Sindi's Snatch

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Hot wife is inspiration for erotic stories.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Sharing   Water Sports   .

I’d been up during the night writing out an erotic story that had popped into my mind at bedtime. I’m a real sound sleeper and it was much later than usual when I awoke. As I drifted back to consciousness, I felt the steady movements of the bed. Rolling over my gaze fell on Sindi, my wife of three years, with neighbor Jim slowly thrusting between her legs, trying to please her and not make the bed move too much.

When she saw me move, she flashed me a big smile. Jim did likewise and went back to nuzzling her tits just as she had taught him to do when he was between her legs. He picked up the pace now that I was awake and she came just before he did.

The way his uncircumcised cock was dripping, I knew he’d put a big load in her. It had been several days since the last one, as far as I knew and he didn’t jack off and waste his seed.

He’d barely made the bathroom to clean up before I was balls deep in her sloppy snatch. She spoke softly in my ear, “You slept in so long and I was so horny after reading your latest story...”

I shushed her, “It’s just fine. You didn’t wake me. It was time for me to get up ... and get up you. Nice lube job. I didn’t marry you because you were virginal.”

She was in no rush for another orgasm and the slippery condition of her pussy didn’t rush me either. I’d gotten a good piece of her late last night anyway. She queried, “Why DID you marry me anyway?”

She knew the answer but loved to ask that question, especially when we were having an extra-sexy screw, like my getting fresh seconds.

My short answer was, “Because you had the best and busiest snatch I’d ever found.”

Her eyes went wide and she slapped my bun, “It wasn’t because you loved me?”

“Oh, yeah! That too.” I got a couple of more spankings. The last one was extra firm and it set my ejaculation off. When the spasms stopped I rolled off and realized I hadn’t peed before screwing.

She beat me to the toilet and was sitting there pissing, thighs spread so I could see it flow and also the whitish cream dripping out. I couldn’t wait so I aimed carefully and hit her pussy just right so my stream bounced off her clit and dripped into the bowl. She grinned at me so I think she expected what she got. That crotch was no stranger to golden showers.

We soaped each other in our oversized shower as we loved to do. Damn, there was little I didn’t enjoy sharing with this lovely brunette who was almost as tall as me. Her firm full tits and neatly trimmed crotch rug would give any man an erection who got to see them, and many had. Some, like Jim, still did. Usually if you saw them, you got to enjoy them too.

I wrote erotic stories as a balance to the intensely technical work I did for a living. Both were creative in their own ways. Many of my storylines came from Sindi’s own experiences, both before and after she met me. That’s why reading them got her hot. The sensual memories came flooding back and made her body ask for fresh pleasures.

Jim lived in the next apartment and was screwing her when we met. He didn’t date because banging Sindi two or three times a week satisfied the forty-five-year-old never-married man. He could have her bare too, and that was important to both of them. And as you have already learned, I enjoyed her full of fresh cum.

I was working from home today so getting my balls drained first thing helped me concentrate on it rather than the tempting woman flesh that moved around the place, usually naked. I knew that she’d want to ride my dick again at lunch. That might keep my mind off the erotic fact that she was going to see a fuck-buddy this evening.

Vince was her sister’s husband who was in town occasionally for business. He’d arrive the evening before and stay over at a downtown hotel. Sindi had been screwing him quite a while before she met me, actually introducing him to her sister who snared him as a husband. Sindi wasn’t ready to settle down at the time.

Every now and then we’d go visit them and I’d get some sister-pussy while our spouses were occupied. Nice, but not Sindi. The whole family thing made for some good stories though.

Before she showered and got dressed up for her night at a nice restaurant and hotel, she came and sat on my dick while I was in my work chair. She was very thoughtful of me and pushed her tits in my face the way I loved as she did all the work to make me spurt inside her. By the time Vince balled her most of my fluid would be absorbed anyway, not that it really mattered to him either.

I fixed my own supper and decided to go visiting myself. I texted Jim, [U home?] [Y] [Sis there?] [Y but not alone] [Can I come over anyway?] [K]

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