Gentlemen - Morning Tea

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story of a incorporative wife, in the sexual field that is pushed into the arms of African workers by her husband. However, unbeknown to him his efforts to unlock her by a medical tablet, did work - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

There is really no time tag on when an individual says ‘enough is enough’, or when a person blows his or her stack and all in sundry cops a blast. Maybe it was just his wife’s attitude, maybe something she said or maybe it was a case of an item being in the wrong place or maybe it was her constant ridicule on whatever he attempted; however, the arrival of the council workers, which consisted of six African refugee to do some maintenance that his wife insisted he couldn’t do, was that occasion when she crossed the line and he finally called ‘enough is enough’.

She had always been annoyed if he came into the bathroom when she was having a shower because of reasons going back into her family history was a belief that any form of sexual activity was only for reproduction and after that was to be totally avoided and for years that had been the case. Unbeknown to her he had been powdering a tablet that was supposed to enhance a woman’s sexual desires and mixing it with her meals for the past month; he hadn’t tested whether it was having an effect. However, this morning the hostility that had increased almost on a daily basic was going to explode. He entered the bathroom as she was about to turn the shower on, she was naked. “I told you not to come into the bathroom when I was having a shower”, she snapped. There was just a fraction of hesitation on his part. He grabbed her, forcing her into the hallway, opened the front door and pushed her, totally naked onto the veranda where the Africans’ were working. “Morning tea Gentlemen and maybe lunch as well; now fuck her off the planet.” he snapped as he shoved his wife towards the startled workers. He didn’t hear the uproar, the gasps, the cries, the laughter or the slap of flesh against flesh as these blacks gladly adhered to his invitation; or did he hear his wife’s response as those powdered tables took affect and instead of horror and cries of distress they were replaced with gasps and the pronouncing of words that would have never been used and as those horse size Africans cocks took up the invitation with relish; he had shut the door and retreated down to his workroom well away from the open air drama, he didn’t hear his wife’s utter. “More, more fuck me hard”.

The council would send an account so when the work was finished there would be just a farewell, however in this case the work wasn’t finished, there was no farewell and it was only silence that gave any indication that the workers had left. His wife was sprawled on the top of an outside cast iron table what was used to display an array of pottered plants; the plants had been removed. The expression on her face couldn’t be described for in a fact it was neutral, neither pleasure or disgust. She was covered in the seed of man, great dollops of cum, most dry but some still dripping over her skin. Even her hair had traces of discharge and around her mouth that was caked in it. Her tits and they were not small bore the marks of a thorough mauling, in other words she was a mess. He lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom and there for quite some time cleaned her up; she was like a rag doll, offering no comment as he washed and dried her and then dumped her onto the bed. His only comment as he left was “I bet they will be bragging how they fucked this white woman for days to come”.

It was well into the afternoon when he went into her room, she virtually was as he left her, naked lying on her back with just a vacant expression on her face. So rare, in fact almost a non-existent event for his wife to be naked he recorded it on his mobile, again she either didn’t register or care that a picture of her had been taken. The one item that was noticed was her nipples they were enlarge, sticking up like a miniature light house. He kissed them then began to rub that heavy triangle of hair, again there was no reaction, no response what so ever. “Spread ‘em”, he snapped as his fingers sought the lips of her crack. Almost like a switch engaged, her thighs opened, enabling a good fingering. “Keep ‘em wide”, he said as he disrobed. This didn’t take long for the thought of fucking his wife had him rock hard. He levelled himself between her wide open thighs, inserted his cock and thrust. There was just a grunt. Again and again he rammed his cock home, he mauled her tits and sucked her nipples, it was almost as though he was fucking one of those high quality ‘sex dolls’ for she made no other contribution but the initial grunt. He blew making sure he was totally up her and then withdrew, wiping his cock over that forest of hair. “Next time make some effort, at least give an indication that you are being fucked, however, I should be glad that at least you didn’t object and I have fucked you for the first time in decades. I was going to ask if you would like a coffee or a drink but as you seem to be off the planet I won’t bother, but you know where the kettle is if you come back to earth”, with that he left and she still had her thighs well apart, as though she was expecting another cock or cocks.

He was finished his drink and was flipping through one of the inserts that came with the paper when she wandered out, naked, it would have been another ‘no’, ‘no’, a few days ago and in a way she was quite attractive, he like heavy breasted women and ones with a heavy growth at their groin and his wife also had a very noticeable bottom, a bottom a bum fucker would be eager to involve. “Sit down and I’m made you a coffee”, he said. She sat. ‘I wonder if I dropped my trousers would she suck me off’ he thought as the kettle began to boil. However, he let that thought rest for the moment; he gave her the coffee and as she was nude decided to match her attire. He returned. She had finished the coffee but was just sitting, he gave her a quick massage on the neck and then moved to her tits, these he gave a substantial attention to, especially the enlarged nipples and it could have been because she was beginning to dribble saliva from the corners of her mouth that he stopped, pushed his cock against the lips of her mouth and snapped. “Now suck on that”, at the same time pulling her head forward, almost forcing his cock into her mouth, she opened her mouth and as his cock slowly disappeared it was his turn to utter grunts of appreciation, not only because it felt good but because it was his wife, a wife that only days before wouldn’t let him anywhere near her was now sucking his cock. “Feel and drain my balls”, he grunted as he began to pump her head, working it like a piston till he dragged her head into his groin and filled her mouth with the essence of his nuts. “Fuck that was nice”, he said. “Now go and wash your mouth and while I get tea; you can turn the TV on”.

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