Jennifer Brings Over a Friend. Club Wives 8

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: Jennifer decides to surprise me by bringing her roommate over. Quite a surprise it turned out to be!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Sharing   Rough   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

“Hey what’s up?” Came the text. Jennifer might be an amazing woman, but she was still a 20 something. I didn’t really care for texting all that much, but it was a necessarily evil.

A week had passed since my adventure at the club with Rochelle and 2 weeks since I had seen Jennifer. I was beginning to miss her and I was happy to hear from her.

“How’s it going? Things ok with the roommate?” I asked.

“Yup. I’ve got news.” came the reply.

“Call me.” I said.

Jennifer called me.

“So what’s going on? Is she ok?” I asked.

“Yeah. Things had been rough between them and then something happened that made her just sort of snap. I never liked the guy anyway, so I’m not that heartbroken for her. I think she’s better off.”

“Good for her.” I replied.

“Yeah, real good for you.” Jennifer said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah? Why is that?” I asked.

“Well, when you get a heart broken girl and a bottle of wine, things tend to happen.” Jennifer said.

“Go on.”

“She apparently got a crash course in pussy licking a few weeks before and decided to give me a lesson.”

My cock hardened.

“Go on.” I said evenly. Jennifer laughed.

“I returned the favor.” Jennifer replied.

“Oh really? How was it?” I said, trying to contain my excitement.

“Just swell Dad.” Jennifer laughed. “It was fucking great! We’ve been practicing these last few days.” Jennifer replied excitedly.

“Practicing for what?” I asked.

“For you to call me.” Jennifer said seductively.

My cock was now rock hard.

“Oh really? What do you mean?” I asked, keeping my voice as flat as I could.

“Well, I’ve been telling her all about you, about how you rock my world and fuck my brains out. She’s very excited and wants to know if you might be interested in meeting her. I could bring her over to you.” Jennifer replied, her voice dripping.

“You’re going to stick around right?”

“If you want us both, I’m sure we can arrange something.” She replied, sex oozing from the phone.

“When do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Now works.” Jennifer said with a laugh.

“Now works for me.”

“See you soon. Oh and, she’s really interested in anal. She’s never had it before.” Jennifer said. My cock grew another inch.

“See you soon.” I gulped.

Sure enough, about 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door. I tried to keep calm as I walked over and opened it. Jennifer launched herself on me, covering me with kisses.

“I missed you!” She called out.

“I missed you too cutie.”

“Am I interrupting?” A sweet voice came from behind her. I set Jennifer down and looked over her shoulder.

Chrissy was standing behind her, staring at the both of us.

“Hey babe, this is my roommate, Chrissy.” Jennifer said, grabbing Chrissy’s hand and pulling her inside and closing the door.

Chrissy and I stared at each other for a moment, unsure of what to do. I think that Jennifer picked up on it.

“Do you two know each other?” She asked.

Chrissy and I looked at each other and then both shook our heads no.

“Cool. We’ve got so much to do!” Jennifer purred, sliding up next to Chrissy and wrapping her arms around her. Chrissy turned towards Jennifer and the two college girls slowly pressed their mouths together. It was such a beautiful sight. The girls weren’t drunk. They weren’t being forced. They were putting on a show, but they were actually, legit enjoying each other. It was vastly different than Jill or Rochelle’s lesbian activities.

I watched them for a while and then Jennifer grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to the girls.

“She tastes really sweet. You should try her.” She purred, pulling away from Chrissy and pushing me towards her. I took a step towards Chrissy and she slowly put her arms over my shoulders. I leaned in and kissed her softly, savoring her smooth lips.

“That’s so fucking sexy.” Jennifer moaned, moving behind Chrissy and kissing the back of her neck as our intensity built. I slid my hands down and gripped Chrissy’s tight ass as Jennifer raised her arms up, pulling her t shirt off. Braless, Chrissy’s small but firm breasts popped into view and I ran my hand over one of them gently as we continued kissing.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Jennifer asked, kissing down Chrissy’s back.

“She is. You both are.” I commented, kissing Chrissy’s neck as Jennifer reached around her roommate and unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down. Chrissy kicked them off and stood in her panties as I sucked on her other breast. Jennifer kissed up her back again towards her neck and Chrissy turned towards her. The women kissed passionately as I rubbed the front of Chrissy’s panty covered crotch.

“The rest of her tastes sweet also.” Jennifer purred, sliding her hands around Chrissy’s front and rubbing her tits.

“You’re overdressed.” I commented as I dropped down to my knees in front of Chrissy. Jennifer quickly pulled her own shirt off and kicked off her shorts and Chrissy began rubbing on Jennifer’s breasts as I slid her panties down. I noticed that Chrissy was now completely bare between her legs and I pressed my face into her crotch and took in a deep breath as the women embraced.

Jennifer held onto Chrissy and moved, putting her own back against the wall and holding Chrissy from behind as I began to lick her. Chrissy moaned loudly and lifted a leg over my shoulder as she turned, kissing Jennifer again as Jennifer played with her nipples lightly from behind.

“That looks so hot.” Jennifer commented, moving a hand from Chrissy’s nipple down to rub my head as I lapped her.

“God, he’s good.” Chrissy gasped, kissing Jennifer still.

“Who’s better? Me or him?” Jennifer teased as I flicked my tongue over her clit.

“Oh God, I don’t know!” Chrissy moaned, wiggling her hips against my face.

“I guess I’ll just have to practice some more so I’ll be the clear winner.” Jennifer replied seductively.

“Do me and I’ll do you back babe.” Chrissy replied, kissing her passionately.

Chrissy’s pussy tasted incredibly sweat and I feasted on her nectar for some time. Eventually the brunette was grinding her hips against my face as her and Jennifer’s tongues fought.

“Fuck, he’s going to make me cum!” She cried out.

“Do it, cum on his face!” Jennifer exclaimed, rubbing her nipples harder.

“Can I?” Chrissy cried out.

“Do it sweetie.” I replied, pushing a finger into her dripping cunt and rubbing on her G spot.

Chrissy immediately grabbed my head in both hands and began humping my face. I pumped my finger in and out of her pussy and kept up my assault on her clit. A minute later she was screaming loudly, holding my head and flooding my face with her juice.

She collapsed and fell backwards into Jennifer’s arms, who caught the brunette and slowly set her on a nearby chair.

“Well, that was sexy as fuck!” Jennifer commented as I stood up and cracked my neck.

“Yeah it was.” Chrissy whispered.

Jennifer turned towards me and then kissed me hard, licking her friend’s juice off my face. I grabbed her tight ass cheeks and squeezed them hard, making Jennifer giggle and squirm.

“You got some left for me?” She moaned.

“Always. What would you like?” I asked.

“I need your cock in me.” Jennifer said seductively, grabbing at my dick.

I picked Jennifer up and tossed her over my shoulder like a caveman. She giggled and kicked her legs a little bit and I started walking towards the bedroom. Chrissy got up and followed us and I threw Jennifer onto the bed.

“You brute!” She called out, still laughing.

“You love it.” I replied, pulling off my clothes.

“I do!” She replied, rolling over on her hands and knees and peeling her panties down. Chrissy climbed on the bed next to her.

“Where are your tan lines?” I asked, staring at Jennifer’s ass.

“Oh, did I not mention? Chrissy and I have been tanning together, naked.” Jennifer replied over her shoulder, winking at me.

“Naughty girls!” I called out, smacking Jennifer’s butt lightly.

“Uh huh.” Jennifer replied before turning back towards Chrissy and kissing her. Chrissy put her hands around Jennifer’s head as I sunk my cock into her pussy and Jennifer moaned loudly.

“Damn that’s sexy!” Chrissy exclaimed, pulling away from Jennifer and looking at us.

“Fuck I missed your dick!” Jennifer moaned, shoving her ass back against me. I grabbed her slender hips and shoved my cock deeper inside her, savoring her hot pussy. Jennifer’s body came up and Chrissy moved in front of her, sitting up and kissing her as she rubbed on Jennifer’s tits.

“You girls look so hot together.” I grunted, hammering Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer pulled away from Chrissy and looked over her shoulder at me.

“I want to watch you fuck her.” Jennifer said. My cock jumped.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yes. Do it. I want to watch you fuck her brains out!” Jennifer said firmly. I looked over at Chrissy, whose eyes were sparkling.

“Who am I to say no to that?” I said, slowly pulling my cock out of Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer moaned involuntarily in disappointment as my cock slipped out of her pussy but she quickly turned around and dropped her head down to my crotch, pulling Chrissy with her. I put my hands on their heads as Chrissy began licking one side of my shaft and Jennifer the other.

“You taste so good Jenny!” Chrissy called out, dragging her tongue all over my dick.

“Thanks baby. Show him how much you want his cock.” Jennifer replied, moving her head out of the way and holding my dick out towards Chrissy. She looked up at me and grinned and then shoved her head all the way down on my dick to the root like she did at the club.

“Holy shit, that’s amazing!” Jennifer exclaimed, releasing my shaft and turning to look closer. Chrissy buried her nose in my pubic hair and held there, showing no signs of distress. She eventually pulled away and gasped, rubbing her spit all over my cock.

“I told you my dentist loved me.” She giggled, wiping her spit off her mouth.

“That’s incredible! I bet boys love you!” Jennifer replied with laugh.

“They will now that I’m single.” Chrissy laughed her reply.

“Come here baby, stick that pretty ass up in the air so he can fuck you!” Jennifer demanded, grabbing Chrissy and pulling her on top of her.

Chrissy quickly rolled over and the girls resumed making out, Chrissy’s ass sticking up.

“Slide up.” I told Jennifer as I slid further down the bed, pulling Chrissy with me. Jennifer’s eyes brightened as she figured out what I was doing and she quickly pushed herself upright onto the bed frame and opened her legs. Chrissy dropped her head down into Jennifer’s crotch, licking her slowly as I pushed my cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh fuck that’s big!” Chrissy moaned, her head coming up.

“Keep licking!” Jennifer demanded with a laugh, pushing Chrissy’s head back into her crotch. The brunette dropped her head down and Jennifer lifted her leg up over her head as I pounded her from behind.

“How’s she doing?” I asked.

“Incredible! Her mouth is just amazing!” Jennifer exclaimed.


“How’s her pussy?”

“Really hot, and tight.” I commented.

“She’s never really had it rough before. So, you should show her what it’s like.” Jennifer replied with a wink.

“Is that so?”

Chrissy lifted her head up from Jennifer’s pussy and turned back at me.

“Uh huh. Just not in my ass. Not yet, please.” Chrissy said.

I nodded and gripped her slender hips tightly.

I fucked Chrissy hard, stuffing my cock as deeply into her cunt as I could go. My cock wasn’t huge, but I really liked rough sex and I was in reasonably good shape, so I gave her my best. To her credit, Chrissy tried to keep licking Jennifer’s pussy, but found it impossible to keep her mouth in place. Eventually Jennifer rolled out of the way and started rubbing her pussy as I grabbed Chrissy’s hair and yanked her head back, twisting her backwards and thrusting her breasts out.

“Oh fuck yes!” Chrissy gasped as Jennifer lunged forward, sucking Chrissy’s nipples into her mouth as I pounded her.

“Fuck her hard baby!” Jennifer called out to me, reaching between Chrissy’s legs and rubbing her clit.

“I’m gonna pop!” I called out. Chrissy jerked forward off my cock and turned around and both women jumped for my cock. Chrissy got there first, sinking her mouth all the way down on my dick as Jennifer pushed in.

“Give me some too you greedy bitch!” Jennifer teased, licking my balls. Chrissy reluctantly pulled off my cock and Jennifer took her place. I grabbed Jennifer’s head and pushed her down on my dick and held her there, unloading my balls into her mouth. She looked up at me and winked as I filled her mouth with my cum. Finally, she pulled away from me and grabbed Chrissy, pushing their mouths together. I watched as the girls snowballed my load.

“Now that’s sexy!” I commented as the girls pushed my cum back and forth between them.

“You’re sexy. I hope you got more in you!” Jennifer commented as the girls finally separated.

“You might need to motivate me a bit. Also I’ll need a minute.” I commented, falling back onto the bed.

“I’m sure that can be arranged.” Chrissy giggled, tackling Jennifer back onto the bed.

Watching the two girls embracing was both sexy as fuck, and really quite sweet. Yes, there was a lot of licking and fingering going on, but also a lot of very tender kisses and caresses. It was such a beautiful sight to watch I almost felt bad interrupting the women with my erection.

Chrissy and Jennifer were face to face, kissing and rubbing their hands all over each other’s bodies. I moved behind Jennifer, my cock pushed against her ass. I kissed the back of her neck and she purred and rubbed her ass back against me.

“Hey stud, I missed you.” She said, pulling away from Chrissy and turning back to kiss me. “It seems you missed me too!” She laughed as my cock pressed between her ass cheeks.

“Sorry babe, it’s got a mind of its own.” I laughed, sliding my hand around her hip.

“Oh I know, and it’s a dirty, dirty mind. Is it in the mood for some ass?” She purred. My cock jumped.

She laughed.

“I guess so!” She commented.

“I’m always in the mood for any part of you.” I replied.

“Awe, you two are so sweet. I’m going to puke.” Chrissy giggled. Jennifer and I both laughed.

“But if you’re going to fuck her ass, I totally want to watch!” Chrissy exclaimed.

Jennifer laughed again and then looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“So how about it?” She asked.

“I’m down. Lube is in the drawer.” I replied.

“I’ll get it!” Chrissy announced, rolling over and reaching for the bed side table drawer. Her perky ass stuck up in the air as she opened the drawer and Jennifer reached forward and gave it a firm smack.

“Hey!” Chrissy shrieked, rolling back over onto the bed and tackling Jennifer. The girls rolled around the bed in a fit of giggles. I grabbed the bottle of lube out of Chrissy’s hand as the girls wrestled, which quickly devolved into another hot make out session. Jennifer ended up on top and after several more minutes of tongue action, she looked over her shoulder and grinned at me.

“Ready?” She panted, wiggling her ass at me.

I nodded, moving behind her and putting some lube on my hand.

“Just go easy on me at first ok? It’s been a little while since I’ve had anything in my butt.”

“I’ll see if I can help myself.” I replied, rubbing the lube on my cock and then reaching towards her.

“It’s cold!” She shrieked as I poured some lube onto her butt crack.

“I could not use lube if you want.” I commented with a smirk.

“You would rip my butt apart if you did that!” she exclaimed.

I put some lube on my finger and slowly pushed it into Jennifer’s butt. She moaned and wiggled her ass back against me and soon she was fucking back against my hand.

“Better?” I asked.

“Uh huh.” She replied, dropping her head down to kiss Chrissy some more.

I twisted my finger around some more and pumped it in and out a bit and then slowly pushed a second finger into her ass. This time she kept her mouth attached to Chrissy’s, but moaned loudly.

I pumped and twisted my two fingers in and out of her ass until I felt her butt loosen up a bit.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Uh huh.” She moaned, not moving from Chrissy.

I sat up and moving behind Jennifer, withdrawing my fingers from her ass and putting some more lube on my dick.

“Chris, will you open up your friend for me?” I asked.

Chrissy’s slender fingers grabbed Jennifer’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing her starfish. I put my cock against her hole and pushed inwards and it resisted for just a moment and then popped in. Jennifer’s head shot up and she gasped loudly but didn’t pull away. I held still, savoring the feeling of her ass clenching my dick.

“You doing ok babe?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just need a second.” Jennifer gasped, sucking in deep breaths.

“You got it. I’m holding still.” I replied, rubbing my hand up and down her back.

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