Propositioning the Babysitter

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2018 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: A horny husband and his wife have a threesome with the innocent and very sexy babysitter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Babysitter   Big Breasts   .

Jack Niles was married for the last twenty years. He and his wife were best friends. They were each other’s soul mates. They had a healthy sexual relationship and pleased one another. Jack also had secret desires which he didn’t share with his wife.

Jack was obsessed with breasts. His wife had a small chest. He begged her to get implants, however she was scared about her health. She would get real mad at her husband for ever suggesting that she needed implants. Jack’s obsession with breasts made him fantasize about women more than he probably should.

Even though his wife was small in the breast department, she still was a great lay. Her pussy was the kind of pussy that got very wet with hardly having to do a thing. One little finger massaging her pussy, was like an earthquake of liquid. Her pussy juices were so tangy and delicious that it made up for her lack of fat in the bosom area.

Leslie, his wife had a great ass too. It was round and quite defined. Jack loved slipping a finger into her asshole while eating his wife’s cunt. It would always make her pussy more wet and fun when he fucked her later. Jack was a sex addict and loved making love to his wife.

Leslie Niles was fun to have in bed, but often had trouble keeping up with her husband’s incredible appetite for sex. Jack demanded sex three times a day and enjoyed sex that was kinky and dangerous. He liked having sex outside and in public. His wife was sometimes prude and didn’t like to do things out in public. She only did them because her husband liked her to.

Jack loved to fantasize about having sex with women with breasts. He imagined it would be fun for a woman with a heaving chest to ride his dick in his lap while he pushed their breasts together. He loved to fantasize about holding their breasts and nibbling and sucking their nipples until they were hard and erect. He’d squeeze and roll them between his fingers while she’d come like a racehorse on his cock.

He’d always pop a boner dreaming of a hot piece of ass sliding her tits up and down over his thick prick. He loved tits and loved seeing women shake their breasts up on a stage at sex clubs. He loved getting lap dances from exotic dancers. He especially loved the women with the big tits. That’s what made Jack hard. Breasts were what made Jack tick. Too bad his wife was not ever going to get implants. That was the one thing that irritated Jack.

Leslie was flat as a board. She could probably wear a training bra still. She would get mad at her husband always nagging her about implants. She just didn’t see the attraction to having big boobs. She would hiss at her husband for bringing up the subject. Jack was growing impatient with his wife. He wanted her to please him and get a new set of tits.

Jack and Leslie had called their babysitter Hannah to babysit for the evening. Jack liked Hannah because she was a good girl. She went to catholic school. Hannah just turned eighteen and was going to college in the fall.

Jack and Leslie’s children loved Hannah. The children were always good for her. Leslie would leave pizza money for her and the rule was on the evening when Hannah would babysit, the children could stay up until ten o’clock.

Hannah’s parents would drive her to the Niles’ and Jack would drive her home. It was always very late when they finally got home. A few times Hannah even stayed over.

Hannah had a nice set of tits. She always seemed to not wear a bra when babysitting. She’d wear her camisole tops and cover those amazing breasts with a sweater. She’d always take her sweater off and show her tits to Jack and cover them up again with her sweater when Leslie was in the room.

It was a game she liked to play which always stirred Jack’s cock to enormous proportions. He’d always have to go wank before taking his wife out. Just seeing Hannah’s big breasts and hard nipples made his dick as hard as a steel rod.

Leslie always wondered why Jack had to always go to the bathroom for twenty minutes before they left the house. Jack had to jerk his cock and come thinking about the hot babysitter with the big tits. He’d be horny for the entire evening which was just as he liked to be.

Hannah was a real beauty. She had blonde hair which she wore in double braids and had the creamiest complexion. She had twinkling blue eyes that just sparkled and her smile was heavenly. Hannah was as hot as they get. She had to have at least a 40 double D bust. Her breasts were round and quite full. Her nipples always seemed to be hard and poking out of her camisole tops.

She was tall and had a nice ass and great hips. She wore minimal makeup and was a real hottie. Jack wondered if she was a virgin too. She didn’t act like one though. She liked to show off her sexuality and flirt in a very innocent way with Jack. She made Jack crazy with her bosom. He often wondered what it would be like to fuck his hot babysitter. He imagined her riding him and her boobs shaking up and down. He imagined coming in the hot girl while yanking on her braids.

“Hannah there’s pizza money on the table. Bed time is at ten o’clock.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Niles. Everything will be fine. Have a lovely time.”

Leslie Niles walked towards the door and Hannah removed her sweater and leaned down to give Jack a show. She squeezed her tits together which nearly made Jack faint. Jack fanned himself and walked out.

“She’s such a nice girl.”

“She is. The kids love her too.”

“Why don’t we make out in the car. I’m so hard for you baby.”

“Jack, we’ll be late for our dinner reservations.”

“I want you baby.”

Jack pushed his wife up against the car. He pulled up her skirt and yanked her panties right off. He fingered her until her pussy was nice and wet. He pulled down his pants and pushed his cock right up inside of her and thrusted in and out of her pussy quite hard.

He held onto her shoulders and whispered naughty things into her ears.

“You’re such a slut. Look at my dirty wife getting fucked up against the car. You love this big cock fucking you.”

“Yes, Jack. I like your big dick fucking me.”

“I like fucking my hot wife.”

Jack slapped at her buttocks and continued fucking his wife hard against the car. After about fifteen minutes he came inside of her. He put on her panties and pulled down her skirt. He pulled his pants up and smiled at his wife.

“Make sure you cream those panties and leave the nice cum marks on your panties! I’ll want to taste them later you slut.”

Leslie did as her horny husband told her to do. She was always amazed at how much he wanted sex from her. He fucked her three times a day. Sometimes it was hard keeping up with him.

Jack helped his wife in the car and drove to the restaurant. They went to an Italian restaurant that they both liked. It was date night for the couple. Having kids was exhausting and they needed a night out to just enjoy each other’s company.

Jack parked the car and they went into the restaurant. They were seated in a cozy section near the fireplace. Piano music played while the couple looked through the menu. Jack ordered wine and they decided on what they’d have.

“Leslie, you look beautiful tonight. How are those panties doing? I bet my cum is dripping nicely inside of your panties.”

“Jack, is that all you think about? We just had sex. Can’t we talk about other things?”

“You make me crazy. How about you get those implants? Baby, you’d be perfect if you had them.”

“I’m already perfect. Why do you always get on me about my breasts? Aren’t I woman enough for you?”

“Yes. But, I’d like you to get implants.”

“Not happening? I’d sleep with a woman before implants?”

“Really? You’d sleep with another woman? How sexy? Can I choose the woman?”

“Jack. I’m kidding. I’m not sleeping with another woman. I just meant I’d do that before getting implants.”

“I’d love to fuck you and the babysitter together. Would you let me fuck you and Hannah?”

“You want to fuck our babysitter? Are you insane?”

“Why not? She’s always looking at me. Did you ever notice she wears white camisole tops showing her tits to me? She wants me, Leslie. I’d fuck her and my beautiful wife.”

“She’s just a kid.”

“She’s eighteen and she wants to have sex. She flirts with me all the time. I’d love for us to have sex with the babysitter.”

The waiter came to their table and Jack ordered the food. Leslie’s face was now red, and she looked quite embarrassed. She couldn’t believe her husband wanted them to have sex with the babysitter. She really didn’t want to be with another woman. It was either that or get implants. She didn’t want implants.

The meals were brought out and they ate. Jack continued talking about how he wanted his wife and Hannah to have sex with him. Leslie drank more wine and became tipsy. Jack was horny and wanted his wife’s panties, so he could sniff them at the table.

“Go into the bathroom and take off your panties. I want to smell them. I bet your pussy perfume and chalk marks are nice and ripe for me. I’ll pay the bill and you’ll give me a blow job in the car. You know I just love when you blow me when I drive.”

“Okay! All you ever think about is sex! Can’t we just enjoy each other!”

“Of course! After you give me a blow job, we can see that movie you wanted to see.”


Leslie went into the stall and removed her panties. She walked out by her husband and placed her panties in his hands. Jack held them up to his nose and smelled her panties. He loved her pussy scent. He pressed her panties up to his mouth and licked the chalk marks of his cum from the fabric.

“You’re a sexy bitch. Let’s get out of here. I’m hard for you!”

Jack paid the bill and the couple went back into the car. Jack pulled his pants down and sat down. Leslie leaned over into his lap and started sucking his hard cock. She moved her mouth up and down on his dick. Jack played with her hair and made moaning noises while his wife sucked his dick. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load down her throat.

“That was hot! Shall we go and fuck our babysitter now? Or do you want to go to the movies.”

Leslie knew that her husband wanted a threesome with the babysitter. There was no way getting out of this. When Jack wanted something sexually that was it. Leslie had to give it to him now. He was a sexual addict that needed sex. Leslie loved having sex, but sometimes it did get in the way of things.

“Do you think she’ll even want to?”

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