One for the Road

by Uther Pendragon

Copyright 2010 Uther Pendragon

Flash Sex Story: Anne sends Ralph off on his business trip.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

Anne hit her alarm immediately and went into the bathroom to prepare. Even so, Ralph was awake when she got back.

“You didn’t have to...” Ralph said, but he went into the bathroom after her. He shaved before returning. “I love you,” he said climbing into bed. And it wasn’t only the sex, although he had to admit that the sex was a very good reason for loving her.

“And I love you. I wouldn’t wake up at this time for any other reason. Not even if it were my trip.” When he kissed her, she returned the kiss. She unbuttoned his pajamas while he stroked her. He knew her so well! As her hands went down his pajama front, his went from the sides of her breasts to the areolae without quite touching the nipples. These had their first touch not with fingers, or even lips; it was lick from his tongue.


“Lovely woman. Delicious woman.” He rolled back to remove the pajamas, including the bottoms. When he returned, it was to kiss her mouth again. His hand stroked down across her marvelous waist towards her mound. Her mouth tasted minty, still; but the bottom of her tongue had its own special sweetness when he licked it. He tickled the insides of her thighs, teasing her -- and himself -- by approaching nearer and nearer to her labia without touching them.

“Time’s... , “ she said. She didn’t want to finish “ ... running out,” but it was.

“Yeah. Quickie.” Ralph stroked her labia. While he petted them, he kissed a quick path down her throat to her other breast. He managed to tweak her clit a second before he sucked her nipple. She stiffened against him.

Anne thought he was really going for it. She would cheerfully send him off satisfied and on time and take care of herself later. But Ralph was taking care of her, if not using his patented hour-long pleasure tour. Well, she’d not set her alarm an hour early; this was for him. And, under his finger and mouth, she was feeling excited.

Ralph could feel that Anne was juicing up nicely. She didn’t have to do this, but she always sent him off with a bang. The least that he could do was see that it was a mutual bang. He switched breasts again; this one was easier to reach, anyway. He stroked a finger deep inside, rubbing her G-spot. Then, he returned to her clit. His cock was awake now, lying heavy on his thigh and thickening. He shouldn’t think of himself; he should concentrate on bringing Anne along.

Anne was feeling hot. Ralph’s finger and tongue were striking sparks in her. Those sparks were concentrating in her breasts and cunt, but their warmth spread everywhere. She was almost ready for him. Then, as his finger probed her G-spot again, she was ready. She reached between his legs. She was, in fact, readier than he was. But that didn’t last long; he was hardening in her hand.

Ralph felt her grasp him. Between the warm contact of her hand and the knowledge that she wanted him, his erection was immediately completed. He got up on his knees and moved between Anne’s legs. Her hand left his cock to cradle his balls.

“Safe?” he asked perfunctorily. She would have taken care of that in the bathroom earlier.

“Safe,” she affirmed, “and eager.” She wanted him in her. This may have started as something for him; but now she needed completion, needed his actions, needed him! And she got him.

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