, before the vestigial magic had faded a couple of weeks later. One had been chunky, but with a pretty face. The other had been plain-faced, but had a wonderful body.

Only a day after spending two days with the Lamias, the magic was still strong within him.

The gray-haired Harpy said something, the words unknown to him, but dripping with derogatory connotations.

Aris pulled a burning brand from the fire and held it up. “Stay back,” he warned.

“It speaks this tongue,” the other Harpy said.

“You are snakeblood,” the first said, the word just as full of contempt as the previous utterance in the unknown language. “Why are you here? Do the snakes come to take what little we have left?”

Aris prickled at the obviously insulting snake and snakeblood, but retained his composure. “I’m just camping,” he said, keeping the burning chunk of wood in hand.

The two Harpies conferred for a moment in the unknown language, which included some chirps and keening sounds. The gray-haired one then said, “That ring on your hand has magic. Snake magic. A Queen’s magic.”

Lying seemed like a bad idea, so he said, “Yes, it was given to me by Tiassa, the Queen of the Lamias.”

“Lamias,” the gray-haired Harpy repeated, as though tasting the word. She apparently was speaking for both of them. “And what are we called?”

“Harpies,” Aris answered, hoping they wouldn’t find the word insulting.

Both of the creatures offered very humanlike shrugs of their wings. The Harpy asked, “The Queen of Lamias sent you?”

“No. I’m just here camping,” Aris repeated. Thinking the word might be lost on the Harpies, he explained, “Sleeping outdoors for pleasure.”

“What a strange thing. I have often wondered why those of man would leave their dwelling places and come here to our territory.”

The sense of danger from his ring - while still present - had lessened. Thinking such a gesture might be prudent, Aris put down his burning log. “I had no idea you were here, and most people don’t believe you exist. I didn’t mean to invade your territory.”

“Some invasions are convenient,” the Harpy said, and then looked at the other. They both laughed.

“What did you do to the two men in the other camp?” Aris asked.

“We charmed them with our song and took pleasure from them,” the Harpy answered.

Aris asked, “You didn’t hurt them?”

“They sleep,” the Harpy answered. “Your words ring true, but our Queen must know of your presence.” She nodded to the other Harpy, and it spread its wings, swept them down, and shot up into the sky.

Once the other Harpy vanished, the gray-haired one remarked, “You seem different from the snakebloods of old, but all who are of man do.”

Again, the warning sensation of his ring ebbed - now barely there. “Queen Tiassa said that the world has changed a lot since ancient times.” The Harpy now seemed curious, so he said, “My name is Aris.”

“I am called Maeja.”

“I don’t mean you any harm, and I know Queen Tiassa doesn’t either.”

“That is a question for the Queen of the Aerie to decide.”

Aris asked, “What is your Queen’s name?”

“Kaleesh,” the Harpy answered. “The young one with me is called Natasa. I would come closer.”

“That’s fine,” Aris said. He took a step to the side, so that the fire wasn’t between them, but rather on his right. It was still well within reach, but no longer providing an obvious barrier.

The Harpy approached - her strut on her toes rather like that of a woman in heels. Her breasts bounced ever so slightly with her steps, and Aris couldn’t help but glance at them.

Maeja looked him up and down when she stopped a few feet away, her gaze lingering between his legs on his fully erect member for a moment longer than elsewhere. She then said, “You are pleasing - for a snakeblood.”

The word snakeblood wasn’t quite as contempt-filled this time, but it was still insulting. Aris tried to keep that out of his voice when he said, “Thanks.”

Maeja looked as if she was about to say something else, but then she looked up into the sky. Aris heard the sound of wings, and then Natasa swooped in, digging her talons into the earth when she landed.

The Queen, on the other hand, drifted slowly down to the ground. Her hair and feathers were a deep, royal purple, with subtle variations in hue that were nearly lost in the dim firelight. Her breasts were larger than those of the other Harpies, and quivered attractively from the beating of her wings. Her face was even more beautiful. Her scaled feet were blue, rather than yellow, though the talons were just as black and wicked looking.

Those talons touched the earth daintily, and then she settled, folding her wings at her side.

Maeja announced, in formal tones, “Queen of the Aerie, Kaleesh.”

Not sure what to do, Aris bowed his head slightly to the purple-hued Harpy.

The Queen’s eyebrows lifted, and a curious, “hmm,” passed her lips. She then asked, “How are you called?”

The Queen’s voice was deep and sensual, reminding him much of Tiassa. He answered, “My name is Aris Sifakis.”

Kaleesh remarked, “A name of this land, and you look like those of man in this land, but your speech is not of this land.”

“I’m from America, but my ancestors are from Greece.”

“And descended from two of snakeblood, for yours to be so strong. I can taste it in the air,” the Queen said.

Kaleesh approached, coming far closer than Maeja had. He tensed, but the ring on his finger offered no warning. She seemed far less fearful of the fire than the other Harpies.

“You bear a ring from the Queen of snakes. Nalissa?” Kaleesh asked.

“Tiassa is Queen of the Lamias.”

“Lamias,” Kaleesh repeated, trying out the word in much the way Maeja had.

Maeja then interjected, “Man knows our kind as Harpies.”

Kaleesh nodded to acknowledge the other Harpy, and then said, “Her daughter. So, Nalissa has passed.”

“Tiassa said her mother had died.”

“I will not disrespect the dead, though we were never fond of each other. I know little of her daughter.”

Aris said, “She doesn’t want war with you, or anyone. I know that.”

“Why has she given you this ring?” the Queen asked.

Aris pondered what to say for a moment before answering, “I hope to travel the world, and she asked me to use the ring to make other Lamias aware of her. It lets me know when one is near.”

Kaleesh asked, “And to protect you from the other ancient peoples?”

Aris nodded.

The Harpy Queen slowly arched her back, causing her breasts to thrust toward him. He couldn’t help but look. They were beautiful, perfectly formed, and her nipples were visibly erect. As soon as he tore his eyes away from them, he saw Kaleesh regarding him with a knowing smile.

“You have lain with her,” the Queen remarked. “Recently, because her magic is upon you.” She lifted her wings, the feathers curling beneath her breasts as though cupping them. “You look at these.” She then dipped a wing down and the tips of the feathers pointed at his crotch. “And this rises.”

Aris’ ears burned.

She said, “There is truth in your words. My magic could reach out to your Queen Tiassa through the ring, that we might speak and know of each other, as it would for one of her kind. I know where other Lamias dwell, and I can reveal them. There is something I ask of you, first.”


The Harpy Queen’s voice dropped even lower, becoming even more sensual. “It has been long since I have known the pleasure of lying with one of man.”

Aris’ mouth dropped open and he made a few nonsense sounds. His cock, on the other hand, had no qualms, and throbbed powerfully in anticipation.

Kaleesh continued, “It is forbidden by ancient law of the Aerie for a Queen to have more than three daughters. So, I have not known the pleasure of man since my daughters entered this world. The seed of one of your blood cannot bond with my eggs. From you, I could take pleasure, and give pleasure.”

The Harpy queen bent her arm, causing the feathers of her wings to tickle between her legs. Aris’ eyes naturally followed the motion, and what he saw held them. Kaleesh’s mound was swelling. The downy feathers erected and spread apart as it did so. Beneath, he could see glimpses of pink.

“Lie with me, and I will treat with your Queen. I will give you the knowledge of where to find her kindred,” Kaleesh said with a hint of pleading in her voice. “A first gesture of peace between ancient peoples.”

A whiff of musk tinged with pine and moist earth reached his nostrils - his first taste of her arousal. She moved closer, thrusting her breasts toward him in offering.

An offering he accepted.

Kaleesh let out a hiss and her wings wrapped around his back as he suckled her stiff nipple. Her breast was much firmer than expected, and he reached up to squeeze the other, confirming what he had felt with his lips. The contractions of powerful muscles beneath the softer swells caused her breasts to move from his ministrations.

The Queen’s wings caressed him and she cooed in pleasure. He experimented, and discovered that sucking her nipple hard caused a much stronger reaction, so he indulged it. Exploring her body with his hands, he found that she had buttocks coated in downy feathers beneath her fan-like tail, and he squeezed them, drawing out a moan. When his hands slid up her powerfully muscled back and touched her hair, he knew it wasn’t hair. The strands were feathers - as soft as down, and long enough to reach the middle of her back.

He froze in shock for a moment when he felt his belt loosen, and almost simultaneously, the button of his shorts popped open. Kaleesh’s wings pulled tighter, encouraging him to resume his worship of her breasts. He switched nipples, and out of the corner of his eye, saw her knee lift. Her talons grasped his shorts, pulling them down. His boxers soon followed.

When the Harpy Queen pulled her wings back to her side, and then used them to push him away from her breast, the other two Harpies gasped. Kaleesh looked down, and a wide smile spread across her face as she looked back up.

“There is something good to be said for snakeblood there,” she said when her golden, smoldering gaze met his.

The feathers of one wing slipped beneath his shirt and pushed upward. Aris pulled his shirt over his head in response. He wriggled his feet out of his shorts, but felt something wrap around his cock before he could step on the heels of his shoes. He glanced down, and saw his cock moving as though stroked by an unseen hand.

It felt good, and he groaned. Then he regarded the Harpy Queen and said, “You’re telekinetic.” When her brow furrowed, he explained, “You can move things with your mind.”

She smiled, and stroked his cock faster. “One does not need hands when one’s mind is strong.”

With that, she began to sink to her knees, still jerking him off with her mind. His cock throbbed in anticipation, expecting her to use her mouth on him. Instead, she sat, and then reclined. Shoes forgotten, Aris dropped to his knees as soon as she parted her legs.

Her vulva was oval shaped, and about the same size as a pussy, but protected by at least two sets of pale pink labia, which contrasted sharply with her dark skin. A stream of wetness glistened in the firelight below the opening, meandering between the erect feathers on her swollen mound. Aris filled his lungs with the scent of her arousal, and then moved in for a taste.

An unseen hand on his chest restrained him.

“What is this?” the Harpy Queen asked.

“Nobody has ever done this for you before?” Aris asked.

For the first time, he saw a flash of uncertainty in the Harpy’s golden eyes. She pursed her lips and her brow furrowed. Then slowly - hesitantly - the unseen pressure on his chest vanished.

Aris dived in, and Kaleesh let out a screech.

Feathers tickling his face, Aris lapped the pink petals, finding a unique, bittersweet, almost nutty flavor. Warmth radiated from her sex, and when he pressed his tongue between her folds, he found its source. She was unexpectedly warm - almost hot - around his tongue.

“So hot,” he groaned before swirling his tongue through her nectar again.

“This ... This is ... Do not stop,” Kaleesh whimpered.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the other two Harpies kneel down, only a foot or so away from where he lapped their Queen.

Aris explored with his tongue, and at the top of the oval, found what he was looking for. The smoothness of her clit on his tongue marked it, as did Kaleesh’s yelp, and her talons digging into the ground at his sides. It was an arch, rather than a button, he discovered as he licked the swollen center of her pleasure. When he pressed his tongue deeper, he found it extended into her tight canal as well.

Slow, broad-tongued laps caused the Harpy Queen to writhe, and her wings to stir the pine needles she lay upon. The other two harpies let out excited chirps, and leaned in even closer.

Aris shifted position, allowing him to slide a finger into her. He discovered that her clitoral arch extended deep into her canal - at least as far as his fingers would reach. It felt even warmer in her depths, and the unusual feeling caused his cock to throb. He lapped, stroked the clitoral shaft with his fingers, and drank up her hot nectar, causing her cries to grow louder and more frequent.

Curiosity caused him to caress her swollen mound, and his curiosity was rewarded. Amidst the soft feathers beneath her pink folds, he discovered another puckered opening. He slipped his finger into her abundant wetness, and then pressed it against the hidden iris.

Kaleesh half sat up, supported on her wings, and sucked in a great gasp that escaped as a wail.

Aris probed her back door, and alternated between tracing her clitoral arch with his tongue, flicking it, and lapping her folds. Her wings settled over him, holding him against her sex, and her thrashing grew more pronounced. It only spurred him to greater efforts.

Kaleesh cried out in her chirping, cooing language, the words lost on him, but their meaning obvious. He lapped her fast - drunk on her juices - and drove her toward a peak.

The Harpy Queen came with a keening wail, her feathered thighs clamping tight against the side of his head. Wetness washed over his tongue, ran down his chin, and pattered on the bed of pine needles below. Though muffled by her thighs, he could hear one of her wings flailing about, while the other held him tight against her climaxing pussy. Aris rode her bucking body, continuing to lick, and keeping her coming.

He heard the end of her ragged gasp when her legs snapped open, her wing lifted from his back, and a forceful push of her telekinetic powers shoved him from between her thighs. He caught himself on his hands, and had a moment to see her labia puckering inward from the contractions of her orgasm. Then, she curled up, rolled onto her side, and wrapped her wings around her in a feathery, protective cocoon.

A yelp from one of the other Harpies caught his attention, and made him turn that way. He found them both squatting with unseen hands manipulating their folds. Maeja was the first to come, quickly followed by her sister Harpy. Streams of wetness soaked the grass below them as they exploded into orgasm. Aris let his eyes rove between them and their Queen. The other two Harpies soon fell onto their backs to writhe and curl their wings about them as well.

Aris licked his lips and squeezed his aching cock, watching the throes of the three Harpies settle into shivers. Finally, Kaleesh’s wings began to unfold. He saw her flushed from her feathery hairline down to her heaving breasts as she panted for breath. Her golden eyes fluttered open, beheld him holding his erection, and sent her into a violent aftershock.

“The ... The mating of man has changed,” Kaleesh remarked breathlessly, and then broke out into uncontrollable giggles. The other Harpies giggled as well, though theirs were broken by lingering waves of climax.

“Tiassa said the same thing,” Aris said.

Kaleesh let out a languid moan and stroked her body with her wings, looking up at him. “Ever was the way of man to selfishly take his pleasure with no care.”

Aris shrugged one shoulder and said, “Well, that hasn’t completely changed, but if a guy wants to get laid regularly, he has to make her come too. A real man enjoys it.”

“You smile,” Kaleesh said, and then moaned. “You enjoy it.”

He nodded. “Very much.”

The Harpy Queen sat up, the tips of the wing feathers behind her barely bending as her powerful abdominal muscles pulled her upright. She gestured with a wing, smiled, and said, “Lie down.”

While he reclined, the other two Harpies sat up as well, their eyes focusing on his twitching cock. Kaleesh moved next to him on her knees, and then looked to the other two Harpies and said, “Come.”

Maeja moved between his legs, while Natasa took her place opposite her Queen. Kaleesh nodded, and all three Harpies leaned in at once. Pointed tongues slipped out of their mouths to slather over his erection and balls.

Aris groaned from the sensation of the slippery organs gliding over his hard flesh, and the feathery hair that caressed his skin. He was well wetted with their saliva when Kaleesh turned her head to the side, parted her lips, and took him in.

“Ah yeah,” he sighed as the Harpy Queen suckled the head of his cock, while the tongues of the other two Harpies continued to tease his shaft and balls. The Queen’s tongue tickled him as she sucked, curling beneath the ridge of his cock helmet. Her mouth, like her canal, was warmer than expected, and the feeling only made it all the better.

Wholly unprepared, he cried out when Kaleesh suddenly engulfed him to the root.

The Harpy Queen held him deep in her throat, swallowing around him, showing no sign of discomfort. Both of the other Harpies tongued his balls with quick flicks. One of his hands settled on Kaleesh’s back, while the other dug into the soft earth.

Kaleesh slowly pulled back, and let him slip from her lips. She gave the head of his cock a quick flick of her tongue, and then asked, “Can the shes of man do this?”

“Not like that,” he half growled.

The Queen chuckled and then nodded to Natasa. The Harpy with the brown-streaked hair seemed hesitant, but moved in, and parted her lips. She sucked him softly at first, taking in only the head. Then her confidence apparently grew, because she took him deeper.

“Today was Natasa’s first mating. Her heat was too great to play so with the man she took pleasure from,” Kaleesh explained. “She does well?”

Aris grunted from an especially strong suck and answered, “Oh yeah.”

Spurred on by his words, Natasa took him into her throat. Aris grunted and groaned from her first few tentative swallows, and then growled when her throat began to constrict around him in earnest.

He drew in a shocked gasp when the tip of Maeja’s tongue slipped down to tickle his ass.

The Queen laughed and said, “You find this as pleasurable as I did?”

“Uh huh,” Aris answered while squirming.

Natasa let him slowly slip from her lips, and turned to regard him with an excited, satisfied smile. Maeja had stopped tickling, and moved on to pushing the point of her tongue into his ass.

“Come, Maeja,” Kaleesh said.

The gray-haired harpy pulled her tongue out of his ass and switched places with her Queen. Maeja was far more confident than the younger Harpy, and swallowed him whole on the very first suck. Natasa licked his balls while the Queen tongued his ass. The hot itch of an approaching orgasm spread through his cock, causing his hips to buck, but Maeja kept him in her throat with little trouble.

He was close to coming by the time Maeja let his cock go. She moved to trade places with her Queen, but Natasa was quick to take Kaleesh’s place rimming his ass, so Maeja moved to the other side to tongue his balls.

Then he was back in the Queen’s throat again.

Kaleesh added a new twist - literally - by swiveling her head while she sucked and swallowed. It didn’t take much of that to push him to the edge.

“Gonna come,” he warned through clenched teeth.

The Queen moaned around him, twisting her head even faster.

Aris writhed, his hips driving his cock deep into the Harpy’s throat. She continued to suck and swallow without missing a beat, and he erupted straight down her throat.

Kaleesh moaned with every swallow of his hot cream, and continued to gulp his cock long after he had nothing left to give. Though it was weak and uncoordinated, he lifted a hand to try to pull her off his sensitive organ.

The Harpy Queen released him with torturous slowness, but he finally popped from between her lips.

Aris went limp, and quickly had to shut his eyes from the sight of Kaleesh licking her full lips and moaning again.

He was still twitching and breathing hard when the Queen’s long wing feathers brushed his softening erection. He flinched away, but she persisted, and began a quiet, cooing song.

The sensitivity faded, his strength returned, and his softening cock reversed course.

“This is the gift of a Queen,” Kaleesh said when she finished her song. “Now, fill me.”

His vigor restored, Aris was quick to sit up, and then rise to his knees while the Queen settled onto her back on the bed of pine needles. He moved between her parted thighs, took aim, and sank into her hot canal with a growl.

“Oh!” Kaleesh cried as her walls clamped down around him, preventing him from penetrating with more than half his length. Her voice rang out again when he pulled back and thrust a little deeper. Finally, on the third thrust, his balls settled against her soft, feathered skin. She groaned loud and long when his whole cock filled her.

“It is...” the Queen said, and then grunted as his cock dove into her depths again. “Bigger than...” Again, she had to pause - to yelp this time. “Those I have known,” she finished in a rush.

“Bigger than any I’ve seen,” Maeja said in a quiet voice as she watched.

“So big,” Natasa moaned.

Aris growled, beginning to build up the speed of his thrusts. “You’re so hot. So wet. So good,” he said as he stroked his cock into her. The heat within her was like a hot bath - shocking at first, but oh so good as he grew accustomed to it. The head of his cock found the limits of her smooth clitoral shaft when buried inside her, and the ridge of his cockhead brushing against that terminus caused her to twitch with every stroke. The little pluck on the head of his cock felt good to him, too.

Her juices spattered on them both with every thrust, but her extra wetness wasn’t reducing the pleasure at all. Aris looked down to watch her dual labia puckering inward with his cock for a few strokes, and then back up at her breasts. The firm teardrops moved more from her rapid breathing and the muscles beneath than from the jarring of him rocking her body.

“Faster,” Kaleesh said, her face flushing as her pleasure mounted.

Aris kicked up the pace, enjoying the way her feathers tickled his balls. The Queen began to twitch, curl her taloned toes, and lash her head back and forth. On a whim, he leaned back slightly, causing his cock to press harder against her clitoral arch on the next thrust. Kaleesh screamed as his cock slid along the engorged pleasure shaft.

The other two Harpies were masturbating with their mind powers again. Aris watched for a few seconds, and could see that they were simulating his thrusting erection. Their labia puckered inward, and their juices squirted out around the unseen cocks. Maeja had to pause and move when one of the Queen’s wings lashed out, stirring pine needles and the gray-topped Harpy’s feathery hair.

Kaleesh’s cries rose in pitch and volume in short order, and her wings flailed every which way, tousling his hair and causing the fire to dance. The color in the Queen’s face had spread down to her breasts, and her expression was tight with ecstasy. Her hips lifted to meet him, causing muted claps to sound out as their bodies collided. Feeling only the first tickles of an orgasm himself, Aris thrust harder and faster.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” the Harpy Queen yelped as he felt her already copious wetness increase. Then her golden eyes shot wide open, and her rapid breathing ceased for six or seven thrusts. She sucked in a desperate breath, and loosed it as an eagle’s screech that echoed back from the mountains as she came.

Aris grunted in surprise when he felt suction. It wasn’t the gulping sensation he had come to love when having sex with the Lamias, but rather a straight pull, as though trying to draw him into her canal. Kaleesh’s labia had formed a tight seal around him, forcing him to take shorter thrusts. Her walls caressed every square inch of him with satiny friction, and he rushed quickly toward the cusp.

Kaleesh writhed and thrashed, her keening cries of ecstasy paired with ever more ragged gasps for breath. Maeja and Natasa screamed as well, having reached their peak on the invisible cocks driving into their depths. Aris delivered short, hard, fast thrusts, and then felt a moment of numbness and disconnection.

He erupted in the Harpy Queen’s depths on the very next thrust.

“Yes!” Kaleesh screeched when she felt his hot cum spurting inside her. Her legs and wings both snapped to his back, pulling him against her. Fortunately, her taloned toes were tightly curled into avian fists, saving him from being poked.

Aris roared as his next ejaculation burst forth. The Queen’s magic had restored his reserves of semen as well. A load of cream just as voluminous as that he’d shot down her throat only a few minutes before flooded her depths. Her pleasure shaft had swollen in her orgasm, and it throbbed against his shaft as he pulsed.

He had no idea how long he had been lying on her rapidly rising and falling breasts when his senses once again acknowledged anything other than ejaculating into her clinging sheath. Her wings were still draped over him, though her legs had slipped to the ground. The pull had ceased, but his sensitive cock still caused shivers to run up and down his spine every time her velvety walls twitched around him.

Her aftershocks slowed, his cock softened, and he quite nearly dozed off beneath the warm blanket of her wings, with his head resting on her breasts. Only her long, satisfied moan kept him from drifting off to slumber.

“That was well worth the wait,” Kaleesh said a few moments later.

Aris grunted an affirmation.

The Harpy queen laughed and unfurled her wings from around him. A shift of his hips was all it took for his flaccid member to slip out of her. He rolled onto his back between her and the other two Harpies.

The Queen sat up, and Aris let his head loll that direction. The feathers on her mound - which was slowly contracting, hiding her sex - were wet and bedraggled from her juices. There was no evidence of his cum having escaped her, though.

“My Queen,” Natasa hesitantly began.

“I know what you wish to ask of me,” Kaleesh said. “Patience. I have given my word, and I shall keep it.” She then addressed Aris to say, “I will speak with your Queen now. Rest.”

Aris felt his ring once again grow warm and vibrate. It didn’t carry a warning sensation this time, but rather a reaching one. A moment later, he heard Tiassa’s voice in his head.

“Who touches my magic?” the Lamia Queen asked.

“Kaleesh, Queen of the Aerie.”

“Aris?” Tiassa asked.

“I’m here. I’m fine,” he silently answered.

Somehow, he could feel her amusement through the mental connection when Tiassa suggested, “Perhaps a little spent?”

He blushed, and heard both queens laughing in his head.

“You seem less covetous than your mother,” Kaleesh said. “This one gives great pleasure.”

“He does,” Tiassa agreed. “Might that be considered an overture of possible peace between our peoples?”

“It may,” Kaleesh answered. “Let us speak.”

The voices of both Queens vanished from his head, though he saw Kaleesh sat with her eyes closed, apparently still communicating with Tiassa. Between that and the dimming firelight, his eyes grew heavy, and he dozed.

Some time later, he slowly awakened to the sound of murmured voices. The first one he was able to pick out from the sleep fog was the Harpy Queen’s.

“Again, patience. My magic can restore him, but it can take a toll if he is not allowed natural rest.”

Her tone excited, Natasa declared, “Look, he awakens.”

The next voice he heard was that of Tiassa. “I must thank you, Aris. You have brought two ancient peoples to an accord that will benefit us both.”

“So it worked out then?” he thought to her.

“Very well. My mother always hissed the name of Kaleesh, but I find her quite agreeable. Open your mind. She has given to me the place where others dwell, and through our combined magic, I can show you.”

Aris took a deep breath and tried to relax. Images slowly flooded into his brain, revealing the location of three Lamias. One was quite nearby - its lair beneath a lake.

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