Honey, Here's Your Chance

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Hot wife stirs up old memories for husband and ex-boyfriend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Pregnancy   .

“Honey, guess who called today?”

“How the hell can I guess that?”

“It was Josh, from college. He’s going to be in town and wants to see us.”

Judy, my wife of four years since just after we graduated college, is a cute short haired brunette with an average body but a real appetite for sex. We still screw at least eight times a week. She initiates it as much as I do and can easily be multi-orgasmic.

I met Judy when she was dating Josh. We were roommates even though he was a year ahead of me. They started dating about the first of the year and that lasted until his graduation a year before me. He went back to his hometown and I started dating her.

She spent about every other night in our room and, of course, I could hear, and often see in the dim light, their screwing, usually more than once a night. Things got pretty familiar after a while so seeing her nude wasn’t uncommon when she went to the bathroom or showered. I jacked off a lot thinking of her, especially when Josh’s bed was thumping.

With that familiarity I easily picked up where he left off since she and I were both in summer classes. We had sex on the first date and it was terrific. That lasted through the next year and we realized we were a good couple for the long term.

Marriage followed graduation and we got jobs and a place to live. All the usual stuff. We were going to put off having kids for a few years.

Josh invited us to dinner at his hotel on Friday evening. The night before, Judy initiated a serious conversation, “Honey, this might be an opportunity to do something we’ve kind of talked about but never directly. You’ve told me how envious you were when I was dating Josh. How you even wished I’d come to your bed after he finished. I’ve never told you that I did think about it, especially when he was too quick for me to get my come. You are a better lover, although he wasn’t bad by any means. Would you consider going to his room for some fun tonight?”

I paused, then replied, “I don’t know. Sure I’ve fantasized, but that’s a big step.”

“Honey, I gave up my cherry in high school and had boyfriends almost all the time until I met you. Has that hurt my pussy or made me love you any the less?”

“Well, no.”

“OK then. Here’s your chance to try what we both wanted to do back then. We may never get another opportunity like this.”

Dinner was good although I was a bit nervous with anticipation. Judy seemed relaxed and having a good time. She suggested to Josh that we go to his room for a “nightcap”.

He’d gotten a room with two double beds, as close to a dorm room as one could manage. BTW, we’d left our wedding rings at home. Judy announced, “Let’s go back five years. I’m dating Josh and this is your dorm room. Honey, you get in bed and we will come in from our evening out.”

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