Would You Like to Touch Them Sir?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Desi wife is desperate and reaches out for help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Indian Female   Prostitution   .

I was in Mumbai for the week doing consultation at a repeat client. My favorite places to stay are the small, family-run hotels near the company I am doing work for. They are quieter and more personal, let alone the savings.

A young woman I had not seen before at this hotel showed me to my room, Her English was heavily accented but intelligible. She was dressed in a traditional saree and was attractive with nice swellings on her chest. I’m single and in my early forties so I notice such things.

She introduced herself as Shilpa and said she was new here. She helped me unpack, personal service being a nice thing about these small hotels. When I was settled in she paused, hesitant, and then asked me a question. “Are you married?” I told her no and she continued, opening her saree to reveal some beautiful golden tan breasts capped with dark ends and prominent nipples. “Would you like to touch them, sir?” I nodded and moved closer. She reached for my hands and moved them to cup the lovely flesh. As I leaned over to taste them, she pulled back and closed her garment. “I must go now but I can return at ten o’clock if you wish.” I nodded and smiled.

The knock on my door was right on time and I showed her in. She sat on the bed and dropped her saree, baring her body to the waist. I looked approvingly and then asked a question that had been on my mind all day, “What is the cost for your favors?”

Her expression was sad, “I am not a prostitute. There is no charge but a donation would be very much appreciated.”

“Why are you doing this? Does your husband approve?” I didn’t know if she was married or not so that was a way to find out.”

Her eyes were downcast as she replied to the last question first, “He is not pleased but knows it is necessary. He is an engineering student who is almost to graduate but we do not have the money for the fees. Our jobs barely pay enough to live on. The people here say you are a nice man so I risked approaching you. Do you want me to stay?”

I sat beside her and cupped one of her curved beauties. “I certainly do and will happily donate in return for your gift. These are the very best I have seen in a long time.” Her face brightened and her nipples hardened as I explored them with my hands and this time with my mouth. I could feel her quiver from time to time abut couldn’t tell if it was from anxiety or arousal.

After a bit she reached for my crotch. I was wearing only a robe and she found my erection easily. I was the one to quiver now as she touched my sensitive shaft. When she sensed I was nearing eruption, she quickly retrieved a washrag and, kneeling in front of me, brought me to completion, watching in fascination as my cream came out. I later learned she had never seen an ejaculation in that way, her husband’s always being inside of her.

I thanked her and fished a $100 bill from my wallet. Her eyes opened wide and she hugged me. When I asked if she would return tomorrow she enthusiastically agreed.

We gave each other little smiles as I came and went the next day. I had dinner with Rachel, another consultant about my age who crossed paths with me from time to time. Even though she was married, she invited me to her room as she had often done before and we had a good round of sex, made the better by familiarity. I made sure to get back to my room by ten.

Shilpa immediately bared to the waist. I asked her how her husband had reacted to her actions with me the night before. She seemed embarrassed to reply but I urged her to divulge as I really liked to know. She said he was like a wild man when she threw the money on the bed and said her body had earned it. She was tired because her sleep was interrupted several times. That was all the detail she would reveal.

Her nipples were already hard from telling this. I kissed her neck and upper body, drawing closer and closer to her breasts. When I focused on them she shuddered in orgasm and reached for my erection again. When my fingers touched her waist and moved down under her saree in the back she did not object. Her ass was firm and smooth and she was enjoying my touch. I dared to move to the front and she separated her thighs to show her approval. I explored her wet and well-plundered yoni and she moaned feeling new fingers on it.

When she moved away I thought we were finished but she knelt in front of me again. Holding my lingam, she took it in her mouth, looking up at me to see my reaction. I smiled and rubbed her ears, an erogenous zone for her. When she could not pull an ejaculation from me, it was mainly because of my time with Rachel earlier. I told Shipla that I did not finish that way very easily but it was OK and I liked it a lot.

I put her seated on the bed, lifted her saree and pushed her knees apart. She objected saying her husband had been there so I reassured her that it had been quite a while and I liked the taste anyway. She seemed surprised but no more objections.

She was quickly climaxing as I tongued and sucked her yoni until she told me to stop. She was exhausted. Her husband had never done it so well. She kissed me after receiving another $100 bill.

The next night she stripped completely, making it clear that she was enjoying our play and was encouraging more. In response to my question about the night before, she laid on my bed and spread her thighs. Her yoni was already pink and a bit engorged, probably in anticipation of this moment. “He is very stimulated but I sense anxiety too. He fears for our marriage and I have done my best to reassure him. He had sex before we met although I had not. I pointed out that his experience was good on our wedding night and I never begrudged it to him. Maybe that helped.”

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