The Brothers Donovan on the D Train

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Another young girl gets sandwiched by the Donovan brothers on the subway. She was robbed of her feminine dignity and forced to be a tennis ball for their dreadful humiliations. When a stable married man and a bored housewife join in the fun and games, The girl learns some new tricks hanging on the strap and pretending it wasn't happening to her right out in the open like a dirty video on the internet.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Sharing   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

When the doors to the train finally closed and the signal changed from red to green on the downtown express at a Hundred and Forty-Ninth Street, a sizable stack of humanity was still on the platform wondering if they would be late for work and get another dock in their pay on Friday.

Lucy Gentile was happy that she had made it onto the last car, but she was jammed so tightly into the corner where a middle-aged man sat in a solitary seat looking up at her with a smile so smirking that she did her level best to keep her slender legs from pressing between his knees like she was searching for his masculinity just like one of the bored housewives that made a game of riding standing up in close quarters.

She was smart enough to understand that the game of groping was not all one-sided with all the perverts being of the male variety.

There were quite a few females with dirty minds as well that didn’t hesitate to take advantage of a stolen moment of private parts left defenseless for random feels. She had done it a few times with both females and males doing her best to look totally innocent, but getting that tingle of risk-taking that warmed her belly with a flush of pleasure.

This morning was a bit different because she was caught between the team of the Brothers Donovan, Mike and Mickey with their grand wild Irish cocks.

She reached up and grasped the leather strap like it was a life line to keep her from falling flat on her face. Of course, that was impossible because there was no space for anyone to fall in the crowded packed train car in the morning rush hour with her layered with Mike in front and Mickey in back with a tag team of male genitals playing tennis with her private parts.

Lucy knew they had her good and proper from the way they were grinning like a pair of fools only inches from her lips and tongue. Why, it either of them too a notion they could be slipping their nasty tongues into her mouth and using them to make her feel all soft and feminine down deep inside where her womanhood was coiled like a snake waiting for that signal that one of those special moments was fast approaching and she had to take it no matter how much she didn’t want it for one reason or another that made no difference to a hard cock and her wet panties occupying the same space at the exact same moment in time.

Mike in the front was giving her some room between the hardness of his aroused cock and the soft yielding center of her pretty pussy. Lucy knew he was being a gentleman and she wasn’t quite sure if she like that sort of attitude or if she felt a little upset because he was denying her the nice happy feeling of a boy’s hardness between her virginal legs.

Then she felt his brother Mickey crowding her from behind as the train rounded the first long curve and she had to lean forward to escape the poking motion deep between her ass cheeks like some perverted animal with ass humping as their objective. It felt dirty, she knew it was most probably a serious sin and she shamefully admitted that she liked it a lot. Still, to keep of the pretense of being a good girl, she pushed her body forward right onto Mike’s overjoyed cock like a sensible girl avoiding the shame of a hard cock in her ass where it shouldn’t be especially when she didn’t even know the handsome boy behind her. Her pretty panties rubbed on Mike’s hardness all the way from her clinging clitoris to her vibrant vagina. There was no doubt about her wetness now and she hoped that the boy resting his cock between her legs and his lightly stubbled chin on the side of her head was not thinking she was looking to get his cock in deeper where only wives or girlfriend allowed their partner to take up a comfortable resting place and maybe even practice actually doing it like a trial run before the real thing. Her panties were all bunched up now and she knew if the boy behind her ever got between her ass cheeks again, he would probably wind up right on her brown eye because her panty line was all pushed up deep in her gap.

The boy in front of her still had his thing inside his trousers.

She hated it when some guy would take it out in close quarters and make her hold his flesh in her hand like she was some sort of weak minded girl with no free will of her own. Lucy would be the first to admit to her girlfriends that she liked doing that with a genuine boyfriend. Someone that warranted her tender care and even her willing mouth if he so desired.

The train slowed down now and she rested on Mike’s erection between her legs in front becoming increasingly aware that the boy behind her was all over her ass cheeks with his naughty fingers. She shot him a dirty look over her shoulder and she tried to hide her excitement from the boy in front because she didn’t want that handsome fellow to think she was one of those girls that enjoyed a good feel on her backside way up in deep where good girls kept their pretty little stars away from naughty boy’s hands. The train jolted to a stop and she was almost split in two by Mike’s hard cock in front pushing straight back to her vaginal entryway. She was thankful that he still had it inside his trousers like a well-behaved young man and she hoped that the one behind her would not push his naughty fingers into her rear door or her vaginal opening and find out that the boy in front was already in position ready to assume the right of possession if push came to shove. She didn’t want to get into that shameful position although the thought of two boys fighting for her favors was like catnip to a pussy with a need for some nocturnal action.

When the train started up again, she grabbed the boy’s elbow in front of her riding his hardness to her first completed orgasm on the nicest train ride she had been on in quite some time. She tried to keep her eyes down and not look the boy straight in the eye because she was certain her guilt was written all over her face like the map of Ireland on a girl with red hair standing right next to her.

The boy behind her was spreading her ass cheeks now with his demanding fingers making room for his cock to enter her gap and rub with firm authority on her pretty brown eye. It was an entirely instinctive move backwards that confirmed to him she was in need of more dick back there and he obliged by opening his zipper and letting his stiff dick pop out and slide home in her anal valley. Fortunately, his dick was well lubricated with pre-cum all over the bullet head and she was able to allow him purchase on her rear door like a scheming housewife.

She wanted to be housewife with a back door neighbor that wanted to do a little bit more than just borrow some sugar.

The middle-aged married man sitting below her was looking up and she was certain he could see that the naughty boy behind her was rubbing his exposed cock on her backside. It was embarrassing to her, but she didn’t feel guilty about it.

Needless to say, she did feel guilty about enjoying it so much.

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