Carole the Cunt

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Man takes advantage of his new trophy wife and her life takes some dramatic changes in and out of clothing.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Swinging   Porn Theatre   Prostitution   .

He knew who and what she was even before she made sure he met her and then all but dragged him between her legs. Marvin was a wealthy tech nerd who didn’t date much. Carole was a typical buxom blond beauty that knew her effect on men and their eager organs and took advantage of it frequently. She had turned twenty-five and a media-inspired fear of losing her beauty to aging set her course towards marriage, even if it meant having fewer lovers.

She’d thoroughly evaluated all the candidates in her small home town and none had the means, although a few had the meat, to satisfy her. Checking out a nearby city had revealed Marvin as an eligible bachelor. She hoped that her coital track record might go unnoticed as well.

Marvin hadn’t made millions by being stupid. As soon as it became obvious that Carole had set her sights on him, he’d had an agency check her out and the report had been interesting. Also feeling the passing of time, he thought about having a spouse. His prior partners had been interesting but this one was physically a cut above anyone he’d ever bedded. Morally, definitely in another league too. He enjoyed porn and erotic stories and Carole had the potential to be a live, in-house version of what he’d beat his meat to on the web.

By the night she seduced him, he already knew much of her past, even to how many men she’d banged the previous week, not a short list. He acted completely sucked in by her charms. It was not a complete act as he noticed how skilled she was at the sucking part. It was entertaining to observe her acting like his cock was a new and exciting experience for her. He knew when and where she’d “entertained” two regulars in her hometown that very afternoon. He did notice that her orgasm was real though.

He manipulated her nicely, allowing her to think that she was playing him. She was awed by the events and trips he took her to and was convinced that this was the lifestyle for her. There was only one glitch. She didn’t want to give up her cunt’s variety of visitors.

Marvin deliberately avoided any talk of prior sex history so he seemed quite naïve to her. When they began to talk of marriage she was thrilled but acted a bit reluctant. She expressed a reservation. “I like togetherness with you a lot but I don’t want to give up being my own person either. That might make me less interesting in the long run. What can we do about that?”

Having read a story where, once a month a married couple took twelve hours out of their marriage to do anything, including sex, that they wanted without explanation or incrimination, Marvin figured that might work. Too infrequent for this hottie though, so he proposed that each Saturday when they were not traveling, from eight to eight, she could have her “independence”. He did NOT explicitly say what activities were or were not allowed. Her interpretation was foregone. She accepted his proposal.

That provision was in the prenup as was one stating that any “issue of her womb” must be documented with his DNA or she would be disenfranchised. That phrase threw her but she’d gotten what she wanted.

The two-week honeymoon was fun and also the longest she’d maybe ever gone with only one cock filling her cunt. Well, almost. She did get a few quickies from a big Latino lifeguard who looked for hot married women. Marvin figured it out and enjoyed the seconds without comment. She was mostly a sex toy for him anyway. Her passion with him, even if not totally sincere, was quite enjoyable, especially when he added in thoughts about her busy cunt.

The first Saturday back she was itching for her “free time” and came back looking well fucked. She made a show of affection for him that night as a cover. He got a report that there had been six men entering the room she had at a motel in her home town.

That same motel was on her credit card the next two Saturdays so he bought it. During the week his tech crew fitted a particular room with hi-def video gear which streamed to his lab at home. The motion-sensitive system worked well as he watched other occupants of the room doing life activities during the week days.

Interestingly, one woman was apparently there with her husband. They screwed early before he left for a meeting. Shortly thereafter another man knocked at the door and the wife, still in her robe, was shortly riding him. Even more interesting was after the husband’s return when the same other man appeared at the door, was greeted by the husband and they all left for dinner. Husband bonked her again later. Marvin couldn’t tell if this infidelity was known by the husband or not. Great test of the system though.

He hit the jackpot that Saturday. From nine till eleven-thirty, he watched his wife gang-bang four guys. Marvin didn’t know there was so much diversity in that small town as there were four colors of cock nailing her. White, brown, yellow, and black. She showered and went out for lunch and shopping, no doubt to let her cunt recover. At two a high-school football player dumped three loads in her cunt and at five the reverend who had married them was balls-deep for a while. At least he took her out to dinner before she came back to the room where she douched and gathered up her stuff.

After offering her a glass of wine, Marvin took her to their bed and was not gentle, skipping most foreplay on the grounds that he’d missed her all day. She hid her discomfort well and faked an orgasm as he added his semen to the day’s collection. He’d counted a dozen cum-dumps on the screen.

The next Saturday’s entertainment only saw two threesomes with some of the gang-bangers from before. A couple of new solo players and the minister again. A regular, no doubt. He recalled the extensive premarital counseling she’d had.

Sunday afternoon they were lying in bed when Marvin asked, “I expect you’ve had sex before meeting me? [she nodded] Was there anything especially interesting that we could try?”

She thought for a moment before answering, “I did it outdoors.”

He frowned, “Wrong season for that. What else?”

“In a car at the drive-in.”

“I’m not agile enough for that anymore.”

She was stretching for something “socially acceptable” but not coming up with much.

Marvin continued, “I’ve read a lot of erotic stories and some things seemed like fun. Maybe you’d like try them with me.” The last two words went right by her.

She seemed interested, “What kind of things?”

“How about watersports?”

Trying to look innocent she asked “What is that?” Marvin had watched her pee on a high-school kid’s cock the day before and him on her cunt.

When he described it she said, with a wrinkled up face, “Eeeew! No.”

“How about bondage then?’ Carole admitted to knowing about that and said it was a possibility.

Marvin didn’t bring up wife-watching just yet although it was his favorite, especially after the recent videos. Live would be even better. So he probed another direction. “How about role-playing? We fantasize about sexy situations while we are screwing?”

“Oh, sure. That would be fun for both of us I’m sure, and I wouldn’t be breaking my marital vows either.”

He laughed to himself, “Somewhere in Shakespeare there was a line about the guilty who ‘protesteth too much’”.

During that playtime she responded well, not needing any imagination for the scenarios he brought up which included watching her get fucked and multiple partners. Soon they graduated to blindfolding her and pretending, with the use of a dildo, that she was being multiply fucked. Marvin noticed how strongly she reacted, just like on the videos.

His next step was to have the motel manager get involved in her sex-Saturdays. The man was coached to approach her and say that he knew something was going on. He wanted to just watch in return for keeping cool about her visits. He evolved into kind of an assistant role.

One Saturday he suggested that she be blindfolded and he’d send men to her. Tantalizingly, they might not all be ones she knew. That tingled her twat so she agreed. The first three were veterans between her legs and Marvin was the fourth. The manager then came in and released her arms and removed the blindfold. He wanted a blowjob and she happily complied.

The next afternoon Marvin, with all the ducks in a row, asked his bride of six months, “Did you ever watch porn?”

“Oh, a few times.” came the noncommittal response.

“I’ve enjoyed it for years and have a new one to share with you.” Marvin turned on the big screen TV visible from the bed they were in and started the recording. He’d done some quick editing of yesterday at the motel.

He felt her tense and suppress an exclamation as the picture of her in that familiar room with a well-known guy between her legs filled the screen and her cries of lusty pleasure came from the speakers.

“But that’s not me,” she squawked, “You can’t see the whole face.”

Marvin smiled, “Looks enough like you to get my interest anyway. Let’s watch the rest.”

He’d cropped it so that the best parts of the first three guys were shown from different angles. He and Carole were naked and he moved her hand to his erection. That relaxed her just a little. He reached for and fondled her cunt as it was being filled on the screen, his finger probes matching the thrusts they could see. Pull-outs after ejaculation were zoomed in on too.

When the fourth man was shown dipping his dick in the creamy cunt, Carole shrieked and broke down in tears. “Oh My God! You didn’t! Shit, shit!”

Marvin paused the video and took her by the shoulders, “I’ve known from the beginning that you are a slut. That was OK, and actually stimulating, just like having you after three other guys was yesterday. The only thing that bothers me is that you wouldn’t admit it, even when I tried to get you to. I understand that you might be a bit embarrassed by your past behavior but to deliberately hide your sluttiness instead of sharing it with me is harder to forgive.

“From now on, if you wish to enjoy any of the benefits of this marriage, you will do exactly as I say and keep no secrets from me. Do you understand?” She nodded, still sniffling.

Spanking her on the ass, he said, “Get that lube in the bedside table and get your ass ready for me. I’ve never had one and I’ve seen you do it.”

It felt good but her pussy was better, he concluded.

“Now let’s go in the bathroom and you can rinse your shit off my dick with your pee. Yes, like the high-school jock.” No protests; she knew she was totally outed.

Marvin liked that and, after rinsing his dick off, peed on her cunt then shoved his pecker in without rinsing. Her subjugation was pretty complete.

Known only to a few people, one of Marvin’s sources of income was a profitable porn production company. Once a month he flew out to the west coast and did the final interview for female star wannabes, usually two or three each visit. He was constantly amazed at the women who wanted to screw strangers for an audience. All ages, colors and even married. The latter were often brought to the session by their spouse.

Part of his two-hour interview, in addition to sampling their stock-in-trade, was getting their histories and motivations. The camera was running, which they didn’t know, and he’d review the footage before making final recommendations.

Once in a while a married woman would really strike his fancy and he’d invite her to spend the night in his hotel room. He especially liked the ones who asked if their husband could join in. His response was usually positive and that got them a lot of points as well as more semen.

He told, not asked, Carole to accompany him on the next trip, something he’d not done before. She was obedient and oblivious. On the plane she was ordered to take off her wedding rings and no one at their destination was to know they were married and to cooperate with everything he said. She was puzzled.

When they entered the film studio, the first surprise was that everyone referred to her husband as “Boss”. He told Biff, the manager, “I’ve brought ‘Carol Cuntly’, that’s her stage name, from my hometown to interview as an actress. I’ve already approved her but she must go through the regular screenings. Then he left. Biff escorted the puzzled young woman to a small studio room which featured a big bed and few other furnishings besides professional video recording equipment. A naked man and woman were just getting off the bed as they entered. She realized with a start that this was a porn production facility! She was being interviewed as THAT kind of actress! She flashed hot and cold but had her orders. She thought, “OK, dammit, I’ll show him!”

When she was introduced to Willard, a big black man whose huge dick wasn’t even in full fucking trim, she had some misgivings. He knew what he was doing and she was soon stuffed full of it. She was so turned on by the wickedness of the scene she forgot about the cameras and witnesses as she screwed. Until it was over anyway, and the crew applauded. She got very red and put her hands over her drooling cunt. Bill led her to his office and said, “Now we try some fancier stuff. On your knees.” She gave the best blowjob she could to his average size equipment, not forgetting some ball sucking. When he lubed her asshole and filled it she put on a good show too. “I think you’ll do nicely young lady. You’re probably the best looking one we’ve seen lately too. I’ll ask Marvin when he wants to schedule some shoots. We’ll forward some possible scripts to you as well.”

Marvin congratulated her when they got together again. She’d watched some filming while she waited and got the general idea of how they went. It was actually interesting and she asked a number of questions and met some of the male “stars”.

Marvin had brought along a terabyte hard drive full of the motel video. He instructed his best editor to make some amateur features out of it and forward to him for approval before releasing to anyone else.

Carole and Marvin were joined at dinner by Bob and Sylvia, a married couple. Marvin announced, “Sylvia, you passed your casting interviews with high marks. I wanted you to meet Carole, another new star you may be working with. I hoped we could celebrate your new careers. Bob, are you ready for some fun with real, live porn stars?”

He grinned, “It’s been a fantasy of mine forever and I’m glad my wife was open-minded enough to go along with it. She’s pretty damn hot looking for a forty-five-year old, don’t you think?”

Marvin did surprise him and Carole too, “Yes, I really enjoyed her big tits this afternoon in the interview. Her pussy muscle control is better than average too. I’m hoping to try some other things later tonight. It would be GOOD if you can stay over in my suite.” The implications were clear.

On the flight home the next day Carole was much quieter than usual. In the car on the way home from the airport she piped up with, “Now that I know your secret, maybe we can renegotiate. I don’t like to be bossed so much.”

He pulled of the road and turned to her, “Nothing has changed. You will do what I say or the videos of you at the motel will be available all over your home town. Didn’t you enjoy your casting fucks? It looked like you did on the video I watched. By the way we usually change hair color and put on temporary tattoos to make our actresses less recognizable. I’ll enjoy fucking you as a redhead.”

Outmaneuvered again, she shut up. It wouldn’t be so bad after all and he hadn’t kicked her slutty ass out the door. Cooperation seemed like the best thing to do.

A month later her video debut was set. She and Marvin had selected a gang-bang creampie script. He had only one candidate to interview so decided to spend some time in Biff’s office with Sylvia between her shoots. Her Mediterranean skin color and dark areolae tits turned him on. Her morning had been spent banging a very young-looking eighteen-year-old. She was going to play the cheating wife with Willard later in the day.

As her “boss” screwed her wet pussy she said how much she’d liked being at the hotel with him and was SO pleased he’d wanted her again. She said her husband was all over her these days and it was great. Never in her life had she had a chance to be a slut and it was a dream come true. Could he and Carole come to their house that night since they lived here?

The four of them watched the rough cuts of the day’s work as they sat naked in the living room. Bob was beside himself so Carole sat on his boner as he watched her nailed by four cocks. He came twice without moving much. Being much more satiated, Marvin spooned Sylvia slowly as they watched her antics with the very different co-stars. She clenched his meat with her Kegel muscles as certain scenes were shown. He whispered how hot she was at the parts he especially liked.

Just before dawn came Carole came into the guest room and asked to have Marvin back. She almost said “husband” but caught herself. “Fuck me good. Bob wore out too quick.” The Cialis the Boss had taken was still helping and he took a piece of that well-used cunt.

Right after they got back Carole’s annual medical checkup was due. Marvin instructed his doctor friend to replace her contraceptive implant with a placebo. His friend said, “Are you SURE?” and Marvin verified that he was.

The “Carol Cuntly” gang-bang video was a big hit so another one was planned. The feedback regarding creampie endings was very high too. This time the stay lasted several days and Carole stayed busy with other solo and threesome scenes, especially heavy on interracial cum-in-pussy ones per Marvin. This is a lot more tiring than you might think so she went to sleep early each night, not complaining when her husband didn’t expect sex.

The roster of female actresses was pretty full so only one new candidate needed interviewing. She was a BBW and Marvin couldn’t find fault so she got signed on. Not his favorite type but somebody had to do her. He spent the time Carole was filming with Sylvia, doing some things around town when they weren’t naked at his hotel room. He had told Biff to put off finding any more scripts for her.

During the last opportunity he had to screw Sylvia she had some questions. “You seem to spend an awful lot of time with me. Not that I mind since you are the best fuck I’ve ever had. There haven’t been a huge number of dicks to compare. But I’m not getting any calls from Biff either. What’s up?

Marvin smiled, “You’re a smart one, besides being sexy. That combination is my favorite. There is something undefinable about what makes couples click and I feel it and think you do too. I have withheld your videos from distribution and have enjoyed watching them myself. You are being paid as if they were out there.”

“OK. Another question. What is your relationship with Carole? It’s obvious there is one.”

“This is extremely confidential but I feel I can trust you. Carole is presently my wife.”

Sylvia went wide-eyed, “‘Presently’, huh. Enough said.”

A few weeks after that video trip Carole complained about a stomach virus and was taken to their doctor. Glancing at Marvin he announced, “Young lady, it isn’t a virus. It’s a fetus messing with you.” They had to catch her from falling.

“How the hell can that be? I’m on birth control! What the fuck?” she spluttered.

Marvin worked to act concerned, “No birth control is foolproof and you had a lot of sperm in you recently.” She went white at the thought that there was a lot of non-white sperm in the mix.

“I want an abortion! NOW!”

“As your husband in this state I have to be in agreement and I believe it is wrong. You’re going to become a mommy. It’s a good age for that though.” She threw up all over the doctor.

After they got home she remembered the pre-nup and dug it out, going white again. Her husband had hardly screwed her that whole time. She went off and hid and cried.

When Marvin found her he consoled with, “I’ll get you some help around here. I’m thinking of offering that nice man you like, Bob is his name, a job and his wife Sylvia can look after you. The guest cottage is hardly ever used so they can live there.” No objections. Good; not that it would make any difference anyway.

He invited the couple out for a visit to discuss the idea, paying for their plane tickets. Late the first night Marvin and Sylvia met in the guest cottage after their spouses went to sleep.

“You wicked son-of-a-bitch! You made that happen didn’t you? If I didn’t enjoy you so much I’d be gone, but I want to see how this plays out. Count us in.”

In no position to refuse, Carole made a whole series of pregnant porn videos, one for each month. After the brown-skinned baby was born there was a last one with the likely father screwing her as she nursed the infant.

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