The Boss and the Teenaged Female Intern

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: The firm was highly respected and had a lot of clout in the big city. However, something was "rotten in Denmark" with their summer intern program and the State Attorney General was determined to find out the reason. Honey was a dark-skinned intern with right attitude for getting ahead.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

The esteemed offices of Hardcock, Hardcock and Proudbum LLC had been selecting young people for their summer intern program for the past forty years. They had never been concerned with silly things like gender bias, diversity or even age discrimination over the years but this year things were a bit different ever since Harry Hardcock Jr. was sent to serve a year in State prison for humping a former Miss America over the side of his antique hardwood desk with total disregard for her verbal protestation that she was not “that kind of girl”. Now, for thirty-eight years, the firm had found an adequate number of American young womanhood to fulfill the duties of a Hardcock, Hardcock and Proudbum summer intern with great success and it was the first time that the venerable selection committee failed to miss as important a factoid like the fact that young Miss White was an avowed lesbian and considered sex with men to be a thing of the past.

Poor Mister Hardcock Jr. was not aware of this fact or he would have never pulled her French undies down with the anticipation that she would be overjoyed at his attentions. Now, he had a year to sort it all out in his cannabis addled head for the next 366 days since early release was ruled out due to Miss White’s father being a judge of the superior court and a friend of the court.

Mister Proudbum was thankful that it had not been his turn to initiate the young intern into the corporate way of doing things when overtime was called for. He usually waited his turn with the interns because he was consistently polite about such matters with his older and wiser compatriots on the board of directors.

The search committee found a young lady of eighteen with impeccable credentials and she was a scholar of some merit and a member of a minority group that carried a lot of clout with government circles.

Miss Honey Harris was officially three quarters White European and One quarter African descent making her a female of color and deserving of diversity bonus points in the selection process. She beat out a Puerto Rican cutie with connections to the Hispanic Conference by a slender cunt’s hair with absolutely no pun on the fact she was quite fully shaven down below.

The lawsuit against the prestigious firm for sodomizing their intern’s pretty bottom sought damages of such magnitude that any possibility the mistake be repeated was taken off the playing board directly with nothing left to chance.

Honey Harris was most definitely not a virgin.

She also was the type of girl that enjoyed sex with men in almost any position except the most acrobatic just from a concern for unintended injury. She was an accomplished cocksucker with compliments from celebrities that generally kept their personal business hidden from the general public. Her mother knew she kept a record of her “mistakes” in the closet with a collection of rubbers that listed the participants and the date and location for a failing memory at a later date. A number of the males on the list were far above her station in society and were a testament to the superiority of her oral and anal skills.

In person, she was both shy and innocent and only a certain gleam in her eye informed a more than casual observer that such was not the case.

Honey would be the first to blame her African blood for the trouble that she got into so many times and in so many filthy places with sleazy characters that seemed like stereotypes from some trashy story. There were times when that might have been true but lately, it seemed like it was some alternate Honey inside her that was forcing her to do the disgusting things that most females would touch with a ten foot pole.

The thing with the dogs was a good example but she refused to talk about that because in her words, “It is far too traumatic to discuss” and she was adamant about that.

She pushed the black leather strap-on into place around her hips and reached out to spank the Chief Financial Officer’s ass with her bare hand. He was a mature gentleman well over fifty and had four children at home being tended by a nanny who used to be a man.

Mister Higgins liked to cultivate the new summer interns for his anal pleasures and he would bend over backwards to give the delightful young things a good shot at his rump.

This “Honey” creature was a real find and he liked the way she took charge and spanked him hard with her delicate little hands and even shoved her fingers up where the sun didn’t shine and right where he loved it the very best. The slightly dark-skinned girl with the mostly Caucasian features excluding her puffy full-blown lips was sweating from the exertion of spanking and finger humping the esteemed Mister Higgins. She was wearing the most exquisite blouse that must have cost a bundle and he was entirely enthralled by the fact she was totally naked from the waist down with the exception of the black leather strap-on and her six-inch stiletto heels.

The girl was an odd combination of innocence and impish depravity.

He had been a widower for the past four years and the opportunity to use the intern’s young flesh for fun and games was a perk that he found it impossible to ignore in his waning years when his exposure to carnal pleasures was curtailed to almost nil.

Mister Higgins accepted Honey’s weight on his back with a smile on his face. He reached back to fondle her beautiful full breasts to reassure his conscience that he was being diddled by a female and not a male. He had a lifetime of never even thinking about such gender interaction with the same sex and he was not about to change his stripes at this late date.

“That’s it, my dear; stick it to old Higgy nice and hard. Ahh, just like that Honey-pie and spank my old cheeks like you really mean it, sweetie.”

Honey was humping as hard and heavily as possible holding his rounded buttocks between her strong, young legs. She could feel the ten inch black strap-on moving viciously inside his anal passageway and remembered how nice a similar one had felt to her when her girl-friend Angel had stuck it to her on her birthday. She had so many orgasms that night that she found it difficult to walk properly for almost a full weekend. She looked down at Mister Higgins reddened cheeks and knew that he must have enjoyed the spanking immensely from the way he had moaned and groaned each time she whacked him at the very end. She liked the feel of a belt on her bottom administered by a man in uniform. It reminded her so much of her days in reform school and the rough treatment she got from the male guards just because she had a tiny bit of African blood running though her veins.

Now she had this elderly white man underneath her and she could pay them all back for her degradation and humiliation by whacking his white ass until she fell down from sheer exhaustion. She didn’t feel in the least bit guilty because she knew the dirty old man loved every minute of it from the way he kissed her ankles and toes like she was his goddess of love at the end of the circle of life. Sometimes, she would let him even eat her pussy because he showed her such ego-building respect that she felt obligated in a strange sort of way.

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