At the Wedding

by Sandy T

Copyright© 2018 by Sandy T

Incest Sex Story: Hubby and i in our 60s , we went to a wedding of a niece of ours, everything was ok until i remembered i had forgotten to put on my panties...

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Nephew   Cream Pie   .

Hubby and I in our 60s, we went to a wedding of a niece of ours, everything was ok until i remembered i had forgotten to put on my panties ... i didn’t tell hubby about this thinking he didn’t or want to know anyway.

It was a strange feeling not wearing panties, something i hadn’t done before, as the evening wore on everyone had a few glass’s of wine etc and people were dancing with different age people and hubby had been dancing the bridesmaids and mostly younger people, i noticed him touching or holding their bottoms and dancing very close with them, i though the dirty sod copping a feel as he did.

well after a while one of my sisters sons asked me to dance with him, he was about 15 or 16 maybe younger i think, the only place was in a darker part of the room, we danced a couple of “normal” dances and then a slow one was played, he held me close and i felt his hand on my bottom i didn’t do anything about it and as we danced close i felt a hard lump pushing against me.

it was obvious he was getting an hard on as he was fondling my ass a little harder now, i didnt know if i should say or do anything. The room was pretty packed by now and we had sort of pushed out towards the wall it was hardly dancing more of “sardines” it was that packed.

Sam that is his name was feeling my ass with both hands now his cock was pushing against me so hard, he was looking straight at my face as i felt my dress being lifted at the back and i felt his hands on my bare ass, i dont know how many dances we had been doing but i suddenly felt his fingers moving between my ass cheeks and i was so surprised i didnt know what to do, i looked acroos at where hubby was last time i saw him and he also had his hands on a bridesmaids ass then i felt his right hand go between our bodies and he was rubbing my pussy i could feel myself getting wet as he did, i somehow and dont know when found i was holding his cock bulge i was gently stroking and squeezing it as he slid a finger into me i gasped and hope no one heard me as he did, he was sliding his finger into me and the rubbing at my button.

i had to stop this and told Sam i needed to get some air as it was very warm in there.

He looked disapointed but said ok.

i was outside thinking about what had happened as i walked and found i was in the far corner of the car park. I saw Sam coming towards me and as he reached me he kissed me on the cheek and said thank you ... and then he kissed me on the lips well kissed was not quite the word he had his tongue in my mouth and i responded to it, some how or other i ended up sitting on a wall with my dress bunched up and Sam;s head between my legs, it was so good he was sexually older than his years and he nibbled and nuzzled me to orgasm as i held his head in my lap.

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