Jovon's Pretty Girl

by DaddysSickSecret

Copyright© 2018 by DaddysSickSecret

Fiction Sex Story: Jovon is not what you'd call a 'nice boy'. He doesn't like born-girls. He'd rather make his own. [As of 6/5/18, all formatting errors are fixed. If you read/rated this story before that date, please give Jovon another try. He won't be any nicer, but the story will make more sense. DSS]

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I hated going to school.

Ok, ‘hated’ maybe a bit strong. I didn’t mind most of it really. I’m smart enough that the work wasn’t hard, I was on the good side of average for both looks and athletics, and friends weren’t a problem. I was just social enough that the teachers ignored me, but not so social that my classmates paid me any attention. I sat in the back of the room, and was pretty much left alone.

Which is pretty much where I wanted things. So, to be honest, the only thing I hated was the uniform. One specific uniform. Morgan’s.

Morgan’s parents, the idiots, didn’t realize their child was a girl, and enrolled ‘him’ as a boy. Oh, Morgan seemed like a boy on the surface. There was a penis and balls. But one weekend of training had revealed the truth and eliminated anything boyish in that pretty little frame. Morgan was, and always will be a girl.

And at my house, she dressed that way. Frilly skirts, revealing halters, sexy lingerie. She could only wear basic bras and panties under her school uniform during the week. But pants hid her lovely legs, and boy shirts hid her budding cleavage. I longed to see her in class in knee socks and a plaid skirt.

I sighed and looked at my smartwatch. It was one of the older models, so the screen only had space for four apps. I only needed two - time and Morgan’s toys.

I tapped her device and, watching her, push her vibrations up a notch.

She shivered and smoothed her hair back from her ear. A very girlish gesture. I told her to grow her hair out just so she could do it. I wanted her to play with her hair anytime she wanted to come in class.

She played with her hair a lot.

After class, we met in the bathroom - the one on the far end end of the hall, further from the other classrooms.

“It hurts, Jovon,” she gasped, throwing herself in my arms. “My clit hurts so much!”

That was good. She habitually called it her clit, not a dick. “How does your pussy feel,” I asked, rubbing her ass.

“Lonely,” she cooed. “When can I feel you?”

I’d been playing with Morgan for about a year, ever since I’d discovered that her father was as perverted as I was.

Jovon had just finished in the bathroom stall - but not yet flushed - when he heard two other boys at the urinal.

“Whoa, dude! What the hell is that?”

“Chastity belt,” Morgan said. Jovon recognized his classmate’s voice. “My Dad’s kinda a religious nut, so he makes me wear it.”

Jovon peeked through the crack of the stall. Morgan was casually relieving himself as he explained his father’s bizarre decision to force his son to wear a metal cage around his cock. Both boys finish, zipped, and left the bathroom.

Jovon flushed, and thought about what he’d seen and heard as he washed his hands.

Morgan was a pretty boy. His father’s concern that Morgan might be sexually active was valid, but misplaced. With such large eyes, pouty lips, and a girlish ass, the boy was much more likely to fall prey to a sexual predator than to impregnate some poor innocent girl. A sexual predator like Jovon.

‘This could be fun,’ he smiled to himself.

At lunchtime, while the rest of our classmates were mobbing the cafeteria, Morgan and I slipped down to the basement storeroom. A couple years ago I managed to ‘find’ an extra key. The room used to be where I went to watch pornos. Now, I bring Morgan here.

Her panties were wet.

“Aw, too bad,” I teased the tip of her ‘clit’, the only thing I could reach when she wore her father’s chastity belt - all day, every weekday. “Somebody came like a boy.”

She looked miserable, poor thing. “I couldn’t help it when you turned up the vibrations again. My pussy felt so good, it was all I could do not to scream.”

I remembered the moment, in Geography, when Morgan began shifting in her seat, then covered her mouth while leaning into her arm. She was twitching for so long, I thought cum must have dripped down her leg. But looking at it now, she might have actually dry come. That was pretty normal for her now. Her panties could be soaked with pre-cum drizzle. A lot of dripping, but no big shot.

“You come too easy,” I teased.

“Make me come again, Jovon,” she rubbed against me. “I like how you make me come.”

“You like being my pussy?”

“I love being your pussy,” she moaned. “I can’t wait til you fuck me.”

I hadn’t fucked her yet. I said I was waiting until she was a real girl, but it was really because Morgan was desperate for it. Until then, I used small vibes and dildos. I wanted her stretched slowly. I wanted my cock to break her every time.

Her father seemed satisfied stoking her ‘clit’ every night at bath time. He didn’t seem to notice the Morgan didn’t really get hard any more.

My current phase of training would be more noticeable, but for Morgan, it would be worth it.

“You’re not girl enough yet. Soon, I think. You want lunch?”

She squealed. “Yes, please!” She dropped to her knees and began opening my pants.

Morgan gave excellent head. Greedy, tight, not afraid of choking. Drank down jizz like she wanted more. She moaned happily as she licked and sucked.

When I felt like I was close to giving her what she wanted, I turned on her vib again. She gasped and started to pull back. I grabbed her head. “Keep sucking, pussy. Maybe we’ll come together.”

She groaned happily, but sucking and moaning like she was was hard to do for long periods. I tried to help by fucking her mouth, but she kept losing her balance. Me tapping up the vib speed probably didn’t help.

Finally, I held her face still. “I’m coming, Morgan! I’m gonna shoot jizz down your throat! Drink - drink my jizz!” I shot a big load. My cock’s thick more than long, but my balls are huge. I always shoot a lot. Seriously, a lot. That’s probably why I’m a pervert.

Morgan gulped and gasped. She managed to drink it all almost every time. “Oh, God,” she sighed, collapsing on the floor. “I’m coming again.” She lay there, twitching and convulsing, her ‘clit’ seemed to have a slow leak of whitish water, but never got hard. “Oh, God! That feels so good!”

It was actually an effort not to fuck her right then.

I let her lie there, enjoying the vibrator as I pulled my clothes up. Then I turned the vib off, and let her breathing level out.

“You ready?”

“No,” she pouted.

“Behave,” I smacked her thigh. “Lift your legs.”

She still pouted, but she lifted her legs so I could pull out the vib. “Ok. Get dressed.” I put the vib in a zip bag and gave it to Morgan for cleaning later.

When Morgan was dressed and looking as boyish as possible, we went to the lunch room. We always had to eat quickly, but I didn’t mind. Morgan’s pre-meal dose of vitamin-J was important.

“Don’t forget your girl pill,” I handed Morgan the supplement. She swallowed it immediately, grinning.

Estrogen. Turned out to be easier to obtain than I expected. I’d been giving them to Morgan for a couple weeks, and her breasts were just beginning to bud.

I don’t actually like big tits so I won’t get a second set of pills, but I thought Morgan would like them. And growing them slowly would feed her need to become a ‘real girl’.

Over the next few weeks, Morgan and Jovon became friends. They talked together over lunch. Jovon switched lockers so they could be together in the locker room.

One Thursday, Morgan invited Jovon home for dinner. “My father wants to meet you.”

“Only if you come to my house tomorrow.”

“Deal,” Morgan laughed.

Dinner was exactly what Jovon expected. Morgan’s father missed the forest for the trees. His father was right that the world was a sinful place, and Morgan was ripe for corruption. He just misunderstood what kind of sin and what kind of corruption. He thought Morgan was a son who might be corrupt, not a daughter who would be soiled.

“Sir, thank you for a wonderful meal, and an inspiring lesson in Godliness. I only hope my family can do as well at my house this weekend.”

“The weekend? Oh, I don’t know if he can spend the weekend.”

“Please sir. We have a project for school we can work on together. And, you don’t need to worry about sinful influences. There are no women in my home. We do have a lot of security cameras; if you’d feel better, I can send you the daily footage. It would be the day after, but you’d see nearly everything we do.”

“Well, no. No, I don’t need that. I suppose a boy your age should spend more time with his friends. Let me think about it.”

Friday, after school, Morgan went home with Jovon.

Mondays, Morgan went home. His father gave him a stern lecture on the evils of sin, bathed him, checked Morgan’s purity, and then anointed him with the ‘seed of man’ to protect his from the vice of lust. They did that four nights a week, then Friday to Monday morning Morgan was with me.

Morgan’s father was truly a sick man. His sexual frustration was locked up with some twisted religious practices. He’d put a chastity belt on Mogan in elementary school when a girl kissed the child. Morgan - who was hopelessly naive - thought it was odd that his father took a bath with him and ‘anointed’ him daily in high school, but never thought there was anything wrong with it.

Actually, I thought jacking off on a young boy’s face sounded beautiful. I just knew it was considered perverted and sick, and wasn’t part of some holy doctrine.

I spent my week nights with my servants, Tiffany and Margaret. My parents live on the other side of town because my mother and I are too much alike and my father was having a nervous breakdown. Mom shows up occasionally to make sure that I’m eating and that child services hasn’t put me in a foster home. Or jail.

Tiffany, formerly known as Timothy, was my father’s business partner. Once a month or so, ‘he’ put on a suit, went to the office, and acted like a big boy. Most of time, however, she worked from home in a frilly skirt and cleaned the house. Both of my girls lactate, but Tiffany drips so she wears clamps as part of her uniform. She was having electrolysis done weekly; soon, she would be permanently free of all hair from her face down.

If Morgan was with me, Tiffany took my school things to my room and went to her room for the night. If I was alone, she sucked my cock hard then presented her ass pussy for a proper fucking. Right at the front door. Tiffany could only come from ass fucking now. Her dick only got hard when she peed. She liked sleeping with an ass full of jizz, so after I came, I’d plug her.

Margaret, my cook, was the opposite. Margaret did all the public things - shopping, school events, etc. - fully crossdressed. Margaret used to be my school guidance counselor Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence lost a bet with me. I made him wear lace panties for a week. The week stretched out to a month, and panties became bras and stockings. When I showed up at his home with a full outfit, he let me in. I took him shopping for everything he needed to start being my woman. When the school told him he couldn’t crossdress on the job, he resigned without my permission.

On the one hand, I love how devoted he was to being my woman. On the other hand, though, I hadn’t fucked him at the school yet, so I was a bit disappointed.

So Margaret still can get hard. Margaret was required to jack off daily to remind herself that she isn’t quite my woman. I liked making her wear toys under her dresses and jack off for me in public places. I always came on her, not in her - since she’s not a woman, there’s no point in breeding her. Margaret shaved everywhere but her dick, just to make the point even when she was naked.

My week nights were pretty dull. Fuck Tiffany in the foyer, have dinner, fuck Margaret wherever, do homework, play a game or goof off online, then bed.

Tiffany greeted them at the door, his short skirt allowing his ruffled panties to peek out and his bustier just barely covered his clamped nipples.

Morgan gasped and covered his eyes. “Jovon! You said -”

“It’s ok, Morgan. Tiffany is my maid. Tiffany doesn’t live in this house.” Jovon smiled at Tiffany. “You and Margaret can go. I won’t be needing anything else tonight.”

“Yes, sir.” Tiffany nodded and rushed away.

“You have servants?” Morgan asked. “So, I guess my family seems kind of poor.”

“Yes,” Jovon shrugged. “But you see your dad every night. I haven’t seen mine this year. Is money worth more than a parent?”

Morgan looked so sad. “I guess not. Must be kind of lonely.”

“I have hobbies. Are you hungry? Let’s eat dinner now.”

“Isn’t it kind of early for -”

Jovon took Morgan’s hand and lead him to the kitchen. Margaret was taking off his apron, but he, too, wore a bustier, short skirt, and ruffled panties.

“Good afternoon, sir. I was just leaving. Dinner is in the warmer. Did you need anything before I go?”

“No. Good night.”

“Good night, sir.” Margaret nodded to Morgan and left.

“They leave when you get home? Who stays here with you?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Jovon began pulling out a roast chicken and vegetables, “we have everything we need.”

“My dad won’t be happy if he finds out no one was here.”

“Why? There aren’t any girls to tempt us. We’re not planning anything bad. Dinner, homework, can you play games?”

“Sure! Well, some.”

“Isn’t the whole point that your father wants to know that you are doing the right thing even when he’s not around?”

Morgan looked dubious.

“Fine. Let’s have dinner, and if you still have concerns, we’ll call him.”

“Ok,” the boy nodded. “That sounds good.”

Jovon served them. “Water or milk? I don’t have any sodas.”

“Water is fine. That’s what I drink at home. Mostly.”

“Oh.” Jovon put down two cups of water. “How’s the chicken?”

“Really good.”

“Good. Eat as much as you want.” He took a bit of his own meal. “Do you sleep in your belt?”

“Usually. I take it off when Dad and I take a bath.”


“He has the only key, so he cleans it for me.”

“Oh. That makes sense.”

“Wow! You’re the only person who doesn’t -,” Morgan yawned, “Oh, sorry.” He shook his head. “I don’t know why I’m so tired so suddenly.”

“It’s ok. Let’s go to my room.”

Morgan gets to school early so she can put her vib in her pussy before I see her. When I get to school, I turn it on. If she’s wearing it, she gets to come before class.

She greeted me with a warm hug. Everyone in school knew we were gay, so it wasn’t a big deal. “Good morning, Jovon!” She wriggled against me. “I came twice already,” she whispered in my ear, “and I think I’m gonna come again!”

I checked my wrist and found I had set it really high this morning. I let her have the third, then turned the toy off.

“Meanie,” she pouted.

All day I played with her vib, never letting it go over half speed, but never turning it off, either. I didn’t let her come again until lunchtime. By then, cum had soaked her panties and had wet her pants. You couldn’t see a stain outside yet, but only because it wasn’t too big.

I let her come before she sucked me off, and again after. Her dick stayed limp as cum dripped almost non-stop from it. The fact that she could come continuously from just the vibe in her pussy made me start wondering what to work on next.

As she was getting redressed, I noticed that her bra no longer bunched loosely. The AA-cup was actually full. The estrogen was working beautifully.

“We might have to go buy you new bras this weekend,” I said.

“I can’t come over this weekend.”


“It’s my 17th birthday. Dad has one of his crazy rituals. He said he has to make me a man. It must be a big one, because my mom will be there.”

I tried not to snarl. It frightened Morgan when I did that. That psycho sonofabitch was going to make my sweet girl fuck his mother!

Well, that’s what I would do, at any rate. Actually, it would be fun to watch if I thought Morgan could get it up for a woman. Or, indeed, at all. I’m pretty sure Morgan’s dick wouldn’t get hard if you filled it with lead.

No. I’ve spent the last year making this pretty boy my own special girl-toy-pussy and I am not about to let her father try to undo all that.

Morgan stopped me as we finished lunch and - in front of everyone, mind you - kissed me, very quickly, on the lips. “Dad can’t make me a man. I’m waiting for you to make me your woman.” She bounced down the hall to her chemistry class, leaving me stunned.

Tonight. I am fucking her tonight.

I had PE second to last period, and biology last period, so this semester I didn’t see Morgan after lunch. Today, however, I rushed out of class so I could catch her at her locker before she left. I could probably take her up to one of the third floor classrooms and fuck her there. It wouldn’t be the romantic first night I was planning, but c’est la vie.

“Jovon!” Someone called my name while I waited.

I turned to see Sarah, another classmate, coming toward me.

“Jovon, give this to Morgan tomorrow for me, ok?” She handed me a calculator.

“You give it to him.” I shrugged. “He’ll be here in a sec.”

“He left early, before Algebra ended.”


She shrugged. “His dad showed up, he left. His dad’s weird, y’know? I mean, Morgan is weird, but sweet weird. Morgan’s dad is like the house you don’t trick-or-treat at weird.

“Yeah,” I agreed, taking the calculator.

“K. Thanks.” She headed off, unaware of the crisis. “Bye.”

I considered my options. Let things happen. Sicko tries to make a man out of a little girl, and hopefully doesn’t get violent when that fails. Or, I could go to their house, and assuming they are there, perform some daring rescue of my damsel is distress.

Or, I could do the smartest, most irritating choice. Call my mom.

‘Absolutely perfect,’ Jovon thought, looking at Morgan.

He was mostly naked, mostly. Train the pussy first, then dress it. For now, nipple clamps and a cock sheath. A dozen beads had slipped smoothly in the boy’s lubed anus. A dog collar would keep him inside the invisible fence around the property for the weekend if he tried to run. Wrist and ankle straps would keep him on the bed for now.

Jovon had exchanged his school clothes for a more comfortable house pants and t-shirt.

Morgan stirred and woke finally. “Jovon? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean...” His voice petered out as he realized his clothes were gone. “Jovon? What is this?” He tried to move and couldn’t.

“I think you know. Chastity belts only have one purpose for a boy. How do you like the sheath?”

“How did you get the belt off?”

“Master key. The lock was more for show that security. That brand only uses four key cuts.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Your dad won’t let you use your dick, right? Well, if you don’t have a dick, you must have a pussy.”

“But I don’t have a -”

“Sure you do.” Jovon turned on the vibrator in the anal balls. Predictably, Morgan gasped. “It’s right here.”

“Stop! Stop!” He arched, trying to avoid the feeling. “The bad thing will happen!”

“What’s the bad thing, Morgan?” Jovon turned up the speed.

“My boy seed! My boy seed will come out!”

“You don’t need boy seed,” Jovon laughed and tapped up the speed again. “Let all of it out so we can replace it with girl juice.”

“GOD!” Morgan came, shooting a geyser of jizz on his own face.

Jovon tapped up the speed. Morgan twisted and squirmed to get away from the sensation to no avail. When Morgan wailed and came again, Jovon tapped up the vibrations further.

“OH GOD! WRONG! SIN!” Morgan screamed. “PLEASE! SIN!”

“No,” Jovon said calmly, “not wrong. Well, ok, you coming as a boy is wrong. But we can fix that, and then you’ll come like a girl, and we’ll go from there, ok?”

“NOOOO!” Morgan came again. His hips thrust, but very little jizz came out.

“Wow, that was fast!” Jovon tapped the speed again. “Now, each time you come, you’ll do it dry - like a girl. By the end of the weekend, your body will forget how to squeeze out all that boy seed, and you’ll only have sweet girl juice. You’ll like that, right?”

Morgan groaned. There were tears on his cheeks.

“Good girl.”

Calling my mom ranks with dental surgery and lima bean casserole on the list of ‘things you want in your life.’ But sex cults were a hobby of hers, so if this was more than something Sicko made up in his head, she’d know something.

I went home and tried to think of a better idea. I couldn’t, so I called her.

“CJJ Accounting,” the chipper voice said, “how may I direct your call?”

“It’s Jovon. Is Charlotte there?”

“Just a moment.” She put me on hold. “Sir? I’m sorry. She’s not in at the moment. May I take a message?”

“She is in, otherwise you wouldn’t have had to put me on hold for her to tell you that. Tell her that I need her help, and see if she’s still out.”

I got put on hold again.

“Do you need bail money,” Mom asked when she picked up.

“No. One of my toys is about to be raped by a sex club and I want to get her back.”

“Since when do you lend your toys?”

“I don’t. Her father’s a perv. He wants to make a man out of her.”

“Not the same little trap I helped you with last year!”

“Yes, her.”

“A whole year, and you want it back? I would have thought you’d have worn that one out by now.”

“I haven’t even fucked her yet.”

Mom went silent. When she spoke again, her tone was different. “What do you need?”

“She told me today that her parents were doing a big ritual this weekend because she turns 17, and her dad wants to make her a man.”

“Is this that Spirit of the Holy Evangelical guy?”

“Yeah, that’s the group.”

“They do have a coming of age ceremony that starts pretty young. Sixteen, seventeen. They put a bunch girls in a room with a bunch of same aged guys and let them fuck for a night. The ones that get knocked up, they declare adults, and marry them. They do it every quarter or so, or until all the boys have wives.”

“Could be fun to watch,” I admitted. “But Morgan can’t even get it up for a girl, and they can’t actually breed her, so this would just fuck with her head.”

“Uh huh.” Mom was typing, not listening. “Give me an hour or so. How’s Tim?”

“She’s fine.”

“He was moping the last time your father saw him. If you are going to ignore your old toys in favor of this new one, give Tim back to me.”

“I’m not ignoring Tiffany. I fuck her every night.”

“One and done, eh? Poor thing. I used to peg him until he couldn’t walk.”

Tiffany did like a good hard night. And I hadn’t fucked her more than once in a night since I started to train Morgan. I hadn’t taken Margaret out for a public jack off in a while either. “I can maintain my own toys, Charlotte. Thanks.”

“As soon as you have trouble, you can always come home.”

I like my boys in dresses; mother like them in leather. Both of us in the same house was a recipe for disaster. “I can handle it.”

“Fine. Give me an hour. I’ll call you back.” She hung up.

I had fucked Tiffany as soon as I came home, as usual, but I went to find her again. She and Margaret were in the living room chatting.

“Tiffany,” I called her, “snack time.” I opened my pants, and Tiffany quickly moved to suck my dick. “Margaret, get ready to give your sister a nice drink.” Margaret lifted her skirt and started jacking off.

Tiff was good at it, so it didn’t take long to get me hard again. “Ok. Enough. Turn around.” I moved her panties, pulled out her plug and rammed in. “Margaret, let her get it herself.”

“Yes, sir,” Margaret sighed. She rammed her dick in Tiffany’s mouth, and we banged her from both ends until all three of us shot off.

It really was fun when we all joined in. I should do this at least once a week. Morgan and Tiffany will have to trade off being breed. Or I’ll have to do two sets. I’ll figure out something. Just as soon as Morgan comes home.

Each time Morgan climax, Jovon tapped up the vibration speed. It took almost three hours for Morgan to finally climax at the tenth - the highest - setting. He screamed and cried.

Jovon turned the vib off. “Good girl! You look so pretty when you come. You must be tired.” He kissed Morgan’s forehead. “You rest now. I’ll bring you snack later.”

Morgan lapsed into an exhausted sleep, only to wake three hours later when Jovon turned on the vibrator again. “No,” he groaned.

“Yes,” Jovon replied. “We have to train your pussy if we’re going to make you a real girl.”

“It’s bad,” Morgan gasped weakly.

“You don’t believe that. You called your father a religious nut.”

“Wicked,” the boy moaned.

“If you do it right,” Jovon agreed. “But you don’t think sex is a sin, do you?”

“Da-da-daddy says -”

“What do you say?” Jovon cut him off. “Does your pussy feel good?”

“Bu-bu-but boy seed goes in girl holes,” Morgan gasped. “It’s bad - bad like this.”

“Does your pussy feel good?”

“Sin - sin - sin feels - feels -” Morgan seemed to be fighting the mounting orgasm.

Jovon reached out and pulled the chain attached to Morgan’s clamped nipples.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD! AHHHHH!” Morgan convulsed as a small amount of fluid released.

Jovon increased the vibrations, still playing with the chain. “Does your pussy feel good, Morgan? Tell the truth.”

“Oh! God! Please!” Morgan’s back arched. Jovon tugged the chain and the boy whimpered even more.

“I bet when you become a real girl, you’ll have tits.” Jovon watched fascinated. None of his other toys had been quite that sensitive. “Do you want tits when you become a real girl?”

“Yes!” Morgan panted. “Yes! No! No! NoGodOhGodOhGod PLEASE!” He came again. This time was completely dry.

It took almost five hours to repeat the ten-levels of training to force the boy’s body to orgasm at every vibration level. Morgan was sweating and crying. Jovon felt almost cruel watching him suffer when he’d plateau and couldn’t come for a while.

But he knew this stage was important to becoming a girl. He knew that a good girl could come from her pussy once or twice, but the best girls could come at will, and stay flaccid the whole time. If Jovon was diligent, Morgan could become a girl who could, would, and wanted to come at any time or place. Tiffany and Margaret were both too old when he trained them; it was difficult to make them come more than twice in a row. Margaret still got erect. Morgan, however, was young enough. He could come twice in a row as a teenage boy. As a teenage girl, ‘she’ could come twice a minute.

Once Morgan hit his final peak, though, it was time for them both to rest.

Mother called back after two hours.

“Ok. I found it. S.H.E. is having the ceremony Friday night. You and your parents are expected there at 3pm.”

“My parents! Why are you going?”

“Me?! Have you forgotten who your mother is? I wouldn’t be caught dead in a room full of teenage virgins ruining a good fuck. I emailed Tim the address and an invitation. He and Mark can be your parents for the night.”

“I still don’t understand why I need parents.”

“Because you’ll never get in the place without them. I did a web chat with S.H.E., and told them that I used to be a member, but we’d left. Now my son was seventeen and I wanted to have him do the ceremony. The only thing they asked was did you have proper chastity training. I said yes, so make sure you wear a belt and give your ‘father’ the key. There’s an official thing he has to do.”

I explained to Tiffany and Margaret what was going on.

“That’s horrible!” Margaret exploded. “Our poor Morgan! She’s not a boy; of course we’ll help. Tiffany, can you do that anointing bullshit?”

Tiffany bit her lip. “God. Do I even have a dick anymore? I - I’ll try.”

“No,” Margaret shook her head. “I’ll do it. I’ll have to buy some mens clothes, though. I haven’t worn pants in ages. Is that alright, sir? If we switch on Friday?”

I had this weird sensation like my whole body was warm. Like the nice feeling after a really good orgasm. Then I realized I was feeling an emotion. One of the good ones, but I can never tell them apart. “Yeah, this one time, it’ll be ok. I was wondering about you two feeling left out with Morgan.”

“Oh no, sir.” Tiffany smiled. “Morgan is so perfect for you. We’re your slaves, but she’s a wonderful girlfriend.”

“And she trained so easily,” Margaret added.

“Oh.” The feeling got weirder. “Good. So, when this is over, I’ll work out the fuck schedule. And the milking. I haven’t milked your tits in a while, have I?” They both shook their heads. “Ok, as soon as we get Morgan back, I’ll milk all three of you.”

Charlotte sent the official website link, which made the group look like a respectable religion. She also sent a chat board of people who had escaped the cult and gave a real idea of what they do. I was lucky in that it really did look like they banned all sexual knowledge, so the other kids would be virgins. And since they thought Morgan was a boy, he was unlikely to get raped before I did it. Parents were expected to watch from the sidelines and not participate or get frisky among themselves.

What kind of moron sets up a teen orgy just to watch?

Morgan was not at school the next day, which wasn’t a surprise, but pissed me off anyway.

At lunchtime, just to relieve my stress, I went to the store room and called Margaret. “Where are you?”

“Mens shop.”

“Go to the bathroom and jack off for me.”

“I see, sir. May I call you back in just a minute?”

“Are you at the register?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You have four minutes. If you call me back after that, I’ll make you wear a prostate vibe for a week straight,”

“Yes, sir.”

She called back in three minutes, twenty seconds. Her camera phone was hanging on something. One hand held up her skirt while the other pulled her dick frantically.

I loved watching her muscles flex as she got close. Margaret’s nuts were kind of big - not fat like mine, but long - and when she fired, she shot thin streams of white water five or six times. One landed on the phone and cum dripped down the screen.

She stood there panting when she finished.

“Good girl,” I said. She smiled like that was a reward. “Ok. I’ll see you at home. Oh, and your jizz is like water, so don’t let anymore out until this thing on Friday. Wear a ring if you have to.”

“Oh,” she moaned. “Yes, sir.”

After I hung up, I wacked off. I shot off into a trash bag because leaving a bucket full of jizz might eventually catch someone’s attention.

The rest of the week was a repeat with me getting more and more worried that Sicko was doing shit to my girl.

If I were the father of a natural-born ladyboy and I wanted to make a man out of him, I’d make him fuck a bitch. If he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, I’d ruffie him. I’d use a female he liked if there was one, or any slut I could find including his mother. I’d make him fuck her again and again until shoving a dick in a bitch was his instinctive response. If she wasn’t into it, again ruffies.

I wouldn’t use testosterone of course. I don’t like bears. That’s Mother’s fetish.

But that’s just me. Most people don’t go to the sexual extremes I like. Most men would just beat their son half to death because that’s so much better.

If there’s a scratch on my pretty girl, I’m gonna fuck her dad with a 2x4.

Jovon let him sleep until after 10am. He woke him with a soft kiss and the vib on it’s lowest setting.

Morgan moaned as his eyes opened.

“Good morning, pretty girl. How does your pussy feel?”

He hesitated. “G-g-good,” he said finally.

Jovon pulled the chain and Morgan gasped and writhed. “How do your tits feel?”

“OhGod! I can’t -” Jovon pulled the chain more. “GOD! OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod!”

“How do your tits feel, pretty girl?”

“Good,” he moaned, “so good.”

“Good.” Jovon kissed him again. “Wanna go out for breakfast? You get to take off everything but the vibe, and wear a pretty dress.”

Morgan groaned. “Everything? Can I keep my tits?”

Jovon hesitated. “You want to wear these,” he pulled the chain for emphasis, “under your dress.”

“I want to be a real girl.”

“You do?” Jovon was surprised. He’d never had a toy’s mind break in under a day.

“I’ve always wanted to be a girl but my dad said that was wrong. That’s why he says the devil’s in me. He was hoping that anointing me with boy seed would drive the girl demons out of me.”

“Oh,” Jovon nodded, while thinking ‘idiot’. “I don’t you have demons, I just think you’re supposed to be a girl. I can help you with that. We’ll go to breakfast this morning, and if you come, I’ll take you shopping. And everytime you come, we’ll buy you a girl thing. Panties and bras and dresses.” Jovon pulled the chain again. Morgan groaned and arched. “Do you like that idea?”

“My dad won’t like it.”

“I’ll worry about your dad. Do you like it?”

Morgan nodded and Jovon removed the straps. Morgan was stiff from sleeping tied down, but he was ok after he showered. Jovon made him come before he let him put on a pair of lacy panties. He was too flat to need a bra so he wore a strapless sundress without one. He was erect the whole time, but a cup-shaped chastity belt solved that.

“Such a pretty girl,” Jovon smiled as he put a bow in Morgan’s hair.


“Really. Ready for breakfast?”


“Ok.” Jovon opened his pants and pulled his cock out. “Get on your knees. Boy seed goes inside girl holes.”

Morgan’s eyes went wide at the sight of the erect organ and unusually large scrotum.”But -”

Jovon held Morgan’s mouth open. “If you want to be a girl, you have work for it.” He shoved his cock in. “Close your lip, open your teeth, and don’t choke. If you throw up, that means you can never ever be a girl.”

Morgan choked and cried, but he managed not to throw up as Jovon thrust his thick, fat cock rapidly into Morgan’s inexperienced mouth. He kept himself from coming twice to help Morgan get used to a mouth fuck. When Jovon was ready, he held the boy’s head and tried to shoot straight down his throat. Jovon had large testes, and more semen than most men. The average ejeculation was a teaspoon, and a lot was a tablespoon. But this was one place where size did matter, and Jovon expelled typically twice that amount in jet after jet of hot cream.

Morgan coughed, but he didn’t throw up.

“From now on, when we’re together, before you eat food, you have to drink boy seed. Boy seed goes inside girl holes, right? You’re a girl, right?”

“Right,” he coughed. “Inside.”

“Good girl.”

Friday, right before lunch, the classroom door opened and Tiffany stepped in. Flowered dress, stocking, low heels, she even had a string of pearls.

“Excuse me,” she said, “I need my son.” She waved at me, “Jovon, sweetie, we’re running a bit late.”

There was a bit of snickering as I packed my bag. I guess my classmates don’t see me as the ‘sweetie’ type. “Bye, sweetie,” Andy teased as I left. I glared, but that only got more snickers.

In the office, Margaret was talking to the school secretary.

“ ... all wondered why you quit so abruptly.” She must have have been dripping like a faucet. “You look great, so it wasn’t your health.”

Actually, Margaret did look pretty hot as a guy. She went simple with just a shirt and tie, but she re-styled her hair and skipped shaving. You almost wouldn’t believe what a fuckable woman she was.

“Trust me, Paige, I was pretty sick.” She smiled at Tiffany and I. “I just needed the right environment to get better.”

“Are you still in here flirting, you cad?” Tiffany cozied up to Margaret. “Say goodbye, pretty boy. We mustn’t be late.”

Margaret grinned at the secretary, “Goodbye, pretty boy.”

“Goodbye, Mark,” she laughed. “I’ll tell everybody you said hi.”

“Ugh,” Margaret groaned when we were down the hall aways. “I am never wearing pants again. I forgot what women were like.”

“She didn’t get you hard,” I asked.

“I only get hard if you tell me to, sir,” she chuckled.

We got in the car and followed the GPS. The directions took the highway. While we drove, I put on a chastity belt. I got the same cage kind that Morgan wore. I gave the key to Margaret.

“According to Charlotte’s email, they serve a dinner at this thing,” Tiffany said. “The Call to Manhood ceremony begins at 4pm. The meal in preparation is at 3.”

“Dinner?” Margaret frowned. “At 3pm on a school day? Odd planning for an event involving high school students.”

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