Jill and I Head to the Swingers Club. Club Wives 5

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Sex Story: I take Jill to the swinger's club. Fun an unexpected adventures follow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Analingus   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Jill immediately fell in love with my Swingers Club idea. I figured that since this was my first time at a club like this I’d rather take Jill than Rochelle. It took a while to find a good weekend evening when she was available (and presumably free of her husband) and I cut Jill off from booty calls to help build up her excitement.

I spent that time enjoying Jennifer’s enthusiastic pussy and working on getting her used to things in her ass. Jennifer was obviously used to hit and forget it college boys and was in awe of my apartment overlooking the city. I found that I actually enjoyed Jennifer’s company, allowing her to spend the night, which I never would do with Jill or Rochelle. She was interesting and driven, and more importantly, single. She was too young for me, but I pondered actually dating her at some point. Time would tell and I had my hands full with everyone else at the moment.

The night finally came for Jill and my big adventure and she arrived at my apartment dressed to kill. Her body was already hot to begin with, but the skin tight red dress she was wearing sucked to her body. It was obvious that there wasn’t anything on underneath it.

“Why bother, I don’t plan on having it on long.” Jill explained with a grin. I couldn’t argue with that. We got in my car and drove to the address that I had been sent over email. The information had been fairly hard to find and it required a fair amount of email conversations, sending of pictures and a heavy pre-payment to get the address.

“Are you sure this is right?” Jill asked as we pulled into a fairly dark parking lot. There was a large, dark brick building with a single door on it. The door had a dim light bulb next to it but no markings. I looked at the address on my phone and compared it to my GPS.

“Yea, this is where I was told to go.” I replied, also confused.

“Are you sure you’re not setting me up for a gang rape?” Jill asked her voice half excited and half scared.

“Nope, this was all legit. I checked it out a couple of places.” I replied.

“Hmm. So where do we go?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted.

We stared at each other for little bit and then a taxi pulled up next to the door. Jill and I watched as a well-dressed man and a tall redhead in a black dress got out and walked towards the mysterious door. He knocked a few times and the door opened. The couple walked inside.

“Well, either we are in the right place, or she’s getting gang banged also. So, for moral support, I think we should go rescue her.” Jill said with a grin, reaching for the door handle of my car.

“Yup.” I replied, walking around and taking her hand as we walked towards the mystery door. I knocked a few times and heard a voice inside.

“Code.” It asked.

I pulled up the email I had received and recited the pass code that was included. We heard a heavy bolt slide back and the door opened. Jill and I looked at each other as a well-dressed bouncer held the door open for us.

“Welcome to Club Velvet Rose.” He said as we entered.

There was a reception desk manned by a large breasted blond woman in a low cut shirt, who confirmed our information under the watchful eye of the bouncer. She took my credit card for the rest of the nightly fee and then directed us down the hallway.

“Have fun!” She called out as we walked down a dim hallway.

Jill looped her arm in mine as we walked quickly down the hallway, Jill barely able to contain her excitement.

We rounded the corner and the hall opened up into a large room that was just a bit brighter than the hallway. There were round tables everywhere and large booths against the wall. Along one side was a bar and the place almost looked like a strip club, less the stage and the poles. There were other couples scattered around the room, some of them paired up at the round tables, others sitting alone and looking around. I could see a few couples in the booths around the perimeter. Everyone I could see was very well dressed.

Not sure where to start, Jill and I approached the bar and ordered drinks.

“First time?” The bartender asked. We nodded.

“Obvious huh?” I asked. He nodded.

“I’ve been here a long time. First timers usually have the lost puppy look.” He replied with a grin. Jill and I laughed a bit.

“So, how does this work?” Jill asked excitedly.

“So, this is the social area. This is where people meet and mingle. It’s generally frowned on to get naughty in this area, but it’s been known to happen.” The bartender said. Jill and I nodded.

“Back down that hallway is where the fun stuff happens. Feel free to jump in anywhere you want. If you’re not welcome, someone will tell you pretty quickly, but I don’t think you two will have any issues.” He continued with a grin, staring at Jill’s tits.

Jill grabbed her glass of wine and looked at me with a grin.

“Shall we explore?” Jill asked. I nodded.

We walked towards the other hallway, seeing several couples in the sitting area watching us. We entered the hallway and made an immediate turn. There were several doorways along the left side of the hallway and we walked towards the first one. The room was small ish and in the middle was a large bed. There was a slender Asian woman in the middle of the bed, naked. There was a black man kneeling next to her, feeding his cock into her mouth. There was a light skinned black woman between her legs, licking her pussy with another man behind her, fucking her. There were a few couples standing around the perimeter of the room watching intently. One of the men had his hand around his woman’s waist, rubbing her crotch through her dress. Another woman, a brunette was watching intently before handing her partner her drink and crawling onto the bed. Jill and I watched as the brunette sucked one of the Asian woman’s nipples into her mouth and then slid upwards towards her face. The Asian woman pulled her mouth off of the black man’s cock and turned towards the brunette, making out with her as she stroked the dark shaft. The brunette kissed her for a minute, then moved her head over the Asian’s woman’s body and opened her mouth. The Asian woman guided the black man’s cock into her mouth and the brunette eagerly sucked it as the Asian woman freed her tits.

Jill started grinding her ass back against me as we watched the scene unfold.

“You want to jump in, don’t you?” I whispered. She nodded eagerly.

“Do you want to play now, or see what else this place has going on?” I asked.

“You pick.” She whispered.

“We just got here; let’s see what else is here. There will be plenty of time to fuck.” I replied. She nodded and I took her hand and slowly lead her out of the room. By now the brunette’s partner had pulled her dress up and was eagerly fucking her from behind, while the Asian woman sucked on her tits. The black man was steadily pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

Jill and I walked down the hallway to the next room. Inside were two more doors along the wall, each with red and green lights on them. One door had a green light lit and the other had the red light lit. Curious, Jill turned the door knob to the door with the red light. It was locked. She shrugged and tried the one with the green light. It opened. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. The room was painted black with florescent paint splattered on the walls. There was a UV light above our heads which caused a slight glow. The room was very small and the two of us barely fit inside.

“What’s this for?” I asked. Jill shrugged. We looked around the room and I felt Jill tap me on the shoulder. I turned around and Jill pointed to a hole in the wall, which lead to the room on the other side. The hole was circled by neon paint.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked. Jill knelt down next to it.

“What is it?” She asked, starting to look through the hole. Suddenly a long slender finger capped with a long fingertip painted neon green appeared through the hole and made the beckoning motion.

Jill looked up at me, her mouth open.

“Yup, it’s a glory hole. But, you should be on the other side.” I grinned, making the dick sucking hand motion.

“Oh wow. You stick your dick in it?” Jill whispered, astonished.

“Yup.” I replied.

“Do it. I want to watch!” Jill whispered excitedly.

I shrugged and stepped forward, unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. Jill watched as I fed my cock through the hole and a moment later I felt a warm, wet mouth taking it in.

“Is it happening?” Jill asked. I nodded. “That’s so fucking hot. I want to try that.” Jill replied excitedly.

“I’m sure you’ll get your chance.” I panted. The mouth on the other side of the wall was extremely talented and very enthusiastic.

“Are you going to pop?” Jill asked. “Oh that’s hot. Do it. Fill her up.” Jill moaned, pulling up her dress a little bit and playing with her pussy while she watched.

I locked eyes with Jill as she fingered her wet snatch, the mouth doing an excellent job on my dick. I had been on edge since we left the apartment and I was soon humping against the wall.

“Do it baby, cum in her mouth!” Jill whispered, fingering her cunt rapidly. I grunted a few times and then thrust forward, pressing my body against the wall and unloaded. We could hear the woman on the other side of the wall gag slightly, and then gulp down my load. My cock softened and I withdrew it, shoving it back into my pants.

“Thank.” I said to the wall, unsure of what the protocol was.

“Any time.” A sexy voice replied.

“That was hot. But now I’m on fire.” Jill complained as I opened the door. The cold air hit us both and Jill shivered.

“Well let’s see if we can find you some fun then!” I said, leading her out of the small room and back to the hallway.

The next room was a bit bigger. There were several beds and tables around it, all of which seemed designed for sex. From the middle of the room hung a contraption full of straps and webbing.

“Oh hell yes!” Jill hissed and ran over towards it.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a sex swing! I’ve always wanted to try one!” Jill exclaimed excitedly.

“How does it work?” I asked, walking over towards the thing.

“I don’t really know!” Jill replied, trying to figure out all of the straps.

“Would you like some help?” A female voice came from behind us. We both turned to see the redhead and the man from the parking lot standing behind us.

“Yes!” Jill exclaimed excitedly.

“Let me show you.” The redhead replied, walking over to Jill and showing her where to put her butt. Jill sat up in the seat and the redhead lifted her legs up into other straps. Jill shrieked as she fell backwards, but another set of straps caught her back. Jill ended up suspended in midair with her head back and her legs up. I was beginning to understand the appeal.

“See, how is it?” the redhead asked, standing between Jill’s legs.

“It feels like I’m floating!” Jill replied excitedly, her long brunette hair hanging underneath her.

“You are. There are so many possibilities with this.” The redhead purred, slowly running her hands inside Jill’s thighs.

“Oh yeah? Care to show me?” Jill replied seductively. The redhead smiled and dropped to her knees, her short dress riding up her slender ass. She spread Jill’s legs wide and pressed her mouth against her pussy, licking Jill’s slit slowly.

“Oh God!” Jill called out, laying back against the straps with her eyes closed. The redhead began expertly licking her pussy as Jill moaned and rocked around in the webbing, her long fingers gripping Jill’s thighs.

“Pretty picture, isn’t it?” A voice came from behind me. I turned around and saw the redhead’s partner standing next to me watching.

“It is.” I agreed, nodding my head.

“I’m Mason, that’s Amber.” Mason said.

“That’s Jill, and I’m Jack.” I replied.

“Mind if I jump in?” he asked.

“Go ahead.” I offered.

“Thanks. By the way, Amber is fair game if you’re interested.” He replied with a wink, walking over towards the women.

Mason moved towards Jill’s head and pulled out his cock. Jill looked backwards and opened her mouth, accepting his dick. The angle was strange to watch, with Jill’s head hanging upside down, but it apparently worked well because Mason was very quickly sliding his cock in and out of Jill’s throat.

Amber was still busy between Jill’s thighs and I watched Jill hanging in air, being pleasured at both ends. Mason reached down and pushed Jill’s dress down, groping her tits as he fucked her face.

“She’s ready baby.” Amber said, lifting her head up from Jill’s pussy. Mason looked over at me and I nodded. He withdrew his cock and moved between Jill’s legs as Amber stood up and moved out of the way. She walked over in front of me and rubbed her tight ass against my crotch as Mason sunk into Jill’s pussy.

“I love watching him fuck.” Amber said as Mason started to pound Jill.

“Mmhmm.” I replied, rubbing against Amber’s ass.

“Your wife tastes fantastic by the way.” Amber said, leaning back and licking my ear.

I was about to tell Amber that Jill was not my wife, but figured it didn’t matter.

“Thanks.” I replied, moving my hands around her slender waist and sliding them up and down her body.

“First time here?” Amber asked, kissing my neck a little. I nodded.

“See anything you like?” She purred, licking my ear again.

“Yeah I do.” I replied with a grin, sliding her short dress up and rubbing the inside of her thighs.

“How do you want me stud?” She asked, bouncing her ass back against me slightly.

“What are my options?” I asked, moving my hands up her thighs and rubbing the outside of her panties.

Amber reached back and rubbed her hand over my crotch.

“You can have me any way you want me.” She purred.

“Well it’s only fair that Jill got to try your mouth. I should sample it also.” I grinned. She turned around and looked at me with a smile, then quickly dropped to her knees. Amber fished my cock out of my pants and sunk all the way down on it, her blue eyes sparkling up at me. I held the back of her head and looked up to see Mason still pounding away on Jill. There was another man in the front of Jill, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. She was suspended in midair and filled from both ends, and based on the noises she was making, was having the time of her life.

Amber glanced over at Jill, then back at me.

“Looks like she’s having fun.” Amber said with a grin, swirling her tongue all over my cock head.

I nodded.

“Anything else you want to sample?” Amber asked seductively.

“Yeah, there is.” I said, lifting Amber to her feet. She smiled as I lead her over to a nearby table and pushed her over it and moved behind her. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and slid it up her slender ass. She moaned and put her hands on the table and bent over, sticking her ass out as I pulled her panties down her long, pale legs and took them off. I admired her ass for a moment and then stood up, rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks.

Amber arched her back and pushed out her ass as I slid my cock into her waiting cunt. She moaned loudly as I began to pump her from behind, reaching around her body and gripping her. She grabbed her dress and pulled it down, her small ish breasts springing free.

“Oh that’s nice. Fuck me.” She moaned, leaning backwards and pushing her mouth against mine. I twisted her nipples slightly and she groaned pulling away from me for a moment. I glanced over at Jill. Mason and the other man had traded places. I think that Mason had cum already because he was standing next to her head and rubbing Jill’s tits. The other man was eagerly slamming away at Jill’s pussy and Mason was steadying her with his other hand in the sex swing.

“Mind if I play?” A seductive voice came from the side. Amber and I both turned to see a woman standing on the other side of the table across from us. She had brunette hair cut just above her shoulders and it had blue streaks in it. It seemed cliché’ to call her Goth, but her dark eye makeup and visible tattoos, combined with her skin tight leather pants certainly gave that effect.

“Not at all. What’s your name sweetie?” Amber purred, motioning the woman over closer.

“Stella.” She replied, leaning over the table and kissing Amber passionately.

“I’m Amber. You taste really sweet, Stella.” Amber replied, rubbing her hands over Stella’s large breasts.

“You too.” Stella replied, rubbing on Amber’s nipples.

Stella and Amber made out for a while, and then Amber pulled Stella’s top down and freed her large breasts. Amber dropped her head down to take one a nipple into her mouth and Stella leaned over her head and kissed me hard.

“Bite them. I love it rough.” Stella moaned, holding the back of Amber’s head as she kissed me. I felt Stella’s tongue ring stud post, which was a new experience for me. I saw Amber’s hand grip Stella’s other breast and twist her nipple hard.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. I like it!” Stella groaned, running her hands up and down Amber’s back and towards her ass.

Amber leaned up and Stella climbed onto the table in front of us. Amber quickly dropped one hand back down onto one of Stella’s breasts, her mouth on the other. The redhead slowly slid her hand down Stella’s body and onto the top of her crotch.

“You want to taste it?” Stella groaned.

“Yeah.” Amber replied, lifting her head up from Stella’s breasts.

Stella smiled and reached down, unbuttoning her pants. She put her legs together and lifted them up over her head as she pulled her pants over her ass and grabbed her ankles. Amber and I both noticed that her heels were covered in little spikes.

“I love your shoes.” Amber said, looking up and down Stella’s legs.

“Thanks. Are you going to taste it or what?” Stella said, her eyes sparkling.

“Sorry lover boy, duty calls.” Amber said, looking back at me with a grin. I slowly pulled my cock out of Amber’s wet cunt and she quickly moved to the end of the table and leaned down, licking Stella’s pussy anxiously.

“Oh, she is good!” Stella called out, gripping her ankles.

“Want to help me with this?” I asked, holding my cock out.

“Cocky, I like it. Come on over.” Stella said, opening her mouth and wiggling her tongue at me. I moved over to Stella’s face and pushed my cock into her mouth, still wet with Amber’s juice. I felt the end of the metal tongue stud running over my cock as I pumped it in and out of Stella’s mouth.

“God you taste good!” Amber called out.

“You too baby!” Stella replied, pulling her mouth off my cock for a moment.

I twisted Stella’s nipples around as I sawed my cock in and out of her mouth. Stella maintained her grip on her ankles as Amber enthusiastically feasted on her pussy. I looked up at Jill and noticed that a third man had taken place between her legs. There was a bit of a crowd around her now and another woman on extremely tall heels was standing over Jill’s face with her dress up around her hips.

“Now that’s new!” I said, watching Jill hold onto the woman’s ass cheeks backwards as she licked her pussy upside down.

“Your girl has talent. She’s popular.” Stella said with a grin.

“You got talent yourself! Both of you!” I commented, glancing at Stella then down at Amber.

“Here that baby? He likes us.” Stella called out, shaking her ass against Amber’s face.

Amber looked up at me and grinned, her face covered in Stella’s pussy juice.

“Good. We are just getting started.” Amber said with a smile.

“Speaking of getting started, why don’t you go lower?” Stella called out, pulling her ankles back towards her head even further, which had the effect of curving her ass upwards. Amber grinned and moved lower down Stella’s body and began to slowly lick her asshole.

“That’s hot.” I commented.

“Yeah it is. You a back door man?” Stella asked with a grin.

“I am.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Stella said seductively as she resumed sucking my cock.

I continued pumping Stella’s mouth and looked up. I caught Jill’s gaze as the woman who was straddling her face had moved. There was another man between her legs now fucking her and Jill smiled at me and waved. I looked around the room and noticed a strange structure in the corner.

“What’s that?” I asked Stella, pulling my cock out of her mouth and pointing. In the corner of the room there was what looked like a piece of fence, about 5 feet wide in a free standing structure. It was like something from a jail, a checkerboard pattern of steel with openings a few inches apart.

“Would you like to see?” Stella asked.

“Yeah, I’m curious.” I replied moving away. Stella released her ankles and Amber moved out of the way as she rolled off the table and pulled her pants up over her ass. Stella suddenly grabbed Amber and yanked her close, smashing her face against the redheads.

“Don’t think we’re done.” Stella purred as she roamed her hands over Amber’s body.

“Not a chance.” Amber replied, gripping Stella’s ass.

The women made out for a moment and then Stella moved away, motioning for me to follow as she walked hand in hand with Amber over to the structure.

“So, what is this for?” I asked.

“You can do a lot of things with it.” Stella said, motioning me to stand on one side. She grabbed Amber’s hand and led her to the other side of the fence.

“First, if you like to be watched, but not touched, its way to keep the riff raff away.” Stella started, grabbing Amber’s and making out with her hard. I watched the women through the fence, their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

“Or, if you want them to touch, but just a little, you can.” Stella said, pulling her mouth away from Amber and shoving the redhead against the fence in front of me. Amber slammed into it hard enough to make it shake, but didn’t seem to mind. Stella quickly kissed her again and I was inches away from the women. Stella reached around Amber and slid her hands through the fence and grabbed my wrists and pulled them back through the openings and placed them on Amber’s thighs. I was able to pull her dress up and tease her pussy as the Amber reached up and laced her fingers through the metal.

“Or, if you want to play, but control the action, you can.” Stella purred, dropping to her knees in front of Amber. She slid to the side and reached through the fence and up to my crotch, pulling my cock out and leading it through the opening in the fence. I kept one hand on Amber’s crotch and moved my other hand through the opening to the top of Stella’s head as she sunk down on my dick.

“Oh yeah.” I groaned, thrusting forward into Stella’s mouth. She smiled and pulled away, grinning at my inability to follow her mouth, with the fence blocking my body.

“See? You can have some fun, but only if I let you.” Stella said. I nodded.

“Unless you want to lose control” Stella said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Stella grinned big and reached around the side of the support structure that held the metal fence. Her hands came back to the center and I could see she was holding a long piece of black rope. She looked at me, and then at Amber, who sucked in a deep breath.

“Nice.” I commented as Stella skillfully tied Amber’s slender wrists to the structure.

“And now, she’s helpless. A fun toy for anyone, and everyone’s pleasure.” Stella purred, pushing her mouth against Amber’s again, while sliding her hands down Amber’s body and tugging her dress up over her hips.

“That’s cold!” Amber commented as the cool metal hit her pale ass.

“Maybe you should warm her up.” Stella said to me. I moved behind Amber and put my cock through the fence. Stella held Amber’s ass open as I sunk into her pussy from behind. Amber was even wetter than before and the unintended effect of the fence was that it limited how deeply I could fuck Amber, and instead caused my cock head to rub her g spot over and over again.

Stella and Amber made out for a while but when it became clear that Amber’s moans were not going to stop any time soon, Stella dropped to her knees in front of the redhead and began licking her clit in earnest. I could feel her tongue rub against my cock on occasion and the combination feeling was incredible.

“Fuck, fuck that’s good!” Amber cried out, slamming her ass back against the fence in a futile attempt to get my dick deeper inside her.

“You like that baby?” Stella asked.

“Fuck yes! Such a tease!” Amber cried.

Stella stood up and kissed Amber again hard. She rubbed her clit furiously as I pumped her from behind and Amber’s cries grew louder.

“Cum for me baby. Cream on his cock.” Stella demanded, twisting Amber’s nipple around hard.

“Oh God. Oh fuck! I’m cuming!” Amber cried out, almost in pain as she shoved her body back against the metal. I humped her a few more times and felt her pussy flood with juice. Her cream ran down the shaft of my cock and I held there for a moment then withdrew.

“Was that good baby?” Stella asked, untying Amber’s wrists. Amber nodded as I walked around the side of the fence towards the women.

“That was so hot.” Amber commented, looking at me.

“What should we do now?” Stella asked, looking back and forth between me and Amber seductively.

“I think that payback is a bitch.” I said with a grin, pushing Stella against the fence and lacing her fingers through the metal.

“Ooooh, you’re a naughty boy huh?” Stella moaned as I quickly tied her wrists to the fence.

“Can be.” I replied with a grin, moving behind Stella and pushing her pants down over her ass. Amber dropped to her knees next to me and eagerly took my cock into her mouth, sucking her cream off it. Stella twisted her head backwards and she and I made out as Amber sucked me. I pulled Stella’s shirt down and twisted her breasts as Amber deep throated my dick. I savored her mouth for a moment, then pulled away and pointed at Stella’s ass. Amber nodded and moved behind the other woman and pressed her face between Stella’s ass cheeks. Stella and I kept making out for a minute and then I moved behind her. Stella purred and shoved her ass back against Amber’s face.

I looked over Stella’s shoulders as I positioned behind her and saw Jill sitting on a couch now, her dress bunched up around her waist and the extremely tall woman kneeling in front of her, eating her out. She made eye contact with me again and waved, this time with a little less energy. She looked like she was enjoying herself but was getting tired from all of the use.

Amber looked up at me and grinned, then moved out of the way. I rubbed my cock up and down Stella’s ass cheeks and she moaned loudly and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” She asked, her eyes sparkling.

“That I’m going in the back door?” I said smoothly.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Yeah, I am.” I said.

“I thought so. Do it. Fuck my ass.” Stella said confidently, shoving her ass back against me.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed hold of the fence for support and pushed forward, sinking my cock into her ass with one push. Stella let out a loud moan and threw her head back, shoving her ass against me.

“That’s sexy as fuck.” Amber moaned, rubbing her pussy as I pounded Stella’s ass.

“So good baby, so good. Take it. Fuck it like you own it.” Stella demanded. I slammed into her harder, already on edge from the night. Stella was obviously no stranger to anal sex and her ass milked every millimeter of my dick.

“I’m not going to last.” I panted as Amber reached around and began to rub Stella’s clit.

“Do it baby, cum up my ass. I want to feel it shoot up in me!” Stella demanded, shoving her ass back against me hard.

“Kinky bitch.” I growled, slamming against her as hard as I could.

“Give it to me!” Stella called out as I thrust forward, blasting my load up her ass.

“Fuck yes, take it!” I called out, filling Stella’s ass with my sticky cum.

Stella thrashed against her ropes, bucking between my cock and Amber’s hand. Her own orgasm hit shortly after and I felt her ass contract wildly around my softening cock. I held still for a bit and then slowly removed my cock from her ass. Stella sighed loudly and sunk down, resting her body against the fence.

“Damn that was good. I’ve not been ass fucked like that in a while.” Stella said, looking back at me.

“Glad you liked it.” I replied, shoving my cock back into my pants.

“Are you going to untie me now?” Stella asked, tugging against her ropes.

“No, I figured I’d leave you here like that in case anyone else wanted a turn.” I replied with a grin.

“You wouldn’t!” Stella said, a smile spreading across her face.

“Watch me. Catch you later!” I said, smiling as Stella as Amber and I walked towards Jill. There was still a crowd around her and I tapped a couple of the guys on the shoulder.

“I think that she’s available.” I said, pointing at Stella, who was staring at me. The men thanked me and walked towards Stella as I looked down at Jill.

Jill still had the blond woman between her legs, eagerly licking her pussy. She now had another man kneeling on the couch next to her, thrusting his cock into her mouth. He seemed about ready to blow and a moment later he shoved his cock into her mouth and fired. Jill sucked it down eagerly, one hand on the woman’s head. The man withdrew from Jill’s mouth and moved away and Jill moaned loudly, rocking her ass against the woman’s face.

“Oh fuck. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m close!” Jill cried out, grabbing the woman’s head in both hands. Amber and I watched as Jill came violently on the woman’s face, thrashing around against her tongue.

“Oh God that was great! You’re amazing!” Jill called out, sitting up and kissing the woman hard.

“Don’t mention it.” The woman said, standing up and eye balling me before walking away.

I sat down next to Jill, who looked a little worse for wear.

“Are you having fun?” I asked, as Amber ran off towards the bar.

“Fuck yes!” Jill exclaimed, her lack of energy showing a bit.

“How many guys have fucked you?” I asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t really care. This has been amazing. Thank you so much, I love you!” Jill said excitedly, grabbing me around the shoulders and hugging me. She tried to kiss me, but her mouth reeked of the smell of lots of different men’s cum so I turned away. Thankfully at that moment Amber returned with a bottle of water and handed it to Jill, who eagerly drank it. I glanced over at Stella who had a man behind her, eagerly fucking her with another man standing close by. We locked eyes for a second and she grinned and then winked at me.

“Should I take you to the ER for an IV drip? I asked as Jill finished the entire bottle. Jill and Amber both laughed.

“Maybe!” Jill said with a grin.

“You’ve had quite a night for your first time.” Amber commented. Jill looked over at Amber and scanned her body up and down.

“I think I’m getting my second wind.” Jill replied seductively.

“Oh really?” Amber replied, sitting down on the couch and crawling over towards Jill.

“Uh huh.” Jill said with a smile as Amber kissed her.

“I know it’s your first time here, so you might not know all of the goodies at this place. Did you know that there’s a shower here? It’s big enough to have a party in.” Amber said, looking at Jill then back at me.

“Sounds fun!” Jill said, looking down at her sweaty, cum covered body.

“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.” Amber said with a grin, standing up and taking Jill’s hand. I glanced over at Stella, who was still tied to the fence and now being fucked by a different man, and then I followed the women around yet another corner to a small room that was tiled from floor to ceiling with fairly bright white lights. Several large shower heads hung from the walls and Amber eagerly stripped off her clothes.

“Why does the wall look strange?” Jill asked, pulling off her dress and shoes. I looked at the wall in front of me, which looked like glass.

“Hit that switch next to you.” Amber said to me and she turned on the water. I turned around and flipped a switch on the wall.

The lighting in the room shifted to a dim red and the wall lit up. Jill and I stared at the wall and realized that we were looking into the social area of the club. The room was a lot more full now than when we entered and apparently everyone could see us as well, as most of the room turned around to look our direction.

“Hot!” Jill called out, walking into the shower area. She slid up next to Amber and the two women eagerly kissed as the water covered their bodies. I admired them for a while and looked past them at the crowd, who was enjoying the show as well.

Amber pushed Jill against the glass and slid down her body, lifting one of her legs over her shoulder and slowly licking her pussy. Jill crossed her leg behind her back and held her head, attempting to steady herself against the slick floor.

“Are you just going to watch?” Amber asked, turning and looking at me with a grin. I quickly stripped off my clothes and approached the women. Jill unwrapped her leg from Amber and dropped to her knees next to her and both women turned to face me as I reached them, my cock sticking straight out.

“How many men are jealous of you right now?” Jill asked as she sucked my cock and Amber sucked my balls. I looked up and through the window to see the majority of the room watching us. The bartender had told us that the social area was supposed to be play free, but that sometimes things happened and it appeared this might be one of those times. I saw lots of hands down pants, up dresses and down dresses as the women alternated sucking my cock.

“All of them.” I said with a grin as Amber shoved her mouth all the way down on my dick.

“Fuck her. I want to watch you fuck her.” Jill said lustily.

Amber pulled off my cock and looked up at me with a grin. I helped her to her feet and spun her around, pushing her up against the glass. She quickly spread her legs and arched her back, wiggling her ass at me.

“You a back door girl too?” I asked, moving behind her and rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks.

“Not tonight stud, but my pussy is available if you’re interested.” She purred, grinding against me.

I fisted my cock against her cunt opening and easily slipped in. Amber moaned loudly as I mashed her body against the glass and began eagerly pumping into her pussy.

“God that’s so hot. I love watching people fuck!” Jill exclaimed, kissing Amber passionately.

“I love getting fucked.” Amber said with a laugh.

“And I love fucking!” I panted. The girls laughed.

“Fuck, I’m getting turned on again.” Jill announced after a few minutes of watching me and Amber fuck.

“You can have him back if you want. I can share.” Amber panted.

“Thanks baby, but I think I want to try that room hole thingie.” Jill said with a grin.

“Oh yeah? Hang on a second.” Amber said, pulling away from me.

“What’s up?” Jill asked.

“Come here.”

Jill approached the window to the front room.

“Stand here a second.” Amber instructed. Jill stood in front of the window, her body on display for everyone in the social area. Amber moved to the side and began to drag her finger against the glass. After a minute she walked over to the shower head and turned the heat all the way up.

“Now just stay there for a bit.” Amber said with a grin. Jill looked over her shoulder at me inquisitively.

“What’s that all about?” Jill asked.

“You’ll see.”

Jill and I waited and as the room filled up with steam, I could see words form on the glass in reverse. I twisted my head around and crossed my eyes, trying to read it.

Jill craned her neck and looked at the writing, then turned to Amber and smiled.


Amber had written “Glory Hole, free BJ 5 min” in the fog in the glass” with an arrow pointing towards Jill. Jill turned and looked back through the glass and waived, then pointed at the sign.

“Very creative!” I commented, shoving Amber back against the wall and sinking into her.

“Thanks.” Amber panted.

“You kids have fun!” Jill called out, spinning on her heel and walking towards the door way.

“You too! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Amber replied.

Jill laughed loudly and snatched up her clothes and shoes and disappeared down the hallway. I noticed that several couples in the social area were headed back down the hallway towards the play area.

“Do you want to stay here, or go back in there?” I asked Amber.

“I don’t know, I could fuck you all night!” Amber moaned.

“Well that sounds like fun, but I’m starting to get light headed. It’s hot in here.” I replied.

“True. Let’s see what’s going on.” Amber replied. I slowly slid out of Amber’s pussy and we shut the water off. I decided to slide my pants and shirt back on, while Amber strode down the hallway naked, carrying her clothes and shoes.

The sex area had filled up quite a bit since we had been in the shower and there were naked bodies everywhere. I spied Stella on a couch, straddling a man and eagerly bouncing on his cock while sucking off another man.

“Want to see how Jill is doing?” I asked.

“Go ahead, I’ll find you later stud.” Amber said, blowing me a kiss before disappearing into the crowd.

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