Mother Says

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2018 by Shoeslayer

Erotica Story: Mother enjoys being a dominatrix for her son, telling him what to do with her various styles of glasses, beaded neck chains and hi-heels

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   .

The time was around seven in the evening, I had just come back back from Stella’s place and she was in a snit for one reason or other. She had no intentions on doing what she had promised me earlier that day. Damn I was mad, I spent some time working on her car and I finally got the generator in her VolksWagon squareback to keep the battery up.

I could have gotten on my old Harley Sporty and gone to Plant city for some train watching instead of working on her car but I wanted to be a nice guy for a few reasons, I wanted her to know I knew about things other than Harley Davidsons and sex and frankly figured it would have been worth some time in the sack.

One might think she would have hung around me as I worked on her car, and she’d be thinking what a smart guy I am, knowing how to get a generator to furnish the volts and amps needed to keep the battery up, but no she just had to go out with her other girl friends.

I don’t know if Stella is trying to dump me or what the hell’s going on, but I have had my eye on her Mom at times and her Mom really looks great. My attitude about Stella and our future together is rather murky and I would not mind too much if it was the first time but this has happened a few times before, her telling me she’d do some very nice things later, then SPLAT, the whole damn thing goes to hell in a handbasket. Right now I’d say the chances of her and I getting married are ... well not very good.

Sometimes her Mom would be reading the paper or a Danielle Steele novel through a nice pair of gold half-moon style glasses and I have to say that for whatever reason when she is reading or when they hang across her ample bosoms, and the light of the room is seen in them, to me there is something very feminine about that and I like it, maybe because it gets my loins stirred up.

I started to think about Mom and her reading glasses and the more I thought about them, the more I knew I could have a good time with them. Ah yes those black and silver oval glasses, also known as ‘librarian style’ with her home made glass beaded neck chains, not to be forgotten are her gold and silver half-glasses as well.

Mom’s out with her friends playing Bingo, her Saturday night custom and I see a few pair of her glasses here and there around the house. I decide to take care of some needs as I am dressed in her skirt and blouse even going so far as to stuff her bra with socks and when I think of how hot she looks, it just made my times alone much nicer.

Five foot five and curves in the right places, ample boobs and long brown hair with streaks of grey with highlites, she takes great pride in her appearance, skirts and blouses or a dress are her styles of clothing.

What is really nice about Mom is that she sometimes thinks way outside the box of conventional thinking and just about any subject I wish to talk about is welcome as long as it is said in a respectful way, no curses or vulgarity involved.

I felt that since she has her glasses all over the house, she’d never miss a few pair and would always find a pair when she needed them. This fetish for Mom’s glasses became quite the rage, I found myself at thrift shops of all sorts and many of these shops had old glasses for sale so I started a collection of women’s styles.

This went on for some time now and although I live at home with Mom, I have a good job and pay room and board. I was quite pleased with the situation, giving Mom some nice company, helping with the cost of living and the fringe benefit of having a fine old time with her glasses, which were always sparkling clean when I finished having my time with them.

One day, out of the blue, Mom asks,

“Jack, do you know why my glasses are always spotless and sparkling?”

“No Mom, I just figured you kept them that way.”

She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Maybe,” grabbed a pair and sat down to read ‘The life and times of Dorothy Parker. Mom loves History and sometimes spoke her dream of living back in the ‘Roaring twenties’, hanging out with Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchly and Alexander Woolcott at the Algonquin, often called the Gonk, a hotel always crowded with literary figures.

I had wondered if she ever had an inkling what her son was doing with her reading glasses but I did stop cleaning them as often as I had been and figured Mom had enough to think about and I did not want her to draw attention to her glasses.

Half a year later I am still romancing Mom’s glasses and as I do my thing, oh the fantasies of what Mom could do for me with her various styles of glasses going through my head, yes she’d be touching me all over down there with her sexy serious glasses and I thought that she might like to do some role play as a dominatrix.

One Saturday I went out to Plant City to watch some of those hundred and fifty car freight trains rumble through. I was there for a while and sitting on my Harley Wide Glide. I went to Popeye’s for fried chicken and a drink, the lady behind the counter had to be in her early sixties and was, to me anyways, rather hot. She wore the company uniform but those black half- square glasses with the half-moons and beaded chain were hers and the thoughts I had kept me fairly hard all the way home. I did not see a ring on this woman’s hand and wondered if she spent her nights alone.

I am back at the house and all is quiet. Mom is out with a few friends from work playing bingo, her usual Saturday night thing. I am in my room dressed in her skirt; bra; and blouse as well as patent black heels. I’m having such a good time, I came all over a pair of her sexy silver ovals and the release coupled with the thought Mom just got me off was damn nice, so nice I never heard Mom come into the house. By the time I did, It was too late to change without making any noise. I am so nervous I forget I have her silver ovals hanging across my chest by the beaded chain.

Damn it’s early! What in Hell’s bathroom is she here for now? I turned off the light by the bed so she would not see it under the door and hopefully won’t bother looking in. She’s walking down the hall, I hear the click clack of her patent black heels on the tiled floor. I’m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs, the knob turns and this isn’t gonna be good at all. I am glad I just came though, a few nice gobs of man gravy all over Mom’s half-glasses, in her beaded chains and her librarian style glasses.

The light from the hallway cast enough light in the room so Mom could see her twenty year old son in her skirt and blouse with some idea of breasts, wearing her silver half-rounds with the beaded chain over the back of his neck.

“And what do I have here?” asked Mom in a voice of surprise. She doesn’t sound angry at all.

She walks over and turned on the bedside lamp, putting a whole new light on the predicament.

“I knew you had a thing for my half-glasses, Jack,” Mom said with a smirk, telling me, “It’s hardly likely you have a problem seeing up close.”

I’m glad I thought enough to have a bikers magazine on the bedside table, maybe I could tll Mom I have troubles seeing up close.

Well, it seems Mom knows or has an idea that her glasses get me so fucking horny, if she looks under the covers I am so screwed.

She sits her sexy ass on my bed and looks at me for a bit, I feel nervous and Mom has to know it.

“So Mom, why are you back so early? Usually you’re out much later.”

“Oh I guess I was tired of playing Bingo, I haven’t missed a Saturday night since who knows when. I’ll get back to it sometime. Why are you in bed so early?

“I took a nice long bike ride and I guess all that fresh air got me tired.”

I see her hand getting ready to grab the blanket and sheet and that is when the scene goes into slow motion. It seems like forever.

She pulls back the blanket and sheet and when she see’s her half-glasses, silver and black ovals with their beaded chains wrapped round my cock she draws in a sharp breath of air.

“Oh my, I had an idea you liked my glasses, but not like this though.” Mom said in a sweet voice.

“You’re not mad?”

“No Jack I’m not mad, about this anyway. I am still very angry about that so called husband running off with a girl not long out of High School. I mean if she was my age and had some idea of life, education, not that it would be any easier on me, I guess in a weird way it would hurt less? But to run off with a skinny-ass thing like her in her early twenties, seems to be the height of stupidity.”

Mom picks up her pair of black ovals from my crotch, and unwinds the purple glass beads that are wrapped around my cock and licks my cum off the lens of them.

“This is a lot better than that so called ranch dressing you’re always talking about.”

“Thanks so much Mom, I thought you’d be very mad about what I’ve been doing.”

“It’s different yet sweet, Jack. It shows you love your Mom and her things. I knew a while ago you had a thing for my glasses. One night you came into the kitchen to get a drink and going through the living room you stopped at the end table, grabbed my glasses and touched yourself all over with my beaded chain wrapped around it. It did something for me, it got me all squishy and moist. I knew the way I left them here and there around the house that they were not always the way I left them and that too got me turned on. I actually had to go and do a few things myself if you know what I mean.”

“So, in a way Mom, I have been getting you to feel good?”

“That is right Jack, and I like it. Since he decided to run off with some young teeny bopper, not much out of school and the fact he likes something without much experience in life, I decided I want to like a younger guy also, you.”

“Oh Mom, that is so nice.”

“You’re welcome Jack, tell me, how did you get into this interesting fetish?”

“Well, sometimes I’d see Stella’s Mom in a nice pair of gold narrow ovals as she read the paper or as they hung across her boobs.”

“Breasts, Jack, not boobs. If you and I are going to do things, you will not be talking like the girl he is doing.”

“O.k. I know what you mean.”

“As you were saying.”

“Yeah. Mom, there was something very fetching or feminine about seeing an older lady in half-glasses, the way the light of the room sparkled in her glasses at the end of her nose or hanging across a generous pair of breasts that sent power down into my loins and I liked that.”

“I had an idea you were keeping my glasses clean and sparkling, why did you not say so?”

“How long have you thought that Mom?”

“About a year now, It seems you never wanted to be seen but I saw you a few times cleaning them with your t-shirt or flannel shirt and for reasons unknown at the time I liked that you liked keeping my glasses clean, I am sure you tried them, it would only be natural to do so, looking through Mom’s glasses to see if they are spotless. There was something sweet about you cleaning them, dropping the beaded chain over the back of your neck then wearing them as I do.”

“Yeah Mom, cleaning them also did something for me as well.”

“Jack, I am rather touched, you love the way your Mom dresses so much that you like to dress the same way, even to the point of wearing my glasses with the neck chain. That is very nice.”

“What can I say Mom, you are such a hot looking woman.”

“Seems you like my patent black heels too ... is that right?” Mom asks with a smile.

“Every time I see you wear’em Mom, they make you look so business like, so serious and hot.”

“You ever do anything with my heels ... Jack?”

Her words take me by surprise. Is Mom suggesting I did something wild with her cool; smooth; glossy; black heels? Somehow I ended up asking,

“Why would I do anything with your heels?”

“Let me think about that. You’re sitting here in bed wearing my bra; blouse, skirt and heels, think that gives it away?”

As it so happened she is wearing a similar pair with a skinny heel, these too are in patent black. She took them off and placed them in front of me. I feel like I am in a trance. Is Mom telling me something or is she wanting to see if I like her heels.

Mom picks up a heel and holds it in such a way the sides are pressed together and I see a long skinny slit of the white inner sole. She puts a pair of half-glasses on the toe of the heel, her sexy black shoe is like an extension of herself, sexy, and so serious looking, I am surprised when Mom says,

“Jack ... would you say this look like a woman’s pussy?”

Boy, the things Mom says at times.

“Well, since you have been having such a good time with my glasses...”

“You’ll give them to me?”

“You’re not having trouble seeing up close, Jack.”

“I could Mom.”

“I think it is only fair I get to see you do what you have been doing with my glasses and beaded neck chains.”

“What?” I loved the time I had but to do this with her watching, no, this is not going to happen.

“Well, I want to see you do what you have been doing.”

“I can’t do that Mom.”

“You can’t or you won’t?” Mom says and I know her mood changed from a Spring day in April to a dark stormy day in October.

“Mom, I wish you could understand what you are asking.”

“Did you ask me if you could cum all over my half-glasses, their beaded neck chains and my Librarian glasses?”

“But Mom.”

“It’s no longer Mom, It is Mother.”


“That’s right, and since you won’t do as I asked, even though I did not get angry about what I saw, I thought you would have been man enough to please your Mom by letting her watch you cum her glasses for her, giving her some pleasant sexual satisfaction.”

“Jack, your Mother says, “Do what you have been doing.”

“What if I don’t?”

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