Romance at the Dog Park

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: Julia has her Collie Queenie, Colin has his German Shepard Rex and they all meet up at the dog park for a "down on all fours" romp that certainly confirms a dog is man's best friend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Rough   Spanking   Anal Sex   Analingus   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Julia McIntyre was all fitted out in the plaid cardigan and the kilt-like skirt looking like a blast from the past in the less than adequate confines of the new district dog park at the end of Mulberry lane just opposite the no longer used cemetery of Saint Michaels now defunct due to the lack of a priest to celebrate the sacraments.

Her beloved female long-haired Collie called Queenie was picking her way daintily in the field mined with doggy poop like some soldier on the battlefield carrying out a dangerous mission with little enthusiasm.

Julia was looking over the tops of her horn-rimmed glasses like a scholar searching for a clue about the origin of the universe when Colin Knightly exited his sporty looking motor car and pushed his reluctant German Shepard Rex out onto the slightly muddy turf with a shrug of the shoulders that admitted defeat in proper training of the disobedient Rex.

Rex looked around totally bored to death at the final insult of being dragged to a pen filled with dog shite at the confused bidding of his indecisive master. He spied the nice little bit of golden-hued female Collie at the other side of the doggy play tunnels looking off into the woods like a prisoner considering making a run for it. He rather liked the shape of her hindquarters under the beautiful long hair and tried to judge the chances of getting his licks in before either his master or the distracted girl with the terrible clothes might deduce his intent in mounting and humping the Collie with his usual charm and direct manner of introducing his style of love making like a bandit in the woods.

It only took ninety seconds for Rex to navigate the short distance between him and the tempting Collie with the delectable hindquarters and poor Queenie was had before she even suspected there was an aggressive suitor knocking on her back door. The weight of Rex on her back caused Queenie to reconsider her original assessment that the Dog Park was a boring place to be sure. She whimpered, but refused to whine like one of those mongrel dogs at the pound, that constantly kept it up night and day, finally just hooking up with any dog with a hard dick that came their way.

Queenie was a bit more discerning than that and she knew right away that Rex was a real catch from the way he got up deep inside her with the very first hump. She did her best to keep her balance underneath his muscular bulk but it was difficult because she had been alone and sheltered for the better part of a full year. This was the most action she had had since the dark chocolate Labrador had given her a nice tumble under the grandstand at the amusement park when all their owners were watching the game. This one was not like that last one with “slam-bang, thank-you-ma’am” attitude that matched his oversized penis. She liked the fit of this German Shepard and he seemed a gentleman from the way her held her steady with his two front paws.

Rex had already started to give Queenie his spunk when Queenie’s mistress the girl in the cardigan looked up from her phone to see her lovely Collie dishonored by a stranger’s dog.

She lifted her skirts showing her slender sun-tanned legs and ran to Queenie’s aid but a bit too late to stop the two from finishing what they had started in the way that all dogs do with little planning and precious little time. The German Shepard ran back to his young master like a warrior unleashed for sport and the girl shook her fist at the both of them and called out, “It’s a rape, you bastards. You have raped my poor Queenie like some Gypsy on the run.”

The young gentleman looked up from his letter and seemed confused at the accusation having missed the action with his distracted lack of concern. Then, he noticed the girl in the cardigan with the bare legs and pretty bottom almost jumping with emotion that he found exciting and setting his thoughts to wondering how lively she would be in bed.

Of course, that set his family jewels to arousal and the girl was one of those observant types that measured his length and girth using scientific displacement theory right on the spot. She was astonished at his results and drew closer for a better look. Somehow her bare legs and his overly excited business came into contact and they both forgot about their dogs and merged together in close proximity with friction their method of warmth. Her wrap around skirt was torn asunder and he shook his member free. They looked into each other’s eyes with that look of silent lust. The dirty deed was done without slowing with the slightest hesitation. Soon, they resembled their sated hounds safely resting at their feet.

Julia took her panties back from Colin’s hardened hands.

She struggled for a moment to replace them on her spunk dripping feminine folds and Colin looked off into the distance at some wheeling birds of prey to avoid the impression he was ogling her pretty snatch or her pert chubby cheeks.

“You know as a dog owner you are required to keep your animal on a leash at all times or at the very least under control to prevent incidents of this nature.”

Poor Colin merely nodded his head fearful of commenting about Julia’s complicit Collie flaunting her long-haired hindquarters right in front of his innocent Rex’s eyes. After all, the German Shepard had only done what comes naturally for animals with a more simplistic approach to life.

He did inquire in a carefully modulated voice, “Do you always wear your skirts in such a fall-away fashion or is it only in a dog park that you rip off your undies and set your lovely privates free for such exciting pleasures?”

Julia wanted to shout out that his German Shepard was nothing but a bloke and with no respect for a well-behaved bitch like her Collie Queenie. She wanted to tell him that she was entirely at fault for the shameful fall from grace her bare fanny had caused on the spur of the moment. All she could manage was, “It was altogether a not unpleasant meeting at the dog park, Mister... ?”

Colin admitted his name and even added his dog’s name since she had already given up her Queenie’s name with her fiery accusations.

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