Puppy Love

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: The plaintive wail of "Puppy Love" is confirmation that one should never come between a girl and her puppy. That and the fact that Great Danes have the longest doggy dicks make this story a must for the female dog lovers of this world.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Anal Sex   Analingus   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Hairy   Leg Fetish   Size   .

“Someone help me
Help me please
Is the answer, is it up above?
How can I
Oh...” Paul Anka, Lyric for They Call it Puppy Love

Sally held the little puppy in her arms and hugged it so tightly that her Daddy thought she might smother it with love. Sally was a loving girl. She was a loveable girl. She loved to be loved and she loved hugging and kissing and licking just like her new puppy Duke.

Duke was tiny and loveable now but he was a purebred Great Dane and those familiar with the breed knew that one day little Duke would be bigger than his mistress and his sheer weight could pin her down motionless for his pleasure if he was the kind of dog that wanted to control rather than take orders. Fortunately for Sally, Duke liked taking her orders and he did his best to follow her every command even if he didn’t agree with it.

The first two years passed quickly and then all of a sudden Duke was double the weight of Sally and he could press her to the carpet with one paw on the back of her pretty little neck.

Two things happened that changed things between them at this point in a way that spelled trouble for Sally and a lot of fun for the huge Great Dane with the impressive doggy dong that hung down like a donkey’s shaft when he was excited by a need to mate. The first thing was that Sally passed that point in puberty that allowed her to have her monthly appointments with nature and caused Duke to pay a lot of attention to licking her smiley face panties both front and back because of the tempting scents beneath just out of view. The second thing was that she started to go to bed at night with no panties and would often sleep on her tummy like some common girl with flawed up-bringing by irresponsible nannies.

The fact that Duke slept at the foot of her bed meant that Sally was often licked in her sleep by the overly tempted Great Dane with the magical long wet tongue. Generally, she simply stirred in her sleep, opened her legs wider and just sighed in her sleep letting her precious drops of female juices fall on the inquisitive Great Dane’s thirsty tongue.

The time came when Duke was scheduled to mount the Blue Ribbon female Great Dane bitch called Queenie when she fell ill from eating too much of cook’s beef stew after it had fallen accidentally from the stove during preparation for the festivities. They had sold almost five hundred tickets to the breeding event and the best of the dog loving world was waiting expectantly for Duke to do his duty and poke the huge female purebred in front of dozens of witnesses for the certification of any puppies issued as a result.

Duke was sniffing the air inside the huge estate with increasing frustration waiting for his turn at the Blue Ribbon haunches of the stately huge bitch. His nervousness translated out to his frantic sniffing and licking with uncommon aggressiveness between Sally’s soft teenaged girl legs looking for that sweet spot with the sticky essence of the young girl’s female juices. He was suddenly eager to show the five hundred spectators how a real Great Dane does it to a properly certified bitch made to take his huge ten inch pure bred doggy dick up in her welcoming cave of doggy heaven.

He was ready to pound that huge Great Dane bitch right down into the dirt of the mating circle and seed her up inside where the sun didn’t shine. Duke hoped that he might be able to stuff his knob up inside the bitch’s private parts so deeply that they would get “hung up” and he could make the silly bitch dance to his tune in front of all the witnesses. It was a dirty business but he knew it would pull out the best reserves of his puppy-making sperm and in the scheme of things it was warranted under the circumstances.

The huge dog was in a state of extreme agitation when he accidently heard the serving wenches describe Queenie’s condition and the fact that it was unlikely she would be able to mate with the “Big Dog” the following evening.

He was crushed and gave his now limp penis a final lick of sad rejection.

There was no juicy Great Dane bitch to hump in front of all those puny humans. He could have gone down into the stables and looked for Sue the mongrel bitch with the wide hindquarters and always ready to take a randy male dog on her back for a quick hump in the dark and no whining about it afterwards. He had mounted Sue more than once and had even given her a nice litter of half pure bred puppies that were the spitting image of him only a year after his last escapade.

He felt badly that Sally knew of his promiscuity by just looking at the cute little puppies and then back at him standing innocently at the foot of her bed. He thought for a moment she might cut him off from his pussy-licking duties but she lifted her skirts to him at the first opportunity.

That night of not being able to mount his preordained bitch was a torment for poor Duke.

He was reclining on Sally’s bed with his one paw on her inner leg watching her silently hump the toy teddy bear like it was a real lover with a need to taste her sweet female scent. He watched her human ass cheeks clenching like a pretty bitch’s hindquarters giving her loving to the inanimate toy with absolutely no living feeling about the connection.

“Enough of that foolishness!” was Duke’s thought as he nuzzled his mistresses bottom from below and tried to push her weak human legs up into a raised position so he could show her what a pure bred Great Dane cock could do to make her feel like a real female bitch.

At first, Sally was uncertain what her constant companion Duke wanted but she was certain it was something other than the lovely licking that he did so secretly and so well in the nocturnal hours when there was nobody to see their unnatural sins behind her closed bedroom door.

She didn’t mind the dog’s cold nose pushing into her ass crack because he usually did that just before he licked her tiny brown eye with Great Dane intensity. She loved his tongue on her back door entryway because it made her think about a knight in shining armor kissing and licking her the exact same way with heated desire. That thought was usually enough to trigger her teenaged twat to flood the bedsheets and she hoped the maids would think her to be merely a dirty girl with a bladder problem rather than a perverted female with her ass and pussy ready to receive a dog’s happy tongue up deep inside.

Duke’s determined nuzzling caused Sally to raise her hips up off the bed and Duke took the silly inanimate teddy bear in his teeth and flung it into the dark corner far away from his bed-mate’s private parts and juicy emissions.

Slowly, he slid up the bed with his head between the teenaged girl’s fresh virgin legs.

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