by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

Flash Story: Wendy tells Charlotte what life with Kirk will be like.

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .


It’s sweet of you, but don’t turn down a date with Kirk on my account. You’re not taking him from me; even Diane didn’t take him from me, whatever I said at the time. And I didn’t move halfway across the country to forget him. Howell’s offered me a promotion and a raise that looked munificent. The position was in San Francisco. (And the raise looks much smaller here; you should see the rent I pay for a tiny apartment.) Anyway, I didn’t forget him; I didn’t want to.

As a friend, I’d advise you to take the date. And, as a friend, I’d advise that you not make my mistake. Don’t dream about “forever after.” Kirk’s not a ‘forever’ kind of guy. One of these days, you’ll be looking back on your days with Kirk, just as I do now. But first,

But first... ,

He’ll have wined you and dined you. He’ll have taken you dancing (Slow dancing with Kirk is a special kind of foreplay.) and back to his apartment for a brandy. There, you’ll have sipped his brandy while he’ll have sipped your lips. He’ll have taken his time, and -- when all that time has passed - he’ll have taken your blouse.

Even then, he won’t have hurried up. He’ll have kissed your neck and shoulders until you want the bra off. Only then, will he have started on your breasts. And, minutes will have passed between the time you wanted him to get to the nipple before he even reaches the areola. And he’ll have taken his time teasing you there. You’ll have learned how exciting it is to have your areola licked without your nipple being quite touched.

(And, if you take my advice, you’ll have exercised patience. Or, rather, you’ll have enjoyed your impatience. Kirk may not be a ‘forever’ kind of guy in regard to years, but he’s a ‘forever’ kind of guy in regard to minutes. And the experience is out of this world.)

When, finally, your patience has been rewarded, when (rather) your impatience has been mollified, when the nipple has been licked into quivering rigidity and then sucked until the pleasure has put a glow on your entire body, when you’ll have quite decided you’re ready for his attention to go below your waist, he’ll have started on your other breast.

You’ll have reached panting desire before he’ll have kissed down you abdomen while undoing your skirt. Kirk’s the only guy I ever dated, at least seriously, who didn’t object to pantyhose. He told me pantyhose were as fun to remove as a bra. He’ll have removed yours, too. But he’ll have kissed you through them first.

When he’ll have stripped you to your panties, he’ll have started the kissing again. This time, he’ll have started at your knees. Big smacking kisses, tiny butterfly kisses, licks from the tip of his tongue. The trail upward will have been interesting, if frustratingly arousing, for you; and he’ll have found it interesting enough to repeat it up from the calf on the other leg. When your panties are damp enough, he’ll have removed them.

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