My Stepdad Gene

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Erotica Sex Story: When her Stepdad gets cancer teenage Dru's mom bails on him. Dru is surprised to find she is more than willing to take over ALL her wifely duties. Together Dru and her Stepdad build a new kind of family.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Small Breasts   .

My name is Drucilla, but my friends call me Dru, and my really close friends call me D.

I met my step-dad when I was three years old. I was a little brat and Gene performed behavior extinguishment on me. He swatted my little butt once. It was hard enough that I never wanted to be spanked again. I made sure Gene never saw me do anything bad.

Growing up I kept a low profile. My sister’s name was Antoinette, but we always called her Toni. She was supposed to be the smart sister. Gene talked to Toni a lot and was always really nice to both of us but I didn’t want to take a chance on him. I didn’t want to tell Gene that Toni was scamming him. She was not doing half of what she could in school. Mostly she was a good bull-shitter.

She took the sex ed class our church offered when she was thirteen, and as soon as she turned fourteen, she started screwing her boyfriend’s brains out, using all the safe sex information to keep from getting pregnant. Toni acted all virginal to our mom, but I knew she was the biggest safe sex slut there was.

Gene went to take a shower one day and there was no hot water. He was pissed, like he was when I was three. I’d never seen him that mad since then. He knocked on the kids’ bathroom door and when Toni just mumbled, he used the skeleton key to pop the door open. Toni was looking all frantic and guilty, crouching naked in a corner of the tub. She had been using the shower massage to masturbate. At the time I kinda wished Gene had fucked Toni on the spot, right there on the bathroom floor. Later I was glad he didn’t. It would have been like rape, and when I decided I wanted Gene for myself I was glad he’d never fucked Toni. Like most younger sisters I wanted something Toni never had.

Toni was not very cute and she didn’t care. In fact, she didn’t even try. Because she was smart and would do her boyfriend’s homework, a lot of guys with a busy schedule didn’t mind that Toni dressed like a homeless person. The fact that she put out and was almost insatiable sealed the deal for even some really good-looking guys who were her boyfriends over the years.

Mom let Toni sleep over at her boyfriend’s house one time and didn’t check to see if his parents were home. Not having to keep quiet let her boyfriend get my sister revved up to the maximum. Toni’s good girl image came crashing down that night when her boyfriend, Kristian, called mom at three AM, totally in a panic because T’s eyes rolled back and she passed out when she came for like the hundredth time.

Mom covered well and just said, “Toni is a lucky girl. Don’t get lazy. Try to do as well for her every time.”

Mom jumped on Gene and fucked the crap out of him the rest of the night. I don’t think Gene ever made mom pass out, but he must have been pretty good, because they fucked a LOT!

A bunch of times Toni and I would have liked to do something on the weekends, but mom was screaming her lungs out all weekend while Gene drilled her. Most girls would hate their mom and especially their step-father for all that noisy sex. I didn’t mind because I used all that moaning, screaming, and bedroom talk as inspiration to get myself off much better than my imagination had been able to.

Right after my fourteenth birthday mom made a girlfriend. Mom loved babies and Kel was happy to let mom do all the playing with her babies she wanted. After that mom was never home. I don’t know if she was fucking someone else or even doing girl games with Kel, but she was never, ever home. Kel was out screwing other guys because her husband wanted a BJ every other week, that was it, and Kel was a vaginal sex with multiple orgasms three times a day kind of gal.

How do I know all this? The quiet as a mouse youngest daughter hears a lot!

Gene started being even nicer to me and when he started talking to me like I was an adult I found myself liking the time I spent with my step-dad a lot. All of a sudden, I was opening up to him and telling him all my deep, dark secrets; like how I gave away my virginity on my fourteenth birthday to a nerdy guy friend just because I was bored. I liked sex the first time, although I didn’t pass out like Toni did. I definitely wanted to do a whole lot more fucking. I was hoping for guys who knew what the hell they were doing. I really hoped a guy would make me pass out someday.

I hadn’t done a bunch of screwing because my body chemistry is wonky and I can’t take birth control pills. On top of that, I hate the feel of a condom inside my pussy so bad that I’ve been stupid and tried to do the rhythm method. I’ve been praying a lot. That meant I was getting fucked a whole lot less than I’d like. I did a lot of pussy eating with my girlfriend Deena trying to take my mind off of how bad I wished I had a stiff dick deep in my tight little puss. While I am definitely bi, it did seem like a hard cock did more for me in terms of getting me calm and satisfied. When Deena and I are eating each other, it seems like we just can’t stop.

It didn’t seem weird or embarrassing telling Gene stuff like that. It was strange because as we talked more, he got better looking in my mind. I already knew he was able to make a girl scream his name because I’d been listening to my mom cumming from Gene fucking her every night for the past eleven years. Back before Kel, Gene regularly did mom five times in twenty-four hours. Since I was masturbating while I listened to mom scream, we each came twenty times those days.

One night I heard Gene calling out in his sleep. I went in his bedroom and he was obviously having a bad dream. I got in bed with dad and hugged him until he calmed down. I felt his wet pillow case and knew he had been crying. I stayed in bed with him until he woke up. One of Kel’s babies was supposedly sick. At least that was mom’s excuse for being gone all night.

Dad knew right away what happened. He kissed my cheek and said, “Sorry I kept you awake baby.”

I said, “Dad, something was making you sad enough to make you cry, plus it was making you have nightmares. I hugged you to help you sleep.”

“Did I do anything embarrassing?” Dad asked.

“No, you kept it in your pants daddy, although I did check you out. You are just the right size for a skinny girl like me or Deena. I think we ought to have a slumber party and see which of my girlfriends who think you are a hot dad is brave enough to give you some pressure relief,” I said.

Dad was blushing like crazy. I laughed and grabbed his morning wood. I stroked his hard cock and giggled as he tried to pull away.

“You mean you never had a fantasy to fuck your teenage daughter or her hot girlfriend, or maybe Deena and me at the same time?” I asked.

“Before Kel, I would have given you a whole different answer than today,” Gene said.

I laughed and said, “Yes, it’s hard to get horny when you are getting fucked five times a day by a woman who screams your name when she cums, and she’s cumming fifteen or twenty times a day.

“Was that why you were crying last night?” I said.

I stroked dad’s cock faster and in a couple of minutes his dick spit thick white cum all over my hand. Dad was gasping for breath. I smiled, knowing I was sexy enough to get dad off.

Dad said, “Thanks for making me feel better baby. Part of why I was crying was your mom cutting me off. The main reason was that I got diagnosed with prostate cancer, and your mom is going to take off because she doesn’t want to deal with me being sick and maybe even dying.”

I growled, “That cunt! What ever happened to, ‘Till death do us part?’ It’s like she hits the road the first-time things get tough.”

Gene said, “I don’t want anyone staying with me because of duty. That gets old for both people really quick.”

I said, “I don’t get it, you ring her bell every time. Why would she give up such good sex? Doesn’t multi-orgasmic sex create a true love bond?”

“Apparently not. She said that if I died and she loved me, she would be really sad. She didn’t want to be sad, so she decided to convince herself she didn’t love me. I think most of it is being scared and not knowing what to do. If you want to call it anything, I think not being tough enough to deal with a stressful situation, is probably the most accurate. Getting mad and calling your mom names is just going to make us feel bad, so let’s try to just let it go,” Gene said.

I moved over and sat on his lap. I wiggled my bottom, and Gene got a boner right away. That made me grin because I was wearing a long tee shirt that covered my panties. I said, “Do you think I’m sexy? Your cock seems to think so, but what about your brain. I just jerked you off and you got hard for me again as soon as I wiggled my butt on your lap.”

Gene blushed and said, “I’ve been fighting off staring at you since your birthday. I love the red hair. It’s so thick and I like the real red color. It’s so much nicer than that sick orange some people call red. I like your figure a lot. Slender girls really drive me crazy. The way you look, all tall and slim, makes your breasts look really big. If you are wearing a T-shirt and no bra, your nipples get hard and pointy and the way your bottom is so cute and tight and little makes me want to take you to bed and love you for as long as you can stand it. I’d like to see if I can make your eyes roll back and make you pass out like Kristian does to Toni.”

I laughed and said, “Well we aren’t biologically related, so it isn’t ‘incest.’ I’m pretty sure you’ll have me screaming your name at the very least. I know I’ll feel deprived if you don’t make me cum at least as much as you got mom off.”

I went and brushed my teeth and then went back to Gene’s bedroom. He’d done the same thing. He’d drained his bladder, so he didn’t have that painful looking boner, but as soon as I pulled off the T-shirt and panties I wore to bed, he saw me naked. His dick got good and hard again.

I got in bed with him and we started making out right away. My body responded very fast and my slit got all wet. I was feeling itchy as hell. I could smell my pussy juice. I was hoping it smelled good to Gene. I know it smelled sexy to me. I think I smell better than Deena, and I’ve eaten her enough there must not be anything wrong with how she smells.

Gene started kissing me and it made me feel all dizzy. I knew I wanted him, but even if I didn’t my motor was disabled, and I wasn’t going to be able to run away. He kissed on my neck and that drove me wild. I was squirming around all over the place. He kissed down to my little tits and the way he kissed them was almost like he was worshipping them. It made me so hot to have him spending time on my tiny tits. It was like he thought they were worth kissing and my nipples worth licking. He wasn’t rushing to get his dick in my puss.

He went down on me and it was more exciting than when Deena eats me. She is economical when she does me. She knows exactly what to do to make me cum. She does it, and I’m popping off. I get out of my head, and we eat each other until one of us can’t take it anymore. I can’t really explain HOW it was different, but it WAS different. I guess it was mostly that Gene explored me. He worked me over good and found what I liked and what it took to get me beyond hot, all the way to plasma, and keep me there until I came really, really hard all over his face, and then collapsed.

My brain was still working and I begged him, “Get your dick in me and fuck me.”

I decided to take a chance and moaned, “Fill me up with your big cock and fuck me daddy.”

It worked like a charm, and now I knew something about my step-dad. I have to admit, I like to be pretty naughty, and I was definitely going to be my daddy’s slutty little girl. I could tell he got off on making me cum, and I could feel myself getting hella excited about getting Gene hot for me.

I went deep into all the, “Is my pussy tighter than mommy’s?” kind of talk.

Gene was pretty worked up, and it was clear to me that he’d wanted me for a while and would have done me up royally if I’d asked him. I still looked “little girl” enough for me to play the part without it seeming fake. The whole, “grown man fucks little girl” and “little girl seduces grown man” idea makes my pussy gush, so I have no objections to doing the fantasy thing as often as Gene wants to. I know that means Gene would have been a pedophile it he had acted on his secret desires, but he never seemed creepy or tried to get me to do anything when I was too young. I found myself wishing I could have had him when I was a lot younger. I would rather have had a man making me cum than my fingers fumbling around and I definitely would rather have given Gene my virginity than the idiot I let pop my cherry.

Gene hammered my little pussy in missionary position until I’d cum at least ten times and definitely screamed his name more than once when he made me cum. It was almost like I could read his mind. He was making me cum “for” him because it got him excited to see me popping off like fireworks, squirming under him, whimpering, moaning, and screaming his name. He realized what I was doing, when I was in my right mind, and he whispered stuff to me like, “Fuck your daddy, baby girl. Arch your back honey and jam your clit against me.”

It was getting me as hot as it was making dad. I was cumming hard from rubbing my clit against Gene’s strong body. I pretended to be really young, like so young dad’s cock might not have gone inside me. I didn’t care about accuracy or what’s right. I just humped up against my dad and moaned and begged him to fuck his little daughter. We brought each other to monumental orgasms and Gene filled my little puss with his thick, hot cream. I kept squeezing his prick with my pussy muscles and milked every drop of jizz out of him.

I tried out my favorite fantasy on him to see what he would do. I said, “That’s it daddy, shoot every drop of your baby making sperm deep in your fertile teenage daughter’s hot snatch. Feel my cunt milking your cock daddy? Feel my body getting every drop of your baby batter up to my cervix and inside my womb?”

Daddy really pounded me then and groaned as he emptied his balls deep inside me. He almost growled, “Oh D. I want you so much. I want to knock you up and put a baby in your little flat belly. I want to fuck you when you have a little pregnant tummy and raging hormones make you insatiable. I want to screw you when you belly is fat with our baby and make our little girl feel her mommy orgasming all around her.”

We flopped on the bed and hugged and kissed each other. We were telling each other how good it was. It was pretty hilarious how we went to sleep naked and with the bed a big mess.

I woke up in the early morning and needed to pee. My cunt still felt wet, although most of dad’s spunk had run out of me and made a humongous wet spot on the bed. I went to the bathroom, peed, and cleaned up. I came back to bed and grinned because dad had got a nice big boner in his sleep. I rolled him on his back and climbed aboard, seating the big fat head in my entrance and then lowering myself until his wiry pubic hair was pressing against my bald shaved mound. I rode dad and ground my clit into his pubic bone until I started cumming.

Dad woke up to his fourteen-year-old daughter riding his cock and screaming her silly little head off as I came and came and came.

Dad put me on my hands and knees, shoved his dick in me and fucked me like I was a bitch in heat and he was the big dog. I went off like a cannon from the way dad’s cock stroked inside my puss. Daddy fucked me fast and hard until I lost count of how many times he made me cum. Then I started in on the “Knock me up daddy” talk again and Gene’s cock spurted inside me. I could feel the hot semen spraying my cervix, and I got really excited by the idea of daddy knocking me up, so I came really hard, screaming my little head off as I jerked and spasmed on daddy’s spurting prick.

We collapsed on the bed and I wrapped my arms and legs around daddy. I said, “I’ve decided you are MINE, and we are going to fuck as many times a day as I can get you hard for me. Don’t you worry, I guaran-damn-tee you my cunt will be dripping wet for you any time you get a boner for me.”

Dad smiled and said, “Sounds like paradise.”

We did a lot of research on prostate cancer treatment and decided to get HIFU treatment for daddy. That is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.” Back then the FDA hadn’t approved it in the US, so we went to Nassau in the Bahamas to get it done. Well, not right away. Dad’s prostate was twice as big as they could treat, so he had to go on hormone suppression therapy because testosterone is like fertilizer for prostate cancer. That was a year of hell for both of us because all the estrogen they put into dad made him like a menopausal woman. He had hot flashes and cried for no reason. He told me it felt like he was going crazy. It also made it difficult for dad to get an erection. He ate me a lot and I really liked it when he fingered my g-spot. I’m definitely a slut for g-spot orgasms!

I had Deena stay over a lot and we did threesomes, but if daddy got a boner I wouldn’t ever let her fuck him. I’d grab his dick and tell them both, “This is mine!” Then I’d fuck daddy silly. Finally, the ultrasound showed dad’s prostate was small enough to treat. We collected a bunch of dad’s semen so we’d have his frozen sperm to make babies.

We flew to Nassau and stayed at the Atlantis hotel. Dad said he’d never stayed at a $300 a night hotel before. We went down several days early and I fucked daddy dry every day. The bed was really big and comfy. I liked it when daddy put me on my back and fucked the crap out of me. The whole feeling of daddy being in charge and me belonging to him really got me hot.

The treatment required them putting a probe up dad’s butt that would shoot ultrasound waves through his prostate 2 mm at a time, killing the cells one at a time. That meant I got to help dad clean out his intestines with enemas until the expelled liquid ran clear.

There was a bunch of stuff to see and do at the hotel, but while dad was in the treatment room, all I could do was worry. After five and a half hours on the table, they said the treatment was done.

I helped dad walk back to the hotel room, and he went to sleep. He had a supra-pubic catheter, so it was going to be a while before his cock was usable. After a week the doctor in the US took the catheter out. When dad’s muscles calmed down, we gingerly fucked each other

Dad got me off, as always, then he pressed his cock as deep in me as it would go. He got a look on his face, like he was in pain, and he groaned, “Oh baby girl.” It was obvious he’d cum, but I felt cheated because there was no spurting of hot cream full of fertile sperm going on deep in my hungry cunt.

The HIFU kills all the prostate cells, so there is nothing left to make semen. That means no messy, but highly satisfying, creamy ending. Without semen to wake up dad’s sperm cells it is next to impossible for him to get me pregnant.

We got back to fucking each other’s brains out five times a day, but I found myself missing that explosion of hot lava inside my cunt. I longed to feel the heat and wetness deep inside me again. It was almost as bad as having a condom on a dick I wanted to milk dry, just no nasty, smelly latex.

I had Deena sleep over and we both fucked daddy until we were worn out and had cum so many times we were hoarse from screaming. Deena agreed there still felt like something was missing. I was wishing for one of the machines they use in porno videos to make it look like the guy shot a gallon of cum in the girl’s cunt. I was hungry for a gallon of hot cream in my little kitty. Deena said, “Well, he could do you like you were animals and pee in your pussy so you feel hot, wet stuff inside you.”

I just said, “Ewwww!”

Gene tried harder to make me really flip out when I came, and we were doing threesomes with Deena pretty regularly, so I started living with the new normal and getting off on stuff like how crazy sexy Deena looked when Gene made her cum the tenth or so time.

Deena is pretty nasty under her cute high school girl face and curly blonde hair. She got Gene to stick his hard cock in her butt and fuck her ass. Gene was all gentle with her until he had every inch up her butt. Deena started whining about how she could barely feel him, and he went medieval on her ass. He used his tool as a battering ram and breached that castle gate big time. He made Deena into his private butt slut. The little skank would beg my daddy to drill her ass all night. Deena had for real assgasms and she just blew up like a bunch of C-4 on Myth Busters from daddy pumping his dick up her butt.

I didn’t like the whole idea of where his cock was going inside me. Of course, I had to try it so Deena couldn’t call me a chicken. It felt good and I came but I didn’t get off on it the way she did.

Mom petitioned for divorce and married some loser dude. That meant daddy was single. Mom gave him custody. After I turned eighteen dad proposed to me. I really loved the idea of being my father’s wife. I’m kinky, just not dirty. Dad got back child support because mom abandoned me. He sold the house and we got a brand-new place where no one had ever lived, and most importantly, fucked. I also insisted we had to have a new bed with no memories for

him of screwing my mom, the stupid cunt, on it.

I went back to school and got my diploma and a bachelor’s degree. I got to be kind of legendary for setting up networks that protected themselves like they were alive. Most computer nerds are guys, and they liked seeing a skinny red headed chick crawling around the computer room. I’m kind of an evil tease at work because I don’t wear panties and I wear stuff like shorts with a wide leg opening that lets the nerds get a peek at my naked puss. If they look up or down my shirt they can see my bare tits and hard pink nipples. It gets me going at a slow boil to see them drooling or with a throbbing boner all day. I just smile and go home to my Gene and get well and truly screwed by my man.

When I was twenty-three, we got some of Gene’s sperm out of cold storage and they used the proverbial turkey baster to get his wigglers to the gates of my womb. I wished it was my daddy’s cock pounding against my cervix, but we didn’t have any choice. Apparently, I’m a baby making machine, and I caught the second month I was inseminated. Of course, we fucked the skin off Gene’s dick afterward to make it seem like my husband put the bun in little Dru’s oven.

Life isn’t as exciting as it was. Deena married a stock broker. I had no interest at all in having Wayne’s Wimpy Wang up my puss any time ever, so we never did any swinging. Deena was pissed because she wanted to watch her husband plow my furrow. I just couldn’t embrace the concept of trading down after having my dad screw me all these years. I understood the desire to watch your man’s schlong slip and slide in your girlfriend’s snatch because I loved watching daddy pound Deena’s pudenda, but I just couldn’t do it with Wayne.

Oh, so we had a little girl. We named her Donna. I was a very bad mom, and on Donna’s fourteenth birthday, I brought her into the king-size bed to find out for herself what all the moaning and screaming was about. Daddy loved daughter and daughter loved daddy. Mommy loved pleasing both of her favorite people.

Daddy and Donna started making out. My innocent little daughter had never kissed a boy before, but her body was as sexually needy as all the women in my family, so when she was stimulated for the first time, she took off like an X-15 rocket plane. Daddy had her cumming from making out without much petting and full orgasms from having her nipples sucked. Daddy went down on Donna and our little girl was cumming and screaming her daddy’s name after two or three licks. After two hours, Donna said her brains were fried, but she sort of growled at Gene and said, “Shove your cock in my cunt daddy and fuck your slut daughter until I can’t walk.”

“That sounds good baby girl. If you can’t walk, you can’t get out of bed, and I can keep fucking you all day and all night,” Gene said.

Our virgin daughter said, “Get busy fucking me daddy. I’m going crazy.”

Gene was so wound up he didn’t have much self-control by then so he did what his little girl asked and shoved his fat dick in her little hole. I saw the corners of her eyes draw tight when her father’s dick penetrated her for the first time and pushed her hymen out of the way. Gene went right to fucking Donna like she was an experienced slut. His daughter began screaming out his name again as he fucked her hard and deep.

“Daddy, I don’t want to stop, but my pussy is getting sore,” Donna whimpered after an hour.

Gene let go and came. The way he jammed his dick, balls deep into her hungry cunt made Donna explode again too. Gene rumbled, “Gonna knock you up little girl. Gonna knock you up and make you a teenage mommy.” Donna purred, “Oh daddy, please put a little baby inside me! She’ll be so pretty, and always love her daddy.”

They clung together, panting, as they came down from their peaks of passion.

I cum intensely when daddy fucks me, but I’ve never passed out the way Toni did. Donna sure as hell does though! God my sexy daughter makes me PROUD!

Gene really wants to get Donna pregnant, but he is scared their kid will have two heads or something. I tried to explain that genetic defects aren’t as big a problem nowadays as they were. I told him we could have the two of them tested to make sure there won’t be problems. After the testing and counseling, Gene is still worried. Donna keeps begging him to give her a baby. I decided I needed to step in and after I pointed out how perfect Donna was, and that she’s daddy’s biological daughter with me, Gene was still irrational about it.

Donna wants a baby really badly, so I’m going to give her one in a way that won’t freak Gene out. Deena’s dad had cancer at a young age and had saved some of his sperm in case his wife ever wanted to have another baby. Her dad got mean before he died, and Deena’s mom never wanted anything more to remind her of her husband. She let me use his stored sperm to inseminate Donna. I’m hoping that once daddy gets used to his teenage daughter being a mommy he won’t worry about knocking her up again.

Donna was pregnant before her fifteenth birthday. Daddy was ecstatic that his daughter was a teenage mom. Donna and I raised her daughter, Dannie, so she just couldn’t wait to turn fourteen. Daddy fucked his granddaughter on the dining room table after Dannie’s birthday cake was hastily cleared away.

Daddy was pretty old by now, and he was getting a little grumpy. Donna and I ended up doing each other in a sixty-nine most of the time, and when daddy was able to fuck, he fucked Dannie. When he couldn’t get hard, he fingered her g-spot and ate her pussy.

Dannie liked to fuck, and she often sucked daddy’s cock for a long time, trying to get him hard enough to get his cock inside her tight pussy. There had been a lot of medical advances over the years, and daddy had surgery to modify his cock so it would get hard when he pushed a button on the back of his scrotum. His cock could also be loaded with his frozen sperm so it could be injected into the vagina of the woman who wanted to get pregnant. Dannie felt like daddy was fucking her when she was impregnated. Of course, the insemination didn’t feel as good as an ejaculation, but it eliminated the turkey baster from the whole breeding experience.

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