Hot Bunking

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An unusual marital arrangement has its ins and outs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Incest   Prostitution   .

Derrick pulled his shrinking male organ out of the wet, sloppy cunt he’d just shot a lot of stored-up cum into and rolled off to get some sleep. After a nap he usually jumped on again. It usually took two or three rides on the hairy horse to clip his horns completely. It always felt good to let it loose though, no matter that his partner had taken a creamy load from another man in her only a short time before.

When you work a job where you are in a remote location for two weeks straight, then off for one, you have to make accomodations in your life style. The very high pay kept him there, at least for a while. And the same for his two younger brothers. They worked the shifts he didn’t so only one was back at the apartment at any time.

Abigail, or Abby as she preferred, was his wife of ten years and approaching thirty. No children by choice, she kept her voluptuous body in shape by careful eating, regular exercise, and lots of sex. She worked at the health clinic in this far north town that was a base for the employer of her husband and two brother-in-laws.

When the three guys were considering taking this employment, they researched it. One discovery was that there were few unattached women at the work base town. Most came there only to accompany someone else. There were some “sex workers” to clip the horns of those on leave. Besides, who would just date men who were gone so much?

That prospect also concerned Abby. With a healthy sexual appetite, she had a steady parade of lovers and sex-buddies before meeting Derrick, only letting the last one go when he put a ring on her finger. The idea of two weeks of celibacy on a regular basis was very unattractive, no matter what the income, and she protested mightily.

It was she who came up with a possible solution. Since the income from just a few years would let the married couple buy the house they wanted and start a family, she was willing to try an unusual solution to this unusual work problem.

Derrick noticed his wife’s eagerness to get him in bed one evening. That often meant she had something important to talk about. Lying together after the most vigorous fuck in a while, she started the conversation, “As I was thinking about our current issue, I was reminded about something my grandfather once told me. He was a World War Two submariner. Those boats were so cramped that there were only enough berths for one-third of the crew so three men took turns sleeping in each one. It was called ‘hot bunking’ because it was already warm when you got in for your turn.

“With the three of you working the rotation there would be only one man home at a time. That would mean a smaller apartment for lower overhead and could solve another issue too. When we were dating you knew I wasn’t exclusive. Since you got into my pants after just a little while you figured that the others did too. You put up with it because I was such a good lay, right? Other than you couldn’t bang me as often as you wanted, did it hurt anything? Has our marriage suffered? I don’t think so.”

Derrick was smart and interrupted, “I think I see where this is going. Are you proposing that you be a ‘hot bunk’ for the three of us?”

“You got it. I don’t have to be celibate and all of you get quality pussy at least one-third of the time. I can’t do anything about the other part. Maybe they have camp whores out there for you? Or maybe I ought to apply for that?”

She reached for his sex indicator and it was ready for more action. She rolled on top and slipped him into his own fresh cum. Her nipples were hard so she bent over and teased his face with them and he tried to get them in his mouth. When he did get a bite, she squealed, her pussy clenching on his shaft.

They both had a roaring orgasm and lay panting. Abby chuckled, “Something got you hot. Was it the idea of me spreading my legs for your brothers or being a company whore? Or both?”

Derrick spanked her ass a quick slap, “I used to jack off on nights I knew you had another date. And it made me hot thinking about it when we were naked together. I wanted so bad to ask you the details but thought that was out of place. We’ve never really discussed it until now, perhaps because it is in the past. Let me think on this a little bit before I give a nay or yea.”

He woke her up in the night and wordlessly fucked her vigorously again. That hadn’t happened in a long time and she loved it. Although she was quite happy with Derrick, her pussy tingled when she saw a guy who resembled one of her previous lovers, or when her memories surfaced as she was daydreaming. She hoped her spouse would go along. If his cock was any indicator, he found the idea stimulating at least.

At breakfast Derrick said he was willing to give it a try. It would be “family” anyway and he knew they would take good care of her when he wasn’t there. He wondered, “Do you think they would go for this idea?”

“Shit yes! They’ve been ogling me and trying to see the goodies ever since they met me. If they’re as horny and hung like you I’ll be on a perpetual honeymoon, just so you know. I do like them both and know I can keep control of the situation or I wouldn’t have suggested it. Let’s have them over for dinner and lay out the plan. Did you notice my choice of words just then?”

Derrick pinched her ass and quipped, “You are getting real wicked, woman, and that’s gonna get you in trouble!”

“Ooooo! What KIND of trouble?”

Derrick scooped her up and tossed her on their bed, “The kind you like the best!” He pulled off her shorts and panties in one motion, pushed her knees apart and started eating her pussy.

She screeched and thrashed for a bit and then began enticing hip thrusts. “Don’t spare the rod, as the Bible says. Remind my pussy who it loves the most.”

By then she was dripping so he moved up and thrust into her hard. She shuddered and kept up her hip motions. Derrick was panting as he ravaged his hot wife. “You’d better give my brothers the kind of fucking you give me. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.”

She laughed, “So you think it’s all about you? What about mine? You’ve been bragging for years about what a hot piece you married. Damn right they’ll get well laid. And this time I’ll tell you all about it!”

They both came and snoozed for a while.

After dinner Derrick called a family conference. He explained the plan and the younger brothers looked at each other incredulously, huge grins on their faces. Billy, the younger said, “Big Bro, I think you are shitting us. You’d let Abby act like our wife? With everything included?”

Abby spoke up, “It was my idea as a practical solution for getting these jobs. I’ll show you how serious we are.” She stood up, dropped the sundress that was all she wore, and stood naked before them. Twirling around, her tits moving enticingly, she proclaimed, “If all three of you get hired, this is what you’ll get as a sign-on bonus. Now husband, I need you in the bedroom. Goodnight boys!”

A week later, clutching their hiring confirmations, two horny BILs were gathered in the apartment again. True to her word, Abby dropped her dress, had the BILs flip a coin and took the youngest one to the bedroom.

A long half-hour later, at least is sure seemed long to the two brothers waiting in the living room, Billy staggered out of the bedroom and motioned to Chad, the middle one, to go in. Derrick got Billy a cup of coffee and they sat quietly. The door was closed so only muffled sounds could be heard.

Thirty minutes later, the bedroom door opened and Chad signaled to his brother that they should leave. Derrick high-fived them and said, “Get packing!” The front door hadn’t closed before he was stripping his clothes off next to the rumpled bed. Abby came out of the bathroom looking equally rumpled but grinning.

“How do you want me, number three? Or is it ‘four’ since you nailed me just before they got here?”

Derrick pushed her back on the bed and was balls deep before she stopped bouncing. She squealed and held him tight as he ravaged her already tender twat. She thought it would be in better shape after all the times they’d screwed recently.

“Enjoy it my man,” she wailed. “I’m just a cunt today. A pleasure place for cocks. A gatherer of seed. And a taker of pleasure from my male admirers. I’ve been ridden hard by your brothers. Oh yes, they were so thrilled to explore my body and went wild when their manhood got inside. I cleaned myself out as best I could between each of you but there are many sperms still in my womb I am sure. My ovulation is today so I’m feeling extra female, like I’m breeding. My IUD is pretty new but it is going to get a workout. Fuck me! FUCK me! FUCK ME!”

When they calmed down a bit Abby was musing, “I’ve never had three in a row before. Wow!”

Derrick wasn’t going to let that go, “So how many HAVE you had?”

“I would sometimes have two dates on the same day but not THAT close together. Wish I had though.”

“Did you do that with me?”

Abby looked thoughtful, “I think on the first date where you got my clothes off I’d been with a guy that afternoon. There must have been other times too. I just don’t remember because it wasn’t important.”

Derrick was incredulous, “It WASN’T?”

“Not really. I just enjoyed who I was with when I was with them. Just like now. I enjoyed your brothers but they are now a memory. You are the one here at this moment. Get it?”

The revelations had Derrick hard again so he just got into the fun stuff that was there “right now”. Damn, his wife was hotter than he ever imagined. This was going to be wild!

And so it was for the first two weeks on the job. The small apartment was crowded for four while all the brothers went through orientation. Abby wasn’t ready to be a spectator sport so sent the other brothers somewhere else each night while she laid each one in turn. She rotated the order and Derrick didn’t get any more pussy than anyone else.

The second week saw Chad out on assignment and the next had Billy gone too. Now things could get down to normal, whatever that would be. Derrick was hot for her every night, partly because of the situation and partly because he knew he’d be leaving on the weekend. Shifts rotated on Sunday with the new crew leaving at nine am and the old one returning about two pm.

That gave Abby a little transition time. She found out she needed it since the departing “husband” wanted to get ALL his rocks off, and the returning one had a lot to make up for.

Her job at the clinic gave her some respite during the weekdays. She liked the work and the people and it paid double what she’d gotten back home. It also gave her a life of her own. If she didn’t have that she was sure the horny brothers would keep her naked and screwing all the time. At least that’s what it seemed like. More so than she had anticipated, way more than when she had been dating several guys even. She thought wryly, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!”

Things, and cocks, settled down a bit. She got to know each of her “husbands” as individuals and the sex got a lot more satisfying as well as more pleasurable. When it was Derrick’s week in her bed, they just talked about common interest things, like special things that had happened. She did go to events with the other brothers that she wanted to tell him about, but the sex was never brought up.

Abby asked him if there were any women out there. He replied that there were a few but he “wouldn’t fuck them with someone else’s cock”. That made her laugh. Then he got serious and asked how the sex was with his brothers.

“It’s getting better the more I get to know them, just like it was with you. Of course I enjoy it. Is that what you expected?”

Her first husband replied, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m glad it seems to be going OK though. I do have a favor to ask. I’m tired of jacking off to my imagination. I’ve got your computer set up with an app that I can control over the Net to take videos. I want you to set it up in the bedroom and text me when you screw each of my brothers. THAT’S what I want to get my rocks off to when I’m not here.”

Abby was mortified and intrigued at the same time. “I’ve never been watched. I’d be too self-conscious.”

“I wouldn’t actually be present. You’ll see. Let’s set it up and try it with us first.”

Derrick tried several locations and angles to get the best shots. He could do scanning and zooming remotely but just set it in one place for this trial. It was a low-light camera so one lamp was enough if placed properly. He didn’t mention it further and after they screwed that night he asked Abby if she’d like to see the preview.

That did it. It was HOT to see herself in action, so she was on-board. All she had to do was text him just before the action started so he could get online.

Sunday wouldn’t work because of the transitions but Monday was bedtime for her when Derrick was off duty too. She tried to put the thought out of her mind and didn’t tell Billy he was on-camera. He might have more performance anxiety then she did. She soon got into the sex and put on a really good show for the camera, about thirty minutes’ worth.

She got a very congratulatory email the next morning from the camera operator who said his dick was sore from all the rubbing.

They took another video of Billy from a different angle and then next week Chad was the performer in her crotch. It was working well and she was eager to watch the next week together with Derrick. So was he!

On the next Sunday afternoon Abby was naked and waiting for her husband. Her vagina was still wet from draining Chad’ balls. That ought to help her handle her super horny spouse. She was hot for him, surprisingly with all the screwing she’d just gotten. But it was emotional as much as physical, she reckoned. No matter how much good fucking she got from her BILs, it wasn’t quite the same.

We are back to where this story started. Abby couldn’t wait any longer. She wiped her pussy off with a washcloth and got them both some bourbon on the rocks, their favorite libation, and which she only drank with her legal husband. There were still SOME marital things not shared.

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