Family Wife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: A young wife takes care of all the family men. It was tradition and duty and felt better than her husband even realized.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

She hummed and moaned as the fleshy shaft moved in and out of her sensitive velvet tunnel. As it swelled and then pulsed hotly inside of her, tingles spread out around her crotch, but the explosion of pleasure did not come. She wasn’t concerned. That would get taken care of soon.

Her husband rolled off and was immediately snoring, the usual outcome of his ejaculation. She slid over to the next mat in the family communal sleeping area and was quickly mounted by her husband’s older brother. He was erect from listening to the coupling next to him, knowing his turn would be soon. Foreplay wasn’t needed or expected. She was open and wet from her husband’s efforts. He slipped all the way in on the first stroke.

He liked to take his time. Her young breasts were firm, much more so than the older women he sometimes joined with. She loved the attention he paid to them too since that increased the tingling in her crotch. His cock was shaped differently than the one that had just been inside her so it rubbed her in a delightfully different way. His big balls slapped against her bottom as he pounded. He finally stiffened and squirted his seed into her warm depths to join those from her husband. She smiled, knowing that the seeds would search in vain for an egg. She was already quickened, although which of the family men had produced the lucky sperm would forever be a mystery.

The third mat was occupied by her husband’s father. He positioned her on top so he could caress and suck her breasts. She liked that too because she could get good stimulation by moving her hips and would often reach her climax before the older man. Sometimes two even. His erection was the longest of the three and she thought perhaps it had fertilized her, even though it was often not the first to pump seed into her womb.

There was also a younger brother who would soon be of age. She expected to initiate and instruct him in the pleasures of coupling with a woman. She had watched her mother have that joy with her father’s family males and knew what to do. She hoped it would be soon, before her belly got very big. He had sometimes watched her being plowed and she would smile at him, encouraging his interest. His man parts seemed to be growing rapidly and she wanted to try them out.

She was quite happy and proud to be the only woman of the house. No getting along with a mother-in-law or sister-in-law, and she had the full attention of three men. They were sometimes at home and amorous during the day too and she could spend more time up close and naked with them. Fun things like oral sex took too long at night when other men were waiting to enter her body.

Her husband wasn’t always happy when he had to wait to couple with her during the day, but understood her responsibilities. He had first opportunity at night. As her mother had taught her, she made him feel that he was the best, although her father-in-law probably gave her more pleasure.

She’d always enjoyed sex. Possibly because her sister’s husband had given her a skilled introduction to, and training for, the practices and pleasures of male-female coupling. For her, the best parts were when the man’s shaft first entered, spreading open her outer lips and then making her tunnel expand. The stroking as it entered and withdrew were delightful. The other great pleasure was the feeling of hot man cream being sprayed deep inside, carrying many seeds wanting to plant a baby in her belly.

Her mother had taught her the herbs and timings necessary to prevent unwanted conception. There was that one situation though. The spring fertility festival had happened at the “wrong” time of her cycle, and the fermented beverage had lowered her sensibility, so that she opened her legs for many more men than usual. When her monthly bleeding didn’t happen, her mother took her to another village where a medicine woman’s potions and poultices restored her periods.

The good side of the festival was that she met her future husband. After observing several men in a row injecting their shafts and juice into her body as she lay unresponsive, he assisted her from the mat, where she was laying with legs widespread in passive invitation, to a more private place. He brought her food and water and a cloth to clean herself. He slept by her side and she gave him an oral release when they awoke. Her female part was too sore for anything more. They began a personal and sexual relationship and a year later were married.

When she discovered that she would be the only female in a house of three men, her pussy tingled in anticipation. While she had several simultaneous sexual partners before, including the time she was developing her relationship with her future husband, those took extra time and energy to manage. This would now be easy, as we saw at the beginning of this tale.

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