Gal Next Door

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Sweet neighbor girl puts out for country boys.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Ah shore was lucky to live next door to Betty Lou. And ma pecker was the luckiest of all. Just a lookin at thet lil bundle of woman flesh, yew would never guess what’s inside.

We’ve grown up as naybors. Ah’m seventeen, Ah think, and Betty Lou is a year younger even though she’s a way head of me in school. Ah’m about six foot and a few while she’s a foot shorter. But doan let thet fool yew. Just look at them big titties and bubble ass and thet carrot top. Fer shure them’s signs of a reel hottie.

Just a lookin at thet innocent angel face yew’d think she didn’t even know the werd “sex”. Whooee, wud yew be wrong! Thet little gal kin fuck better’n any of em.

Whew, jest a talkin about her gits ma pecker nearly haff full. Ah’d better take a break frum a tellin yew and go take care of it. Be raht back.

Sorry, took whyle longer then Ah thunk it wud. Ah had to wait a bit till her younger bruther got done. Betty Lou made him git his ass in gear and get ta squirtin cause my tallywhacker fills her up better. Course it’s easier to slip ma eight-incher inter her little puss when it’s fresh juiced up. Ah don’t mind cause it’s usully thet way anyhew.

She were already bent over the sink warshin dishes so Ah jest flipped up thet short jean skirt she lakes to wear and slid right in. She squealed real nice when Ah filled her up and reached around to grab them nice round chest swingers. She loves that Ah plays with them when we are a screwin cause lots of guys don’t.

Most of them other boys jest gets her doggy style lak I jest did. But she’s showed me lots of other ways to fuck and thur a lot of fun.

Yeah, lot of guys gets in her coochie. She’s so purty and friendly thet lots of em try and she’s just too nice to disappoint em. They all feels good, she tells me, even if they don’t pound long enuf fer her good time. It’s nice thet lots of em leaves money and presents when they comes a visitin. She ain’t tole me thet she’d ever had too much of thet kind of attenshun.

It’s real handy thet she lives neks door cause if’n the fuckin she jest got weren’t good enuf she knows she kin slip over here and git it frum me. And if thet still ain’t enuf, my Paw always laks to put it to her. Ah got ma big tool from him, you know. Ma don’t lahk him a screwin Betty Lou cause she wants his pecker full up fer her pussy. She still laks it purdy often.

Paw asks me why Ah don’t just marry here since Ah’m tween her legs every day. Ah tolt him Ah asked her but she says she wants ter finish high school. Be the first won in the famly. Then she’ll think about it.

Ah thinks Paw jest wants her around more so he kin stick it in her easier. She’s sew damn cute Ah don’t blame him or any of the other fellers she’s a screwin. Don’t seem ter hurt her pussy none, anyway, and it makes her happy.

Hey, yer pants is a bulging. Guess this talk about Betty Lou got yew interested. C’mon with me and Ah’l shew yew whut A’m a’tellin about. If yew ask her perlite she’ll probly give yew a piece tew. Be sure to feel her knockers up.

Nice of yew to stop by agin. I knows yer gittin some of Betty Lou when yer around here. Ain’t she great?

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