Cindy Sue's Obedient German Shepard

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: Cindy Sue never really thought Max would be the one to make her feel real good when she needed that special tingle that hit her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   Incest   Brother   Sister   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   .

Cindy Sue was on top of her pink and white bed masturbating with her teddy bear Charlie. She had wrapped her step-brother Allen’s dirty jockey shorts around Charlie to make him more exciting. She was almost to orgasm when she felt her German Shepard Max’s wet tongue on her feminine nether lips. After about a dozen fast licks, he made her have a beautiful orgasm that completely blew her mind.

It was the first time she had ever thought about the possibility of any animal being sexually attractive and so skilled at making her have a release that was like rockets exploding between her legs. In a short period of time she had gone from a girl that would never consider a dog a route to sexual happiness and joy and now she felt like she could never go back to that limited way of thinking.

She never mentioned a word of it to her best friend Alice despite the fact that up to that point she had never hidden anything from Alice even when she had shamefully sucked the black quarterback’s cock right in the locker room just before the prom in senior year. In a way, she considered her escapade with Max, her German Shepard a matter for her and Max alone and not to be shared with anyone because it would make her seem a bad person.

After school, she almost ran home and scampered with Max up the stairs to her room. She felt safe in her bedroom because nobody ever came in without her permission including her mom and dad. Even when she was on top of the bed studying with her step-brother Allen with her skirt all up around her ass cheeks and her pussy leaking big time because all she could think about was how it would feel with Allen’s big cock inside her vagina making a woman once and for all. Of course, they never did anything like that because Allen had a beautiful blonde girlfriend called Betty and he never had to masturbate anymore because Betty took care of all that sex stuff for him whenever he had an urge.

She let Max jump up on the bed right on top of the spread with the hearts and little cupids shooting arrows into happy boys and girls. She petted Max for a few minutes and talked softly to him in a little girl voice pretending she was not already almost eighteen and close to being a real woman. “Good boy doggy”, she whispered to Max and then she slid underneath him as he stood up on top off the bed. She crouched under him and her head was right under his hairy sheath with the visible pink of his cock point sticking out.

She screwed up her resolve and bravely reached out with her slightly shaking hand and began to slowly massage his doggy cock. All the time, she continued to talk to him real low like she did when she was certain he might be interested in considering her a replacement for a bitch in heat.

A moment later, his doggy penis was exposed to her excited view.

All she could remember was that it was pink, wet and hot to the touch. She stared at it and was impressed with the quivering hardness that was so much like the football player’s dick that drained so fully inside her mouth. The huge thing had to be at least nine inches long and was hard as a rock. Suddenly, she had the sensation of her juices brimming over the edges of her feminine slit.

“Oh my God, Max you are so big, I don’t know if you will fit inside me, boy.”

Her German Shepard whined plaintively and put his paw on her belly just above her clitoris. She made up her mind and said almost in a whisper, “It might be a tight fit, Max baby but we will try our best.”

Then, she pulled out some of her socks from the bureau and slipped them on his paws. She had read in the library book that it would be advisable to prevent any scratching from the dog’s claws. After that precaution, she stripped naked and locked her door on the inside just to be extra careful and not be caught having sex with an animal.

The air conditioner happened to come on at the same time and the cold draft made her skin into little goosebumps and she wasn’t sure if it was the cool air or a sense of fear about the unknown.

Now, she was naked and with a large dog standing over her like some vision from an artistic magazine. The thought that ran through her mind was that she was so similar to a doggy bitch in heat and it made her want to bark and whine just like a dog to make Max more relaxed on top of her. She realized that it wouldn’t work getting laid this way and flipped over face down and the bed and rose up to her elbows and knees. Now, her back and bottom were fitted into Max’s belly and his hard shaft was rubbing right between her legs.

Max got her scent at that moment and he knew he had a bitch in heat right where he wanted her.

The excited dog made contact with Cindy Sue’s bare skin with his wet doggy penis and that wet touch sent a signal to his brain like an instinctive reaction to start humping without stopping for any reason except when his doggy sperm was all inside the bitch he had under control.

That probing of her vagina was enough to send a shiver of excitement up Cindy Sue’s spine and she pushed her ass up into his business to give him better access. He was licking her ears and neck now and that added to her sensation of a fast approaching orgasm.

She loved the wet roughness of his tongue all over her skin and was unable to stop a groan of pleasure from escaping her teenaged lips. His shaft was deep inside her now and she didn’t want it out until she had reached that plateau of pleasure that she could rock on until her orgasm hit full-blast.

“Oh! My God, Max. That’s a good boy!” Her frenzied cry was heard by her step brother and he was not quite certain exactly what he heard. It was more the pitch and the excitement of her words that hinted to him his step-sister might be masturbating in her room alone. He never had a single suspicion that she was actually having sex with a dog at that moment.

The large German Shepard was accelerating his pumping now and he was hitting into her vagina and coming out and rubbing her clitoris and even going to the rear and bouncing hard against her tight little sphincter like some kinky dog with no shame. She reached up to his doggy cock and pushed it back inside the correct place and the dog humped away like a robot with a brand new battery.

A second orgasm hit her tiny frame and she almost lost consciousness with the sheer level of pleasure. She had never felt a tingle like this in any episode of masturbation and it was something that she was certain she would want again and again.

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