Clueless Husband

by oldgrump

Copyright© 2018 by oldgrump

Drama Story: I had no idea, yes; the typical clueless husband.

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Reposted after editing by Rexford Dam

Further screwing with it by me. As always, all mistakes and Faux Pas are mine.

I am Jack Tremaine; 45, divorced, I have, 2 adult children. They were 22 and 20 when all of this happened; and I was not a happy camper. I was not expecting what I found when I was cleaning up a knocked trash bag in the laundry room.

As it was a Saturday, I wasn’t working. I was helping my wife Sharon (not Sherry) doing the house work because she was not feeling well. I had vacuumed the family room carpet, unloaded the dryer, and was unloading washer to load the dryer when I knocked over the trash can. After swearing, I started picking up the mess when I discovered a couple of used condoms. I was flabbergasted, upset, and extremely angry. Sharon and I had not used condoms in over 15 years. And then we used them only because she developed a yeast infection. As I had the clip job 13 years ago, Sharon would never need birth control pills again.

Our kids had not been to see us for several weeks, so I did not think they could be from one of them.

I was not sure what I was going to do, but I knew I was going to do something. First, I was going to leave, at least for a little while. I then went into the bedroom and got a suitcase. I was very careful not to wake Sharon, she really was ill and as mad as I was, I still loved her. I grabbed all the clothes I would need fro few days.

I took the condoms and my wedding ring, and placed them on the kitchen table then I sat down and wrote Sharon a note explaining what I found and how hurt I was. The note said

Sharon, my love;

What you see on the table is what is left of our marriage. I’m sorry I was not enough for you. I did not realize that you felt the need for more than me.

I am leaving for a few days to decide what I am going to do. Please do not try to contact me. I will let you know when I am ready to talk to you.

Should you choose not to tell the kids, and they ask me, I will not hold anything back. The same goes for our parents.

I ask one more thing. Please think how much you have hurt me. I will expect answers, truthful answers, if we are to continue as man and wife. Some of those questions will be hard for you to answer, not because of you not knowing the answers, but because I will insist on the answers even if you do not want to give them. If you do not wish to answer the questions I have, when I contact you just tell me.

I will not allow you to continue to cheat on our marriage. If you cannot give up your lover, when I contact you tell me so. I will then remove myself from your life.

As this evidence indicates, you have not only defiled our marriage, you did it in our home. Plan on having to sell this house if we are to get back together.

I still love you, but this is a near fatal hurt to our marriage.


I loaded my truck up and drove away for what might have been the last time. I had to pull over several times to clear my eyes.

I wasn’t paying attention and finally realized that I was headed to my cabin that my grandfather left me. I realized that it was a perfect place to go. No phone, no cell service, no internet; perfect for thinking and making decisions. I turned my cell phone off and kept driving.

I stayed at the cabin, except for work, for about 3 weeks. I had kept my cell phone off, and told work that I was not taking any non-business calls. While in town and on my lunch hour, I moved some of the bank accounts around to protect at least half of the money we had saved. Sharon had not worked for a few years, so I was quite sure that if we got divorced it would cost me. I had a small trust fund that my grandfather had left me, besides the cabin, so whatever I had to give to Sharon, those would be protected.

I had finally made up my mind and found that enough of the raw emotions were calmed. I drove toward town and when I got a cell signal, I pulled over and checked my phone. I saw that I had calls from about 10 different people. Besides Sharon, my kids and surprisingly, our minister; I saw both parent’s numbers, and several that I did not know. I called home.

When she answered, I asked Sharon if she was ready to answer questions for me. She immediately started sobbing. She said that the police were looking for me as a missing person, and they were questioning her to see if she had harmed me.

After she stopped babbling, I asked again if she was ready to answer with the truth the questions that I was going to ask. She started babbling again and I finally hung up my phone without receiving the answer to that question.

I then called my kids. James, my oldest, wanted to know what I had done that I had to run away. I was shocked. I told him if that is what his mother told him, and he believed it, we were done talking. I then told him what I found, and asked if he or his sister had been to the house that week. He said he had not, but he did not know if Ann had or not. He also said that the last time he talked to Ann before the incident; she had broken up with her boyfriend, and had not been dating recently.

I called Ann next, and she basically had the same response. So it looked like Sharon did not tell them the truth. I was mad all over again.

I called the police station and let them know that I had never been missing, but that I had not been in contact with my wife because of some major problems between us. When I explained that my wife knew that I was not missing, they said she had made the missing person’s report, they would talk to the prosecutor about a false police report.

I then called both sets of parents, and not surprisingly, my parents sided with me and Sharon’s parents called me a liar and cussed me out for hurting Sharon.

After those calls I had had enough. I stopped off at my bosses’ house and handed him my resignation and started back to the cabin.

Sharon called before I got out of cell signal range. I pulled over and answered. She had calmed down somewhat, and asked when I was coming home.

As I was still angry at her for making me the bad guy, I said; “I will come to your love nest when, and only when you tell everyone the truth. I will not be made the bad guy here. I did not cheat on you. Those were not my condoms, and I will not accept that house as my home any longer.”

Sharon sniffled a little and then asked; “where have you been? Why haven’t you come home? Why -”

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