by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Young naïve Asian girl used and abused, or was she?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Romantic   Oriental Female   Pregnancy   .

Jun Li was in one of my classes and I immediately noticed her since we hardly ever had anybody who wasn’t white middle-class. I went over to make friends with her and in her imperfect English she told me she was an exchange student from Taiwan. I’d rarely been around anybody different than me so I asked if I could help her with anything. Good way to make new friends I thought. She didn’t know where her next class was so I guided her to it and was there when it finished.

She seemed pleased to see me and I asked if she would like to have something to drink. She said, “Oh no, I am not old enough for that.” I held back my laughter and explained that I was not suggesting alcohol but just any beverage and she caught on. We talked for a while until I had to go to another class but I said I would see her at the next class in two days.

She said this was very different than her country where young women were not allowed to talk to young men like me but she really liked it. I said I didn’t know much about her culture and she said that I could probably help her understand this one. When I asked her if she would like to go do something with me after class she wasn’t sure what I meant so had to explain what dating was. In her social class all meetings between single young men and young women were arranged and carefully chaperoned. She said she would have to ask her host family if it was alright but she would call me to let me know.

She did call me later and said that it depended on what we were going to do and that she would have to get permission each time. I was thinking of going to a school event the next day and she conveyed that it was approved.

I drove to the house where she was staying and met the hosts. They visited with me for a while and gave us a time that we needed to return. She was delighted to be out on her own with a companion and I was careful not to make any moves on her. She had to be a virgin and I wasn’t too far removed from that, having been mercy fucked by a couple of my older sister’s girlfriends when they were drunk.

We proceeded to become better friends and were given more and more leeway about dating. Her hosts were pleased that she was fitting in and her grades were excellent, so all seem to be going well.

I kept noticing though, how she would keep deferring to me to make decisions and would always comply with what I suggested. This must be a side effect of their very controlling culture. The wicked side of me wondered how far that could be pushed. She was really cute and didn’t seem to be aware how her nipples stuck out because with her small breasts she didn’t wear a bra.

When I told her it was normal for boy and girl companions to hold hands to show they liked each other, she took to it avidly. When I said it was polite to give me a kiss at her front door before we parted, she took that up too.

I had to admit that she really turned me on and often beat my meat after times with her. I’d rather be pumping that stuff between her legs! But how the hell could I get there?

She was always asking me questions about American culture, and often about boy-girl stuff because it was so different than home. When we were sitting out on her front porch before she went inside, she asked me, “What is making out? I don’t understand it.”

“Hot damn! This might be my chance!” I turned and held her hand, thinking fast how I could use this to my advantage. “It is some kissing and touching that is special between a boy and girl who very much like each other and brings them even closer together.”

She looked concerned, “Is that sex?”

“Oh no, it is just a stronger way of showing affection like we do by holding hands only better.”

“I like you very much so will you show me?”

I nodded and moved closer to her. “Just copy what I do.” I started by opening my mouth as we were kissing and when she copied that I ran my tongue on her lips. She pulled back and I told her just try it on me too. After she got used to that I pushed my tongue in and touched hers. She giggled a but didn’t break the kiss.

She was breathing a bit harder but I wasn’t sure if she just didn’t breathe right. She said that was different than she ever thought kissing could be. I said, “I told you it was special and you don’t do it with just anybody.” She nodded.

The next time we were together she asked, “What is ‘petting’?”

“Oh, boy!” I thought, “Her curiosity is going in the right direction!”

So I said to her, “It’s a special kind of caressing that people who really like each other can do. It’s not sex either. Would you like me to show you?”

She was thoughtful, then, “I really like you and want to learn. What you have shown me so far is really nice so I guess so.”

“Let’s start with making out because that helps get you in the right mood.” She eagerly got her mouth and tongue busy and, when she was breathing harder I began to gently stroke her body starting with her shoulders. “You can do the same kind of thing to me so I will feel good too.” She copied me, unsure where she could touch or not. As she relaxed with the touching and began breathing even harder I moved from her belly up to her small but nicely rounded breasts. She followed suit and when I gently pinched a nipple through her jersey top she did mine through my t-shirt.

That was enough for starters. I’d stayed mostly above the waist so far. Maybe bare skin next time. I also realized had to stop being such a pussy if I was it ever going to get in her pussy before her time was up.

The next time I got more aggressive and my hand went up under her top and she started to protest I said firmly, “This how it’s done. You know you’ll enjoy it,” and she did. She didn’t wear a bra so there was easy access for my fingers and she began moaning a little bit. I heard no more questions about whether this was sex or not and I was ready if she said anything.

We had a good length of time available and once her nipples were standing up hard I took her hand and moved it down to feel my erection through my pants. That brought some little squeaks so I said, in a commanding tone, “Undo my pants and take it out and make it feel good.” She complied and her fingers were busy with this new toy. She always wore skirts so I moved around and started caressing her leg from her ankle and moved up underneath her skirt. She wiggled a little as I reached her thigh and I didn’t know if it was from being ticklish or trying to object. “Fair is fair,” I demanded and pushed her thighs apart with my finger. When I rubbed her little mound through her panties she fastened her mouth on mine again but didn’t take her hand off of my rod until my finger had rubbed her to an orgasm.

“I know we are having sex now,” she said demurely. I continued to rub her pussy through the fabric, wet with her juices.

“Yes we are, and you’re liking a lot I can tell. This is what nature made our bodies to do and it’s time that you learned it. I love you and this is how I can show you in very special ways.”

She turned her eyes down and said, “But we are not married.”

I responded immediately, “If you ask any couple who are dating or any married persons they will tell you they rarely waited until they were married to do sex because it was so good for them. In America we believe that by having sex with several people you will find out who is the best one to marry and there will be no surprises when you have finally made that commitment.” She nodded, seeming to understand that logic.

On Saturday my parents were gone all day and she came over to my house. This was going to be it I decided, I might never get an opportunity this good. We went as far as we had gone before and, like the other times, she was much more relaxed having the previous experience. When I fixed lunch I put vodka in her lemonade and she thought it was quite tasty.

By now she was somewhat familiar with my hard on and so when she got a bit tipsy I told, not asked, her that she needed to learn a special lover’s kiss. I said we must be fully unclothed to do this and she turned around to undress and then slowly turned towards me. I praised her and said what a beautiful woman she was. She even blushed through her tan colored skin.

When I ordered her to lie on the bed she said, “Are you going to sex me now?” Hmmm, there was no objection in that statement! Without answering I moved down and separated her thighs and began licking her cute little pussy with its small patch of wiry black hair above the slit. She really began to squeal and mew until I brought her to a peak of pleasure.

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