The Big Four-o

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Wife has an amazing lusty special birthday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

“Honey, I want you to put on a nice outfit and pack your sexiest nightie and a toothbrush for your birthday. Don’t ask many more questions just be ready when I get home from work.” That was all Maggie knew about her husband’s plans for her birthday. It was the big 40th and he knew she wanted something special.

They checked into one of the nicest hotels in the area and put their things in the luxury suite with a Jacuzzi and other amenities. She thought, “This is certainly romantic.”

When they were seated for dinner at a good restaurant nearby, she noticed that the reserved table was set for three. Her husband offered no explanation as he perused the wine list and ordered something that she would like.

To say she was startled would be mild when Todd, the man she was seriously dating when she met her husband, joined them at the table. Her husband explained that he had met Todd at an event and discovered that they had her in common. Todd was divorced for about six months and was pleased with the invitation to see her again. He and Maggie had parted on amicable terms when she decided to accept her husband’s proposal.

He had been as good in bed as her husband, which her husband knew because they had talked about their sex histories as erotic fuel for their coupling. She never expected to see him again, but it did make her pussy tingle a little with the good memories.

There was a lot of chit chat at dinner but she was surprised again as he walked back to their hotel with them and was invited to their room. As her husband opened champagne, his plan became clear.

“My dear sweet wife, I love you very much and we’ve had 15 great years together. I couldn’t think of anything to buy you that you needed or wanted, but thought that to relive some happy memories from younger days would be something priceless. Todd is going to stay with us tonight and you can enjoy him anyway you choose. Would you like to start in the Jacuzzi?”

She went in the bathroom and changed into the nearly transparent nightie that her husband had given her on the last anniversary. When she emerged into the motel room, both men were naked in the water. She sashayed over and slowly turned around. Todd exclaimed that she looked even more beautiful than the last time he had seen her uncovered. She made a show of removing what little covering there was and tried to gracefully get into the bubbling water.

For a while all they did was sip champagne and enjoy the wet warmth. When she emptied her flute, she was feeling the effects of the bubbly and the wine at dinner. She was seated between the two men and she looked over at her husband as she reached for his crotch and found him erect. Her other hand went the other direction and felt a rigid rod from her past. She stroked both of them slowly, savoring something she had never had the opportunity to do before.

She leaned over to kiss her husband, then the other way to kiss Todd. Both of them were good kissers and she felt a hand grasped each breast from opposite sides. It felt so good and she was getting turned on.

When they got out, her husband insisted that she and Todd dry each other while he watched. He poured more champagne and started some soft music and said he wanted to see them dance naked. Todd’s erection did not appear to be as long as his but was definitely thicker as it was pressed between their bellies. Finally his wife could take the suspense no longer and looked pleadingly at her husband.

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