The Trailer Next Door

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young man learns about life from an older and handicapped neighbor woman. That leads him into a wonderful world of sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Water Sports   Prostitution   .

I’ve lived in that shitty little trailer park outside of town as long as I kin remember. My mom is a dim memory but Pa takes really good care of me. He works second shift now so I am alone for a good while after school. I’m a junior in high school and turned 16 recently.

About four years ago an old lady moved in next door. Ms. Milly must be 45 at least but she’s real nice. Pa said I need to help her since she is disabled with low vision. She calls me to come over when she needs help and I will go shoppin for her on my way home from school. I have a friend with a car and he takes me to the store on those days since I can’t take the school bus.

She gets along pretty good in her little trailer because she knows where everythin is. On nice evenings I let her hold my arm and take her for walks around the park so she can get a little bit of exercise. I know that’s not all she gets cause when I’m sleepin in my top bunk I can look out my window and right into her bedroom. She usually fergets to draw the drapes.

I am quite used to seein her naked by now. She is a little on the heavy side but not bad. Her breasts are pretty big and hang down a bit. There is a bit of a bulge to her tummy, mostly when she sits down, and I’ve never really seen her pussy because of the thick dark hair down there.

The interestin part though is seein that pussy get used. She can’t see TV very good or read a book so she mostly listens to music and fucks. I guess she likes doin that because it’s mostly touchin. Not just the same guy though. She has quite a collection of all different ages. When I’m on school vacation I could see that they came at all times of the day and night. Even after school there might be two different visitors. Now I understood what was happenin when a couple days a week Pa said he was goin over to help Ms. Milly and he’d be gone for a half hour or so without takin no tools or nuthin.

All I knew about fuckin was from the pictures in the magazines Freddie has. We talked about it a lot when we looked at them. Seein it happenin was much better!

At night when her bedroom light was on I could see her doin it. I rubbed my own stiffy when she was touchin or suckin the man’s. Sometimes he would get on top of her or sometimes the other way round. Because of the angle I couldn’t actually see the pecker goin in her. But I saw them movin and knew what was happenin. Many times I would shoot my stuff when I thought he was shootin his.

When I remembered my dad had some spy glasses and asked for them, he wondered what for. I told him birdwatchin and he laughed but found them for me. Now I had a much closer up view.

One day after havin one of her regular visitors, she called me to take her for a walk. After talkin about regular stuff she said, “Do you like watchin me from your bunkbed?” I didn’t know what to say so said nuthin. “One of my men friends looked over and saw you readin on your top bunk. He figured if he could see you then you could see us. I noticed that when I was naked with somebody that you would turn your light off. I could see that much, you know. I thought it was kind of fun and I don’t know if you notice that I’ve been puttin on some better shows for you lately.”

I recovered my ability to speak, “So you’re not mad at me?”

“Oh no,” she laughed. “It’s completely normal for your age and a compliment that you want to look at an old broad like me. You’re sixteen now, right?” I told her that I was. She squeezed my arm and said, “Then you are old enough to do more than just watch. Would you like to try the real thing?”

That sprung a full boner in my pants. I stuttered, “Uh ... uh ... of course!” We turned around right there and headed back. The minute the door closed she started takin her clothes off. “Well, what are you waitin for? Fuckin works a lot better without nuthin on.”

Those beauties on her chest had me hypnotized seein them close up as they moved around while she took off her pants and panties. As soon as I was naked with my stiffie up against my belly, she came over and gently grabbed it. I shot off all over her tits since I was so much taller. She laughed and scooped up the cream with her fingers and ate it! She even made yummy sounds.

Leadin me to her messed up bed, I didn’t even get soft and then her mouth on my dick made sure of that. Now I knew why the men I had seen her doin this to looked so happy! I was on my back and just a watchin. Her breasts were hangin and swayin so I reached out and cupped one. It was SO soft and she hummed as I touched it.

When my cream rose up the shaft she didn’t take her mouth off and just swallowed it. She smiled and said, “You’re a horny one! I like that.”

I got a little softer but she guided me to use my mouth on her tits. I liked the way her nipples stood up hard when I pinched and sucked on them and bit em gentle-like. She made happy noises which made me feel good. I knew what was next cause I’d seen it from my room. I knew she liked a man to put his face on her pussy but couldn’t see what he did. She guided me with words and fingers.

Lots of thoughts ran through my mind. Was there still some stuff in there from the man who left just before we went for a walk? Wow, what a strong, but not bad, odor. Was there any place I shouldn’t lick? That little button thing above the big hole seems to be sensitive. How about I suck on it. OMG, she just shook and squealed like crazy. “Are you OK?” I asked, surfacin for air.

“Better than OK,” she chirped. “You can do that anytime. I loved it! Now it’s time to make you a man.”

She pulled me up on top of her and her hand guided my steely shaft into the softest and warmest place it had ever been. My new teacher said, “Now move in and out. Push deep and pull out almost all the way. Suck my nipples too if you can.” I pulled out too far a couple of times but found my way back just fine. She started breathin hard and put her legs around me to pull me tight when I hit bottom and our crotch hairs met.

She was talkin, “Oh, you feel so good. I love hard young cock! I bet you’re gonna shoot real hard into me.” She had that right! Even though it was my third cum, it was the best and strongest one yet. I collapsed on top of her for a while, enjoyin the soakin in that wonderful place.

Ms. Milly wiped our parts off with a warm washrag and we got up for supper. She gave me a beer as she finished cookin and I set the table. We were still naked and I thought that was so neat. I’d enjoyed doin that using my hand at home when Pa was gone but bein with a naked woman was much better. My pecker only got half-full right now but, what the hell, it already had a workout!

I had lots of questions for her. “Ain’t you worried about gettin pregnant like they told us in sex-ed?”

She gave a sad smile, “If only I could have I might still be married. I never used birth control and I screwed a lot but nothin happened. My husband wanted kids more than I did so we even had his brothers and a cousin shoot their seeds in me at the best times and nothin took. He got another woman pregnant and left me. Later on my vision went bad and here I am.” I could tell this was a sad subject and I came around to hug her. She was cryin a little bit so I kissed her too and she said softly, “Thank you. You are a special young man and I’ve always liked bein with you. Now more than ever. Do you want to do it again? This (fondlin my again-erect cock) says you do.”

This time she got on top like I’d watched. She could move in lots of interesting and pleasurable ways and I could do lots of fun things to her swingin titties. This was now my favorite way and she said she really liked it too.

We talked a lot and I was so glad she treated me like a grown-up. One time I asked her why she fucked so much. Her answer was, “Why shouldn’t I? When I was younger I never got as much as I wanted. My husband was mainly interested in makin babies and when I asked him if them brothers and cousin could keep doin me he got mad. I sneaked around with the cousin a few times but I didn’t like cheatin. When my husband left me I felt so bad I didn’t do it with anybody for a while because we were still married. But when he didn’t come back I said, ‘What the hell!’ and started havin some fun. We’re still married because he was too cheap to get a divorce. I guess it don’t matter now and I don’t know or care where he is. Besides, some of them guys leave me some money and I hardly ever have enough of that.”

One day she told me that Pa asked her to “make me a man”. She didn’t let on about us and agreed. I laughed and said I’d like to watch her screw him. He usually visited her when I was in school but she arranged a Sunday night. She kept the light on and even waved to me when he couldn’t see as he was pumpin between her legs. He came home and fell asleep so I slipped next door and she was waitin.

When she swung her pussy over me a few drips of his stuff fell out and landed on my shaft. She grinned and she dropped that wet snatch on my cock. We both felt wicked when she told me she’d never done a father and son so close together.

Ms. Milly made up a story about takin my cherry and Pa started askin me if I’d “gotten any” lately. I’d answer and ask him the same question. He wouldn’t give a straight answer until one day we’re havin a few beers and I told him Ms. Milly had revealed that he was screwin her too. I pulled his chain a bit, “Pa, why don’t you marry her and then we could both bang her right here instead of goin next door?” He got real uncomfortable and changed the subject and never asked again. I guess he didn’t know she was still legally married. I told him every now and then how good she was to us, and how fortunate we were to have her as a neighbor.

My best friend Freddie was still a virgin. When I told Ms. Millie about that she said she’d be happy to “break him in” too. I knew she liked all cocks but young ones were a special treat for an older woman.

Freddie couldn’t believe his ears when I said he could get laid for real. I told him to keep his hand off his dick for 24 hours if he wanted the best result. It would be a struggle, I knew from personal experience.

When he showed up at Ms. Millie’s trailer, all showered and shaved, I welcomed him in and told him to get naked. He’d never done that with anyone so I said, “You don’t fuck with clothes on. Do it or leave.” He shyly stripped and his smaller pecker was hard as could be. He was shorter than me and kind of pudgy too, body and dick.

When Ms. Millie made her nude entrance he was totally enthralled, watchin her boobs swing and her furry crotch move around. She knelt down and got a mouthful of his semen really quick. I’d just fucked her so she was open and wet when she took him to the bedroom and got in the classic invitation pose. Of course he was still hard and plunged in with no style. She faked an orgasm as he spurted in a vagina for the first time.

He watched as I gave her a rousin fuck and he was ready for his seconds and enjoyed it a lot, judgin from his face and sounds. She told him goodbye with promises of further experiences and we settled down to a slow and satisfyin copulation. One more guy who would never forget her as his first piece.

There is one man she is particularly sweet on and he is about her age. I’ve been asked to come over when Frank is visitin and he likes to watch how I fuck her. Then it’s hot to get a closeup view of him plungin into my cream. I shoot quite a bit and it turns into a white foam around the edges of her openin as he is goin in and out. I get hard again just watchin and she wants me to take another turn and keep gettin her off. He can’t do it but once so he kisses and plays with her and sometimes holds my balls when I’m cummin. I like him and he likes her a lot too, I can tell. She says Frank’s ok with all her other screwin so that’s good because she ain’t givin it up.

She tells me it makes her feel so good to know how much enjoyment she is bringin to her men, let alone the pleasure she herself gets. I sure hope I can find a woman so lovin when I am ready for a real girlfriend and maybe wife. I guess I need to bring any possibilities to talk to Ms. Milly so she can check them out.

One day she got word that her husband had been killed in a car wreck and there was a big insurance settlement. She wouldn’t have to live in that little single-wide if she didn’t want to. I was pleased she wanted to talk to me about what to do since she had very mixed feelins. If she moved she would need a lot of help since she couldn’t do it herself.

I read the ads in the paper and we looked at several bigger places. She wanted me and Pa to live with her, but only if she could still have her other men friends. I told both her and Pa that if they chipped in what they was payin for our crummy trailers, we could afford a reasonably nice three-bedroom townhouse not too far from where we lived now so I wouldn’t have to change schools and she would still know the area.

We all went to look at it and I described the place, kind of like a seeing-eye dog. That made her laugh, “I don’t fuck dogs!” Pa had never lived in a place so nice. Our shitty furniture wouldn’t work there and hers stayed with her trailer. I solved that problem by mentionin the Salvation Army store which we could easily afford. It was a done deal and Pa took us to a buffet place to celebrate. I helped her pick out her food. She said I was her angel, in and out of bed. Pa looked at me and seemed proud when he heard that.

It took a while and quite a few trips in Pa’s truck to get everythin bought and in place. Pa got a case of good beer to celebrate and we all got pretty tight durin and after dinner. Ms. Milly got all emotional and wondered if she could invite Frank over to see where she was now. I said “Sure” and Pa didn’t argue. He brought some bourbon and I got my first taste. Wow, it sure takes a bite of your tongue! Pa and Ms. Milly liked it too.

With such an audience, and feelin her “oats”, Ms. Milly asked me to put on a partikler song and she started in on a strip tease. I’d never seen her do this and we were all hootin and hollerin and she was smilin SO big. When her boobs were uncovered she moved to each of us and put them in our faces, tellin us, “No hands!” We tried to get them with our mouths when she slapped those soft melons against our cheeks.

When she got her lower parts uncovered she pushed her pussy against our faces too but made it easy for us to tongue her slit for a bit before she moved to the next one.

“Get em out, boys,” set the stage for boob-fucks one after another as we sat watchin. She was apparently real wet down there from all this play because she next turned around and sat down on my pecker for five strokes, then moved to Pa for five, finishin up with Frank for five more.

She fiddled around in the kitchen for a few minutes then came back holdin three kitchen matches. I drew first, then Pa, and Frank got the last one. That was the order they would fuck her “the first time”, as she clearly stated. Pa got the longest one and went first, then Frank, and I got thirds.

She wasn’t goin to take us to a bedroom. This was a real sex party so she put a towel down on the carpet and asked Pa what position he wanted. He was more lit than I ever remember seein and mumbled, “Regler” so she laid back and put her knees up. I helped him from the chair to between her legs and she guided his barely hard pecker where it was supposed to go. I wasn’t sure he even realized he had an audience as he pumped a few times and shot his stuff. She gently rolled him off to the side and he went right to sleep.

“Frank, it’s your turn!” This guy could hold his liquor better and took her as she lay. I’d watched this before and slowly stroked my rod as he brought our “hostess” to an orgasm. Then he rolled off to the other side and fell asleep too.

Ms. Milly chuckled, “It’s a good thing I’ve got plenty of company tonight. I know you can finish me off right!” She knew I wanted her on top without even askin. It was a challenge to reposition with a sleepin man on either side, but we managed. She poised her pussy above my ready rod for a moment and several drops of cum dripped out and stuck to me. She smiled, “Are you ready for some ‘wicked woman’?”

“You bet! Love you all warmed and wetted up. Go for it!” She did and we had a noisy screw but our party guests didn’t even stir. They missed a good show.

We threw blankets over them and turned off the lights. She held me as I peed and I wiped her messy crotch before we got in her bed. She held me close and started cryin softly. “It’s OK. I’ve just never felt so good about myself until lately. Now livin in a nice place is like bein in heaven. You are my angel and I’d marry you in a minute.”

My answer was simple and totally heartfelt, “I love you, special lady.”

We’ve had to make some adjustments for livin together. Ms. Milly is very glad to have two men so handy but some of her others couldn’t handle the new arrangement. Frank doesn’t mind a bit because he can only manage to see her a couple of times a week anyway.

The main rule is that if her bedroom door is open when she is in bed, whether alone or not, anyone else is welcome. If it’s closed then just wait. Me and Pa have our own rooms now too. Pretty damned nice!

One day I came home and there was a pretty girl visitin with Ms. Milly. “This here’s my niece Wanda Sue. We been talkin on the phone and she came from Arkansas to see where I was livin now. She ain’t workin or nothin so she wants to stay a while. I told her about you and said maybe you’d let her sleep in your bed since mine gets kinda busy from time to time.”

I got my wits back together and offered her a glass of sweet tea but she said she liked beer better so I went and got some of Pa’s. I had one too. Her Aunt Milly had a boyfriend comin over so we went for a walk after we polished off the beer and I showed her the neighborhood. There was a nice park by a crick so we went there to visit.

Turns out she’d just left a husband who was treatin her bad and needed a place to hang out while her relatives took care of him. She was about five years older than me and seemed to appreciate the attention I was givin her. She’d been a stay-at-home wife, little more than a prisoner of a controllin man. There was more to life and her brother had brought her here as the best place to hide. I said I’d do what I could to help her figger out what to do next.

She had gotten married before finishin high school because she was pregnant. After the miscarriage she’d managed to get birth control unbeknownst to her husband who kept tryin to knock her up again, not because he wanted kids but to keep her tied down. He’d even had his brothers over to fuck her into motherhood.

She was cryin by now and I put my arm around her. She blubbered, “My aunt says you are one of the nicest boys she’s ever met and also told me she’d made a pretty good lover out of you. I could use that too if you find me attractive.” Boy, was her spirit beat down! She was lovely in every way.

I hugged her and said gently, “I’ll give you whatever you want. Just let me know.” That put control in her hands for a change which I hoped would be reassurin.

“Take me back to your room then. Show me what my aunt taught you.”

She held my hand tight as we walked without speakin, each of us deep in our own thoughts about what was about to happen. We went straight to my room and closed the door. I let her take the lead. She came to me and started with a kiss. It escalated gently until we were swappin spit.

I stood back and whispered, “Show me your beautiful body.” She flushed but began disrobin. As each part was uncovered I kissed it. She squeaked when I got to her nipples and they stood out proudly. My tongue in her belly button tickled and she laughed. That relaxed her and the rest went smoothly. Her pubes were fully natural but not excessive. She was a bit curvy like Milly and I liked that.

She watched as I stripped but didn’t make any moves to touch me. As soon as I was naked, and of course my dick was pointin skyward, she pulled me to the bed. I wanted to taste her honeypot but she didn’t pick up on that. I couldn’t think about it because I needed to concentrate on hittin the pink wet furry target that opened up right in front of me.

Even though her hands on my buns urged me on, I entered gently. Ms. Molly said mine was bigger than average and I didn’t want any hurtin to mess up this special time for us. When I was half way in her eyes popped open and she said, “Will it fit?”

“Let me get you used to it gradually and it should fill you up just fine.” Her husband must have had a small pecker because she was pretty tight but when she relaxed it fit all the way in. She kissed me hard when our pubes met.

“Damn, I like it so far. Now what?”

I stayed deep and sucked and nibbled on those succulent tits. That got her motor runnin like her aunt had taught me. When she was pretty revved up I started slow strokes, hittin her clit on each inbound one. She damn near exploded, wrappin her arms and legs around me, howlin and shakin like crazy.

I heard the door open and Milly popped her head in. I smiled at her and she smiled back, knowin what had just happened.

Wanda Sue was still clutchin me, sobbin to beat the band. I just held her and gave her little kisses because somehow I knew that’s what she needed. When she opened her eyes, she said, “Please don’t take that magic wand out of me. Can I have more?”

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