Good-time Grannies

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Older widowed women want to fuck for fun now. A great way to feel younger and get good exercise. They'd heard that the hormones in semen were healthy too. Couldn't miss out on that!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Gang Bang   Group Sex   .

Mabel was 55 years old and just lost her husband. She’d been a good wife, faithfully raising four children. Now it was time for a change.

As a virgin bride at 18, she’d been very busy with the babies that came quickly but sex had gone away from her life before menopause with the husband who was more interested in drinking and gambling. In talking with other women, and just seeing what was around her made her envious of what she had missed.

She was having a beer on the front porch with her next-door neighbor, “Hey Cora! You getting laid these days?”

That got Cora complaining since she lost her husband a couple years earlier, “I’d love to but I don’t even know how to go about finding a man would be interested in an old bag like me.”

Encouraged by this little bit of support, Mabel proposed they go talk to the minister of senior support at church. They arranged to do that right after Sunday service.

In the minister’s comfy office, Mabel brought up the issue. The Rev replied, “It’s interesting that I’ve been getting this topic more and more recently from both sides of the gender line. Maybe we need our own little matchmaking service here in the congregation? I have no moral issues with it and actually was wondering if there was an ethical one with offering my services to you.”

The two women looked at each other and smiled. Cora said, “Well, we need to start somewhere and I think you’re nice looking. What do you think of us faded beauties.”

Before he answered, some thoughts ran through the minister’s mind, “I’m not getting any now and a starving man can’t be overly picky.” What he said was, “Perhaps I should pay a pastoral visit to each of you individually to determine your needs more precisely.”

The smiling women chorused, “Exactly!” Times were chosen.

Rev visited Mabel first. He opened with, “I’m pretty nervous. Not only is this the first time a woman has propositioned me, I’m concerned about the ethics. I don’t think there are any issues but I’ve made up this little release that says you approached me and I didn’t harass in any way.”

Mabel smiled, “I can understand your concern but anyone who knows me realizes no man would intimidate me! But better safe than sorry.” Rev didn’t know how to start things rolling so Mabel invited him to her bedroom.

“Seems to me that getting clothes out of the way is a great start. Take yours off and join me on the bed.” The curtains were closed so the lighting was subdued. Both had body flaws that come with birthing and/or age and of which we are all self-conscious.

Rev’s eyes were riveted on the biggest mammaries he had ever see, even in pictures. They sagged a bit but didn’t hang without shape. When Mabel rolled on her back, they did spread out some from their weight and moved over her ribs. He was hard without any of the usual effort.

“Start by touching me all over, and I mean ALL. You can apply your mouth wherever you want as well. Those will all be pleasures I have missed.”

Rev learned a lot as Mabel’s vocalizations gave him feedback on what he was doing that she liked. After he did a pretty good overall exploration, she rolled him on his back and wanted her fun. When she reached his erection, noting it was pretty similar to her late husband’s, she soon recognized the signs of an impending ejaculation.

Reflexively she bent down to enfold the end of his organ in her mouth as it released to some very audible groans by its owner. She swallowed as she moved up to get face-to-face and he, with a beatific look on his face, remarked, “No one has ever done that for me before!”

Mabel smiled, “Well I guess there are a few virginities left and I’m so pleased that I was part of this one. As soon as you are able, are you ready to move on to the main event?” He nodded and she kissed him, momentarily forgetting what her lips were lubricated with, but then realizing it really wasn’t so bad after all.

So more playing around got the Rev ready for more action and Mabel opened her thighs in the classic invitation. Her partner needed a little bit of guidance but the feeling as his hot hard shaft eased between her labia and stretched her neglected tissues, was delightful and her vocalizations made that known. Having just ejaculated, the Rev was in no hurry and savored the wet and wonderful place he was stroking in. Mabel put her hands under her boobs and pushed them up for his oral attention during the copulation.

Her fingers on her clit built her own arousal so when he delivered his second ball draining, she was right there with him, then held and kissed him and complimented him in the afterglow.

To her disappointment, he couldn’t stay overnight and she knew he had a date with Cora the next night but it would be her turn after that. They showered together and kissed goodbye and she said, “I expect you to give Cora as good an experience as we had and I look forward to us getting together again.

The morning of the day after, she and Cora were having coffee and both crowing about the wonderful, long overdue, experience of having a man busy between their legs. Mabel commented, “We will have our fun with him for a while, but there other men who are needing our attentions and who can be just as delightful, if not more. Let’s press our common stud to introduce us to some good prospects.”

Although screwing two hot women on alternate nights was pushing the Rev’s capabilities, he understood the women’s request and realized that was their original purpose. He went back through his records and discussed some possible candidates with the women who he asked to make the final decisions, just as it should be.

Mabel spoke for both of them when she told him, “You are not going to get neglected in all of this. There have been very few times in my life when I have finished coupling and would not eagerly take on a second right away. Since these new men are likely to need training and therefore our satisfaction may be limited, I would be pleased to offer you ‘seconds’ after my dates with them. I will be a bit slippery down there but you won’t have to do the warm-up work before you dip your dick in me. Interested?”

The Rev looked back and forth at the two women and finally remarked that he’d read about such things but never experienced them. Mabel crowed, “Another first time!” They all laughed at that

Mabel tried it out on the very first date that she opened her womanly portal to another man. The Rev knew that she would be out and she texted him when she was on her way over. Although he’d gotten to be a decent pussy eater, he passed this time. She was eager to feel him slide into her freshly-used twat. It was every bit as exciting as both had anticipated and he eventually ejaculated twice into what she had collected from her first date.

When Cora got the feedback she was anxious as hell to try it herself. The Rev also did alternate Sundays taking them out for dinner and dick after church.

When each of the women were each connecting with two men, different ones between them, and the Rev was getting all the pussy he could handle, Cora made the suggestion, “What do you think about a big sex party with all of us involved?”

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