My Loving Mother

by Brentgdrive

Copyright© 2018 by Brentgdrive

Incest Sex Story: The following is a continuation of the sexual relationship between my mother and I. It was now 2013, and it had been 23 years since we had last been together. Mom was 69 years old, yet still hot as can be. I was 46 years old. Her visit became a wonderful lovemaking session as she once again became my loving mother

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   .

I love my mother. Most men can easily make that statement. I however, can also say that I have made love to my mother. This is where our relationship is unique.

I have written in detail other stories using different names and from the third person telling about how my mother and I ultimately became closer than ever. In 1986 I was 19 years old and broke my neck in an accident while in college. After rehab, I came home to recover and get used to life in a wheelchair before returning to campus in the fall.

During that summer, my mother helped me with my personal care. Ultimately, we hired a young woman in her mid-20s to also help. Marlene was gorgeous. She also was pregnant. This soon to be single mom, I believe, was even more attractive and appealing due to her budding pregnancy. As time progressed throughout the summer she and I flirted continuously. The curiosity about sex got the better of both of us and we ultimately began fucking routinely when she came to help me twice a week.

Within no time however, I learned that my mother had found out. It apparently stirred new feelings within her. After several weeks, she initiated a sexual relationship, and the remaining part of the summer was bliss. She and I routinely made love as much as possible. Not only that, I also had the privilege of routinely sleeping with both my mother and Marlene together. The three of us experimented and pleased each other to the fullest, until I returned to campus in the fall.

At that point, I lost touch with Marlene and my mom and I simply went back to a typical mother/son relationship.

That was in 1990, nearly 23 years ago. Since that time, mom remarried a wonderful man and unfortunately he passed away almost 4 years ago. I myself married and had two kids. It’s been five years now since I divorced. My ex-wife and I are the best of friends, and we each are with our two kids half of the time. We spend a great deal of family time together. I have spent all of my time on work and focusing on my kids. They were still young during the divorce. I wanted to only focus on them.

I mention all this because although there is some uniqueness to my story, the past 20 years or so have been normal by most people’s standards. Yet very recently I realized I was starting to get lonely for adult companionship. A weekend visit from my mother made me realize she felt the same. It was during this visit that the two of us were able to satisfy each other’s loneliness and needs once again.

“I’m here!” My mom hollered into the house as she walked through the unlocked door.

“Hi, Grandma!” My nine-year-old son said, still excitedly as he hugged her.

My 12-year-old son lagged behind and slowly came over to hug his grandmother.

“Hi, Grandma,” he said with considerably less enthusiasm than his younger brother. Nevertheless, it was not enough to raise suspicion, and it certainly was typical of a seventh-grade boy.

“How is everybody?” My mom continued to ask the boys. The youngest talked a mile a minute. This was good, because words would’ve had to be pried out of the oldest.

It was early summer and he was upset to be inside right now as opposed to outside in the woods with his friends. I realized this and after approximately 15 to 20 minutes of small talk, I let them both run back outside and play for the afternoon.

“Make sure you can hear me call you. We’re going out to dinner tonight.” I updated them.

As they ran out, my mom got up off her stool and approached me. My wheelchair always makes it difficult for close contact. Through recent years, the hugs have remained rather distant. But through the years she has learned exactly how to approach for a good hug. This was one of those times.

Mom approached me on the left, placing her hip directly against the arm of my wheelchair. Immediately she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. At first I wondered and was somewhat resistant. But it felt so good and I quickly wrapped my arms around her pulling her even closer. The hugs felt wonderful. There was nothing sexual about the contact at this point. It simply felt good to hold her so close. As the hug ended and we separated, we took a moment to look each other in the eyes. It was then that I realized that I was physically stimulated. I was attracted to her in a way that I hadn’t felt in years. The way we looked at each other and the fact that it seemed to be a bit longer than usual both made me wonder if perhaps the feeling was mutual. Surely she was not thinking that. Any such feelings and activity came and went years ago. So I eliminated any thought from my mind.

My attempt to stop thinking about her that way failed within seconds. Mom backed away and sat down once again. It was here I took a moment to admire her beauty. She was petite. She had always been a small woman. She worked hard and watched what she ate. I don’t think an extra pound was ever on her body. She still colored her hair, but yet now there were some gray hairs scattered throughout so that it didn’t look ridiculous. In fact, it made her look very distinguished, and if I may say so – sexy.

She was wearing dark slacks and a cream colored silk blouse. My mom always dressed nice. Sometimes I think she cleaned the house in good clothes. This blouse was definitely dressy and she was ready for when we went out to dinner that night. As I looked at her, I realized that perhaps one extra button was undone that day compared to usual. I also saw that through the silk material I could see her bra.

I felt like a juvenile being excited by the site of a bra through a blouse. Nevertheless, the real excitement was the fact that within that bra I could see her nipples were slightly erect. I know they were only slightly erect. This is because when fully erect, everyone in the room knows.

As I’ve written in the past, this is a feature I vividly and fondly remember from sucking them during our previous escapades. Her nipples are literally as big as the tip of an index finger. Even more unique and special is the fact that her breasts are rather small. The combination is divine. I think she saw me staring at them while she continued to talk.

My attraction to her was growing. I now was having lustful thoughts. I could not understand why today; but looking at her now I was wholeheartedly turned on. I was looking at her figure and her overall beauty from top to bottom. I must’ve become too obvious.

She questioned me with worry, “what’s wrong?” She actually looked down thinking perhaps there was a spot on her blouse.

Surely after all these years the last thing she was thinking was that I was admiring her. I threw caution to the wind and was completely honest, or at least somewhat.

“Nothing,” I reassured her. I chose my next words carefully. “I’m just admiring how beautiful you look.” The word “great” would’ve easily sufficed instead of “beautiful.” My word choice had an immediate effect.

“Stop it,” she blushed. At the same time however, her nipples literally became even more obvious. I decided to continue and take this a bit further to see the reaction.

“I’m serious, Mom. You still look gorgeous! You always have been attractive and that hasn’t changed.” My comment was definitely more than any average son would say to his mother. It was also quite more than I had offered in years.

Mom wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. She was definitely flattered, and as I said from what I could tell she was also excited.

It was then I pushed it even just a little bit further to see her reaction, “in fact, “ I continued to tell her, “you still are downright sexy!”

“Wow!” She instantly replied. Her face slightly blushed; she did not look away and instead looked me directly in the eye. “Thank you, honey.” she accepted my compliments graciously. Then she added, “I’m not sure you really understand how good that makes me feel.”

Her nipples were now at full attention. This, coupled with the way she had worded her response made me realize that in actuality I really did understand how good it made her feel.

There had been no special reason for her visit this weekend. Although the last time she visited I was bedridden. Now I was back up in my wheelchair, healthy, and ready for life. It had been a while since we had seen each other. So she suggested that she make the 2 hour drive to come visit.

Since she lived close, a normal visit usually consisted of one night. This would be no different. Nevertheless, the night would ultimately be very unique.

It was mid afternoon, and we started to visit and talk. I already had put some chips into a bowl and there was some salsa for dipping. In usual fashion, my mother grabbed the dishrag and was wiping the drips of salsa off the counter from my boys’ feeble attempt to eat without making some type of mess.

“You want something to drink?” I asked her. By evening I knew her drink of choice would be wine. At this time of day however there were numerous choices for me to offer.

I listed some of the options, “I have iced tea made, there’s also lemonade. Of course there are all kinds of soda in the fridge,” I reminded her referring to the second refrigerator in the garage.

“Something diet sounds good,” she asked as she now rinsed the rag under the running water in the sink.

I quickly raced my electric wheelchair across the kitchen and out the garage door. As I opened the door, I broke tradition and grabbed a beer. As I wheeled back in and handed her the Diet Coke she noticed my beer.

“That looks good,” she told me.

“Actually, I also have some of those new Bud Light margaritas out there.” I told her.

“Are they any good?”

“Certainly not the real thing,” I was honest, “but a nice substitute in a pinch.”

She set the tone, “Let’s do it!”

As I raced back down the hall and out the door I saw her walk towards the cabinet. I knew she was grabbing margarita glasses. I was also excited to know that she and I would be drinking together throughout the day.

After two margaritas, we had pretty much gone through the usual updates. I updated her on how work was going. I told her it was still stressful, but busy enough to still be enjoyable and leave no threat of losing it. She in turn talked about how in recent months she was starting to become less enamored with her job. In fact, she had pretty much determined to retire by the end of the year.

This was big news. She always loved her job and I figured she would work for quite a while longer. Nevertheless, she was 69 years old. She still was alone and really had no man in her life. I wondered what she would do in retirement. Nevertheless, I also knew that she was good friends with probably 20 to 30 women within her town. There was no doubt she would keep busy.

There was something different about this afternoon. The conversation was flowing. I was enjoying every minute of it. I parked my wheelchair next to the counter and pretty much directly beside her. We sat extremely close and talked until all the chips were gone along with three margaritas each.

I think during our recent conversations while I was laid up in bed, I had hinted to her how much she meant to me. Perhaps she understood that I had been thinking about her perhaps in a different way. During my time in bed I have written stories to publish online. I wrote in detail my memories about those weekends 20 years ago and making mad passionate love to her. It was a way for me to remember. It was exciting.

I’m sure she sensed the excitement and the passion that I had once again. During that time in bed I masturbated routinely thinking about what it would be like to once again make love to my mother. Those thoughts were continuing as our conversation progressed.

The kids came storming back in. I told them to go change their clothes and wash up. I realized that I also had to probably at least change my shirt. I excused myself and went to my bedroom and grabbed a polo shirt. I took my shirt off and put the new one on. As I came back out into the kitchen I needed some help.

“Can you button this, mom?” I asked her help with the one button.

She approached me from the front without saying a word. She continued to look me directly in the eye as she buttoned that button. We looked each other in the eyes the entire time. When she was done she moved forward to kiss me. I thought it was going to be on the lips and I was so ready. At the last minute, she moved slightly and kissed me on the cheek.

“There you go, sweetie,” She said as she backed away leaving me breathless.

After a few more promptings, the boys came out and the four of us left for dinner.

During dinner she and I each had a glass of wine. We agreed not to split a bottle. This was decided primarily because we each had two margaritas already. We also knew there was plenty of wine at home for later on.

When we returned, the four of us played “Apples to Apples”. My youngest loves the game. And in fact, we all like it. It’s a very simple game to play while you’re talking. Best of all, it stimulates conversation among all.

After a while, the kids left the table and played video games in the other room for a while. My mom and I continued our talk. This time we sat at the table so I was not as close to her. But my heart was still beating a mile a minute. I was not sure if anything would happen this weekend; but at this point I was certainly hoping it would. I also had pretty much decided I was going to try. Perhaps not overtly; but I was going to push the envelope and see how it went.

It had literally been 20 years since I had really had a sexual thought about my mom. Like I said, we had returned to a usual relationship. But now, I was looking at this woman as a desirable and vivacious woman. My mind started to think about what it would be like to fuck a woman nearly 70 years old. I wanted her badly. I wanted to suck those nipples once again. I needed to taste her pussy. I reached across the table and grabbed her hand routinely during our conversation. I needed to touch her. I wanted to let her know. Each time I grabbed her hand she followed it by touching mine with her other hand. We were growing closer by the minute.

The kids went to bed around 10:30 PM. She and I moved into the family room with a newly opened bottle of red. I parked my chair behind the sofa. She sat on the sofa with her feet up facing sideways. This way we could be close. That’s one of the difficulties being in a wheelchair. It is extremely difficult to have any type of closeness until you actually are physically together. Nevertheless, through the years I have learned. So, the two of us faced each other and although the sofa back was between us, we held hands on top of it.

“Have you been dating at all?” She asked right after sitting down. It was obvious that now the conversation topics were getting better.

“Same as always,” I repeated my usual answer. “I’m just not ready to devote time to a woman. I’m simply enjoying spending time with the kids.”

“Are you lonely at all?” She asked me as she looked into my eyes.

I honestly answered, “Not until just recently. I think it’s going to take that special feeling for me to want to be with a woman again.” I said it in a tone that was very obvious and all the while my eyes never left hers.

I then questioned her, “How about you?”

“Same,” she then continued, “I’m busy as can be with all my friends. I had that brief period a little while after Tom died. But it just didn’t seem right.”

“So, no one really since then?” I asked her in a surprised tone. She was so beautiful and always alive. She was always busy doing something. I was just surprised that she did not share any of that with a man.

“No,” She paused briefly, “and I think I’m like you and just recently now realizing that I’m lonely.”

We were looking each other directly in the eyes and then she continued.

“I need someone.” She told me as she looked directly at me.

I moved my hand up her arm and ever so gently put it on her cheek. I leaned down towards her. Our lips met and the excitement moved through my body with reckless abandon. The position was slightly awkward and she quickly moved up to where she was on both knees. This allowed me to wrap both arms around her and I pulled her close as I kissed her deeply.

Our tongues met and we began to explore each other once again after 20 years. I should have waited a bit longer but I couldn’t help myself. My right hand quickly left from behind her back and moved around to fondle her left breast through the silk blouse. She breathed in deeply as I reached my final destination. The breath combined with her erect nipple led me to believe that I made the right move.

I could feel her nipple as it protruded through the bra and blouse. I couldn’t help myself and I began to pinch and tweak it until now it was fully erect. My left arm was still holding her close. This continued for a little while longer and I knew I wanted more. I needed more. I moved my right hand up from her breast to her neck and then moved her hair behind her ear. I continued the motion and then stroked her neck. It was at this point I broke the kiss so that I could actually see my mother, my lover. The back of my hand moved to her cheek. It was extremely sensual and our eyes never left sight of each other the whole time.

“Let’s go to bed,” she whispered as she started to get off the couch.

She held my hand and got off the sofa to come around and join me. She now was directly behind me and she moved both arms around me to the front. The feeling of her hands as they caressed my chest was wonderful. She kissed the side of my neck and I could feel her hot breath throughout my body.

“Go get ready. I’ll join you in a moment,” she whispered in my ear.

She then blew gently into that same ear. Meanwhile, her hands moved further down the front of my body and she grabbed my cock through my slacks. She squeezed it for just a brief second. It was enough to let me know what was coming. But then she stopped and I knew we had to separate briefly. I took comfort in knowing that it would not be long.

As she went to the guest bedroom to prepare, I quickly went to my room. I immediately removed my shirt. I parked my wheelchair next to my bed, lifted the armrest, and quickly moved myself over into the bed. I picked my legs up on to the bed. This effort was extremely easy since last year’s surgery when both of my legs were amputated at the knee. I of course never really used them because I was paralyzed. But I did worry originally. Since then however, I have grown completely comfortable with the fact that I am an amputee. This is true for my friends, and family. I raised the head of the bed so I was sitting up waiting for her to arrive.

I was so excited. It seemed like forever that she was getting ready; but I know it was simply because I was so anxious. As I sat there, I began to rub between my legs and I could feel my cock getting hard underneath my slacks. I looked down at my half legs and suddenly started to think and imagine how my “stumps” could now be used here in the bedroom. I didn’t have much time to think because I lost all train of thought when she walked in the door.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful she still looked. She was nearly 69 years old and seriously looked like she was in her 50s. Quite frankly, she probably fooled some to think she was younger than me.

What I found even more exciting was the fact that she was wearing Navy blue. She obviously had remembered that was my favorite color lingerie. Yet this was a topic that had not been discussed in over 20 years. She was wearing a Navy blue camisole which just covered a pair of sheer Navy blue panties. The silk robe that she wore was open exposing her lovely body.

The camisole had a low enough neckline that it was her skin and cleavage that I first noticed. She was amazingly tan. Obviously she was not wearing a bra underneath. I was therefore immediately treated to the sight of her fully erect and extremely large nipples underneath the material. I could not wait to see them and suck on them once again after all these years.

As I continued to explore her body with my eyes, I noticed the hair underneath her sheer panties. Again, I was extremely happy to see this. I was surprised that over the years she had not decided to trim or shave this area. This extremely turned me on. I could see that it was an actual bush underneath the material. I was anxious to see all the stray hair around her inner thighs. I was secretly hoping that a razor had never touched that area. Finally, I saw her legs and again was amazed by how tan they were. Legitimately, her legs could pass as those of the woman in her 40s or younger.

As I sat there enamored by the way she looked, I realized that the silence lasted too long. My amazement at her beauty left me silent long enough to worry her.

“God, you are beautiful,” I reassured her lovingly before she worried any longer.

She smiled as she lowered her head a bit in modesty.

I continued, “Look at me.” I was direct in my request. She raised her head and our eyes met. “You look absolutely stunning! Your body looks at least 20 years younger, if not more.” She believed me because of my tone. Also, I’m certain she believed me because of the fact that I was sincere and it was true. She really had taken wonderful care of herself.

I said nothing more but simply held my hand out to her. She turned out the light, but we left the light on in the family room so I could still see her clearly. She came towards me and I directed her to sit next to me. I originally thought perhaps she would sit; but I quickly realized that I wanted her under me and close to me.

I wrapped my arms around her and guided her to the mattress. I now twisted my hip and lay partially next to her and partially on top of her. All the while I was holding her closely. We stopped briefly and looked into each other’s eyes one last time before the passion started. A couple seconds later and I could not stand it. I kissed her deeply and I pulled her close to me. The sheer material of her camisole and her bare flesh near her neckline felt wonderful on my bare chest.

I couldn’t help myself. I was all over her like an inexperienced schoolboy. My hand started to paw her upper body. I quickly found her left breast and squeezed tightly. I realized her nipples were as erect as ever and pinched them fully. Again, I was so hot for her that I moved my hand down and started to pull the camisole completely over her head. She separated herself slightly and pulled the clothing completely off.

I instantly moved my mouth to her erect nipples. The left one was between my lips as I sucked hard and fast. I know it transported her back nearly 46 years as she once again watched her son suckle on her tit. The erotic aspect did not escape me as I continued to pinch the other nipple, all the while sucking furiously.

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