by Uther Pendragon

Copyright 2010 Uther Pendragon

Sex Story: Chuck used to make out with Teri for hours. Then they got married. Teri wants more foreplay in her sex life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

“I don’t know, Julia,” Teri confessed. “Two months back, Chuck and I used to spend hours making out in his car, and he complained about having to get me back to the dorm. Last night, it couldn’t have been more than five minutes between his first kiss and his first snore. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. But he sort of forgot the ‘thank you.’” She knew better than to confide this sort of problem, but Julia had called when her frustration was peaking.

“John used to be like that.”

“How’d you change him? I’m thinking of declaring a boycott until he shows more patience.”

“I don’t recommend that, Teri. My allies were John’s prostate and his ego.”


“Simple. A man can only come so many times. You get on a roll, and you can come a dozen times. He can’t. That’s the prostate. Given the choice between spending time in foreplay and admitting that he can’t get it up, a man will spend all night in foreplay. That’s his ego.”

“I should ask for foreplay?”

“You should offer him some. Teri, how many times has Chuck turned you down?”

“You have a point.” And closing the phone, Teri started plotting.


“If I’d known you could cook like this, I’d have proposed sooner.” Chuck was getting the last bits of food from his plate.

“Maybe the dessert will make you wish you had.”

“What’s for dessert?”

“Me.” She took the plates over to the sink. Obviously interested, Chuck brought the rest of the dishes while she was loading the dishwasher. “Go wash your hands; I’ve got things to do first.” Obediently, he went into the bathroom while she washed hers in the sink. She was in the bedroom when he came out. When he began to kiss her, she started unbuttoning his shirt. She accepted his removal of her blouse but stopped his reach for her bra.

“Nope. One piece of clothing at a time, and I go first.” He accepted that, but he got ahead of her when he removed her pantyhose between her removing his left sock and his right one. Before reaching for her panties, he gave her a prolonged kiss. “Mmm. You were always a great kisser.” He responded with a trail of kisses down her throat and breast to her navel before he actually began removing the panties. When they were around her ankles, he was kissing her mound.

She had wanted foreplay, and was perfectly willing to reciprocate. He was pointing out-but-down when she stripped off his boxers. She kissed the base of his cock before climbing into bed. It twitched at the attention but didn’t grow fully stiff. In bed, she and Chuck shared a kiss. His hands stroked her arms and shoulders before getting to her breasts. Once there, however, the touch was wonderful. She rewarded his attention to her nipples with attention to his tongue.

When he broke the kiss, it was to kiss down to her breast. His lips on her nipple were even better than his finger had been. When his hand went down between her legs, she raised and spread them. Soon he parted her labia. She clasped his head to her breast.

“Yes, honey. Yes, Chuck.” she sighed when he first touched her clit. “Oh, your touch is so hot.” It was hot, too, especially with that encouragement. When his attention to her right breast started to make it sore, she didn’t complain. Instead, she used both hands to move his head over to her left breast. As his own idea, without any prompting, Chuck thrust his fingers into her.

“Oh!” she said. “You’re so possessive.” He got her G-spot, too. She was nearly there, but she didn’t go over until he pulled the fingers out and returned to her clit. She reached down to hold his hand there. “Yes,” she said. “Yes ... yesss.” She felt the fire ignite in her belly, throb there. She soared, climbing higher while his fingers stayed with her. She broke through the clouds into the sunlight before she dropped and the fire left her.

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