A Different Love

by falcon29

Copyright© 2018 by falcon29

Erotica Sex Story: A man finds he has encouraged a sexual fetish to broaden his wife's sexual horizons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Water Sports   .

Lying in the bedroom, we were watching TV. The show ended and she rolled toward me, her breasts shifting like firm bags of warm jelly. “Honey,” she said with a slow smile, “I have to pee.”

I grinned back and rose to my feet. My dick had already begun to thicken and firm up. It always happens that way. Like last night. Let me give you a play-by-play...

I give her a hand and we walk to the bathroom. Hand in hand we step into the tub. I sink to my knees, my tongue trailing saliva along the way, down over her naked body. I stop at her tits sucking briefly on each nipple. I continue down over her belly (drilling briefly into her belly button), and I finally reach the hot mound and I lick all the way down the slit, gateway to her delicious, cum filled pussy.

Crouching down further on my knees, I lick, looking up at her thirstily. She grins and spreads her feet, using her fingers to open herself up to me. I feel that familiar sexual excitement inside and I grip my cock as my mouth waters. She closes her eyes and hesitates. I sense she needs a little encouragement since she and I have only done this once before. She was reluctant then, but in the end, she was surprised at the wash of pleasure (and probably power) it gave her to pee all over me.

Now I lean into her and cover her slit with my mouth, tongue lapping through her labia and up to the tiny opening that is about to produce her golden nectar. She lets one hand hold the back of my head and she groans in pleasure.

It only takes a few seconds and she pulls me away a few inches again gently to hold me by my hair, keeping a firm hold on it. I watch her belly flex and the tiny opening widen just before the stream begins. It hits me on the chin and she groans again, her stream pausing. I watch for a second before returning my mouth to her. I don’t immediately seal it against her, using only my tongue, preferring to feel the hot liquid streaming to fill my mouth, to run down over my chest and dripping down on my aching cock and dripping off my balls. She begins in earnest then, as she overfills my mouth and splashing out. A mere few seconds later the stream drops to a lower pressure.

Eagerly I let her pull me to her and I cover her slit again, licking her while I try to swallow all the salty fluid as she empties her bladder. I can’t hold it all or swallow fast enough, though. I back off, allowing the slackening flow to fall directly on my cock. My hand is stroking and I revel in the nastiness of this taboo act. I glance up to see the effect all this is having on her. She’s grinning and her eyelids are drooping. She seems to have become as fond of this fetish as I am.

Soon she is finished. I lean back in to lick and suck at her, wanting to gather every drop I can before she is finished. I delve as deep as I can into the slippery inside of her cunt to taste our mixed fluids and she presses me tightly to herself. Her legs are trembling and I brace her so she won’t collapse on the ceramic tiles. Then, holding my shoulders she begins to squat. Lower and lower she descends and I hold my dick in position.

She simply drops onto me, my cock entering and sinking deeply into her. In one smooth movement she takes my full length into her and her mouth clamps to mine. Her tongue licks and twists frantically in my mouth, needing to taste her own piss and pussy along with my saliva. Her hips begin to rock against my groin and she hungrily climbs toward the approaching orgasm.

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