Cuckqueen Mommy

by SatinSlip

Copyright© 2018 by SatinSlip

Incest Sex Story: Woman embraces her new found lusts and kinks. Enjoying watching her husband with other women. Especially their daughter.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Swinging   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I watch the nubile girls kick the soccer ball on the field from the comfort of my folding chair. Smiling at my daughter Rebecca, her light brown hair bouncing as she runs. She was probably among the top three players on the team.

Her eighteenth birthday was just a couple months back. Just before the start of school. I couldn’t help noticing just what a young woman she was becoming. Slim, with a pretty face. Her budding breasts already looking big on her frame.

Just like her teammates. All of them quite pretty. My pussy shamefully quivers when I look at them.

I’m not attracted to little girls, of course. I’m not even a lesbian. I love my husband. But these girls set something off in me. I get flustered being around them. I just want to touch myself.

I grip the arms of my chair hard as I stare at Cindy bending over. A teen I’ve known for years. I can’t stop staring at her tight little ass. What would I even do with it.

I shiver in the warm afternoon sun. Trying to let go of a need I am unable to articulate.

Where is my goofball husband anyway? Things are never this bad when he is around.

Buying another ice cream sandwich for himself. Of course.

My gaze drifts back to the girls. Now Cindy is fanning herself with her shirt. Smooth tummy exposed.

Edgar doesn’t know about my perverted feelings. How could I ever tell him? He’s the kinky one. I know he’d love to go beyond our vanilla sex life, but that isn’t me. Mrs. straight and narrow.

That’s what his ‘alone time’ is for. To look at all his nasty porn while he masturbates in his man cave.

That would bother some women, but not me. I want him to have a release for the things I can’t give him.

I look back to check my husband. My eyes narrow in annoyance. Donna Hardinger is talking to him. Recently divorced, on the prowl, Donna Hardinger.

She leans way in so my husband has a great view of her cleavage. He can’t help himself. He is a boob man.

The bleach-blonde woman’s tits are even bigger than my own generous double-D’s that Eddy loves to play with so much.

I’m sure he would love to tie her up and really go to town on them. Something about that though sends a strange thrill through me. Already turned on by the sexy soccer girls I guess. God I want to touch myself. Or maybe let Cindy touch me.

We could explore our budding feelings together.

Finally the big goof sits down next to me. My heart flutters a bit when he hands me an unasked-for soda. Always so considerate.

“Get a good view of Donna’s valleys?” I tease. His face turns bright red in embarrassment.

I put my hand on his and give him a warm smile. Making sure he understands that I’m not angry.

“You’re allowed to look.” I assure him. Turning back to the game.

Back to the girls.

Everyone is out. Eddy took the kids to see a movie. I could use a couple hours alone, so it worked out.

I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror. Just this side of forty, I still look good. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but my curves all fall in the right places. Big tits, nice round ass. Pretty face with long mahogany hair. Just a little tan. Enough to have tan lines.

I grab my tummy. “Could lose a few pounds here.” I say to the empty bathroom.

Soon I slip into the hot water in the tub. I had added bubbles for whimsy. Plus the soap smells nice.

I close my eyes and lay back. The hot water soothing my naked body. For a long moment I rest. Letting the cares of adulthood slip away.

I bite my lower lip with a naughty grin. A look that always gets Eddy going. My hands squeeze my big breasts. I start to imagine the local newscaster naked. A handsome silver fox, and someone I could conceivably run into.

Maybe he buys me a drink at a bar.

Then as my hand slides down my body, through my pubic hair, the fantasy changes.

Maybe I’m sitting naked with the girls in a hot tub after the game yesterday. Some of them naked some of them in bikinis.

It’s not appropriate, but I can’t help it as my fingers brush against my cunny. Sending thrills through my body, all the way to my scalp.

Cindy would sit on my lap while my own daughter takes off her top next to me. Her budding breasts nearly D-cups herself.

I let out an audible moan as my finger enters my twat. Imagining Becca as she leans in close, grinning at her mother. Her naughty grin so similar to my own. My hands squeezing Cindy’s young breasts.

Ooh! It’s so wrong. So perverted. What am I?

My thumb brushes my clit sending white hot waves of pleasure through me. Always so sensitive I can barely think every time I flick it.

My fantasy changes. I’m still in the hot tub, but alone. I’m watching as Eddy thrusts into busty Donna from behind. The soccer mom screams his name as she cums. Her pleasure etched onto her face. My husband’s dick pounding deep in her wet twat.

I shudder as my own shameful orgasm thunders through me. Stronger than normal. I am lost to the world as the pleasure overrides my senses. My body trembles in the water for minutes afterward as I rest.

Late in the evening I brush my long hair. Sitting in the edge of the bed in little pink panties and a tight T-shirt. Clothes that broadcasted that I wouldn’t mind sex, but they would also be comfortable to sleep in if we didn’t.

Eddy moves up behind me wearing only his boxer briefs. I shiver as he kisses my neck. “Mmm, naughty.” I murmur.

“I can’t help it. You turn me on.” His hands reach around me and squeeze my breasts through the thin shirt. Giving me a thrill. I do love to have them touched.

I turn to him and we kiss for a bit. Then I break away.

Something has been bugging me. Something I feel compelled to poke. Like a sore tooth in your mouth you can’t stop touching with your tongue.

“Do you want to sleep with Donna?” I ask.

I can see his libido fade. As he gets a frightened young-boy look on his face.

“I love you.” He tells me.

I smile at him. “I know. But people change. Their needs change.” I pat his knee and look down. A little ashamed. “I know I don’t fulfill all your needs.” I tell him.

“Nonsense. I love our sex life. And you give me ... space to explore anything you aren’t willing to do. The fantasy is good enough.” He assures me. Putting his hand on my cheek.

“Is it?” I ask. “I think I want you to have an affair. To be sure.”

“No. I am sure. You are the only woman I want. I don’t know where this is coming from, but it’s scaring me.”

His hand caresses my arm and I feel some tears.

He doesn’t understand. Maybe because I don’t.

“Are you saying you wouldn’t have a threesome with me and some woman?” I press.

“I’d explore anything you wanted. But I’m not interested in ... in solo sexual exploits. Only with my loving partner.” He sighs.

“No, you’re right. I think ... I think this is something I need.” I look in his eyes. “I’ve been feeling so ... so strange lately. Horny strange.”

He gives me an encouraging nod.

“I want to do something. With other people.” I tell him.

“Like do a wife swap?” He asks. My turn to nod. That doesn’t quite sound right. But I need something. “Ok. We will look into it. If it’s something you need. Because I assure you. I am happy.”

I grab my loving husband’s hands and lean back pulling him on top of me. I wrap my legs around his body, still very horny. His hands pull up my shirt and grab my breasts.

I pull his wonderful dick out and push my panties aside. Helping him slide into me with a moan.

He feels so good.

The swap happened fast. Eddy found a couple online that seemed nice and lived in a nearby town. Not so close that if things turned real bad it would impact us. Not so far that there would be a lot of travel.

We chatted back and forth online for a couple days. Then, when I felt comfortable, we met up.

Vinny and Wendy Hull are in their early thirties and quite charming. He is tall and athletic. Average looks, but sweet. She is pretty and small. Barely five feet and with very little up top. She made us laugh with her jokes and anecdotes about U.S. history.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together, then went back to their hotel room.

Wendy and Edward sit on the bed making out. While Vinny pulls me onto his lap on the couch. His arms circle around the small of my back and his lips press against mine.

I part to let his tongue in. Kissing another man for the first time in over twenty years. Our tongues caressing each other as his fingers caress up and down my back.

I can feel his penis pressing against my thigh. Through his slacks. Oh god! Another man’s penis!

Can I really do this? But Eddy seems so into it. So excited. Excited to be with another woman.

My tummy gets some strange butterflies as I glance at them. Trying not to break my embrace with Vinny.

I pull one of his hands up to my breasts. Encouraging the stranger to be bold. He happily squeezes my tits. I can feel more than hear as he pulls the zipper down the back of my dress.

I shiver as my dress gets looser. I feel more vulnerable, but excited.

I can do this. My pussy practically throbs.

I glance over. Eddy is shirtless and Wendy is down to her bra and panties. A cute lace set that makes the petite woman look like one of my daughter’s friends.

I imagine her in a little school girl’s outfit.

Vinny pulls my dress down to my waist. Exposing my big black lace bra. And my ample cleavage.

I reach down and pet the top of his dick.

Am I excited to see it? To have it in me?

He kisses the tops of my breasts. I gasp at each touch. Reaching back to set the big orbs free. Now he grabs them. Gently, and sucks my nipples. My whole body buzzes.

Wendy has her face in my husband’s crotch. Sucking his beautiful dick. Something I only do on his birthdays. Maybe for valentines. If I’ve had some wine.

Does she enjoy that? Would she swallow if he came now? A stranger drinking my husband’s baby batter.

I gasp when Vinny gives my nipple a little bite. The pain surprisingly arousing.

I stand and let my dress fall. Then pull my panties down while he pulls out his cock. Smaller than Eddy, and more veiny. Exciting? He slips on a rubber.

I notice Wendy putting one on my husband too. The blowjob over.

I lay down on the couch, spreading my legs for a man that isn’t my husband. Vinny climbs on top of me. Reaching down to rub the tip of his cock against my cunny.

I gasp each time it rubs my clit. Blurring my vision from the wonderful sensation.

Before I realize it, he is leaning forward. His dick inside me. A stranger’s dick. I groan from the pleasure. His lips going to my nipples. He squeezes and caresses my tits.

I can see Wendy on her back. Her legs in the air, my loving husband between them. The father of my children thrusting into her tight twat.

Vinny the doesn’t last long. Soon he is grunting. Filling up his condom.

He slides off me but pulls me into a cuddle. One from which we can both watch our partners.

“I don’t think you were really into this.” He whispers in my ear.

“I’m sorry.” I murmur. “It’s my first time.”

“I know.” He kisses my shoulder. “But you seem more interested in your husband and my wife.” His hand reaches around to play with my breasts.

On the bed Wendy is now on her hands and knees. Whining her excitement as my husband pounds her doggy style. We rarely do anything but missionary.

She looks so happy. So satisfied.

“Maybe you are looking for something else.” Vinny tells me. His fingers rolling my nipple.

Eddy grunts loudly as he cums. He looks very satisfied as he crumples tiredly next to the short woman.

“How was that for you?” Edward asks me as we drive home.

“It ... was fine. It’s not what I was looking for.” I tell him with a wane smile. “Something about you and Wendy though...”

“I’m not leaving you for her.” He assures me. Noticeably worried.

“No, I know.” I give him a smile. “It’s not that. It’s just ... I was more interested in what the two of you were doing.”

We sit quietly for a few minutes. Lost in our thoughts. The only sound is the engine and the tires on the road.

“I want you to cheat on me.” I turn to him suddenly. “I want you to take a woman out or just go to her house and have sex with her. I want you to betray our wedding vows.” I put my hand on his thigh. “Please? I really want to try this.”

“I’d be doing it for you. Not for me?” He asks, trying to navigate my needs.

I smile again. “That’s right. You would be fucking another woman for your wife.”

Busty Donna was surprisingly enthusiastic to fuck my husband. He didn’t even tell her he had my permission. He didn’t even have to take her out. Just went over there Sunday night.

As I wait for him to get back I find myself getting more and more aroused. My husband was actually out with another woman. Kissing her. Fucking her.

My moan is louder than expected. My hand is in my shorts. Rubbing my hot cunny. Thinking of Donna on her hands and knees. Or ... or her lips around Eddy’s cock.

The kids are downstairs. Either one could walk in and catch their whore mother fingering herself.

I pull my shirt and bra up. Letting my big tits free.

Rebecca would just say ‘gross’ and shut the door.

What if Ben walked in though? Two years older than his sister he still looked young at twenty. Made it hard for him to get a girlfriend. Plus we let him live at home while he was in college.

If he walked in he would see his mom fingering her wet cunt. Her tits hanging out. Maybe he would want to...

Oh god! What am I thinking. It’s so wrong. When did I become such a pervert?

I pull my hand out of my shorts and fix my shirt.

After an eternity Eddy comes home. We head upstairs and silently hop in the shower together. His naked body pressed against mine as we wash.

Then we lay next to each other on the bed. I lean over and snuggle him.

“Tell me everything.” I whisper.

He nods. “When I got there she was wearing only a see through gown and a red one piece underneath.” He starts with his ‘matter of fact’ voice.

“Did she look sexy?” I ask. My fingers caressing his thigh.

“Uh ... yeah. She did.”

“Did she turn you on?” My fingers just briefly brush the tip of his limp cock. I smile when it twitches.

“I, uh ... yeah. She turned me on. She looked hot.” His voice gets more enthusiastic. “We hugged and I could feel her big breasts against my chest. When we kissed she started to rub my crotch.”

I kiss my way down his chest. My fingers caressing his balls.

“She, uh. She got to her knees while I took my shirt off. Then she pulled my dick out and started to suck on it.”

“Like this?” I ask. Kissing the tip of Eddy’s dick. Then taking it in my mouth. I suck him as he gets hard. Going from a limp noodle to a pussy-wrecker in my mouth.

“Uh ... yeah. Like that.” He runs his hand through my long hair. “Her mouth felt so good around my dick. And ... and it’s something my wife never does.”

My pussy tingles with its own need. My free hand slides between my thighs. Two fingers easily dipping into my wet cunt.

“I pulled her robe off as we entered her bedroom. Then pulled down her lingerie. A little roughly I pushed her to bend over the bed. I gave her ass a slap before pulling the red lace all the way off.

Then I was in her, Judith. My dick was in another woman. It felt so good. So good to be fucking a woman other than my wife.”

My body trembles as I have an orgasm. My world shrinks down to my own pleasure and the wonderful cock in my mouth.

When I settle down I find Eddy was rapping up. “So we lay there for a while. She kept saying how wonderful the sex was and I was playing with her big tits. Then I came home.”

I take his dick as deep as it will go. Till I gag. My fingers massaging his balls.

“I’m ... I’m going to cum, honey.” He warns me.

I feel his balls clench. His dick throb. Then I taste his bitter slime. With a moan I swallow the whole load. Something I’ve never done before.

“Oh god, Judy! That feels great!” He groans as his dick continues to unload in my mouth. I suck like I’m trying to draw weather through a hose.

By the time he’s finished I’ve swallowed every drop.

Like the whore I’m becoming.

The next weekend we try something different. I look through my clothes intent on picking out something sexy.

I really don’t have much. A few pieces of lingerie that Eddy bought for special occasions. Stuff I didn’t care fore. Usually gaudy and uncomfortable.

Though ... maybe that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I pull on a pink strappy one piece. It barely covers my tits. Which keep trying to fall out. My tummy is left bare except for two thin criss-cross straps. And the back is a thong. Leaving my ass hanging out.

I also pull on a pair of black stockings. I used to hate them, much preferring hose. But that’s one spot where Eddy put his foot down. No pantyhose. Either stockings, socks, or nothing.

I have to admit I look like a sexy whore in the mirror.

I pull on a simple wrap around dress. Then meet Eddy at the car. I keep tugging at the thong. Stupid, uncomfortable thing.

Donna looks shocked when we show up. She also looks damn hot in a black, half corset. Matching garter and stockings. With red silk panties.

I almost want to fuck get myself. Her tits look amazing.

“I ... I don’t...” She stammers. Obviously worried I am about to throw down.

“Wait. Hear me out. I can’t satisfy Eddy. Not like you. I want you to fuck my husband while I watch and am put in my place.” I give her a smile. “If this is too much we can leave. We won’t mention it again.”

I can visibly see her do a one eighty. The thought of fucking Edward in front of his wife turns her on.

She beckons us inside with a grin.

Donna pulls Eddy into a big hug and kiss. Glancing at me to see my response. I lower my head a little to show my submission.

My pussy tingles with excitement at how brazen she is. Taking my husband right in front of me. Like I’m nothing. A worthless piece of trash.

I untie my dress and let it drop to the floor. They look at me. Donna with a smirk, Eddy with obvious lust.

“What a worthless tramp.” She says stepping up to me. She seems to understand what I need better than me and my husband. Or maybe she is just cruel.

She shoves a hand inside my top. Digging around in the small cup for my nipple. “Who would want your useless cunt?” I gasp as she pinches hard, pulling my big tit out. Then she grabs the other.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She grins. I follow behind the couple. Watching as Eddy puts his hand on her silk clad ass. More excited than I have been for nearly anything.

Donna pushes me down in a chair in the corner of her bedroom. My tits still hanging out. Then she walks over to Eddy.

She glances at me again as she drops to her knees and pulls my husband’s dick out. Already rock hard. My body flushes with excitement when I see it. Then again when she takes it into her mouth.

Donna moans loudly as she sucks him. Eddy has a blissful look on his face as he pulls his clothes off.

I watch as she takes him deeper and deeper. My eyes go wide as she finally takes his whole dick in her mouth.

Then she stands up and turns around. Bending over the bed, Donna wiggles her ass at my husband. “Get a taste of real sugar, handsome. Not your wife’s dried up old cunt.”

Eddy eagerly tugs her panties down. Then shoves his dick her wet twat. “Oh, god! You’re so big!” Donna gasps as my husband rides her.

I watch, aroused as her face flushes and she pulls her giant tits out of her corset. They slap together magnificently as he thrusts into her.

My hand slips to my own wet pussy. Rubbing through my lace.

When they change positions she has him get on his back. She straddles him, cowgirl style. Facing me. Staring me in the eyes as she bounces up and down on my loving partner.

I cum before she does. The last thing I see is her grinning satisfied face, before my eyes clench and my world turns into a white dog of bliss.

When I come back around they are in a missionary position. Donna’s legs in the air as she gasps. Eddy grunting as he dumps his load inside her. My husband’s virile sperm. Trying to make her pregnant.

She had told him she was on the pill. At this point I don’t care. How humiliating would it be to see her belly swell with Eddy’s child.

How exciting?

As we leave, Donna gives him a big kiss. Then she pulls me into a hug. Her hands squeezing my bare ass. “Anytime you two want to play. I’m ready.” She whispers in my ear. Sending shivers down my spine.

“You know I don’t think any of the things she said. Right?” Eddy tells me in the car.

I give him a satisfied smile. “I loved every minute. Especially the humiliation.” I admit.

I thought I was home alone. Otherwise I would have closed the door fully. I had stopped by the house to change before a meeting.

I am down to bra and panties in my bedroom when I notice a face in the mirror. It’s Ben peering through the crack from the open door.

I should grin and shut it. He hasn’t noticed that I’ve seen him. Too busy staring at his mother’s nearly naked body.

A shiver runs through me. I feel naughty.

I hadn’t planned to change my underwear, but now I reach back and unclasp my bra. Letting my big tits jiggle free. Then I bend way over to pull my panties off. Like a porn star might do.

I spend some minutes posing in front of the mirror. Turning this way and that. Lifting my tits and letting them drop. Letting my son get a good look at his whore mommy.

I wonder if his hand is in his pants. Fingers wrapped around his hard dick. Is it like his father’s?

Finally I open my underwear drawer. Leaning way over to search it. Spreading my legs. Letting Ben get a good view of mommy’s wet cunt.

If he walked over to me now I’d let him fuck me. Hell I’d let him do whatever he wanted.

I pick out a cute silk bra and panty set. A little more sexy than my meeting calls for, but no one there will see them.

Then I pull on my dress suit and head out. Ben is nowhere to be seen as I head downstairs.

“We never really talk about your kinks.” I say casually as we sit in bed. The tv playing a crime procedural, mostly as background noise as we swipe through our phones.

Edward nearly chokes on his soda. “I ... uh ... yeah? I thought it was something you aren’t interested in. Something I do on my own.”

Well I’m interested now.” I announce, setting my phone down. I smooth the bottom of my long T-shirt. The only clothes I’m wearing.

I continue to feel bolder in my clothing choices. I’d probably walk around nude, and vulnerable, if it wasn’t for the kids.

“Well ... I like lots of kink. Kink turns me on. The two biggest being control and other peoples kinks.”

“Control?” I ask my body flushing with excitement.

“Sure. Bondage, punishment, humiliation. It basically comes down to control.” He glances at me. “Rape fantasies.” He adds.

I grin. “What’s your favorite kind of control?”

He thinks for a moment. “Probably punishment and humiliation.”

“Like spanking?”

“Sure, and ... and tit slapping.” He says a slight flush to his cheeks.

“I’d let you do that.” I tell him thrusting my chest out at him.

He grins. “You haven’t even let me spank you. Not really.”

I nod. “My needs and desires are changing.” I inform him. “I need you to help me explore my kinks. And if we get to explore some of yours? All the better.”

I move to my hands and knees. Pulling my shirt up to expose my round ass. I wiggle my derrière at my husband as I look back at him, grinning.

“Your wife is becoming very naughty. She need to be punished.”

Eagerly my handsome husband grabs my hips. Forcing me into a more comfortable position. Then I gasp as he shoves my face into the mattress.

With a SMACK! My ass feels like fire. Not a small love tap he would give me once in a while. Full on hardcore spanks on my bare ass.

My body tingles as my ass throbs in pain. Eddy striking me again and again.

I can actually feel the beginning of an orgasm and all he has done is cause pain.

When he finally relents I sit up resting my burning rear on the bed. I pull my shirt over my head.

“Slap them.” I order my husband, putting my hands on my head. A little nervously.

He is a lot more gentle at first. Lightly smacking my tits back and forth. They wobble and bounce.

They quickly turn pink when he gets rougher. They definitely sting more than my sore ass.

When I’m not sure I can take anymore Eddy slaps me across the face. Not excessively hard, but definitely stinging my cheek.

He looks horrified for a moment. Thinking he has gone too far.

“Fuck me, master.” I moan. Leaning back and spreading my legs for my husband.

Gratefully he lays on top of me. I groan in pleasure as his dick slides deep in me.

“That wasn’t too far?” He asks concerned. Thrusting. I can feel his balls delightfully slap against me.

“No, it was just fine.” I assure him. My orgasm rising quickly.

Soon I am laying in his arms. Drifting lazily to sleep. “I may be kinkier than you.” I murmur. His hand gently pets my hair.

Last night I let Eddy tie my hands behind my back and fuck his helpless wife. My husband being in total control.

Today I’ve sent the kids out for the evening. I wait for my amazing husband to get home.

I put on an old, button up shirt with no bra. And a pair of cotton shorts. No panties.

I grin when I hear the door open. I leap off the couch when he sees me. “An intruder!” I gasp, exaggeratedly turning to run. I look back to see he is confused. “Probably a rapist!” I add, then I jog out of the living room.

I can hear him scrambling after me.

Eddy catches me at the stairs. Grabbing my shoulders and spinning me around. “Bout to take my big dick, bitch!” He snarls, trying not to laugh.

I sit back on a stair gasping as he tears my shirt open. Buttons bounce off the walls and my tits flop free.

He grabs roughly at my tits giving me the opportunity to turn around and flee up the stairs. Though he grabs the waistband of my shorts and yanks them down as I run.

Then we are in the bedroom. He throws me on the bed. Climbs up and straddles my waist.

I shiver as Eddy pins my hands above my head.

“You’re going to beg for it, whore.” He growls, slapping the side of my face.

“No! Please, no!”

He pinches and pulls my nipples. Then slaps at my tits. When I can’t take anymore, I beg.

“P ... please...”

“Please, What? You fucking whore.”

“Please fuck me. Use my pussy. Punish me with your big cock.” I moan.

Eddy grins and flips me over. He pulls my hips up and thrusts into my wet, ready, cunt.

I bite the back of my fist as I moan loudly. My husband fucking me from behind. Occasionally slapping my whore ass.

I cry out as my orgasm rumbles through me. Losing myself in the ecstasy.

As I come down I feel him shooting cum inside me. Filling up my twat with his fuck slime.

Eddy pulls out and lays back with a satisfied sigh. “That was amazing.” He moans.

I turn around and grab his hips. I love the look of surprise on his face as I suck his soft, slimy dick in my mouth. I lick off the disgusting juices ad he moans. No doubt tasting both of us.

Then I climb into his arms.

“It was good for me too.”

I take Rebecca out shopping the next day. We pick out a couple cute outfits for her. Then I wander into the lingerie isle.

“Gonna get something pretty?” She asks.

The teen is nearly as tall as me. Standing this close our tits nearly press together. My body tingles with a forbidden lust.

“Your dad and I are exploring new boundaries in our sex life. I would like to dress sexier for him. Sluttier.”

Instead of saying ‘eww!’ She gives me an appraising look.

“New boundaries, huh? And you want some slutty clothes?” She finally says. I nod.

She starts to pick some stuff out. Holding them up against me to ballpark sizes.

“So what have you explored?” She asks as we shop.

Feeling bold I tell her pretty much everything. My body trembles with excitement and humiliation at revealing these shameful secrets to my own daughter.

She grins at me when I finish. “Thy these on.” She orders. I step into the changing room with the pile of lingerie she handed me. “You need to come out so I can judge.”

Feeling strangely exposed I step out wearing the first outfit. A blue babydoll top with lace panties.

“Nice.” My daughter says. “Now give me a twirl.” There are butterflies in my tummy as she orders me around. Then I step back in to try on the next outfit.

A bra and panty set. Shiny pink with frills and a thong back for the panties. The bra is a half cup, leaving my nipples exposed.

I almost don’t step out. Is this too far?

When I do Becca smiles. She steps forward. “Cute, but how do your nipples feel in this?”

She looks me in the eye as she reaches up and grabs my exposed nipples between her fingers.

I can’t help but gasp as they get hard between her fingers.

“They, uh ... they feel great.” I answer.

She steps back to look. “Very slutty. You look good mother.”

The next outfit is a sexy schoolgirl costume. With indecently short plaid skirt, and a white top that has to be tied together. No bra.

Rebecca grins when she sees me. “Yeah, daddy will eat you up when he sees this.” She steps real close our bodies almost touching.

My daughter runs a finger along the hem of my top. Across my cleavage. Then she lifts up my skirt. First the front, nodding. Then she placed a hand on my shoulder and makes me turn around. Lifting the back.

My breath catches when she gently placed a hand on my ass. Rubbing me through the pink cotton panties. “Nice, but this will look better in a thong. I’ll grab you more thongs.

I try on more than a dozen slutty outfits for my daughter before we pick out a few and head home.

I need to touch myself so bad I can barely wait till I get in the shower.

My family is sitting on the couch where I had ordered them after dinner. Even Eddy doesn’t know what I’m about to announce. Though Becca gives me a knowing grin.

“I am going to try a new life style. One that may make some of you uncomfortable. Hopefully it will make your father and I very happy.”

All three look at me intensely. Waiting for the big finish.

“I am going to live as your father’s submissive whore. Daily around the house, and occasionally in public.”

I look down shamefully at my feet. Feeling aroused. “I hope you don’t hate me. And I’m sorry that we are including you, in some small way, with our sex games. I wanted to explain before we start tomorrow with this. Any questions?” I ask looking up.

“Should we treat you any different?” Becca asks.

“If I am dressed regularly, no. If I’m in my submissive persona. That’s mostly up to you. I seem to get off on humiliation, so...”

“How will we know what persona you’re in?” Ben asks. I think I see a little pup tent in his pants.

“She will wear a collar. Or a choker to show off her submissive status.” Rebecca announces. Honestly I hadn’t thought of that, but the idea excites me. I nod.

With no more questions we head to bed.

“Are you sure about this?” Eddy asks.

I nod. “Sure enough to give it a try. Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m ... I’m really excited to try.”

“Me too.” I pull my loving husband into a passionate kiss.

I head out early Saturday morning and buy a pink dog collar. Along with half a dozen cute chokers.

I feel real giddy when I put the collar on in the parking lot.

When I pull into the garage I strip to my underwear. Then head upstairs. Where I put on the naughty schoolgirl costume while I watch my husband sleep. My ass feels extra vulnerable around a pink thong.

I crawl into bed and caress his dick through his boxer briefs. Getting him hard while he still snores.

He wakes mumbling as I take his cock out. Then begin to suck it.

“Ooh! Oh, fuck that’s amazing.” He moans as I try to take more and more in my throat. Trying to repress my gag reflex. “That feels great, honey. Uh ... you whore. Cock whore.”

I moan myself. Happy to be pleasing my man. Happy to feel so naughty doing it.

When he cums I swallow every drop of my master’s cum. Then I hop downstairs to do some chores.

As the day plays out I get excited and horny anytime my kids or husband walk past. Becca gives me a knowing look. Eddy often gives me a grope and a kiss, Ben finds reasons to be in the same room as me. Obviously checking out his own mother when I’m not looking.

I give him plenty of opportunity to look.

After I make dinner and set the table I kneel next to Edward’s chair. Often resting my head on his thigh.

That evening he fucks me doggy style. Gripping my collar as he pounds my slut ass.

Sunday evening we play at Donna’s again. This time she ties me to the chair naked while she fucks my husband and insults me.

She had taped a big vibrator to the seat and it gives me multiple orgasms while the busty blonde enjoys my husband.

She especially likes my dog collar.

The rest of the week passes in a wonderful haze of submission and sex. I dress normal for work. And strip in the garage when I get home. Rushing upstairs to change into something slutty.

Friday afternoon I am dusting in a one-piece thong swimsuit. Suddenly my collar is grabbed from behind.

“Such a naughty mommy.” Becca says. “I didn’t really think you would keep this up.” She forces me to bend over backwards, my head resting on her shoulder while her free hand dives down the front of my suit. Groping my big tits “you really are a whore though. Aren’t you?” She hisses in my ear.

“Y ... yes, mistress.” I gasp. My pussy quivering with lust.

My daughter drags me over to the couch. Bending me over the arm. My nearly bare ass in the air.

“I’ve seen you checking out my tits, you flabby assed fuck waffle.” I wince as she spanks my rear. “Now it’s time to put to in your place.” I hear something hard smack her hand. Looking back I see she has a big wooden mixing spoon.

“Who owns you?” She asks with a WHAP on my rear.

“Uunh! Your father does!” I gasp.

“That’s right.” She smacks me again. “And of the two of us. Who do you think he wants to fuck more?” Another cruel smack.

“You. He’d want to fuck you.” I nearly have an orgasm at that. The thought of Eddy and Becca together.

“Does he want an old broken down cow, like you?” A pair of burning swats.

I moan. “N ... nooo.”

A few more spanks sets my big round ass jiggling. “Or would he rather have a tight, young, hottie like me.” Some more punishing swats. My ass is burning and I’m sure bright red.

“You. He wants to fuck you.” I gasp.

“That’s right, you old whore.” She grabs my hair and painfully yanks my head up. “You’re going to make it happen, understand?” She gives my cheek a light slap. Not as hard as her father. “You are going to convince daddy to fuck me.”

I nod. It’s true. I’m going to happily ask my husband to commit incest.

Becca sits on the couch and pulls her jeans and panties off. Forcing me to my knees before her. “For now I’ll just have to settle for your broken, trash, ass.” She points to her teen cunny. “Start licking.”

My eighteen year old daughter’s beautiful pussy lay bare before me. And I do mean bare. She must shave, because she is bare as silk there.

I can smell her sweet, excited scent from where I kneel. See just the hint of glistening wetness between her netherlips.

She gasps when I lean in and give her a long lick. Squealing and grabbing my head when I flick her clit with my tongue. I think she may be as sensitive as me.

I kiss and lick my first pussy. My daughters cute little cunny. Loving every incestuous second. I hope someone comes in. Someone to punish me for being so naughty.

Soon the beautiful teen makes cute little squeaking sounds as she grinds her pussy against my face. Her juices flow freely as she cums. I lap it up eagerly.

Afterward my daughter looks embarrassed. Quickly pulling on her jeans and fleeing upstairs while I sit obediently.

Eddy took me dancing in my dog collar. I wore a skirt that didn’t quite cover my ass, a silk thong, and a tube top with no bra. White and mostly see-through. So people could see my nipples.

We had a great time. I was turned on all night. Grinding on him as we danced. Imagining people were watching the ‘whore Milf.’

Afterward he fucked me in the back of the car. Bent over with my skirt pulled up. He didn’t even take my panties off, just pushed them aside.

I loved every minute.

With Eddy’s permission we took some nude pictures of me and submitted them to some pay sites. Netting a quick hundred bucks and letting the whole world see what I had.

I pull my panties off. My bra follows next. I can hear the shower running.

This is wrong, but I open the door anyway. I bite my lip and grin when I see Ben through the frosted glass. Rubbing his young body.

Before I lose my nerve I open the shower and step in.

“Mom!” My son shouts. His eyes drawn to my bare breasts.

“I figured we could conserve water.” I tell him matter-of-factly. “Here soap up my back.”

Nervously he lathers up my back. Naughty boy. Showering with mommy. His hands go real low. Caressing my round ass.

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