A Virgin and a Vampire Meet

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2018 by mysteria27

Mind Control Sex Story: A vampire seeks out a woman for blood.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Vampires   First   Oral Sex   .

Iris Alby was in her thirties and a virgin. She was an introvert and had trouble meeting men. She was a medical technician at a blood bank. She enjoyed her job but worked long hours. Iris was told to take some vacation days because she was going to lose them if she didn’t use them.

Iris was in the mood for some fish and chips. She’d go to a local hangout and eat. She enjoyed reading and took her book with her. She hoped she might meet a man but knew that probably wouldn’t happen. Iris didn’t have a lot of friends and would do things by herself. She was always hopeful that she might meet somebody special.

Tonight would be a very special night for Iris. She just didn’t know what or who she was going to meet. It would be a night that would change her life in more ways than one. It would be a night of strange and interesting things. Iris would experience things she never dreamed of. Later she would be compelled to forget. Memories do have a way of never leaving one’s brain.

After Iris ate her dinner, she went outside to have a smoke. She always enjoyed smoking after having a few drinks. It was a cool night and the stars were shining brightly.

Stanley wasn’t your average man. He was a vampire. He hadn’t always been a vampire but for the last hundred years, he was. Stanley had been following Iris because he knew she was a technician at a blood bank. He needed her credentials to enter the blood bank and to steal blood. Blood is what kept Stanley alive. Even though he was dead.

The plan was he’d take her home and make love to her. While she was asleep, he’d borrow her credentials and steal the necessary blood he needed. It wouldn’t be very hard to do this. Iris was an introvert and didn’t speak to many people. Stanley was charming and quite handsome. Perhaps, he’d use some of the cool vampire tricks that he’d mastered over the last one hundred years. Once he took her to bed and showed off his skills, the poor girl would be hooked.

Iris stood there enjoying the last drag of her cigarette. Stanley walked passed her and opened the tavern door for Iris. She smiled at him and entered the establishment. Stanley walked into the tavern, sat down and ordered a drink. You would think that vampires only drank blood, but Stanley had learned how to drink and eat food while trying not to be conspicuous. Blood is what kept him well nourished. Stanley needed to act as normal as possible. He had to be just like everybody else.

Stanley noticed Iris was sitting by herself. She had her head bowed down and she was reading. He took his beer and walked towards the shy girl. It was time to get to know her. He needed to use his charm to persuade her to take him home. It wouldn’t be hard, because she was an easy mark. She was alone and probably wanted a boyfriend but was too shy to get one.

“I bet that book is very interesting?”

“It is actually. I love to read.”

“Reading is very pleasurable.”

Stanley looked into the girl’s eyes long and hard. She looked at Stanley as well. She began to blush while he looked her over. He found that to be a sign.

“I’d love to buy you a drink. What are you drinking?”

“That’s awfully kind of you. I’m having a Malibu and Pineapple.”

Stanley went back over to the bar and ordered some drinks. He came back over to where Iris was sitting. He placed the drink down.

“I’d love to talk with you. May I sit with you?”

“Of course. Thank you so much for the drink.”

Stanley sat down and smiled at the girl.

“My name is Stanley Abraham. What is your name?”

“I’m Iris Alby. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Stanley took Iris’s hand and kissed it. She smiled at Stanley. Stanley looked at her which made Iris feel tingly all over. There was something different about Stanley. She wasn’t sure what it was. She felt different than she normally felt. Most men never gave Iris the time of day. Stanley was out of her league. His paying attention to her was making her wet. Her vagina was feeling moist and tingly and she could feel her panties getting wet as the handsome gentleman continued to talk with her.

Iris had given a few hand jobs and blew a man one time. She never had sex and hoped that Stanley wanted to take her to bed. She was feeling like a spinster and wanted to feel like most other women do. It wasn’t that Iris was unattractive, she was just very introverted and unsure of herself.

“What do you do Iris Alby?”

“I’m a medical technician at a blood bank.”

“That sounds very interesting. Have you been there long?”

“For the last ten years. I find it very interesting. What do you do?”

“A little of this and a lot of that.”

Iris started laughing. She sipped at her drink. They had an engaging conversation and Stanley bought many rounds of drinks. Iris broke out of her shell and talked with Stanley. She poured her life out to him. He smiled and laughed at everything she said. He could tell that she was engaging him. He knew that Iris Alby would be his mark. This would be very easy. He’d fuck her and steal her credentials and would have enough blood for a while. After he’d steal the blood, he’d compel her to forget.

“You’re a very attractive young woman. You remind me of a girl I once knew.”

“You’re much too kind. You must drive the women crazy with your good looks.”

“Not really. I do like women though.”

Stanley thought the comment was funny. The only reason he drove people crazy was that he drank blood for a living. People were mostly terrified of him. It was only that he could control their minds and make them forget when he drained them of their blood. Sometimes he’d go for the kill but usually would just snack on them.

Drinking blood was as euphoric as having sex. All blood tastes very different. Some blood is sweeter than others. Virginal blood is the tastiest. Stanley wondered if Iris was a virgin. She kind of looked like one. She was pretty but very awkward which could mean she was a virgin. Stanley would find out when he took her to bed.

Stanley spent hours talking to Iris. She felt comfortable with him. Stanley sat on the same side of the booth and whispered sweet things in her ear. He moved her face towards him and kissed her softly on her lips. He pushed his tongue into her throat and that’s when he knew Iris was his. She responded nicely to Stanley’s kisses. She was acting just like Stanley knew she would.

“I’d love to talk with you more. You’re so sweet and innocent.”

“My apartment is close by. Would you like to have a drink and hang out some more?”

“I’d love that.”

Stanley paid the bill. Iris invited Stanley into her car and drove the two of them to her house. She was right, it was very close to the bar. Stanley continued engaging Iris. She was very comfortable with Stanley. She was thinking it would finally be the night she’d lose her virginity.

Iris parked the car and they both walked towards the door. Iris used her key to open the door and they walked in. Her apartment was spacious.

“Sit down. I’ll get us some snacks and some beers.”

Stanley giggled thinking the snack would be her blood. Iris came out with a six-pack and put it on the table. She had cheese and crackers and put them on the table as well.

Iris handed Stanley a beer. She leaned into Stanley and kissed him again on his mouth. The couple shared a passionate kiss. Stanley moved his hands across her back.

“You’re quite a girl, Iris. I want to get more intimate with you. Let’s go into your bedroom. I want to make passionate love to you.”

Iris took his hand and they moved into her bedroom. She was very excited that he wanted to be with her. They kissed passionately up against her wall. Stanley helped Iris remove her shirt. He unclasped her bra and helped Iris take off her bra. He unzipped her skirt and Iris stepped out of it. Stanley put his hand down the front of her panties and cupped her vagina in his hand.

He continued kissing her deep and passionately on her mouth. Her pussy was wet while his fingers played with her pussy lips. Iris moaned while Stanley pleasured her with his fingers.

“Let’s go on the bed.”

“Good idea.”

Iris was naked and moved to the bed. Stanley undressed himself. Iris was amazed by Stanley’s muscular body. His abdomen had a six pack and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body. His body was lean, and his penis was large. Iris felt giddy wondering how his enormous penis would fit inside of her small virginal hole. She’d act like she had sex and didn’t want to come off as inexperienced. She wanted to fake being a virgin. She didn’t want to share the news with Stanley.

Although, he’d probably figure it out once they began to have intercourse. Stanley lay next to Iris on the bed. He passionately kissed her while his fingers played in her vagina. Iris was very wet, and her juices were dripping down her leg. Stanley moved down to her feet and opened her legs wide.

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