The We Changed Everything

by Kynlas_DK

Copyright© 2018 by Kynlas_DK

Science Fiction Story: This is my contribution to the universe created by Robert Wilson, I wanted to write about several aspects that were not covered by this universe which I hope is interesting. I had been much more sexual but after much thought and introspection, I finished my short story and hope that it adds to the universe. Robert was sent many messages asking for permission to add to this universe, but no response. I add to this as a tribute to his story.

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   .

Existing Universe: A Better World

WE Changed Everything

I read the story online and it started me thinking about all the aspects of our lives that would change if there was a sentient robotic lifeform that invades all of us and connects us together allowing us to really know each other in a way that was not possible before this life form came into existence. Since I read the story I got to thinking about how a normal person would be affected by this while living in a normal town like Kansas City, Missouri with a wife and kids dealing with Boy Scouts, school for the kids, work like a normal person, grocery shopping, going out to eat, watching TV, etc.

I didn’t write in a normal story format, more like a discussion on a subject. I don’t know if this is going to be received well or not, but I had to write it down.

So here goes.

Olympics - 2006 was an Olympic year for the Winter Olympics. That was not affected but since the WE were turned on in the spring after the Olympics, but the next winter Olympics would be in 2010. Summer Olympics in 2008 were held in China. All of the indoor events happened and most athletes did so clothed. The olympic committee had been given the opportunity to change the uniforms for their athletes when time came for the olympics, but after careful consideration, the olympic committee decided that mandating the dress code was not the right thing to do. They changed the policy enough to allow the athletes to decide for themselves which of the uniforms they would wear. For the female gymnastic ladies, they had the choice of a small bikini bottoms with either a sports bra top or nothing at all. The rule was that one or the other needed to be worn to display which country they represented. The men chose to go without clothing except for a small bikini brief just to keep their penis and testicles from being a distraction or causing a fault in their event. The swimmers kept their specially designed suits on. A handful of lower ranked swimmers made a big splash when they went without, but their times did not improve so the big names didn’t change their approach. Running events, sand volleyball, cycling the athletes kept their uniforms on while competing just to keep things from getting out of hand or getting sand in places where sand does not belong.

Football - 2006 football season was held. There were no hugely fat men, all were slim and trim but still strong. All were held to the same BMI standard that the rest of the population were held to. Uniforms didn’t change, still wore shoulder pads, tights pants and helmets. Outdoor venues like KC were snowy and hard to play in. Indoor venues ran normally except cheerleaders were mostly nude, pom-poms, short skirts in team colors and nothing else. Player injuries of the past are gone and former players started talking about coming back to play again. Joe Montana once again in a uniform along with so many more, the game was never the same again. So competitive on defense and offense and games often ended with 3-0.

Basketball - Basketball was the same except the cheerleaders were mostly nude and players still wore the same uniforms. Parts of the male anatomy just should not be allowed to flop around while trying to play basketball. Former players even started to talk about coming back, Michael Jordan, Shaq, and all the rest. Once again, the best of the best came back and this game was also never the same again. They had to expand the league to make room for everyone, the new players who joined the league and the old ones who came back. The games were amazing and seeing Jordan playing again instead of just hocking t-shirts brought a whole new excitement back to the game.

Facebook - Facebook changes its policy against sexy photos and becomes alive and full of nude people doing/living their lives nude. Lots of sex shots and body parts on full display. The cheerleading groups that are on FB start posting their kids doing their routines w/o uniforms or clothes. Perfectly acceptable after the WE. My wife and I even post before and after pictures of ourselves clothes before and nude after. Lots of the people you knew growing up now with perfect bodies and they have all posted shots of themselves. This would answer so many fantasies you had growing up of the senior girl you knew, fantasized about but never had a chance with back then.

School for children - nude in the building with jackets and coats with sweatpants outside. Teachers and employees nude as well. Lessons were done with the teacher passing along information mentally then students do it physically. 5th graders started sex education and several girls were starting early and none of the boys had started puberty. Body parts were seen and touched on adults and students and lessons lasted most of the afternoon. No relationships were formed here, but high school students were forming long relationships. Junior high school students continued with sex education and all had sex in class while the teacher was instructing them on how to do it correctly and not hurt anyone. At all levels, love was emphasized along with communications to ensure that everyone’s feelings are taken into account. Always LOVE. Instruction for part of the class from the teacher then hands on doing what the teacher taught. Sex Ed in the afternoon with sports after school just like before.

Sports general - sports continue with junior and high schools fielding many sports teams. Those who didn’t do sports became actors, singers, artists, models and scientists of all kinds.

Shopping for groceries - early on everything normal except that everybody nude, both kids and adults. Freezer aisle was cold and few spent time there. Later on temps in store were raised slightly and the freezer section was walled off with plastic drapes to keep the cold in and to make the rest of the store more comfortable. Check out girls wore aprons and the boys sacking wore aprons around their waists. The main difference was that there was a lot of teenage skin on display since many worked there as their first job.

Children - per the story, birth control was complete and total. No one was going to get pregnant without prior approval from the WE. This made it possible to keep the world from being overpopulated since people weren’t dying anymore. With people living forever you had to control the birth rate or things were going to get out of hand. Here’s the deal, once you got the OK to get pregnant, it became a HUGE deal. Pregnant women just weren’t seen very often anymore. 9 months after the WE went into effect, pregnancy was no longer common. Going to the store or to work, pregnant women just weren’t around anymore. The children born 18 months after the WE went into effect were celebrated and the mommies of those kids were held in highest esteem. Choosing to stay home and raise the kids was a more honorable job than any other job. Sure, being president of some company was pretty cool, but being a mom and staying home was so rare that people looked upon those women as rockstars.

Husband and wives - men and women are still men and women, there just happen to be more women than men in the world. It seems as though the old women of the world are now young and since women outlive men, there were a bunch more women than men and they were looking for mates since many thought that the idea of living for all time alone was not a good idea. As it was written before, many of these women put out personal ads looking for mates and many people found them. Many more found them through friends and family. More found them through chance encounters out in public. Once all of the single men were taken, the women of the world had a decision to make, would they live alone or try to become the 2nd wife of someone. Since cheating was not possible, hard to lie to someone when they can read your mind like a book and discover all of your secrets. This leads to a husband and a wife talking about finding another woman to join their marriage. It seems strange, but it did happen. There have been many shows on TV over the years about people having multiple wives, most of them seemed fake and their relationship strained by the attention and by how each member of the family was supposed to handle things. Conflicts arose, communications break down and so many of them failed. Now with communications being so totally open to each other, things worked out. It also made it easier if the women could enjoy each other in the same way a man can enjoy a woman. Sexually. Female bi-sexuality became almost the standard for women who are part of a marriage where multiple women share one man.

Weather - Without the need for clothing for being out and about, this became far more important than it once was. The weather channel had always been fairly popular, now, so much more so. If it was going to be cool out, then you wanted to know so that you could take a jacket and pants or if it was going to be hot out, then no need to bring anything with you except sunscreen. This was also important since after the meteor hit, the weather did change quite a bit and it got cooler in most of the planet due to all of the ash and debris in the air. The WE made it possible to not need clothes, but the changing atmosphere did require you to be prepared for anything when out and about.

Technology - Wearable devices became incredibly popular. If no pants, where would you carry your phone? The fanny pack did make a comeback since all you needed was strap it on and be out the door in no time. No pants, grab your fanny pack and head out the door. Back to technology, it jumped forward several generations. The open and free flow of communications allowed people to collaborate like never before. Server farms were still needed and continued to be a place of cold floors and noisy servers. Those in the tech field where going in and out of server rooms was common, then clothing was still needed. It was just too cold in there to do anything other than walk through them.

Travel and Vacations - people still did it. Getting there was easy, no terrorists, no security check points, no worries. No need to go through screenings if the WE know what you are going to do and then keep you from doing it (if it is bad and harmful to others). Just buy your ticket, go to the gate and board your plane. The only concern was that if there was a malfunction with the planes, then all bets are off. You didn’t have to worry about others around you hurting you.

Ocean travel (cruises) - Very popular. No worries about getting sick, WE took care of keeping us healthy and illness free. The prices did go up, but after all of the new cruise ships came on line, they came back down to a more normal level.

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