A Visit to the Doctor II

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2019 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: This is an unplanned follow-up to A Visit to the Doctor. It is written as a stand-alone story. A college student seeks help from her doctor to become comfortable with sex. A rape when she was younger has left her frigid. The careful attention of her doctor helps her to overcome this. The story starts slow, but the action picks up in the second half.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Spanking   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Doctor/Nurse   Small Breasts   .

I think that I mentioned before how surprised most people would be to learn how much one do with a female patient under the guise of medical examination and treatment. I am a family doctor in an affluent neighbourhood and I have been abusing and seducing patients for over a decade now. I’ve gotten away with it because I am very careful in selecting and screening which patients I will abuse.

You might think that the ditzy women would be good candidates because they are easily fooled. But they invariably run their mouths and someone would find out. Besides, people are always expecting the bimbos to be taken advantage of, so they look out for these “handicapped” women. No, the ideal candidate is the highly intelligent woman, who is slightly awkward socially because of her brains. Denise is a great example of just that type of woman.

Denise began seeing me when she moved into the area for college. Most college students rarely see a doctor, but Denise is a bit of a hypochondriac. She is routinely convinced that some minor symptom indicates a serious underlying disorder. As a result, she rarely went more than a month without seeing me.

I’m naturally a patient person and this was particularly important in treating Denise. Many doctors would feel like they were wasting their time dealing with her concerns and symptoms. It requires a careful balancing act to treat someone like Denise. She deserves to feel like her concerns are being taken seriously, otherwise it leads, subconsciously, to even more symptoms and greater fears. At the same time, insurance companies will penalize me through reduced reimbursements if I send too many people for expensive tests.

Early on I explained to Denise, “Palpating a patient, pressing on your body, allows me to examine what’s happening beneath the surface with your organs and other tissues. Until recently, this approach was always used. Then doctors learned that they could have a shorter exam with each patient and make more money if they sent all their patients for CTs and MRIs. I’m sorry if that sounds like a cynical view of medicine.”

“No. It actually makes sense. I specifically chose you because of your online reviews. Reviewers spoke glowingly about how you take the time to understand their conditions and how the appointments never feel rushed. Those were big factors in why I chose you as my Doctor. When you explain the financial incentives, the typical doctor visit I have been used to makes complete sense. But how can you make a profit this way?”

I continued with my exam while I spoke, “I won’t lie to you, I don’t make as much money as some of the other Doctors in town. But it is still a good income. I returned to a business model that existed around the time I was born, and had worked well for decades. I keep my overhead low by having a small office that is actually attached to my home. You may have also noticed that I have far fewer staff than a typical office.”

“I did notice that.”

Having fewer staff reduced my overhead costs, but it was also an important aspect of my “special” treatments. Fewer people means less opportunity to have your secrets uncovered.

“I believe that I can provide more attentive care, better quality care, and still make a comfortable living using this ‘old-fashioned’ model of patient care.””

I changed subjects without any clear segue, because I’m just not that clever. “I didn’t notice any abdominal swelling or pain at the common locations. I still need to complete a rectal exam. I realize that these can be uncomfortable. Would you prefer to have a nurse perform the exam, or to be present while I perform the exam?” “No, I think I’d feel more comfortable with you. And I be afraid that a nurse might miss something important. It might be more embarrassing to have an extra person watching me. What do I need to do?”

Up to this point, I had been wavering about whether Denise would be a good candidate for any special attention. She was young and attractive, so I would certainly enjoy treating her. She was more socially awkward than introverted, but that still worked well for subtle manipulations. She was exceptionally smart and seemed to trust her own decisions. I was a little worried that she might be too self confident. Taller women often have higher self confidence, and Denise was just over 6’ tall when she stood upright. However, it can also go the other direction. A girl’s height can make her feel like she stands out too much. Denise appeared to be a patient worth cultivating.

“Before I can start the exam, I’ll need you to sign this form and initial both statements. The first one indicates that you were offered a female staff member to perform the exam and that you refused. The second one indicates that you were offered to have a female staff member present during the exam and that, again, you refused. Take your time and read the form carefully.”

Denise read and signed the form.

“Stand on the step at the end of the table, lower your panties enough that I can examine you, raise your gown to your waist, and lean forward with your elbows on the table.”

I was pleased that Denise had lowered her panties to her knees. I noticed her long, muscular legs. Her legs were thin enough to present a clear gap between her thighs making her pussy visible before she bent over. I enjoyed seeing the red pubic hair in the same shade as her long hair. As she bent over, her pussy lips came into clear view.

“The first part of the exam is visual. I’ll move the light behind you and then I will press on your butt cheeks for a more clear view. After the visual exam, I will be touching you and placing a finger inside you. It will be similar to what you have experienced during your yearly gynecology exam, except I will be feeling more closely along all sides of your rectum.”

“I’ve actually never had a gynecology exam.”

“You are old enough that you should be having regular exams. Before you leave today I can provide a referral to a specialist or you can schedule one in my office.

“I’ll probably schedule it here. You seem so patient and gentle. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable with someone else.” While we talked I had spread her ass cheeks wide, providing not just a clear view of asshole but also of her cunt. I know, Doctors aren’t supposed to notice. Doctors will say, “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” I don’t believe that’s true. Fit women have far more attractive pussies than fat women. Every woman looks unique, if you take the time to appreciate the differences. To me it would be like saying that you didn’t want to try a new wine because once you’ve drunk wine, they all taste the same.

“I’m about to start the internal part of the exam. I’ve tried to use plenty of lubricant, but it you get uncomfortable at any point let me know. I can use more lubricant, or we can pause for a moment to allow you to relax.”

Giving the patient as much control as possible is an effective medical strategy to help her relax. It is also important to establishing the mindset that anything that happened in my office was the responsibility of the patient. She was always in full control of her body. Later she would be certain that anything that happened was her choice.

I placed one well-lubed finger inside and quickly followed with a second. Denise gasped a little as the second finger entered her. I paused to see if she was going to say anything. She relaxed and stayed silent. I continued with my exam.

“Everything indicates that the bloody stool you experienced is the result of hemorrhoids rather than anything more serious.”

“Will I need surgery?”

“Probably not. I’ll monitor it during future visits just to be sure. Finals are approaching at that is a very stressful time, especially for dedicated students like you.”

“Are you telling me that this is all in my head?”

“Not at all. Stress affects us both physically and emotionally. Being under extra stress causes your body to release different chemicals that prepare your body to fight or flee. These chemicals have side effects, just like a medication would. One of those side effects is constipation another is hardening of the arteries. That combination alone can be enough to create the hemorrhoids. But you are probably spending more time sitting at a desk studying and less time walking around or exercising. This makes the problem worse.”

“Sorry, I’m just used to doctors telling me that my concerns are “imaginary” or “all in my head”. What drugs will I need to cure it?”

“Everything you are experiencing is perfectly normal. I’d like to avoid any drugs for now, if we can. A hot bath will help relax you and it is also good for relieving the pain of the hemorrhoids. Take a long bath, even a bubble bath if you like those, every day for the next 5 days. Plan a 10 minute break for every hour you are studying and walk around. I could also inject a softening agent that will make it easier to pass what is currently in your lower intestines.”

“I want to feel better sooner. I’ll do everything you suggested, but I want to get better as quickly as possible. Can you inject that softening agent?”

I could have sent her to the pharmacy to pick up some glycerine suppositories or an enema, but it was obvious that she wanted to have something that needed medical intervention to cure. I should probably feel bad about taking advantage of my patient’s insecurities for my own perverted pleasure. But as caring as I may seem during an office call, I’m way more twisted in what I would like to be doing.

I was only going to insert a couple of ounces of mineral oil into intestines. I could have used a short, thin enema nozzle to accomplish the same thing. Instead I retrieved one of larger “speciality” nozzles. It was 10” long and thicker than a broom handle.

“It is important that I insert the agent as deeply as possible to achieve the maximum benefit. You might prefer to remove your panties completely before you bend over the table again. If this leaks, it could ruin your clothing.”

I was about to stick what might as well be a dildo up this beautiful 18-year-old’s ass. Without her panties holding her legs together at the knees, she was spread slightly wide that before. My job had certain perks. It took plenty of lubrication and a little effort to get the nozzle fully into her body.

“You will begin to feel an urgent need to use the bathroom within the next 15 minutes. Try to wait for at least an hour, the longer you are able to hold the medicine inside, the more it will soften things.”

I knew it would take her at least 30 minutes to drive back to her dorm, park her car, and walk to the dorm. She would likely be in agony by them, if she hadn’t let a little leak out before then.

As is often the case, my attention to Denise didn’t really increase over the next 3 years. Since she came into the office nearly once a month with one malady or another, I suggested a check on her hemorrhoids nearly every visit. Depending on my mood I might suggest another treatment with a softening agent and Denise always agreed. Several times each year she presented with symptoms that required me to check her whole body, carefully, for any signs of a rash or a bug bite. I enjoyed seeing her trim body whenever I could find a semi-plausible excuse. But during that time, Denise also became very comfortable with me.

Mid-way through her Senior year, Denise came into my office with a “new” problem.

“Doc, you have to help me. I just accepted my boyfriend’s proposal and we are going to get married in June.”

“Why do you need my help?”

“I’m not sure that I can be sexually intimate with him. I was raped by my uncle and cousins when I was in Junior High and I anytime a guy has tried to touch me since then I just tense up and get revolted.”

“Without being too nosy, how did you end up engaged if you can’t tolerate a guy being intimate with you?”

“I’ve avoided dating as much as possible throughout high school and college. When I did go on dates, I found that most guys are satisfied with a hand job or maybe a blow job. If they pushed too much, I could make excuses about being on my period and then break up with them after a few days. But Tim is different. He is super religious and doesn’t believe in anything beyond holding hands and closed mouth peck on the lips until a couple is married. Dating him has been really easy, and we’ve grown very close. And he asked me to marry him, and I want to, but I’m scared I can’t be a functioning wife.”

By this point tears were flowing down Denise’s face.

“The treatment for this will be intense. There is enough time before the wedding, but barely. I want you to be clear. This treatment will include talking about the details of your rape and undergoing desensitization training. This is training that will involve another person touching you in intimate ways. I have a little experience in this area, but most female patients prefer a female doctor because of how intimate the treatment needs to be.”

“No. I’ve made up my mind. I want you. You have been the only doctor who has ever treated my concerns respectfully. I know, looking back, that some of my concerns were silly, or even paranoid. I’m also certain that you are a smart enough doctor to know that was the case, but you always treated me with kindness and respect. I couldn’t possibly trust any other doctor as much as I trust you. I’ll sign your stupid forms, just please make me better in time for my wedding.”

If anyone could have seen inside me, they would have seen an evil grin. Denise would be close to my perfect scenario. My absolute favorite patients are conservative religious girls who are so sexually repressed that they’ve never considered sex and probably haven’t even inserted a finger into their vagina. Denise might be almost that good. If she hadn’t had sex in 8 years, she would be almost like a virgin.

“I’ll need to ask a few person questions so that I can put together a treatment plan. When was the last time you had sex?

“The summer that I turned 14.”

“Have any of your dates pushed a finger inside of you?”

“The last time I let a date touch me “down there” was the night of my senior prom. After prom, my date parked in a wooded area. We drank some wine, I think it was Boone’s Farm, and he tried to push things further. It was prom, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. He reached his hand up my dress and began rubbing me through my underwear. I was a little drunk and started responding to his touch. He moved my panties aside and started rubbing his fingers between my lips. It felt good, but I could also feel myself tensing up. He shoved a finger inside me and I tensed up even more. He tried to fuck me with that finger, thinking i would quickly loosen up. But the longer he touched me, the less aroused I became.”

“‘What’s wrong with you girl?” he said. “Don’t you like me? ‘My period just ended yesterday’, I lied, ‘and everything is still very sore. Let me give you blow job and show you just how much I like you.’ A typical boy, once his needs were satisfied, he has no further interest in my body.”

“Do you ever masturbate?”

“I probably average about 2 or 3 times per week. I find that it relieves stress.”

“You don’t need to make any excuses with me. I’m your doctor. But it would help me to observe you to understand exactly what you do during masturbation.”

“That feels a little awkward.”

“I warned you that you might prefer a female doctor, It isn’t too late to change.”

“No. I think it would feel awkward in front of anyone. At least I know you. It would be worse with someone I didn’t know, even if it was a female.”

“Are you ready to show me? Or would you prefer to come back later in the week after you have time to mentally prepare?”

As always, it was important to make sure that Denise felt like she was controlling the situation.

“No. Let’s do this now. How do you want me?”

“Do you normally touch yourself through your clothes or when you are naked?”

“I usually only wear pantites to bed and touch myself through my panties.”

“In that case, you should take off everything except your panties, lay back on the table and show me what happens.”

Denise removed her robe and her bra. I had seen them many times before, but I still enjoyed seeing her tiny breasts. Normally she wore heavily padded bras so that her a-cup titties looks to be at least c-cup under her clothes. Soon I would require her to give up those padded bras, but that wasn’t first on my agenda.

I watched in anticipation as Denise laid back on the exam table. Her fingers reached between her legs and began caressing her entire pussy area (vulva for those seeking greater accuracy). Within 3 minutes her attention had shifted to clitoris. She rubbed circles around the tip of her clitoris, through her panties. I could see her panties getting damp and clinging to her lips. I could tell that she was nearing an orgasm.

When Denise had recovered from her orgasm she turned to me, “I’ve never done that in front of anyone before.”


“Well that too, but I was talking about having an orgasm.”

“I think it will be important to treat this aggressively so that you can be healthy for your wedding.”

“Exactly. I was hoping you would take this as seriously as I am.”

“I will add an appointment at the end of the day tomorrow for you. You have probably tried to block it out but I need you to remember all that you can about your rape and describe it to me during tomorrow’s appointment. I need to understand it better and you need to face it head on.”

Denise was my last appointment of the day. I sent the rest of the staff home because I didn’t know how long we would be. I often did this, even with male or fat middle-aged women so that my staff wouldn’t get too suspicious. They all seemed to think that it was a great perk to get out of work on time.

“What do you recall about your rape?”

“It wasn’t a rape, it was 6 weeks of being repeatedly raped. It was the summer after I finished 8th grade. My parents didn’t think it would be good for me to spend too much time at home alone while they worked, so they dropped me off at my aunt and uncle’s farm on my 14th birthday. The whole family was together for the celebration. Everyone left after dinner and I would stay with my aunt and uncle for the rest of summer break.

My aunt is my mother’s younger sister. She married this giant of a man who was perfect for the hard work of my grandparents farm. My uncle is probably 6’6” and close to 300 pounds, but he isn’t fat. He is as strong as an ox. They built a house on the far side of my grandparent’s property and take care of all the work on the farm. The fresh air, woods and pond were supposed to keep me entertained, or at least out of trouble, for the summer.

Once everyone had left, my uncle approached me about the family tradition of a “birthday spanking”. I had heard of birthday spankings before, but none of those involved a bare bottom spanking. He bared my bottom in front of my three teenage cousins, all boys, and applied 14 hard whacks with his hand.

I recall him saying, “time to go to your room young lady”. I glanced at my aunt and I could see a strange look on her face. My uncle grabbed me by the arm and marched me to my room. My panties were still on the dining room floor.

“I’m going to make you a woman tonight. You are certainly old enough, Hell, if you lived here I would probably done this sooner.”

I was still wearing my birthday dress when he threw me down on the bed. He made a tiny attempt at foreplay. He jammed his rough finger between my lips and rubbed in up and down. He spit on his hand, rubbed it on the head of his giant dick and climbed on top of me. He moved his dick around a little, I think it was mostly to get in positioned outside of my virgin pussy.

He pushed forward and I could feel myself being torn open. I laid there crying while he repeatedly jammed his dick into my tight passage. It wasn’t long before he came inside me. He warned me not to tell anyone. My parents wouldn’t want a ruined girl for a daughter and they would send me back to live with him forever.

He waited 3 nights before he raped me again. By the next week he was raping me every night. My period started, but that didn’t stop him from raping me. The 3rd weekend that I was there he invited my 3 cousins into the room. The boys were 15, 17 and 19. After my uncle finished with me, he encouraged each of the boys to fuck me.

My uncle must have been getting bored with me, because he only fucked me a couple more times during the rest of my stay. My cousins, on the other hand, fucked me at least once a day. There wasn’t much to do at the farm, so I became the entertainment for the summer. When we went to the swimming hole they insisted that we skinny dip, even when their friends were there. They wouldn’t touch me, or allow their friends to, but plenty of young men saw me naked. I suspect a few snuck photos of me with their phones, but my uncle had a strict rule about no photos and if my cousins wouldn’t have disobeyed their Dad.

I was so relieved to return home with my family. They interpreted my enthusiasm to leave as a desire to get back to the digital world. I was young enough that my periods were still very irregular. I was scared to death that I was pregnant and that my parents would find out I wasn’t a pure little girl anymore and send me back to Uncle’s house to live. My next period didn’t come until I had been home for 3 weeks.”

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