Rochelle Takes the Bait. Club Wives 9

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: Rochelle takes up my offer to play sex bait for me in exchange for some sexy fun of her own. I get to pick the target

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Sharing   Light Bond   Rough   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

“Fuck me you bastard! Fuck my ass!” Rochelle screamed as I pounded my cock deep into her back door. It had been a few weeks since our adventure at the swingers club and Jennifer and Chrissy were out of town on a cross country adventure race so I decided to take the opportunity to violate my favorite cheating wife. I had been pondering how else to use Rochelle after her bait comment at the club and my mind was filled with possibilities as my cock filled her ass.

I eventually blew my cum deep into her shithole and withdrew, falling onto the bed next to her.

“God I hate when you do that.” Rochelle panted.

“You mean, you hate the fact that you love that I fuck you in the ass, even though you hate it?” I corrected. She stared at me, her eyes filled with hate and unbridled lust.

“Yeah, something like that.” She replied softly.

“You love being made to do stuff that you hate doing. Admit it.” I pushed.

“Yeah, maybe.” she replied, rolling over onto her back and staring at the ceiling, covered in sweat.

“Like me using you to fetch new people. You hated that idea. Or loved it. Or something like that.” I smiled.

“Something like that.” She replied again.

I had an idea.

“You got anywhere to be tonight?” I asked.

“Nope. That’s why I’m here.” She said.

“You’re here to get fucked.” I laughed. “Give me your phone.”

“Why?” She asked, her voice full of concern.

“I want to look at your Facebook.”


“Because I said so. Trust me, you’ll like this.”

Rochelle looked at me suspiciously but got out of bed and walked back to the living room, naked, to retrieve her phone from her purse. She walked back into the bedroom and tossed it at me and climbed back into bed next to me. I opened up her phone and went to her Facebook page and started scrolling through her friends.

“What are you looking for?” She asked.

“This.” I said, clicking on a profile. The girl’s name was Vanessa. She was an extremely slender, young girl with wavy blond hair. She was thinner than Jennifer and lacked her curvy butt. Her page was filled with picture after picture of her and her friends on vacation, on the beach, drinking and eating. She definitely had a rich, stuck up air about her, which fitted with someone who would be Rochelle’s friend. I saw several pictures wearing a local college sorority T shirt and nodded. It seemed fitting.

I opened up the picture to a larger one of Vanessa’s face. She was making the kissy/duck face at the camera and another girl was kissing her cheek. I held the phone towards Rochelle, whose face fell.

“Her. I want her.” I said with a grin.

“You really are a bastard.” Rochelle replied, her face dark.

“What? I just want you to call her up, invite her and me out for drinks, get her drunk and tell her to come home with us. She looks like she could use an attitude adjusting like you. I bet she wants someone to take control of her, just like you do.” I said, my smile growing.

“You’re a sick fuck.” Rochelle spat.

“What? How is that any different than what I do to you?” I asked, concerned a bit at Rochelle’s anger.

“Look, I’ll admit, the whole ‘fetch a girl for you’ thing is kinda hot, but seriously, you want me to bring my little sister home for you? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Rochelle replied, her voice rising.

“Sister?” My cock jumped.

“Yeah, Vanessa is my little sister you pervert.” Rochelle said, sitting up.

“Like sorority sister?” I asked.

“No, like we have the same mother jackass.”


I stared at Rochelle for several long moments, watching her chest raise and lower. I was unable to tell if it was arousal or anger, so I decided to go for broke.

“I noticed you didn’t say no.” I said slowly. Rochelle’s mouth fell open.

“What would it take for you to call her right now and set it up?” I asked.

“A million dollars.” She quickly replied.

“Seriously.” I replied.

“Seriously, a million dollars, for each of us.” She said, crossing her arms.

I stared at her again and pondered. Slowly, I smiled a little bit.

“What are you grinning at?” She asked her voice still firm.

“How about a gangbang?” I asked.

“What?” Her voice raised several octaves.

“What if I set up a gangbang for you? What do you think of you and a dozen guys, just using your body for hours? You getting passed around fucked in every hole. Slapped, tossed around, and filled with cum? Would that be of interest to you?” I asked slowly.

Her face twitched and her body squirmed a little bit. As she stared at me I opened up PornHub on her phone and searched for gangbangs. As the screen filled with scenes of fucking, I turned up the volume and pointed the phone at her. Rochelle’s eyes slowly dropped from mine to the screen. I could see her pupils dilate as she watched the scene unfold.

“That could be you. Wouldn’t you like that?” I teased.

“I don’t believe you.” Rochelle said slowly. I grinned and reached over onto my nightstand table and pulled out my phone. I clicked a few buttons and pulled up a video of a hotel room. On the bed was a curvy redhead surrounded by black men. I held my phone out to Rochelle and her eyes opened wide.

“That’s my friend Ella in the middle. I have contacts in the local gangbang community. She said it was her fantasy to do a gangbang so I set her up with some friends. You could be next.” I said with a smile.

Rochelle’s mouth opened slightly and her eyes were locked on the screen as the small speaker blared Ella’s screams as she got double penetrated.

“What do you want me to do?” Rochelle said slowly, never taking her eyes off the screen.

“Call Vanessa. Have her meet you downtown. You and I will show up. You will introduce me as your friend. Then, you can work your magic. Convince her to come home with me. After I have my way with her, I’ll set you up with my friends.” I said, grinning.

“That’s it huh?” She replied.


“You’re not going to hurt her or anything right?”

“Not unless she wants me to. Maybe getting choked and spanked runs in the family.” I grinned. Rochelle looked up at me and frowned.

“I don’t need to know the details.”

“So, is that a yes?” I asked.

“What if she’s busy?” Rochelle asked.

“Then we will try again another day. But the sooner you make it happen the sooner you get this.” I said, shaking my phone.

“Ok.” She replied, picking up her phone.

“I’m going to jump in the shower, do your magic.” I said, jumping off the bed and walking to the bathroom.

A quick shower and I walked back into the bedroom to see Rochelle on her phone.

“She’s meeting us downtown in 20 minutes.” Rochelle said.

“Told you.”

“She was at a party that she said was super lame.”

“Lucky for us. Get dressed.”

“Can I shower first?” Rochelle asked.

“No time for that.” I said, pulling on my clothes.

Rochelle frowned and pouted but reluctantly walked into the living room and pulled on her scattered clothes. We rode the elevator down to the garage and drove to the bar that Vanessa had suggested.

It was an extremely upscale (meaning, expensive) downtown club, a favorite of rich college kids and yuppies and I had to admit the scenery was pretty good. The bar was fairly full, seeing that it was Friday night and relatively early. I made my way to the bar to get drinks for Rochelle and myself and found her at a small table, frantically texting.

“She’ll be here in a minute.” Rochelle replied, finally looking up from her phone. I drank from my glass and Rochelle quickly swallowed the entire contents of hers.

“Need encouragement?” I asked. She nodded.

We stared at each other for a bit and then I looked around the room at the crowd. Suddenly Rochelle stood up and took a few steps through the crowd. I looked up to see Vanessa jump onto her and give her a hug. Vanessa was wearing a tiny white cropped halter top that tied into an open back and the smallest pair of jean shorts I had ever seen. She was as tiny as her pictures and I immediately began to plot what I would do to her body.

The sisters chatted for a minute and then I saw Vanessa glance over her shoulder at me. She turned back to Rochelle and they talked again for a few minutes before returning to the table.

“Hey there.” I said, smiling at Vanessa.

“Hey I’m Nessa.” She said, a curious smile on her face. Her voice slurred ever so slightly and I wondered how much she had had to drink at the party.

“Jack. Would you like a drink?” I replied.

“Love one.” She quickly replied.

I excused myself and went back to the bar, returning with fresh drinks for all of us. As I approached, I could see Vanessa staring at me as she talked with her sister.

“Thanks.” She said, taking her drink and eyeing me.

I handed Rochelle hers and sat down.

The bar was very full at this point and I was struggling to hear over the noise. The sisters were engaged in animated conversation and I returned to the bar for more drinks rather quickly. When I returned, Vanessa was eyeballing me even more than earlier and I slid into the seat next to Rochelle.

“So how do you two know each other?” Vanessa asked loudly, her mannerisms revealing her lack of sobriety.

“Just friends.” Rochelle quickly replied.

“Friends huh?” Vanessa replied suspiciously.

I decided to go for broke.

“Yeah, she picked me up at a bar a few months ago and we’ve been fuck buddies ever since.” I said smoothly, taking a sip of my drink.

Rochelle spit out her drink and turned and stared at me. I glanced at her and then at Vanessa, who was staring at me with her mouth hanging open.

“Are you serious?” Vanessa asked.

“Yup. We were fucking earlier before Rochelle texted you.” I said calmly.

“I thought I smelled sex. Does Brian know?” Vanessa asked, staring at her sister.

Rochelle shook her head no.

“Damn. How is he?” Vanessa asked, motioning towards me but still totally ignoring me. I poked Rochelle in the back.

“Totally amazing. He’s done the craziest things to me.” Rochelle said.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Vanessa asked curiously.

“Tied me up, spanked me, fucked me in public, had a three-way.” Rochelle said.

“Damn! How was all that?” Vanessa exclaimed.

“Fucking incredible.”

Vanessa eyeballed me like a cat. I caught her glance and smiled as she sized me up.

“Too bad you don’t share.” Vanessa said, taking a sip of her drink.

“Says who?” I replied with a grin.

Rochelle turned and looked over her shoulder at me as Vanessa smiled slowly.

“Oh really?” Vanessa asked.

“Yeah. You interested?” I asked.

“Might be.” She replied coyly.

I stood up and boldly held out my hand.

“So let’s go.” I said confidently. Vanessa looked up at me and slowly rose.

“Cocky huh?” Vanessa said, taking my hand.

“Yeah, he’s like that.” Rochelle commented, watching us.

I slid my hand around Vanessa’s slender waist and pulled her close to me. I could smell her perfume and the alcohol on her breath as she looked up at me.

“Fuck it, let’s do this. I want to try it.” Vanessa said confidently. I sensed a bit of competition between the sisters and a twisted idea came to mind.

I looked over at Rochelle as my hand slid down to Vanessa’s ass.

“Come on.” I said, motioning her.

“What?” Rochelle asked, shocked.

“You’re coming with us, right? I mean, you don’t want your baby sister to go home alone with some strange man, do you?” I teased.

Rochelle stared at me and then at Vanessa, who shrugged.

“Come on. Maybe you’ll learn something.” Vanessa said with a smirk.

“OUCH.” I thought to myself. Yup, definitely some competition there.

Rochelle quickly finished her drink and stood up, following behind me and Vanessa. My hand roamed over her tiny ass and I lead her to my car. Rochelle scowled at me as I leaned the seat forward, offering the tiny back seat to her. I pulled the passenger seat up and Vanessa dropped into it. As I got into the driver’s seat, a guy in the car next to me gave me the thumbs up. I waved and got into the car.

Traffic was quite bad this time of night and we were stuck on the highway for some time. My eyes roamed over Vanessa’s long, slender legs and I got an idea.

“Want to get started now?” I asked.

“Car sex? I’ve never fucked in a moving car before. Sounds fun.” Vanessa replied sarcastically.

“Not what I had in mind.” I replied, grabbing my crotch.

“Oh. Road head? Not very creative.” Vanessa rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, but how many times have you done it on a crowded highway with your sister in the back seat?” I asked.

Vanessa agreed.

“True. What the hell.” She replied, unbuckling her seatbelt and leaning over into my lap. I moved my steering wheel up and my seat back as Vanessa pulled down my zipper and fished out my cock.

“Not bad!” she remarked as my cock popped upright.

“Thanks.” I replied as she slowly sunk her head down onto it.

I savored her warm, wet mouth for a moment and then looked up to see Rochelle glaring at me in the rear view mirror.

Vanessa sucked my cock like she was doing me a favor. She had a lot of attitude and was very overconfident about her abilities. It wasn’t that she was bad at sucking dick, it was that she wasn’t anything special but thought that she was. Still, it wasn’t every day that I got road head from a cute college girl while her sister was in the back seat.

Though, car head was anything but comfortable and my small sports car didn’t make it any easier. Vanessa struggled to find a comfortable position in which to suck my dick. Eventually she pulled her knees underneath herself on the passenger seat and was mostly perpendicular to me and she resumed aggressively bobbing up and down on my cock. This had the effect of sticking her perky ass up in the air, much to the delight of the car next to me. I put my hand on the back of her head and gently urged her down deeper.

During a pause in the traffic I looked over to see her shirt fall open and her small, braless tits hanging down in her loose tank top. Her smooth, tanned back was exposed and her tiny shorts had slid halfway down her ass. I saw her pink panties poking out of her shorts, bisecting her ass cheeks.

I popped my right pointer finger into my mouth and then slid it down her back and into her shorts. I worked it under her panties and pressed it firmly into her asshole. Vanessa yelped and yanked her head back, which caused her body to push back against my hand. My finger slid deeper into her ass and she screamed.

“What are you doing?” She exclaimed as I wiggled my finger around inside her butt.

“Nothing.” I grinned.

“Hey, I don’t do butt stuff!” She said firmly, looking up at me.

“Maybe you should. Your sister loves it.” I said. Vanessa quickly looked at Rochelle and I caught her glaring at me in the rear view mirror.

“Is that true?” Vanessa asked, gasping a little bit as I pumped my finger in and out of her butt.

“I don’t hate it.” Rochelle replied softly.

“Too modest! Didn’t I fuck your ass before we met your sister?” I called out, still moving my finger inside Vanessa.

Rochelle shot me a hateful glance.

“Well?” Vanessa pressed, gasping a bit more.

“Yeah, he did.” Rochelle admitted.

“And didn’t you cum so hard you basically blacked out?” I teased, still pumping Vanessa.

“Seriously?” Vanessa exclaimed.

“Yeah sorta.” Rochelle said.

“Wow.” Vanessa exclaimed, moaning softly as I pressed my finger deeper into her butt.

“See? Maybe you should try it.” I said.

“Maybe.” Vanessa panted, grabbing the back of my seat with one hand and putting her other hand on the center console to steady herself as I continued to finger her.

At another pause in the traffic I grabbed Vanessa’s head and urged her down again. She quickly dropped her head to my crotch and resumed sucking me. I hooked my finger deeper into her ass and she moaned loudly but did not stop sucking me.

“You’re starting to like it, aren’t you babe?” I teased.

“Uh huh.” Came the reply, never removing her mouth from my dick.

The traffic was beginning to ease up and I sped up, still fingering Vanessa’s ass as she continued to blow me. Since I had just shot the load in Rochelle earlier, I wasn’t in any danger of cuming again any time soon. We made it into my parking garage just as I thought Vanessa might explode and I slowly pulled my finger out of her butt and opened the car door. As I opened the passenger side, the sweet smell of girl arousal hit me. Vanessa smiled as I helped her out of the car. She adjusted her shirt and shorts as I helped Rochelle out of the back seat and I caught another, different smell of girl arousal.

“Did you enjoy that?” I whispered into Rochelle’s ear as Vanessa’s back was turned.

“Asshole.” She mouthed to me. I winked at her and took Vanessa’s hand and lead her towards the elevator.

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