I Was a Teenage Panty Thief

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: Tim craves sex, but is too shy to ask a girl out. He turns to masturbation to relieve the pressure. He finds that panties left in the laundry room add to his pleasure. His life descends into the sameness of stealing panties and using them to masturbate. Tim didn't count on stealing the panties of a girl with a plan.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

I was interested in girls from the first time I realized girls had a pussy and what it was for. The thing was, I was shy. I think I was afraid girls could read my mind and know all I was thinking about was getting them naked and fucking them.

I started masturbating, but I never could seem to get off just from stroking my cock with my hand. I would lie on my back and rub my foam rubber pillow against my dick like a girl was riding my cock, cowgirl style. The pillow cases at our house were old and worn very soft. I had to do a lot of figuring things out to get all that messy spunk off my pillow case and onto socks or something that wasn’t so obviously crusty when I put it in the laundry. My mom was really cheap, so cleaning up with some kind of paper tissue wasn’t an option.

My dad was a do-it-yourselfer and he built a laundry chute from the upstairs bathroom down to the laundry bin by the washer in the basement. My room was in the basement.

Now I never, ever wanted to fuck my mom, but either she liked to dress up for dad or he liked to dress her up, because I noticed she had lots of sexy panties in the laundry bin. I never heard my parents fucking, but by the number of panties that only seemed good for sex play and had crusty residue on the crotch panel, I figured my folks were fucking about four times a week.

I learned that the really sexy looking panties that were almost see-through were not good to rub my cock against. I’d put a pair of panties on my pillow and rub my cock against them but found out the see-through panties were almost like sand paper and would take the skin right off my dick.

The smooth, silky ones might look plainer, but they made for much more pleasant rubbing and led to more satisfying cums. It was difficult not to get cum stains on mom’s panties, although I tried my best. Apparently, mom complained to dad.

One day he brought me a pair of pretty used up pink panties he claimed some girl had lost them out of her rolled up towel on the way home from the swimming pool. He told me not to use mom’s any more. The used panties were smooth enough that I could jerk off pretty successfully. I worked hard not to get scum on them because I couldn’t rub against crusty panties. I started doing my own laundry so I could wash the jack off panties whenever they needed it.

When I went to college I found out that a lot of girls washed their clothes at their boyfriends’ dorm. They also left their clothes in the laundry room long after the load in the dryer was done.

I would stealthily slip one of their pairs of panties in with my laundry and take my clothes to my room. I would lock my door and use my newest pair of jerk off panties to get myself off.

Stealing panties made my heart pound and I got a horrible headache from the tension. I only started feeling really good when I’d shot off a load and calmed down.

I collected up a number of pairs of panties over the year. I discovered that having two pair of panties on my pillow was the optimum for getting the material to slip and slide in a way that felt best against my cock.

I had a fantasy where I was making out with a girl and she didn’t want to give up her virginity yet, so she wore several pair of panties on our date to the drive-in. As I rubbed my cock against my panty covered pillow, I imagined the girl I was making out with was getting hot enough that she would let me take the panties off her one at a time. Then suddenly she would be rubbing her bare pussy against my dick and she’d get so horny she’d put my cock in her pussy and fuck me.

The political climate changed and suddenly we had co-ed dorms. That increased the targets of opportunity in the laundry room. I was getting worried about getting caught because I couldn’t seem to leave a pair of panties if they looked like they would feel good to rub against my dick.

At the beginning of my Junior year, a girl asked me to help her carry some boxes down to the luggage storage room in the dorm basement. She said she was going to Europe for the year on an exchange program, and the things in the boxes were above her weight allowance. I helped her carry the boxes and put them on shelves in the storage room. The girl lived on my floor in the women’s wing last year. I’d seen her around. She was very short, skinny, and had long black hair. There was something about her that just looked RIGHT. Her tits were big enough to look definitely female, but they weren’t too big. Her breasts looked firm, but not hard. I’d dreamed of laying my head on her naked breasts before. Her waist pinched in nicely and her hips swelled out in a sexy way, but not enough to make her look fat. I’d always thought I was delusional because she always seemed to smile at me.

Lisa thanked me, and I saw her get in a taxi to leave for the airport. I was getting really concerned about my panty stealing addiction getting me kicked out of school and drafted, so I didn’t go open her boxes that day. I was able to make myself wait one whole day before I slipped down to the storage room. Lisa hadn’t put the padlock back on the cage, so I was able to get into the storage area easily. I decided I was more likely to get caught if I was going through girl’s clothes in the storage room than if I took one box at a time up to my room and went through the clothes there.

I carried the smallest box up to my room, locked the door, and opened the box. I thought my heart would burst from all the lingerie in the box. There were bras, panties, garter belts, hose, and even girdles in the box. They weren’t all white either. There were black bras and panties, and a whole set of smooth, silky lingerie from a bra slip to a half-slip to a bullet style bra and three styles of panties in the hottest orange color imaginable. I put the things I could live without back in the box, folding the garments neatly, just the way Lisa had packed them.

I dressed up my pillow and tried out all the smooth, sexy lingerie. I had been reading that girls wanted guys who lasted, so I was working on trying to last longer when I jacked off. It was definitely difficult with lingerie made to be sexy, not just to cover up a girl’s body. Knowing that the panties belonged to a specific girl and that the crotch of these panties had been pressed tight against a particular girl’s pussy made it nearly impossible not to be a premature ejaculator with my pillow girlfriend.

This was the first time I was imagining having sex with the girl who owned the lingerie too. That was almost too much. I kept myself under control and imagined I was fucking Lisa on the bed in my dorm room after a date on campus. I imagined it as sweet and romantic. I managed to last all of fifteen minutes, then spermed the loose orange panties I had put over the matching tight bikini style panties.

Of course, I imagined that Lisa came and was hot to do it again. I cleaned up, changed the panties on my pillow, and this time put a bra on so that the other side of the pillow was like a girl’s shoulders. I used clean gym socks to stuff the bra. I got hard again and I began rubbing my cock against the silky black panties.

This time my imaginary Lisa was telling me how horny she was and how badly she needed me to fuck her. I pretended I was the only man who could make Lisa cum. She begged me to fuck her and promised to do anything I wanted any time I wanted if I would just make her cum every day so she didn’t lose her mind.

I didn’t go to class that day and I shot off eight times in twenty-four hours.

I took the small box back to the basement and exchanged it for another box. This one didn’t have much lingerie, but what it did have was a matched set of red silk bra, panties, and garter belt. I couldn’t keep jerking off eight times a day and have any skin left on my prick. I settled back to a more normal three times a day, but sometimes when a red, black, or orange set were fresh from the dryer and still warm, I’d jerk off five or six times that day.

The other two boxes didn’t have any panties, but they did have dresses, skirts, blouses, full slips, half-slips, and nightgowns. I kept one of each to practice getting my hands under a girl’s clothes, getting things unfastened, and getting them off her body without being clumsy.

I practiced and felt relatively competent at getting a girl out of her clothes, but I still wasn’t brave enough to ask a girl for a date.

A week before the end of the school year, Lisa came back from Europe. I didn’t know what to do. I had been planning to put her clothes back in the boxes except for one or two pairs of panties I just couldn’t make myself part with. Now giving Lisa back her clothes would mean admitting I had stolen them and done perverted stuff with them.

I never got visitors, but there was a knock on my dorm room door. When I opened it, there was Lisa. She was wearing a big terry cloth robe. I stood there looking dumb. Lisa invited herself into my room, closed the door, and locked it.

She said, “Tim, you have to have at least a thousand dollars-worth of my clothes in your room, so let’s talk it over and see what we can do about that. Tell me about your compulsion. Do you need to dress up like a girl?”

“Gosh no Lisa. If that was my problem I’d pick somebody tall and stocky to steal from. No, my problem is I think you are beautiful and sexy, but I’m too much of a coward to even ask you out. I was dressing my pillow up in your clothes and practicing undressing it like I was undressing a girl, like we were on a date,” I admitted.

Lisa giggled and said, “I’ve got to see this Tim. Dress your girlfriend up and let me see what you do.”

I got my pillow and dressed it up in the sexiest black bra and panties, a half-slip, skirt, and blouse.

Lisa giggled again and said, “I guess you like your girlfriend to be a slut huh, wearing a black bra under a white blouse.”

I laughed and said, “I’ve heard if a girl is advertising that way I might get lucky.”

Lisa grinned at me and said, “So you don’t have any confidence you can get a girl yourself and think you have to get lucky, right?”

“That’s about it. None of the girls have shown a bit of interest in me in three years of college,” I said.

“Could there be another explanation?” Lisa asked.

“I sure can’t think of one,” I replied.

Lisa frowned and said, “How about that you are classically handsome, like Cary Grant? You dress nice, but not flashy. You have enough muscles, but you don’t look gross. A lot of girls think you are out of their league. The rumor is that you are old money from the East Coast, and you have a Vogue model who is your mistress.”

“Damn, that’s news to a shy old Iowa boy,” I said.

“So how do I get my clothes back?” Lisa asked.

“Teach me what to do. I give you a garment back after each lesson. If I ever hear anyone making fun of me about stealing your clothes, you don’t get any more back. If I ever do things right enough for you to get wet, teach me how to make love,” I said.

“You’re not brave enough to ask me out, but you are brazen enough to ask me to teach you how to have sex. Just fucking incredible! I should be all insulted and slapping your face for thinking I know HOW to have sex. You know traditionally the boy learns from a prostitute or a young widow woman and then teaches the good girl he marries.” Lisa said.

“OK, Lisa would you please go out to the movies with me?” I asked. I was afraid my voice was shaking.

“Yes Tim, I’ll go out with you. It will make the first lesson a lot easier anyway,” Lisa said.

“I’m going to take a shower. I’ll get dressed and come by your room to pick you up,” I said.

Lisa giggled, “I never thought you’d be a ‘take charge guy’ Tim. I like it!” She said.

I masturbated with my pillow, pretending I was fucking Lisa. I shot off six thick ropes of spunk I was so excited. I put all the girl clothes back in the laundry bag I used to keep them out of sight. I went and took a shower and brushed my teeth. I got dry, got dressed and combed my hair. I realized Lisa had to like me at least a little because she hadn’t called the police and she’d agreed to my bawdy conditions for returning her clothes. Maybe that meant she wouldn’t torture me the way most girls did to guys who liked them.

I knocked on Lisa’s door and she opened it. Her hair was damp and she was wearing a skirt and a bra. Her blouse was still hanging on a hanger on the ironing board.

“Come in here, you naughty boy!” Lisa said.

“Oh Lisa, you kept the best pieces of lingerie, although I think it really looks so good because you are wearing it,” I said.

Lisa looked puzzled. “How can you say that to me so calmly if you were too shy to ask me out?” Lisa asked.

I grinned and said, “You didn’t call the cops and I’m not on my way to jail already, so you must like me at least a little. You seem to have kept your sense of humor, so I figured I might as well tell you how I really feel.”

“Anyway, I was trying to teach you something. What do you think I meant by letting you in my room with my blouse still on a hanger?” Lisa said.

“It’s something like you want me to see you with some of your clothes off so I’ll be excited and think there’s hope of getting some of your clothes off later on. You want me to relax and not worry so we can have fun on the date. It’s kind of an implied promise that I get to see more of you later,” I said.

“Very good. So, will you?” Lisa asked.

“I’ll try. I don’t know if you understand the feeling. It’s like I feel like I’m going to die if things don’t go the way I’d like,” I said.

“Trust me Tim, girls get that feeling too. I might be having that exact feeling right now. I might have met you with my blouse off to try to make sure you’ll be around after the movie,” Lisa said.

I was shaking in my shoes, but I went up to Lisa and got very close to her. I kissed her on the back of her neck. I said, “Don’t worry Lisa, I’m not leaving early.”

Lisa grinned at me, turned around, and kissed me hard on the lips. My arms went around her and I held her tight. We kissed passionately.

Lisa said, “I guess I gave it away Tim. I do like you a little bit.”

I smiled and said, “That’s nice to know Lisa because I like you a little bit too.”

Lisa broke the kiss and the hug. I could tell physical contact was over, so I helped Lisa put on her blouse. Lisa giggled and said, “Turn around Tim.”

I turned my back to her and she started tucking in the tails of her blouse. I watched the whole thing in her mirror. I especially liked when she made sure her breasts were properly cradled in her bra cups.

We went to the movie and Lisa showed me how to make a girl feel like she was cuddling into my chest, not that I was trying to grope her.

After the movie we walked back to campus. Lisa said, “Let’s go to your room. I still have some things I want you to show me.”

In my room she let me hold her close and kiss her. Her eyes were laughing. Lisa said, “I want to make sure we have some things clear because there are some non-negotiables from my point of view.

“On a normal day with a normal class load, how many times to you masturbate until you cum?” Lisa asked.

“Three is my absolute minimum. I feel like an Orc if I don’t shoot off at least three times. A typical day is usually five, especially if I put some of your lingerie on my pillow,” I said.

What’s the absolute most times you ever shot off?” Lisa asked.

“When I first found your orange lingerie I ejaculated eight times in twenty-four hours,” I said.

“How many times did you dream you were fucking a movie star and how many times were you creaming my pussy?” Lisa asked.

I laughed and said, “I’ve stolen panties from the laundry rooms since I was a freshman. This was the first time I knew who the stolen lingerie belonged to. Add to that the fact I think you have a very pretty face and an incredibly sexy body, every time I came I dreamed I was creaming your tight little pussy. The longer I jacked off with your panties the more I wanted to be able to make love to you really good and make you cum hard and really love doing it with me. By now I’m dreaming you can’t go a day without us making love. If I got the chance to get to know the real you, I think I’d fall for you PDQ.” (Pretty Damn Quick)

“OK, here’s your first lesson. Girls like to feel little and they like it when you feel strong to them. It makes us feel like you can take care of us and protect us. A good way to help me feel that way is to have me sit on your lap. A girl doesn’t have to have daddy issues to like the way it feels to sit on your lap. Just help me end up with my butt in your lap and my head on your chest without falling,” Lisa said.

I helped my sexy little girl sit on my lap. She cuddled up to me, and whispered, “This is heaven for a girl who can’t remember her daddy. Please tell me you like the idea of role playing.”

“I love the idea baby. How are you with being an elf princess?” I asked.

“As long as I get to be a HORNY elf princess. I’ll enchant you and turn part of you to stone to use for my princess pleasure,” Lisa said.

“I suspect you need a big, strong daddy to cuddle you and make you feel safe even more than you need a prince,” I said.

I began kissing the back of her neck. Lisa squirmed on my lap. My cock was hard, and I was fighting to keep from cumming in my pants.

Lisa said, “You see how playing the little girl lets me stimulate you directly with my bottom, but it doesn’t look like I’m doing anything overtly sexual? But you know for a fact that I am? I’m sort of doing what strippers call a lap dance on you. I’m in control, and you can’t really do anything to make me hotter without being pretty obvious. Of course, knowing you think I’m pretty and sexy enough to make you hard gets me pretty hot, but that doesn’t help you get into my panties.

“Gently roll me on my side. Your excuse is that you need to kiss me. While we are kissing, try to get me to straddle your thigh. Help me rub my clit against you and put your hands on my hips. Press me against your thigh HARD. Keep kissing me and keep me rubbing against your thigh until I cum.

“When I’m cumming down from an orgasm, slip your hands behind my back and unfasten my bra. Don’t let me come down all the way. Keep me rubbing my clit against you and keep making me cum. Keep kissing me to distract me and stop my brain from working.

“When I’m totally into making out with you, pick me up and carry me to your bed. Put me down on my back gently. Get between my legs and spread them with your knees. Unfasten your pants and lift my skirt up as you lay down on me, so your dick is rubbing against the crotch panel of my panties. Work yourself around so your cock is rubbing over my clit and only my panties are between us. Rub like that and make me cum as many times as you can. Try not to cum, because the longer you do it and the more times I cum, the more out of control I’ll get.

“When you feel that I’m humping up against you hard and I’m seeking an even more intense orgasm, slip a hand between us and move the crotch gusset of my panties out of the way so your cock is rubbing directly on my clit. Keep me cumming as many times as you can.

“Feel the wettest place between my legs? Take your cock in one hand and work the head into the wettest place. Get the cockhead into the opening and start moving it in and out of the hole, trying to go a little deeper each time.

“Yes, just like that baby. Now a girl will either come to her senses and make you stop, in which case you get her to let you rub against the crotch of her panties until you cum. Somewhere along the way, she just might change her mind, but if not, at least you’ll get off. Start carrying a pocket handkerchief to clean up your spermy mess.

“What you are hoping for is that you got her so hot she can’t think and just feels the need to have you inside her pussy. You hope she’s going to say something like this:

“Oh god Tim, it feels so good. We are already making love for all practical purposes. Get me naked. All these clothes are in our way.

“You get her undressed and keep rubbing on her clit while you do it to keep her too stirred up to think. Resist the urge to eat her pussy. That might make her think and break the magic spell. When you are both naked, rub your cock against her clit and make her cum again. When she’s coming down from her orgasm, guide the head of your cock inside her hole. Keep working it deeper and deeper.

“If there is a thin pillow, put it under her butt to make the angle better. Start moving your dick in and out of her pussy. By this time, she is too stirred up to need you to be gentle. You know she is a sexy girl, and your prick is in her pussy. Shove it in her all the way and fuck her as hard as you want. That will make it rub her clit better and make her cum like crazy.

“She’s going to say, ‘Do you love me Tim?’ and without hesitating you are going to say, I love you Lisa. I never knew what love was until I met you.

“Now you’ve got me naked and your cock is in my pussy. My quim is dripping wet for you. I need you Tim. Shove your dick in my twat and fuck me. Be as rough as you feel my body needs. Fuck my brains out Tim and make me yours.”

My brain went blank, and I turned my body over to the animal inside. He knew what to do. I fucked Lisa hard and drove her crazy. I would have been afraid to hurt her, but all her sexy talk made me understand that she was a sexy girl and needed fucking as much as I did.

Lisa whimpered, “Do you love me Tim? You made me fall in love with you, so please fuck me hard and make me cum like a nasty slut, but please love me.”

I confidently replied, “I’ve never loved another girl. I love you Lisa. You, and only you.”

It was like I’d said a magic spell. I guess telling her I loved her gave her permission to go wild and fuck my brains out. She started wiggling under me and thrashing around when she came. I couldn’t hold out any longer, and I waited until she came again, then groaned, “Oh Lisa!” and shot off with the head of my cock rammed up against her cervix.

Our bodies ground against each other and Lisa came again and again until my balls were empty and my dick went soft.

I moved so I wasn’t squashing her, but I kept my arms around her, holding her close to me. I knew from the big old grin on her face that I’d given Lisa what she needed.

“If you can give me that three times a day, every day, I’ll be perfectly happy,” Lisa purred.

I pulled the covers over us and we went to sleep holding onto each other.

Lisa and I were good at sex. We were on the same frequency and it didn’t take a lot of tuning. All I had to do was say, “Lisa, I love you so much.” Kiss her, gently

caress her breasts or massage her tight little ass, and Lisa was tearing off her clothes or undressing me.

We never got around to gently making love. Lisa was always horny and we had to fuck hot and hard to make her cum fifty or a hundred times to calm her down. She was perfectly capable of being so horny she was like a starving animal five times a day, every day.

I knew I’d met the perfect woman for me. After five of the best days of my entire life the school year was over and we had to go home. Lisa was going to spend the summer with her older sister in Boulder, Colorado and I was headed home to Brighton, Iowa

Long distance calls cost seven cents a minute if you waited until after seven PM, so calls had to be short. At the end of the first week I told my dad, “This isn’t working. It’s like Lisa is a drug, and I just can’t live without her.”

Dad said, “You know the first girl who likes sex and teaches you how to do it really well is totally addicting. Do you see Lisa as the girl you want to be with for the rest of your life? Do you see her as the only girl you ever want to take to bed?”

“I can’t imagine any other girl could make it so good for me,” I said.

“Most guys think that about the first girl they love. Things usually fall apart, and then they find out they can live without her, and the second girl they do it with is just about as good. They all are pretty good. You just have to make sure you don’t get a bitchy one or some gold digger,” Dad said.

“I plan to live with Lisa in an off-campus apartment for our Senior year. That will let me see who she really is, and if we really can put up with each other,” I said.

Dad said, “I don’t mean to be crude, but Mandy Williams works down at the five and dime. She was looking at you with googly eyes all through high school. If it was me, I’d go take her out, go out to Lake Darling, and tap that prime heifer before some other bull sells her a load.”

“Is that the man who has never kissed another girl since you kissed mom in Jr. High talking?” I said.

“Well, after a number of years and a few offers, a man starts to wonder what it’s like to be that Hugh Hefner fellow,” Dad said.

“That job is filled dad. I admit it would be tempting to have a new and different girl every month. It would be pretty cool that they were always eighteen to twenty-one no matter how old you got. The thing is, it would suck if they were just bric-a-brac. Maybe they are too busy primping to roll around and get hot and sweaty. Maybe none of them care about making a guy feel good, or don’t know how. Lisa cares and sure as hell knows how.

“See Lisa is like a gymnast. She’s little and cute like that girl from Romania. She really gives a guy a workout in bed too. She doesn’t get headaches or get all prissy. She doesn’t mind me getting her all messy and sticky. She doesn’t complain about sleeping in the wet spot. On top of that, she wants to do it as badly and as often as I do. By now I know how she thinks, and if I spend the summer humping heifers, the princess will be gone and I will never find another one,” I said.

“I take it she is on the pill?” Dad asked.

“Yes dad. We aren’t official adults yet, but we do try to be responsible,” I said.

“Well it sounds like this Lisa stole your heart the way your mom stole mine. So, what are you going to do about it?” Dad said.

“I’d like to cash in my “E” bonds and buy a ring, get that old Jeep running right, and drive up to Boulder and seal the deal. I don’t like the thought of MY prime, FHA project quality, heifer, without a single blemish, wandering around out there all alone,” I said.

Dad laughed and said, “I’ll help you get that Commander set right. I do think you should get your mother’s advice before you cash in your Savings Bonds.”

I went in the house to talk to mom. She said, “Your father is a little crude, but when men are discussing livestock, the talk often does get crude. Now tell me how you felt when your father started talking about YOUR Lisa like she was a cow?”

“Well growing up with dad talking that way, I knew what he meant, but I did have the urge to punch his lights out,” I said.

“And when he advised you to tap all the honeys who were moony over you in high school, how did that feel?” Mom said.

“Well I think there was a reason I didn’t notice those girls. If you want to maintain the beef metaphor, Lisa is USDA Prime, so why would I want to waste my time with US Good?” I said.

Mom frowned and said, “A lot of girls put on a good act for a short time, but when they think they have you all tied up or a ring in your nose, or what not, they get all bitchy and demanding. They start to treat a man like a servant or a cash cow. How do you know Lisa hasn’t been acting?”

“Well my plan was to live with her in an off-campus apartment for our Senior year so I get to see her at her worst and see if we still feel the same way when we have to share a bathroom and such.

“Now, I don’t know how I can get through the summer without her,” I said.

Mom smiled and said, “Your plan is a good one if the only important thing was being logical and prudent. If your dad and I had done that, you would never have been born. Sometimes you have to be impulsive and do something unwise in matters of the heart.

“One thing I wanted to tell you is that it’s important for a boy and girl to have internal clocks that tick at the same speed. If I’d have married Sam Smith, I would have been miserable and ended up a cheating hussy. His clock ticks so slow, I would have felt abandoned and neglected. Your dad’s ticks fast enough for me to feel wanted, needed, and appreciated,” Mom said.

I laughed and said, “We are synchronized like the Olympia stopwatches they use to time events at the Olympics, so far at least. The way Lisa said it when she was telling me about her non-negotiable ticking speed, I felt like she meant it from the bottom of her heart.”

“That’s a girl who found herself playing solitaire one too many nights and is going to do her best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Are you sure you can keep the girl happy every day and every night from now until death do you part?” Mom said.

“Barring disease or accident, I’m going to be blissfully happy giving her everything she needs and surprising her with even more on weekends, showing her how needed and appreciated she is,” I said.

About that time a taxi pulled into the drive and crunched up the gravel road to the house. It stopped in front of the house and Lisa got out of the taxi. She paid the driver and Bert headed back to town.

Lisa looked around, then drew herself up, and marched to the front door. She knocked nice and loud and mom went to the door. She signaled me to wait in the living room.

“Hi Mrs. Sorenson, I’m Lisa, the daughter you always wanted, but never knew you had. I fell in love with Tim at school this year, and I’m not going to make it through the summer without him,” Lisa said.

Mom laughed and said, “Not many moms would welcome you into their home after that introduction Lisa. It just so happens that Mr. Sorenson and I are a lot like you and Tim. I do hope you can maintain a semblance of decorum when other people are watching.”

“I heard there was a bunk house you used for farm hands before the corn picker and planter and combine came along. I was hoping you and your husband would let me turn it into a first home and perhaps a honeymoon love nest for Tim and me,” Lisa said.

Mom smiled and said, “Are you sure Tim shares your feelings? I know his dad was advising him this morning to go out and take advantage of all the girls who made goo-goo eyes at him in high school.”

“I know Tim. He has outgrown those girls and wouldn’t waste his time on them. He knows he needs a college woman now or he’d be bored, no matter how pretty the girl was. That was why you went to Ames and got your degree, even though you really just wanted to keep a tidy home, cook good food, and raise healthy babies. You knew after Mr. Sorenson had his degree he would need someone to talk to, and much better you than Cindy Lou Anderson,” Lisa said.

“Well dear, if you know about Cindy Lou Who, I guess you know Tim pretty well. Why don’t you two go look the bunk house over and see what needs to be done. I think both of you are suffering from the same malady right now, and it’s just mean of me to keep teasing you like this,” Mom said.

I snuck up behind Lisa and wrapped my arms around her. “Oh, here’s who I need!” Lisa said, as a big smile spread across her face.

We went out to the bunk house and made love for the rest of the afternoon.

When we went back inside the house, mom had dinner ready. She said, “I was just cautioning Tim about the importance for a couple to have internal clocks that tick at the same speed. Apparently, you children are indeed synchronized like a pair of fine Swiss watches. Now I’m wondering if you kids will have time for anything else.”

I said, “You know how if you’ve been out hiking with your scout troupe and you haven’t had much to eat, you make your momma really happy by gobbling up her good cooking when you get home, but then you get back to normal, and you are fine eating a normal amount at normal meal times? It’s sort of like that for us. If we aren’t together, we get really, really hungry for each other. After we are together a while, we get back to normal and then we can just have like our normal meal times. That way we are able to go to our classes and do our work and still have time to keep each other feeling well fed and satisfied,” I said.

“We like that feeling, don’t we dear?” My dad said to my mom.

“Well yes dear, we were about the same when we were at Ames, and we both graduated, so you are right Mr. Sorenson, the kids will be OK,” Mom said.

After dinner we spent an hour watching TV and chatting with my parents, then we went out to the bunk house. Mon sent clean sheets and blankets with us. As we were about to go out the door my mom handed a thin pillow to Lisa. Mom said, “Dear I’m sure everything is just fine and dandy for you kids, but I wanted you to have this. I call it ‘The Amplifier.’ It makes everything good even better.”

Out in the bunk house Lisa and I cleaned up and dusted, then made up one of the beds.

Lisa said, “Did you bring my clothes home with you?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, I’m not going to leave my girlfriend’s clothes at school where some pervert might find them and use them to masturbate. I don’t like the idea of some man rubbing his cock against the panties that press against your pussy.”

Lisa said, “I need to give you another lesson to buy back another piece of my clothing.”

Lisa taught me to eat her pussy. I loved doing it. She tastes sweet, not fishy. Her pussy scent reminds me of this little white flower that opens up at night and makes you think you will be overcome by the “fumes.” I realized that even though I had washed her panties many times over the time I had them in my possession, her pheromones were still in the fabric and going into my brain. Lisa had planned well and hit me directly on my weak spot. I didn’t mind a bit. She came hard enough and often enough that I was sure she liked the way I licked her. I gave her back a blouse.

“Why didn’t you give me back a pair of panties?” Lisa asked.

“Mom said you might still be acting, so I’m keeping your panties for last, in case I need to jack off with my pillow again,” I said.

“Honey, you are never, ever going to need to jerk off again as long as I’m alive and healthy. I’m going to be the girl to take every drop of your cum in or on my body for the rest of your life,” Lisa said.

The next day Lisa sucked my cock. She sucked on the head and licked the spot on the underside until I shot off in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. I gave her back her skirt.

Lisa showed me how good it felt when she took my cock down her throat and let me shoot off directly into her stomach. She taught me how to shove my cock head down her throat then pull back so I didn’t strangle her, then shove my dick down her throat again until I shot off. I gave Lisa a garter belt and a pair of hose back after that. I felt guilty she hadn’t cum, so I ate her pussy and made her cum ten times.

We kept playing games like that until all I had in my alternative laundry bag was a pair of black silk panties. Lisa put them on and pulled the crotch panel tight against her pussy. I started rubbing my cock against the smooth fabric and making my hard dick rub Lisa’s clit through the fabric. Lisa came really fast. I was surprised it took so little friction to get her off.

Lisa said, “Hey babe, I get excited by this stuff too. I was thinking how cool it would have been if you were brave enough to ask me out and all the stuff we could have done as we worked our way toward falling in love and needing to go all the way.”

In early August I cashed in my E bonds and we went into town and shopped for a ring. We didn’t find anything Lisa liked at the jewelry stores, so we went and looked at the pawn shop. We found an old set that was eighteen-karat gold. It is softer than the fourteen-karat gold used for most rings today, but we liked the color of the antique gold better. The stone was a square cut, half karat diamond.

Lisa said, “I don’t want a big, showy ring that has to be locked in a safe. I want a ring I can wear every day, because I’m proud to be your wife and I want everyone to see it.”

I asked Lisa, “Baby, do you think mom has a point about how much we need to make love with each other?”

“I think the modern world will make it difficult for us love each other the way we need to in order to keep the feelings strong,” Lisa said.

“I was thinking about transferring to the Ag school at Iowa State. If I’m working on the farm, we could work all the lovemaking we need into our day. What would you think about that?” I asked.

Lisa said, “Another possible alternative would be for us to get our doctorates and become university professors. I think we could squeeze all the fucking we both need into our day.”

I told Lisa, “I’ve always wished for a girl as horny as me and as driven to have sex as often as I need it. I never dreamed it would be a problem.”

Lisa laughed and said, “I think having a partner whose clock ticks at the same speed as mine is well worth any inconvenience picking a career that lets us adjust our schedules so we can take care of each other the five times a day we both need, don’t you?”

“Definitely, baby,” I said.

“I was thinking we could get our doctorates and have a clinical psychology practice in our home. We could schedule our appointments so we have time to love each other often enough to keep each other calm and happy,” Lisa said.

If you had to pick today, which one would you choose baby?” I asked.

Lisa wrinkled up her forehead and said, “I’m leaning toward psychology. I’m afraid the farm might be too hard and too dangerous. I don’t want my man too worn out to fuck my little brains out or injured so badly you can’t screw me until I scream your name.”

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