Helpful Husband

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: My wife is an escort and I'm her helper.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Nudism   Prostitution   .

Because of a variety of congenital ailments which developed in midlife, I am disabled for most jobs. I am not allowed to drive now and I miss that. Of course the inadequate pension I receive has caused financial difficulties. My wife was a professional model when we met and married but had aged out of the most lucrative assignments when she turned thirty a couple of years ago.

Another former model friend confided that she was working as a part time escort for a large and reputable agency headquartered in the large city nearby. The income she was quoting was similar to what both of us had brought in combined. When we inquired, she claimed that her boyfriend was more bothered by her absences on prime date nights than by what she was doing with her body. She volunteered that a hallmark of this agency was no condoms which required weekly STD testing. The clientele was carefully screened so she had never turned up positive in two years of weekly exposures.

My Marne is beautiful and her age is not detectable, clothed or not. She loved sex long before we met and has told me about many erotic episodes from her modeling days some of which happened even after we began dating. Those tales are a turn-on for both of us. She rarely put out to others after we married five years ago, but that was her choice, which also may have contributed to the drying up of her modelling career.

She claims I am a good lover and satisfy her. I can feel as well as hear her orgasms so don’t think they are faked. With our history, we both agree that extramarital sex ought not damage our relationship.

The agency was reachable by train for the interview. It was perhaps the most unusual one either of us had attended. Since she was married, I was required to be there. The first part, where we were asked questions together and separately, was fairly routine. We learned that they preferred married women who were in stable relationships. They were more dependable. I was quizzed extensively on my attitudes and concerns.

The part where she stripped and posed for photographs wasn’t unusual either. Her still firm breasts, standup nipples, and naturally light pubes, rarely needing trimming, would appeal to the generally older clientele, we were told.

The next part of the interview sure was different. A naked young man, quite muscular and attractive, with a substantial club at his groin, entered the studio and was introduced by his “escort” name.

The rest of us withdrew and I was required to watch on a video monitor, as he spent thirty minutes evaluating her sexual skills in a variety of modes and positions. I deduced that my reactions were also being observed, especially as he made a point of ejaculating inside of my wife, the camera zooming to catch the details of his organ throbbing and the cream oozing out as he withdrew.

Marne kissed him and thanked him for an enjoyable romp before he left to do his report. I suspected that a recording had been made in this well- equipped facility. Indeed, we were later sent an edited copy and told it would only be released with our written permission. They didn’t like any legal publicity, of course.

When she returned to me I gave her a sincere kiss. The bulge in my crotch was evident to the interviewers. We were accepted after a short conference. We reviewed and signed the contract and releases. An appointment was made the next week for her orientation, which I was also to attend, and with their contract physician. This was a professional and well-run operation.

Nothing was said about the interview until we arrived home. Marne led me to the bedroom and we were soon naked and conjoined. I thought I could still feel remnants of “Stud”, as he was called, inside her. When I said so, Marne tightened her muscles and remarked that he was very copious, rather consistent with possibly the largest cock she had ever accommodated. Plus, he knew how to use it. She had climaxed several times, something I thought I had observed.

As her breathing rate increased with her arousal, she asked if I liked watching her for the first time. I told her it was delightful and would look forward to other opportunities. She suspected the cameras and got hot at the idea too. Was I concerned about him ejaculating in her? She’d had her tubes tied before she met me so it was only symbolic. Apparently Stud had asked about her birth control and where she wanted him to cum. He’d been snipped for the same career reasons but was being polite. Inside was preferred by both and would be the usual case with clients.

We had agreed that she could work Fridays and Saturdays. Some assignments were during the day so two clients in succession was a possibility. I was allowed to accompany her to the meeting place and we were told that occasionally a client requested that the woman be married so she could leave her rings on. There had been instances where the husband joined in a MFM threesome with the client or a two-couple same-room swap.

The company had a five-bedroom house in the center of town that was available on schedule. It could be used for actual “appointments” or to be between assignments. Since we were out of town, it sometimes made sense to stay there rather than take the train back and forth. There was a small deduction if the client didn’t use the room as well.

Marne’s first client happened on a Friday evening. We were visiting in the living room of the “guest house”, as it was referred to, when this older man, maybe fifty, arrived to get her. They were having dinner and then attending a business-related cocktail party. He was from out of town and needed a woman on his arm.

Per my training, I acted as “security” and asked for his name and code word. I then introduced Marne, first name only, and they left. There were two other women also waiting for their “assignments”. We visited a little until they too were met and departed. I got my own dinner nearby and went back to my book.

About four hours later I opened the door for Marne and her client, greeted them, and they went on to the room without a look at me. A new book was started by now.

An hour later her client left with a tip for me and I hurried to our room, erect already. There she was, legs spread, knees up and pussy glistening in the dim light. “How was it?” I asked.

“OK! He got his money’s worth and I got a pussy full of cum. Must have been a while for him. Get on your back.”

She straddled my waist and let some drops of her client’s semen drip onto my cock before she engulfed it. Her vagina was hot and silky as she slid up and down on my steel-like shaft. She told me about the outing and then the “inning”. He was good and large enough but she hadn’t climaxed, even though she made him think so. She was pretty good at that from her modelling days. When I shot into her there was no mistaking that she got what she needed.

She had a lunch client the next day so we screwed early and she rinsed afterwards. They were meeting at his apartment so I could have the room until she returned.

I visited with some of the other “girls” who weren’t on assignment until later. They looked after each other and liked having a man there too. All but one was married but often sans husband when they worked. I was discreetly offered a piece from a very tempting young redhead but said I’d enjoy my wife when she returned. They chuckled and said their husbands often enjoyed it “wet” too. But just ask if I wanted to try their wares sometime.

Marne returned looking a bit frazzled. This client was a bachelor who worked very long hours and found it difficult to date. She had really turned him on and he’d dumped three loads while getting her off equally. He wanted to make a standing weekly reservation. She wasn’t sure but I suggested that she might build up her endurance after a while.

She really couldn’t handle me at the moment so I kiddingly said the other girls had offered to take care of me. She went to the redhead and brought her to our room and said, “Go for it honey. I want to watch.”

So that’s how it started. Her pussy got in shape just fine and she routinely takes on the bachelor Saturday midday with “dates” Friday and Saturday nights and the occasional Sunday nooner. I am given all the loving I can handle during the week in addition to the post-client fucks. That cute redhead asks for my attentions if her clients don’t satisfy her needs while she is taking care of theirs. She and Marne are now good friends and her husband is a decent guy. He works overseas a lot so we don’t get to see him much. He appreciates me looking after his wife in many ways though. She even moved in with us to save on rent.

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