Masked Motherly Love

by Brentgdrive

Copyright© 2018 by Brentgdrive

Incest Sex Story: A son and his wife unknowingly end up with his parents at a costume party. Click dismiss

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My husband Tom and I are sexually adventurous. I did not realize how adventurous though until this past Halloween. Let me start by saying we are swingers. I have never liked the term, but it still best describes the lifestyle we like to participate in. It particularly is easiest to use the term for people not familiar with the culture.

I am forty-four years old, and Tom is forty-five. We have been married for twenty-four years, and together for twenty-seven. We started dating when I was seventeen years old. By the end of our first date, I knew he was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I fell in love instantly and he would tell you the same.

We got married while in college, and I had my son Brian right after I finished school at twenty-one. Three years later, we had my daughter Tess. We were on our way throughout life as a normal married couple and parents of two. Our love never faltered; yet after ten years or so, our sex life did.

It certainly was not because of our looks. Tom looks better now than he did when we were young. He has dark black hair but recently has started to show some salt-and-pepper gray. He still is in perfect shape. He is not buff or muscular, but there is no fat on his body either. He really is a wonderfully great looking man.

As for me, I have shoulder length auburn hair and I guess I can say I’m still attractive for my age. My nightly regiment of skin creams has helped prevent wrinkles. I definitely look younger than my actual age of forty-four.

I still have a good body. I have a few more pounds than when I was a teenager. However, many of those pounds found their way to the right parts of my body. Luckily, they now accentuate my hips and chest. The bra I’m wearing is about a 34C. Unfortunately there’s quite a bit of sag to my breasts after two children. I work this to my advantage however because with the right bra and top I show off unbelievable cleavage.

In addition, both Tom and I have always appreciated my large areolas and extremely pointy nipples. When I was younger I was extremely self-conscious about them. On the contrary, Tom has since made me extremely proud of my breasts. Numerous compliments from the men at these various parties have also strengthened my confidence.

Despite our continued good looks, there still did not seem to be the same sexual desire we always had. Luckily, we were both smart enough to openly discuss it with each other. Instead of letting our urges lead us to secret affairs with others, we decided to explore new options together.

So over the past eleven years, Tom and I go to various parties four or five times a year and expand our sexual horizons. Many times we will participate together with another couple. Sometimes we have simply swapped partners during the evening.

We find it very fun to try to pick each other’s partner for that particular evening. I find myself very excited when I am crawling into bed with a man my husband just selected for me. It turns me on knowing Tom is fully aware and approves of the fact that a strange man will be fucking me senseless.

However, I think I’m even more excited imagining Tom thoroughly enjoying himself with the woman I pick for him. Jealousy has never interfered and this lifestyle has allowed us to be extremely adventurous. At the Halloween party last month however, we both went further than we ever imagined.

Every Halloween, we make sure we don’t miss the party. There is something about the anonymity of the costumes that enhances the sexual experience. We have found in most cases the costumes everyone chooses are extremely anonymous and usually have masks. This allows so much more freedom.

Even though most party goers are uninhibited, there still are certain people you might not want to be with. There also are sometimes things you might not do. But with the anonymity of a mask, everyone will push their limits further than they ever imagined. Tom and I definitely can now attest to this.

With Halloween on a Sunday, most Halloween parties where the night before. Tom and I were having dinner in the kitchen. We were anxiously waiting for our chance to dress up and go to our party later in the night. Halfway through the meal, the doorbell rang. Neither one of us wanted to get up. Reluctantly, I rose from the table to see who was ringing the bell.

As I saw the figures through the frosted glass on the door, I could tell someone was on our doorstep with costumes. I had to think twice about the date and whether or not trick-or-treaters were already here. I turned on the porch light and opened the door to see a young couple dressed like “sexy ninjas”. I had seen this before but could not think where. So as I stood in front this couple I must have looked thoroughly confused. I had no idea why they were here or who they were dressed as.

They both started to chuckle.

“Trick-or-treat!” they said laughingly.

I still stood there with a confused look on my face. By now, Tom was approaching the door from behind me. I was hoping he could perhaps help figure this out. It was then the “trick-or-treaters” gave in and decided to help me out.

“Mom, it’s us,” the man said.

At this point, I recognized the voice as my son’s.

He continued, “pretty cool, huh?”

They both turned around on the doorstep showing their entire costumes. It was at this point I realized just how wonderful the costumes were. Not only in terms of what they were, but also how attractive my son and daughter-in-law looked.

I opened the door wide. “Get in here!” I demanded in a faux angry voice.

Their costumes definitely looked familiar, but I could not tell exactly where I had seen these outfits before.

“I give up,” I continued as they stepped inside, “who are you guys supposed to be?”

“Mortal Kombat,” Brian said, “I’m Sub Zero.”

“And I’m Mileena,” my daughter-in-law Sherry explained. She spun around to show her complete costume, or lack thereof, one more time as she revealed her identity.

It was then I remembered watching Brian play that damn video game growing up. I remembered all the times I complained about the violence and the half naked women. As I looked at the two of them now though, they both were extremely hot.

Brian’s costume left his arms exposed except for black pads on his forearm and bicep. I could still see the muscles underneath and in his shoulders. His mask covered his face except for his eyes. It was a complete black hood. There was a zipper on the bottom half that he could open up to talk. The way the costumes fit coupled with his definitely strong body made him look extremely attractive right then.

After staring for quite a while I then took a look over at his lovely bride, Sherry. Like Tom and I, the two of them started dating early in high school. They both were now twenty-three years old and they grew up together. Ever since they were fifteen, it seems the two of them were inseparable.

Sherry’s costume was fabulous. She looked stunning. I know this because my husband was practically falling all over himself. I reminisced about the half naked women in the video game, and now was looking at one in the flesh. “Mileena” wore a purple outfit. It was shiny purple and like a bathing suit. But it only covered the minimal areas of her body where it had to. She had the purple boots going up to her knees and the purple veil that covered her face below the eyes. The most amazing part of her costume was she had died her blonde hair jet black. I think this more than anything was why I didn’t recognize her at first.

As I looked at her body I quickly realized it was her. Many previous times I had found myself jealous of her body and just how fabulous she looked. Her breasts were probably size 32 or 34 and most likely only a B cup. I always have admired her chest. They were not as big as mine, yet she wore them well. She also would not have to worry as much with problems related to sagging when she gets older. The way this outfit tonight squeezed them and showed them off made them look bigger than I had ever noticed.

As my eyes traveled down her body I saw her perfect thighs which were still just as tan as they were this summer. The treat I saw further down though were the light purple “fuck me” boots. They were lavender and glimmered in the light. They started just above her knees and worked their way down to her stiletto heels. How the hell she walked in those I will never know, but damn they made her look good.

Even more exciting though was watching my husband practically drool over her. It became pretty obvious Tom could not take his eyes off of her. I think she noticed too, and overall she was excited to go to her party and show off. I became a little scared myself because of the urges she stirred within me as well. Both of these kids looked excitingly gorgeous.

“So where are you guys off to?” I asked.

“There are actually two parties we’re going to go to,” Brian answered. “One of her coworkers is having a party, and then we also heard about another party we are going to try.”

“Well let me get a picture before you go,” I said acting like a typical mom.

The two of them stood side-by-side with their daggers and weapons in hand. I snapped a picture with my iPhone, and then took one more for good measure. After the second shot they started to head for the door.

“So are you guys going to a party again this year?” Brian asked.

“No, not this year, “ Tom lied.

I wondered why he said this as the two of us said our goodbyes. We watched the kids walk towards the car. I know Tom particularly had his eyes on “Mileena’s” ass as it wiggled when she walked.

“What was that about?” I asked him as I closed the door.

“It’s their night,” he said.

I quickly understood. They really didn’t care what mom and dad were up to tonight. Yet I could not help but wonder how their night would end up. Their costumes were extremely hot. At this point I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and get on our way to our party. Batman and Catwoman were about to get laid.

“Are my ears on straight?” I asked Tom after stopping right in the middle of the front walkway.

He chuckled, “yes honey, you look fabulous,” he reassured me.

Even though we do this four or five times a year, I’m always so nervous just before we go. There are the usual nerves of making sure I looked good, but tonight was worse because of the costume. I also was simply excited about what was to come.

Before leaving, I had stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror. My Catwoman costume was definitely a winner. The tight black outfit hugged my hips and ass perfectly. Considering my hips and ass were forty-four years old, it all looked pretty damn good.

The top part of the suit pushed my boobs up perfectly. I was pleased to see the costume allowed my erect nipples to show clearly. I wasn’t sure if this was because of the costume or the fact that my nipples are extremely large and routinely erect. Either way, the end result was pleasing to me, and I knew it would be to Tom.

The cleavage could be spotted from across the room as well. I loved it. Tom had already given his approval earlier in the evening. He tried to immediately take the outfit back off of me to fuck me right there in our own bedroom.

This is where the excitement comes in. I stopped him cold in his tracks and told him tonight it’s for another man. But then I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and told him to go use it on some other sexy woman. The excitement this brings both of us is overwhelming. The best part is after tonight we will both go home and together have our best lovemaking session since the last party.

“Is my mask straight?” it was obvious I was still a bit nervous.

“Yes,” he again reassured me, “and your hair is fabulous that dark.”

After seeing how much the dark hair had changed Sherry’s look, I realized I wanted to be a totally different woman tonight. I had a box of hair dye in my cabinet sitting there for over a year because I never had the nerve. Tonight I really was going to be a completely different woman – Catwoman.

I took a deep breath, squeezed my boobs together, and was ready to go in. Batman held out his hand to escort me. He looked great. He bought the costume last November at a pawn shop. At retail value the thing goes for nearly $500. He really did look like the movie.

I was a little bit jealous for whoever was going to get to fuck him shortly. But I knew in the long run which pussy he would be with. I reached for his gloved hand. I then realized with the long “cat” nails on my glove it would be difficult to hold hands so we simply interlaced our arms. I walked with confidence and was ready to give my all tonight.

As we entered the room, it took me a minute to adjust to the low-level lighting. Combined with my mask, it was a little difficult to see at first. On Halloween there is a fee that everyone pays to help cover the cost of a meeting room at the hotel. Everyone reserves their own room for the individual parties later on.

My eyes finally adjusted to the lighting. It was at this point I could hear the music in the background as well. Nothing very direct or specific, just good background music. It was jazzy, and sensual. There was quite a crowd over by the bar and then two other groups of people. One over by the sofas, and another group was standing off to the side. The second group was obviously much more uncomfortable. I felt great about our costumes because right now I felt every eye in the room on Tom and me. It felt great. Now was time for me to start to check everyone else out.

The Halloween party always makes it more difficult. Sometimes you cannot decide because they look great but their costume is horrible. Or in some cases the costume is fabulous but it never should be on that particular person. As I glanced at the group away from the bar I saw a pirate couple. They had potential. He seemed built. However, it was difficult to tell with his “puffy” shirt. Even though he had a beard and the costume was masculine enough, the ruffles of the sleeve just killed any attraction I might have had. I know this disappointed Tom because the “wench” with Long John Loser was definitely hot.

Tom also nudged me a bit and directed my attention by the bar. I knew exactly what he was looking at. A very attractive blonde was dressed up as Cinderella. He always seems to like the fairy princesses. I like to make him happy; however, Prince Charming does absolutely nothing for me. Tonight was no exception in regards to this Prince Charming.

Just then I noticed one hell of a good looking “biker dude”. Luckily, the “chick” he was with was certainly hot as well. These two had potential. It was at about this point when Tom was once again tapping me lightly in the ribs. Apparently he had found somebody else as well.

His nudges grew increasingly harder and I actually was annoyed. I turned quickly and was about to yell at him when I saw exactly why he was so anxious. There was a young couple actually crossing the room and starting to approach us. They were definitely attractive enough. In fact, it was the second time I had seen them this evening. I turned around just in time to see my son Brian and his wife Sherry walking towards us.

We did not have time to whisper between the two of us. We did not have time to get our story straight. We had no time to plan what we would say. Yet even if we had a decade to prepare, we still would not have been able to appropriately deal with this embarrassing situation.

I was preparing our apologies and explanation as I watched them walk towards us.

As I watched this gorgeous couple, I started to realize that they did not know who we were. I instantly remembered the costumes, and suddenly felt reassured. It was then when my feelings changed. Seeing the two of them now made me realize they were by far the most attractive couple in the room. This flattered me when I thought about how quickly they approached us.

As Sub Zero approached I couldn’t help but look again at his massive biceps. Was Brian really that strong? I did not remember his pants being that tight before. Oh my God, I could see he actually had an erection. The frightening thing was this didn’t make me nervous. Instead, it made me excited.

“Hello,” he said in a voice just a tad different than usual.

The way he addressed us confirmed our costumes worked. Brian had no idea who we were. I didn’t have to explain myself. Yet the pause and silence was growing.

Tom recovered faster than me and replied, “hello.”

He did so in his Batman voice. He had practiced earlier and it actually was pretty good.

“I’m Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, and this is my partner Mileena,” Brian continued the anonymity with a humorous tone, yet still serious.

Tom extended his superhero hand, “I’m Batman.” The line sounded right out of the original movie with Michael Keaton.

A continued pause made me realize it was up to me to introduce myself. I had tried my “voice” once in the car. Unfortunately, I had not practice it at all. Nevertheless, I went for it. I realized my voice had to be somewhat different or they would know right away it was me.

“Hello ... I assume I need no introduction.”

I was proud of how coy and confident I sounded despite how nervous and excited I actually was. I made sure I changed my voice enough. It must have worked, because neither one of them seemed to notice.

Sub Zero put his arm around Mileena. It upset me because I could no longer see the bicep. However, it drew my attention to her lovely breasts. She looked fabulous.

It was then my son sent shivers down my spine, “would you care to join us in another room?”

I couldn’t believe how badly I actually wanted to say yes. The thought of being with him at that moment excited me beyond belief. But obviously we could not go that far. Tom would never...

“Okay,” Batman told him.

Tom grabbed my hand and squeezed it firmly. I had no idea what he was up to. But his grip was reassuring. Did he really want to do this? Did he really want to watch our son have sex with me? We started going to these parties to push our limits, yet something like this was never discussed.

It was then I saw his left arm go over the shoulder of Mileena. I realized the majority of his motive. He might not have been thinking much about his son and his wife. The main thing on his mind was fucking his gorgeous daughter-in-law. As I thought about this scenario, I felt the moisture literally dripping from my crotch into my panties.

This was going to happen. My husband and I were about to have sex with our son and his wife. At this point my goal was to get to the room and see how quickly we could start this adventure. Sub Zero grabbed my arm and led the way. With my other hand I made sure my mask was in place. I started my walk in my sexy Catwoman heels and costume knowing that in a few minutes my son would be pulling them off of me.

As we approached our room, Batman pulled the room key out of his utility belt. I could tell it was difficult for him to handle with his gloves on. In fact, I snickered a little bit and this led to a very small snicker from Mileena as well.

He finally got the door unlocked and opened it. He pushed it open waving our two guests into the room. It was then I instantly remembered I had left my overnight bag on the bathroom counter. It wasn’t very unique; nonetheless, one of them might recognize it. Luckily, they continued to walk past the bathroom into the bedroom. As I walked in I quickly diverted into the restroom.

“Excuse me for a second,” I told them all.

I closed the door behind me. I took a second to look at myself in the mirror. There really was no reason at all for either one of them to recognize me. I had colored my hair since they left us this evening, plus I had teased it so much I felt safe. With the mask and this outfit, I truly believed I could keep my anonymity throughout this ordeal. I simply had to make sure my mask stayed on the whole time.

I also once again realized how damn good I looked. In addition, it was obvious how excited I was because I could see my nipples pushing through the costume. Luckily my dripping wet pussy had not started to leak through yet. I brought my hand down between my legs and rubbed myself gently for a brief second. God, I was so excited.

I regained my composure and grabbed my overnight bag. With my other hand I grabbed one of the hotel towels and covered up the bag. As I exited the bathroom, I quickly opened the closet door and put the bag in the corner. I covered it with the towel. Now my identity was safe and I could move ahead with this unbelievable escapade.

When I returned to the room, Batman and Mileena were sitting on the bed closest to the bathroom. They had their backs turned towards me. Batman already had his arm around the young beauty. I could see Sub Zero sitting on the bed across from them.

He immediately looked up at me when I entered the room. It was difficult to see any emotion though because the mask covered so much of his face. He had lifted the zipper up on the bottom half and I could see his chin and mouth. Since my mask was so small, I again hoped nothing would give me away. I instantly moved towards him and sat next to him opposite my husband. I shivered as soon as my son put his arm around me.

Batman broke the silence, “Our masks stay on.”

The silence in the room confirmed everyone agreed. I then was amazed as it was my son who made the first move. He already had his left arm around me and now he turned towards me laying me down towards the bed and at the same time kissing me gently on the lips. I was in heaven. This man was being gentle and sensual. However, at the same time he laid me down on the bed making it clear what was soon coming.

I wrapped both my arms around his neck and compassionately threw myself into him. I was the first to use my tongue. I pushed it past the open mask and past his lips. At the same time his tongue began to explore mine. Our breathing increased together. I was so hot it was unbearable.

It was then I felt his right hand on my left breast. He squeezed tightly. I didn’t think my nipples could get any harder, but they did. He continued to grasp my right breast and I moved my right hand along his bicep. His muscles were so strong. My little boy had become such a strong man.

I moved my hand back behind him and reached down, now putting my hand underneath his shirt. The feeling of his flesh up and down his back was amazing. I quickly placed my left hand alongside the other and I ran both hands up and down his back tightly pulling him closer to me. I also intermittently pushed my fingernails into his back. I could tell this turned him on each time I did. I mean, I was Catwoman, right?

It was then I felt his hand leave my breast and almost immediately start to grab between my legs. I literally shuddered when he first touched my pussy through my costume. His grip was firm. It was firm enough for me to feel it in all its glory. The pressure pushed against my clit making it drip even more than it already was.

I pulled his shirt up even more from behind, signaling I wanted it off. Although I knew he would have to pull away from my body, I wanted to feel and see his body. Brian removed his hand from my crotch and pulled slightly away from me. He quickly grabbed his shirt from behind and pulled it over his head. All the while he was still being careful not to remove his mask. Instantly he was back in place and again squeezing my pussy underneath my costume.

As we moved close together again, his lips now moved to my neck just below my ear. This allowed me to turn my head and enjoy the sensation while at the same time seeing what Tom and my daughter-in-law were up to.

Her top was already completely off and Batman had removed his gloves. There was a strangeness to see human hands with the Batman costume as they grabbed her gorgeous breasts. I watched as he then moved his mouth towards her chest and began to suck on her left nipple. It was extremely erect, but of course not as erect as mine always get.

Like I always had envisioned, they were extremely perky tits. It turned me on even more to watch my husband enjoy them so. I thought about how Sherry had practically grown up with our son. This excited me even more as I watched her enjoy his lips as they explored her chest. Even though she was wearing a veil over her mouth, it was obvious there was a devious smile underneath.

It was then my son regained my full attention as he started to unzip my costume behind me. At the same time he put his tongue in my ear. There was no way he could get the costume off fast enough to please me. I could continue to feel his hot breath in my ear and he pulled the zipper down further. I then knew I had to take a brief break and separate from him.

I slightly nudged him and he sat up. As I sat up, I reached back and was able to grab the zipper and pull it the rest of the way down just above my ass. Brian grabbed the costume at my shoulders and pulled it down over my front, exposing my bra and my cleavage to a fuller extent. He then slid back on the bed allowing me to swing around and stand up long enough to pull the costume down to my ankles.

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