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BDSM Sex Story: The story of a woman's willing transformation into a puppy girl and more

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Lactation   .

My life has definitely not turned out as I expected. A couple of years ago, I was a normal guy with a great girlfriend. We were all but living together and I expected that my girlfriend, Jennifer, would be giving up her apartment soon. After all, I owned my house, so it made sense to give up the rental.

I guess I should describe ourselves. My name is Steve and I am about 5’9”, weighing about 170. I am an organizational development consultant and work out of my house. Jennifer is rather trim, 5’4” and weighs about 120 pounds. She has nice B cup breasts that tend to stray into C cup range when she is around that time of the month. She is a software engineer and is a very successful one at that.

Jennifer had changed jobs about 6 months previously and, while she loved the challenges it provided, the stress was getting to her. She regularly put in 80-hour weeks and would come home frazzled.

One evening we were sitting in my living room watching tv. I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting on the floor leaning against my leg. I loved her hair, it was so silky and fine. I often found myself stroking her hair, especially when we were sitting like this. I knew she loved it when I stroked her hair, it seemed to relax her.

This evening something changed. About 20 minutes after we had made ourselves comfortable and I was stroking her hair, she suddenly turned her head and grabbed my hand in her mouth. She started to shake her head and pulling on my hand like she was a dog playing tug of war. In fact, she started growling. I could see the mischief in her eyes, so played along with it. This went along for about 15 minutes when we heard the oven signaling that dinner was ready.

Jennifer reluctantly dropped my hand from her mouth and stood up.

“Hey, that was a little different.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what came over me. But once I got into it, it was, I don’t know, freeing.”


“Yeah, like all my stress just bled away. You don’t think I’m a freak, do you?”

“No, babe. We all need ways to cope with stress and this just might be yours. God knows, you have a lot of stress with your job.”

“You don’t mind if we do that again?”

I could hear the hopeful tone in her voice and just couldn’t resist her soulful look. “Of course not.”

Nothing more was said about the topic until the next weekend when she looked at me with that mischievous look in her eyes and growled at me. This time I was prepared, I pulled out a soft rope that I’d tied loops into each end. I shook it at her and she lunged at the loose end. We ended up playing tug of war for almost 30 minutes. It was hilarious hearing her growling and wiggling her cute little ass. I knew that I had to be careful and not pull too hard. I didn’t want to strain any muscles in her neck, if for no other reason that watching her act like this was making me horny and an injury would just leave me with blue balls. Selfish, I know, but you had to see her ass in that purple thong. It framed her ass like the work for art that it was.

Finally, she was too tired to continue and just laid her head down on the floor on top of her crossed arms. By this point, I was so horny and I just dropped my shorts, then pulled her thong aside and plunged right in. She was incredibly wet. In fact, I am not sure if I had ever felt her this wet. She had always been a little uptight about sex. She seemed to enjoy it and was always willing to let me have a go but I had never been able to figure out what really got her motor running. Guess I had now.

The weird thing about this time was that she didn’t drop the puppy act, growling and barking until we both came. She came so hard that she passed out for a few minutes.

That set the scene for many of our future sessions. Puppy play became a normal weekend event, sometimes even a week night event too is she’d had a particularly stressful day. Then one Friday a package came for her, no marking on the package indicating what company it came from. I left it one the kitchen table for her to open when she finally came home.

She got home about 9 that evening and immediately saw the package. “Oh, it came!! I was so hoping it would come before the weekend.” With that, she started ripping the box open. When she had it open, she just stared at it’s contents. I could see tears forming in her eyes. “Oh, god, I hope you are ok with this.”

“With what?”

Reaching into the box she withdrew a dog collar and leash. She held them out to me with trembling hands. “Please don’t think I’m crazy. I just need to get away from the stress of my job and being a puppy is my way of getting away.”

“Oh, honey. I know you need it. I didn’t think you would take it this far but I can see it is a logical extension of our play. Here, let me have the collar and I will put it on you.”

“God, I love you. I don’t think I could ever find someone who could put up with my craziness.”

She bent her head to the side and brushed her hair away from her next as I buckled her collar on.

She then stared at me with a slightly fearful look in her eyes. I looked at her, knowing what I said next could have a profound affect on our relationship. “You know, it is missing something.”

“Missing something?”

“Yes, your tag. Every puppy has a name tag on it with their owner’s contact information in case they get lost.”

Jennifer burst into tears and hugged me like she was never going to let me go. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Now, I guess I should name my new puppy. I know, I will call her ‘Gem’ as she is so precious to me. I will go by Petsmart tomorrow and pick up a tag.”

“Uh, there’s more.”


She didn’t respond vocally, instead she reached into the box and pulled out a butt plug with a dog tail, a headband with cute little dog ears on it, and a set of dog bowls.

“Oh, you really are going all in on this. Aren’t you?”

“You can tell me to stop or not use some of these things but I really hope you don’t. I need this!”

I could hear the anguish in her voice and so said, “We’ll play it by ear. This is really not my thing but I know how much you need it. Well, not all if it is not my thing. I love fucking my puppy. God, that sounded fucked up. But you know what I mean.”

She grinned at me and said “Your puppy loves it when you fuck her. That leads me to another thing. Puppies don’t wear clothes.”

“Oh, boy, I am getting to like this whole thing better and better.”

Jennifer grabbed the box and slipped into the bedroom. When she emerged a few minutes later, it was nude and on all fours. Apparently, there was something else in the box as she had a rubber ball in her mouth. She bounded over to me trailing her leash behind her. She stuck her head in my hands and dropped the ball. Then she turned around and, like a true puppy, indicated she wanted me to throw the bone. I was a little hesitant, if for no other reason than that floor was dusty and it would get all over the ball.

Oh well, nothing to be done about it then, so I threw ball. We played like that for 15-20 minutes before it became apparent that her knees were hurting. So I told her playtime was over and plopped my ass on the couch, flicking on the tv. Gem looked a little put out by my sudden change but then just jumped up on the couch beside me and curled up just like a real dog would. I soon found myself stroking her hair, just like I would with a real dog. It was a strange but comforting feeling.

She stayed in puppy mode most of that weekend. It was strange feeding her from a bowl on the floor but she obviously expected it.

I could tell it helped her stress levels as Sunday evening she reverted back to Jennifer and we had nice romantic evening. Normally, Sunday evenings were tense as she was gearing up for Monday, so this was a nice change.

Another box came for her the next Friday. Once again, she eagerly ripped open the box, this time to reveal knee pads and some sort of fingerless gloves. “I was hoping that this weekend I could be Gem all weekend.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“There is one thing.”


“Dogs don’t use a toilet.”

“You want me to take you into the back yard to do your business?! I don’t know about that. That seems a little too far.”

“Please. I know it’s strange but it’s hard to stay in character if I keep having to stand up to use the toilet. Besides, I won’t be able to use my hands with these gloves on. Please, I really want this.”

“Oh, all right. But if I have to wash your ass, I am using the garden hose.”

Once again, she hugged me and said “Thank you, thank you. You have no idea what this means to me.”

To say it was a weird weekend would be putting it mildly. I didn’t understand what she wanted the first time she scratched at the back door but I quickly caught on when she started peeing on the kitchen floor. I quickly opened the door and she bounded out. It was strange seeing a grown woman (or any person) squatting on the ground peeing. That sight was only surpassed in strangeness when I first witnessed her taking a dump on my lawn.

It was sweet revenge when I had to take the garden hose to her ass. The water was cool and obviously took her by surprise. She almost broke character but quickly clamped down on her impending flow of swear words. I did make her clean up her piles when she reverted to Jennifer.

It was a good thing that my house was secluded and bordered a national forest. Otherwise I am sure we would have been arrested for indecent exposure.

The sex that weekend was great. I loved having her nude all the time. I made use of her pussy 4 times that first Saturday. Then I had a warm, wet feeling in my groin when I woke up Sunday. I lifted the covers to see Gem licking and sucking my cock. God, I could get used that feeling in the morning!

This became the pattern of our lives over the next few months. The only change was Jennifer finally moved in with me. One other thing, she changed from birth control pills to an implant. We had a few scares when I would forget to put her birth control pill in her food and neither of us were ready to deal with a pregnancy at this time. While I wanted children, I wasn’t sure about raising a child with his/her mother reverting to a puppy each weekend.

I had a couple of weeks coming up between assignments and decided it was time for a vacation. I didn’t really have any place in mind to go. I just wanted some time off. Luckily, Jennifer was able to wangle two weeks off too.

But we had very different ideas on what to do on vacation. I wanted to camping and hiking, just get away from civilization some. Jennifer didn’t mind that idea but she wanted to go along with me as Gem. Of course, she got her way. I just couldn’t say no to her when she looked at me with her big puppy dog eyes (yeah, I know, kind of cliché).

So I decided to base our vacation out of our house. No one really hiked into the area behind the house, so I figured we could get away with her in puppy mode. She had really toughened up the last few months and I figured she could handle the hikes. I did put sleeves on her calves and feet to protect them from the brambles. But that was the only concession we made to her inherent humanness.

We had a great vacation, I got saddle bags for her so she could carry her own water. But I carried everything else. Camping out the first night was an interesting experience. It got a little cold at night and I woke in the middle of the night to find her shivering. I threw a blanket on her that night. But the next night I arranged a bed for her with high enough sides that she could keep warm as long as it didn’t get too cold. She wanted to be a puppy and puppies don’t have blankets covering them.

Our lives continued on in that vein for another two months. We occasionally had friends over or went out with them. But that cut into her Gem time and I could see her stress levels rise each time. Then one evening, Jennifer popped the question “Steve, how would you feel if I quit my job?”

“That would be fine babe. We really don’t need two incomes. How long would you take off?”

“Um, that’s the thing. I don’t want to go back to work.”

“But I thought you love your work?”

“I do but I can’t take the stress.”

“Are you saying that you want to be a stay at home wife kind of thing? Like from the 1950s?”

“No, I’m saying I want to be a stay at home puppy.”

“Oh, wow! That is pretty extreme. Do you have any idea what would be involved? How could you see a doctor?”

“Well, I found a doctor and a dentist that specialize in human animals. They actually make house calls.”

“You really have thought this through. Let me think about this. I am not sure what to think about having you as a full time puppy.”

“I know that I wouldn’t be your girlfriend any more. I would belong to you, just as any dog belongs to his or her master. I know you would need to start dating again.”

“Oh, I can just see it. Bringing a date home and having to introduce her to my human puppy.”

“On the other hand, you would never have blue balls again. You can fuck your puppy anytime you want. She will belong to you, so will available to you at any time.”

Agreeing to her request had an significant affect on my outlook. I started viewing her as a pet rather than a person. It was a gradual change but it wasn’t long before I started thinking other ways to modify her. One thing that started to intrigue me was having her produce milk. That was the result of my surfing the web for erotic stories.

A year later saw me coming home from a long day at client’s office, I entered the door and my pets, Gem, Candy and Luke, bound up to me to greet me. I petted each one and let them know I love them. Each one gets their own special moment with their owner. Then I go upstairs to change, with my pets following me. As I change, Gem keeps trying to lick my cock. But I have to take the other pets for a walk, so I push her away with a stern word. Candy and Luke are excited because I will be taking them for a walk. But Gem must stay behind since society just doesn’t understand about human pets. So she pouts a little. I swat her behind gently, because I know she is disappointed. I make myself a silent promise to take her walking in the woods tomorrow morning. She loves her walks.

As I put leashes on Candy and Luke, Gem goes to her bed and curls up, watching me as I leave. “Good girl, Gem, I will be back soon.” I take the dogs for a nice long walk, watching as they explore the world at the end of their leashes. When I get back from my walk, I see Gem looking out the front window and I call to her. She bounds to the door and is there to greet me once again. I take the leashes off the dogs and put Gem’s leash on. She gets very excited about this since she knows I am going to pay attention to her now, it is her time with her owner. But first it is time to feed the dogs, so I fasten her leash to a hook I have put there just for that purpose. Walking into the kitchen, the dogs bouncing around my legs, I pull out the dog food and feed the two canines.

Once the dogs are fed, I lead Gem upstairs to my bedroom and tell her to get on the bed. I take off my pants and lay down, pulling Gem over by her hair and putting her face in my crotch. She eagerly starts licking my cock, quickly making me cum. While she is doing this, I start playing with her nipples. I am pleased with how quickly milk starts to flow. I stop since I don’t want milk all over my sheets. Also, I don’t want to waste any of her sweet milk. After I have cum and Gem has cleaned me with her tongue, I lead her back downstairs for her milking. I command her to get on her milking table and stand on all fours, like the milk cow she is. I place a pan under her breasts and start to milk her. I love the feel of her nipples as I pull on them as well as the sounds of milk squirting into the pan. She is easy to milk; her nipples are a full inch long making it easy to squirt milk where I want it. She had rather small nipples when I first met her, but once she became my puppy, I lengthened. They were already very sensitive and lengthening has made them more so. In fact, now she regularly cums while I am milking her. It took a month of regular pulling and suctioning, but now they were the perfect length for milking.

Soon I have finished milking her. I am pleased with how much milk she has produced this time. She seems to be producing more every day since she started lactating 2 months ago. It won’t be long and I will have to find a market for her milk since I cannot use as much as she is producing. I have to milk her three times a day to keep her breasts from becoming painfully full, so I have a lot of milk.

After I have finished that chore, it is time to feed her. I get her bowl and fill it with a special mix that I make. It makes her milk particularly flavorful and it contains extra vitamins and hormones to encourage lactation. I put her bowl down on the floor and she begins to eat.

I begin to prepare my dinner but it is hard getting around in the kitchen, Gem keeps getting in the way trying to lick my cock and also begging for scraps. Finally, I spank her very hard and tell her “NO!” She goes and curls up in her spot under the kitchen table, looking at me fearfully. It is her fault, she knows better than to get under foot. But she is just a pet and doesn’t want to know better.

Finally, my dinner is ready. I set the table and sit down. As I eat, I realize Gem is beside me and looking hungrily at my plate. I sigh, and point to my cock, “Gem you may have your treat now.” She crawls under the table and begins to lick me. I spoil her so, but she is worth it. Besides, she is a good cocksucker. I cum quickly from her expert licking, so I pick up a piece of my dessert and let her take it from my fingers. It is rather sticky, so she spends a couple of minutes licking my fingers and getting them very clean. I notice the other pets are now staring at me. I don’t want to play favorites since that causes problems. So I give the other dogs some scraps from my dinner. Then Candy and Luke start to play. But Gem stays out of it; she doesn’t know how to play with my other pets very well. I stroke her hair as I finish my dessert.

Gem was my first pet. I enjoyed having a puppy so much that a year ago, I got two rescues. The new dogs were confused by Gem at first. She smelled like human but acted so much like them. They gradually got used to her and Candy eventually exerted her dominance over the other two pets.

After dinner, I put my plate and the pans I used to cook with on the floor. All three pets get something to lick and go at them with their tongues. But Gem is not as quick at cleaning her plate as the other two, while her tongue is very talented; it is not as big as my other two pets.

After I have cleaned up from dinner, I retire to my bedroom to watch tv. All three pets follow me. I get undressed and climb into bed. I flip on the tv and look for something to watch. Gem kneels beside the bed and begs to climb up with me. I relent and she jumps up, lying with her head on my crotch. I know she just wants another cum treat, but I am not ready to cum yet and don’t want to spoil her more than she already is. But I start to watch a porno movie and quickly get hard. So I let her start to lick me. As she licks me, I stroke her hair without really paying attention to her. But as I get excited, I push her head down until my cock it is in her throat. She tries to pull back but I just push her head down again. This goes on for a few minutes as she tries to get some air. Finally, I feel myself start to cum, so I let her up a little so I can fill her mouth with the treat she loves. Now I turn on the news and catch up on the day’s events.

Finally, it is time to go to sleep. I let Gem take my cock in her mouth as she does every night. I like the warm wet feeling on my cock as I fall asleep.

When I wake up in the morning, I realize it is Saturday. I feed the pets and start my coffee before letting them outside to do their business. While they are doing that, I wander out front and collect the newspaper. Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I open the back door and let my pets in before settling in my easy chair to read the paper. I call Gem over and put my cup under her breast, squeezing some milk into my coffee. I used to drink my coffee black but have grown very fond of her milk in my coffee in the last month.

Finishing the paper, I decide that after milking Gem, that I will enjoy the beautiful day and take my pets for a walk in the woods.

Before I get to my room, I hear Gem whimpering. I stop, realizing I have forgotten to milk her fully. So I detour into the kitchen where she bounds up on her milking table without being told. She must really be full this morning. As I put my hands around her breasts, I can feel the fullness. If she keeps up like this, I may have to start milking her four times day. That could be inconvenient. I will have to consider that. Perhaps an automatic milker for when I am at work. I have been able to make it home for her lunch milking but adding another milking could be a problem. That is a problem to be considered. Owning a milk cow is a responsibility. One that I enjoy. All this goes through my mind as I am milking her.

I finish milking her and put her milk into the refrigerator. Then go and get dressed for our outing. After I am dressed, I put together a light picnic lunch for myself with something extra for each of my pets.

I put all my supplies in a backpack, then put saddles on each of the dogs with their water bottles. Candy and Luke rush out the back door when I open it. But Gem just waits patiently for me to put her leash on. She loves her leash and much prefers being walked on a leash to being let free. To tell you the truth, I prefer it too. There are few things more erotic than a nude woman on a leash I put on my backpack containing my lunch. Fastening her leash to her collar, I begin to walk down the path, knowing that Gem is following two paces behind, just as I have trained her to do. We walk along for about 30 minutes until we come to clearing with a little meadow with a large tree laying on its side in the middle. I walk over to the tree trunk and stop. Bending down I take one of Gems nipples in my mouth and start to drink. Once I have my fill, I take another mouthful and move up to Gems mouth, where I place my lips on hers and squirt the milk into her mouth. I do this a couple of times since I know she is probably thirsty. It is a glorious day! The weather is pleasantly warm and the air so fresh. As I stand there enjoying the day, I push Gem down onto her knees. Knowing what I want, she patiently waits while I drop my pants and shove my cock in her pussy. I no longer worry about getting her pregnant as I had her have a hysterectomy after she became a full time puppy.

Zipping up my pants, I take her leash and begin to hike again. The dogs, who had wandered away during my little interlude, came trotting back. I greet them and they happily move down the path ahead of me hoping to surprise some unwitting squirrel.

Finally, I reach my goal, a spur of rock rising above the valley floor. Pulling off my backpack, I settle down to enjoy the view. My pets array themselves around me, knowing that I will be eating lunch soon and they will get some too.

Realizing that it is milking time, I call Gem over to me. Knowing what time it is, she stands on all fours in front of me. I put a small bowl under one breasts and begin to milk her. Finishing that one, I milk the second breast. I prefer to milk them both at the same time, but did not want to carry a large enough bowl on my hike. When I am finished, I tell Gem to lie down again. Settling back against a convenient rock, I start to sip the warm fresh milk.

After a while, I get out my lunch as well as the treats I brought for the pets. As I eat, I throw the treats to them. At first, Gem seems reluctant to eat off the ground. But a stern look from me prompts her to overcome her old human reluctance to eat off the ground. After all, she is a pet now not a human being.

After lunch, I succumb to the pleasant warmth of the afternoon sun and doze off. I awake after an hour to find my pets still slumbering. I enjoy the view of these beautiful animals for a while before noticing the dew on Gem’s pussy. She seems to be in a constant state of arousal since becoming a 24/7 pet. I mean, she was a pretty sexual woman before being made into my pet. But now she seems constantly in heat.

These thoughts make me horny again. So I rouse her from her slumber and throw her over a low boulder before burying my cock in her pussy. It doesn’t take me long to cum, nor does it take Gem long. We both cum loudly, screaming out our sexual release to the world.

As we come to a small stream, I stop and slash water over her body to clean up the cum dripping down her legs. As her owner, it is my responsibility to keep her clean. As I am washing her, the dogs come up and start playing in the water further downstream from us.

With her now clean, I once again take her leash and lead her back to the van. I don’t bother to dry her off, knowing that she will dry quickly in the warm weather. When we get to the van, I open the side door and my pets all pile in for the ride home. They are all tired from the day as am I.

When we get inside, I bustle around getting dinner ready for myself and my pets. We have all worked up an appetite today.

Dinner done, I wander into my office to get a little work done. My pets all follow me in there, but lie down quietly as they know I do not want to be disturbed while I am working.

After a couple of hours, I rise and go upstairs to my bedroom. After getting undressed, I lay down on the bed and turn on the TV. Of course, Gem is sitting beside the bed begging to get up. I signal that it is all right and soon I let her suck my cock. Before she gets too far though, I decide to mount her again. So I pull her off my cock and flip her around so her ass is pointing at me. I plunge into her wet pussy and pound away with energy I didn’t realize I had left today until I cum deep inside her pussy.

Sated, I lay down and start to drift off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

It was a couple of months later that I woke to the feeling of a tongue licking my cock. Looking down, I see Gem’s head under the covers and sigh. While I always want her to give me a blowjob in the morning, she is not allowed on the bed without permission. So I swat her ass and yell “Bad girl. Off the bed!” She jumps up; the covers still over her head and tries to get out of them. I have to fight to keep from laughing, her antics are so amusing. But she manages to get off them and slides off the bed where she kneels with her head down.

She knows she will be punished. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I sit up and grab her by her ponytail. Using it as a handle, I drag her over my knee and proceed to spank her bottom. I sharply spanked her right cheek for her poor behavior, then her left. Alternating 10 spanks on each cheek until her bottom turns a light shade of red. It is a lovely sight and it makes me hornier than I was when I woke up. So, I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and stood up, sending her to the floor in a heap. I squirted the lube onto my hand and got my cock nicely coated. Once again, I used her ponytail as a handle and pull her up from the floor to lie half on the bed, half off; her red ass ready for my use. She is quietly sobbing from her punishment, but that just makes me even hornier. I plunged into her ass with one massive stroke. I kept thrusting in and out until I came deep in her bowels.

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