Over Their Heads

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: A quick story about a couple who goes to a swingers club to spice up their marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Sharing   Wife Watching   Interracial   .

James and Marcy had a great marriage. The pair met shortly after graduating college and seemed like a great fit. They were both good looking, outdoor types with great jobs. James had spied Marcy at a networking event and the couple had spent the rest of the night on the patio chatting. It was a world wind romance, going from a first date to planning the wedding in just months. They had honeymooned in Hawaii for over two weeks and had spent much of that in bed, fucking like rabbits. Marcy had an extremely slender body, with small breasts and shoulder length brunette hair. For a woman as thin as she was, she had a remarkably heart shaped ass. James was a decently looking guy, with a respectable body and average cock. He enjoyed taking his new bride down to the beach and showing off her bikini covered body to the world. He knew that everyone they passed was looking at her and he beamed internally knowing that he was going to be the one to fuck her that night. The couple spent days on the beach and hiking in the mountains, even sneaking in a quick fuck behind a huge palm tree. Eventually they had to return to the real world and begin their new lives.

The first several months were storybook. They body enjoyed their jobs and got home at a decent time. James would often come home to find Marcy waiting naked in bed for him and they often ended up ordering take out for dinner when the evening ran too late. The couple was passionate, energetic lovers as all new couples were, but that wouldn’t last for long.

James got a promotion at work, which meant a great pay raise but also meant longer hours. Marcy stopped waiting for him naked and often found herself cooking for one. The all night fuck fests during the week gave way to rushed dinners, quick showers and early bed times. Marcy, to her credit, stepped up her game, introducing sexy outfits, bondage and sex toys to the bedroom’s weekend events and for several weeks things flipped around. But eventually James grew tired of dress up and fuzzy handcuffs. He desperately wanted to fuck Marcy in the ass, having never had anal sex before, but Marcy was too frightened to try it, having had a college boyfriend once pull an ‘oops’ on her during doggy style. Also, though sex wasn’t a reward system, Marcy didn’t feel that James had done enough lately to deserve her back door. So, they eventually stopped having sex all together.

Marcy considered briefly having an affair to bring back the passion in her life but was overwhelmed by the sense of guilt that the idea caused her. Eventually after a half bottle of wine, she forced herself to confront James about her feelings and after much passion and tears, they both agreed to make a change. They decided to try a local sex club. While neither of them had ever been involved in group sex and they weren’t interested in swapping, they decided that perhaps the environment would give them a bit of a spark. After making the necessarily arrangements, that Saturday they decided to give it a shot.

Marcy wore a skin tight black dress. Her small breasts allowed her to forgo a bra and a tiny black g string covered her bare mound. James was in a suit and the pair eagerly made their way across town to the club. The couple made their way inside the large converted warehouse, filled with tables and chairs, filled with well-dressed couples, drinking and chatting. James and Marcy mingled, eventually making their way into the fuck area.

There they were treated to a virtual festival of sex in every conceivable combination and position. There were 3 somes, 4 somes and more somes. Beautiful bodies attached to each other in every different way possible. Marcy and James sipped their wine as they watched, Marcy grinding her ass against James’ hardening cock.

“Hot show huh?” A voice came from the side. The couple turned to see a shorter woman with long, wavy blond hair in a white dress standing next to them. Both Marcy and James couldn’t help but admire her curvy body and large breasts.

“Yeah it is.” Marcy replied. James nodded.

“First time here?” She asked. The couple nodded. “I can usually tell. I’m Olivia.” She said.

“Marcy.” Marcy replied “and this is my husband James.”

“Marcy, you’re a hottie. I’d like to do bad things to you.” Olivia said bluntly. Marcy blushed deeply.

“I’d like to see that!” James said, a bit drunk.

“I bet you would.” Olivia purred, putting her hand on Marcy’s arm.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done anything with a girl.” Marcy stammered, looking at Olivia’s hand.

“Oh even better. My boyfriend loves to watch me break in new girls.” Olivia replied, moving closer to Marcy and putting her hand on her hip.

“Boyfriend?” Marcy asked, panting a little bit.

“Yeah. Do you see that big black stud on the couch behind me? He’s been staring at you since you walked in the door.” Olivia said, sliding her hand around Marcy’s waist and down to her ass. Her hand moved between Marcy and James and she gripped her butt.

Marcy and James both looked over Olivia’s shoulder to see a large, bald black man sitting on the couch behind Olivia. He was sipping a drink and his eyes were moving from Marcy to the orgy in front of them.

“Uhm, we’re not here to swap or anything. We’re just checking the place out.” Marcy mumbled as Olivia squeezed her ass.

“Sure sweetie. How about the four of us find a quiet spot and get to know each other?” Olivia said as her hand moved up to Marcy’s plunging neckline.

“Uhm yeah, that would be nice.” Marcy babbled as Olivia’s long fingernail ran over her erect nipple.

“Follow me cutie.” Olivia said, grabbing Marcy’s hand and quickly leading her towards her boyfriend. Marcy struggled to keep up with Olivia in her tall heels and James ran after the women. Olivia led Marcy over to where her boyfriend was waiting.

“Hey baby, what do you have here?” He asked.

“Hey babe, this is Marcy. Marcy, this is Tye.” Olivia said, pushing Marcy in front of her. Tye’s eyes hungrily devoured Marcy’s slender body as he stood up, towering above her.

“Hey. This is my husband James.” Marcy stammered, nodding over her shoulder.

“Sup.” Tye replied, not taking his eyes off Marcy.

“We’re going to one of the rooms.” Olivia said.

“Cool. Let’s roll.” Tye replied. Olivia grabbed Marcy’s hand and led her down the hallway with James following and Tye trailing behind.

Olivia came to a room lit with red bulbs. The room was fairly simple, a king sized bed in the middle and a large chair in two corners. Olivia climbed into the middle of the bed and turned around as the rest of the group entered. Marcy and James moved to the side near a chair as Tye entered.

“Come here baby.” Olivia purred, dropping down on her hands and motioning to Tye. Marcy and James could see her large breasts hanging down and then Tye climbed onto the bed. Olivia reached up and unbuttoned Tye’s shirt, pulling it off to reveal his muscular chest and arms that were covered in tattoos. James sat in the chair and pulled Marcy into his lap as Tye and Olivia began kissing, Tye’s large black hands roaming over Olivia’s ass. James’s hands slid up and down Marcy’s thigh as Tye yanked Olivia’s dress down, causing her large breasts to pop out.

Marcy squirmed in James’s lap as Olivia’s hands went to Tye’s crotch, nimbly unbuckling it and yanking it down. Marcy’s eyes followed Olivia’s hands as she extracted Tye’s dick.

“Damn.” Marcy whispered as Olivia extracted Tye’s thick cock.

“It’s beautiful huh?” Olivia said as she lowered her head to Tye’s crotch. Marcy blushed hard, not knowing that anyone had heard her.

“Uhm, yeah.” Marcy stammered as Olivia pushed her mouth over Tye’s shaft.

“You ever had black dick before?” Tye asked Marcy, putting his hand on the back of Olivia’s head and pushing her down.

Marcy shook her head no.

“We can fix that.” Tye replied with a grin as Olivia began bobbing up and down on his cock.

“Uhm, we’re not swingers or anything.” Marcy stammered, looking at James and then back at the couple.

“Uh huh, sure.” Tye replied before looking down at Olivia and pushing her down harder on his dick. Olivia seemed to have no problems taking Tye’s cock in her mouth and though she couldn’t get it all the way down her throat, she made a big show of trying. Tye sat back down on his heels and Olivia sat up, trying to push more of his cock into her mouth. Tye reached behind her and pulled her dress up, revealing her ass. Tye put one hand on the back of her head and smacked her curvy ass with the other. Olivia moaned and pushed herself down further onto his dick.

Marcy and James stared as Tye pumped Olivia’s willing mouth. James’s hand moved up Marcy’s crotch and was now lightly rubbing her pussy through her panties. Marcy was squirming in James’s lap as they watched Olivia work her magic.

“You love that dick, don’t you baby?” Tye said, holding a fist full of Olivia’s hair in his hand. Olivia nodded and slowly pulled her mouth off his shaft.

“Love it baby. Love this dick.” She purred, stroking his shaft and spreading her spit all over it.

“You kids like the show so far?” Tye asked, turning towards Marcy and James. The couple nodded.

“Come here baby.” Olivia said, motioning towards Marcy as she sat up.

Marcy glanced over her shoulder at James for just a moment and when he said nothing, she slowly stood up and walked over to the bed.

“Yeah, that’s it sweetie. Come here, I promise I won’t bite.” Olivia purred, holding out her hand. Marcy took it slowly and got onto the bed on her knees. Olivia wrapped her arms around the brunette and leaned in, kissing her aggressively. Marcy was taken aback for a moment and then melted into Olivia’s arms.

“Yeah, good shit there.” Tye commented, moving behind Marcy. His cock was sticking out dangerously as he slid behind her.

“Your boobs are so amazing.” Marcy commented, tearing away from Olivia’s mouth and glancing down.

“Touch them.” Olivia said, grabbing Marcy’s hand. Marcy slowly ran her fingers over Olivia’s large breasts.

“You don’t have to be gentle. I like it rough, isn’t that right?” Olivia said with a laugh.

“That’s for sure. Livia here is a kinky bitch!” Tye said with a laugh, putting his hands on Marcy’s hips. Marcy slowly squeezed Olivia’s breasts. Olivia laughed and put her hand on top of Marcy’s and squeezed it down harder.

“Rougher. I can take it. Suck on them too.” Olivia directed. Marcy squeezed her large breasts harder and slowly dropped her head down to Olivia’s other breast and took her nipple into her mouth. Olivia put her hand on the back of Marcy’s head and pulled her down, causing the brunette to bend over slightly. This caused her ass to stick out and her tight dress to ride up higher on her ass. James watched as Tye pulled Marcy’s dress up over her ass and moved behind her, his cock between her legs. It was so long that it actually stuck out the other side, making it appear that Marcy had a cock.

“You got a nice ass girl. It would look real good with my cock stuffed up in it.” Tye commented as Olivia’s hand dropped down to Marcy’s crotch. The blond woman shoved her hand inside Marcy’s panties and found her clit and began expertly rubbing it.

“Never had anything in my ass before.” Marcy panted, lifting her head away from Olivia’s breast for a moment.

“We can fix that, can’t we babe?” Olivia said with a grin as Tye slowly pumped his cock in between Marcy’s legs.

“Sure can babe. Piece of cake.” Tye replied, reaching down and grabbing his cock. He slid backwards a little bit and his cock popped out from between Marcy’s legs. He grabbed the string that was splitting Marcy’s ass cheeks and pried it out of her crack and pulled to the side. He raised his cock and aimed it between Marcy’s ass cheeks and pressed forward, causing Marcy to yelp and jump forward.

“Hey there, ease off!” James called out, already uneasy with Tye’s cock being so close to his wife.

“Hey man, it’s cool. Little lady might not be ready for a dick in the ass.” Tye replied, his voice conceding.

“Besides, it’s not wet enough to go up her ass.” Olivia called out, looking at Tye with a grin.

“No it ain’t. Maybe you girls should take care of that.” Tye replied, laying down on the bed and pulling his pants off. His cock was sticking straight into the air and Olivia turned towards it, quickly lowering her head. Her ass stuck out at James and he could see her asshole and pussy up her dress as she bobbed on his dick. Marcy was still sitting up where Olivia had left her, but was turned away from James and watching Olivia suck Tye.

“Come closer, you’ll get a better view babe.” Tye called out, motioning to Marcy with his finger. Marcy looked at James for a moment and then back at Tye. “Come on, you know you want to watch close up.” He teased.

Marcy slowly knelt down next to Olivia, her brunette hair spilling down and her ass sticking up towards her husband. James saw her curvy ass sticking out of her dress and her asshole was still exposed to the air. His eyes moved back and forth from Marcy’s crotch to Olivia’s and his cock hardened from the view. His eyes were so enraptured by the women that he didn’t notice Marcy’s head moving up and down.

“Yeah baby, that’s it. Suck that dick!” Tye called out, putting his hand on the back of Marcy’s head.

“Hey, what’s going on!” James called out, jumping up and moving around the side of the bed where Marcy was. He turned and looked down to see Marcy with her mouth full of Tye’s cock.

“What are you doing?” He exclaimed. Marcy looked up at her husband but didn’t stop what she was doing.

“Hey man, it’s just a blowjob. Chill out man, we’re just having some fun here, aren’t we?” Tye teased.

“I’m having a great time, are you sweetie?” Olivia commented, rubbing her hands over Marcy’s back. Marcy looked at her husband and then at Tye.

“Well babe? Are you having a good time?” Tye asked. Marcy nodded, her mouth still stuffed with cock.

“See man, everyone here is having a good time, so be cool ok?” Tye dismissed, pushing Marcy down harder on his dick. The brunette gagged but never removed her mouth.

Olivia stood up and stripped off her dress. Marcy moved towards the middle of the bed and kept bobbing her head up and down on Tye. Olivia moved behind Marcy and pulled her dress over her ass and up over her hips. She grabbed the brunette’s G string and slid it down her slender legs and pulled it off. With a grin, the blond woman dropped down behind Marcy and pulled her ass cheeks apart and pressed her head in.

James could hear Marcy moan loudly. Tye chuckled.

“She’s good huh?” Tye asked. Marcy pulled off his cock and leaned her head up, gasping for air.

“Oh fuck!” Marcy groaned, pushing her ass back against Olivia’s face.

“How’s she taste girl?” Tye called out.

Olivia pulled her face away from Marcy’s crotch and lifted her head up. James could see her chin was covered in Marcy’s juice.

“Real good baby! Real sweet!” Olivia replied.

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