A Walk in the Woods

by Dark Pen

Copyright© 2018 by Dark Pen

BDSM Sex Story: Just a very short story based on, well, a walk in the woods. And some kink. Yeah, some of that.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Water Sports   .

“Um, I really have to go,” she said.

“Just a little longer,” he replied.

She grimaced a little as her overfull bladder wasn’t happy with his casual answer. She’d had to go back when they were in the parking lot, but he’d told her not to use the porta-potties there. To be fair, she didn’t much like the things anyway, but she was getting desperate.

Worse, she could feel her bald pussy was almost bubbling over with excitement. Her panties had given up trying to contain her slippery oils and she wondered how long it would be before her thighs would be wet. That would be embarrassing. Plus, it was a hot day, and while the walk in the woods here wasn’t overly taxing, she was betting she’d be able to smell her excitement if she stopped and lifted her skirt. More embarrassment.

Sometimes it really sucked that being embarrassed was such a huge turn on.

“Okay,” he said looking around. “This will do.”

They’d left the main trail a minute or so ago, but the woods weren’t that thick. If people really thought to look, they’d see both of them.

“For what?” she asked confused.

“You said you had to pee,” he replied. “So go.”

“Right here?” she asked, her belly clenching as lust and fear joined the serious need she had to go.

“Yes,” he said in a mild voice that somehow told her she’d be obeying him no matter what she wanted, “right here.”

She shivered in spite of the heat. Her nipples poked hard against the thin black tanktop she’d chosen, along with the short skirt, to entice him.

Swallowing hard, she reached under her skirt to remove her panties, blushing when she realized the light green cloth would be a very, very dark green at the crotch.

“No need to remove those,” he said, crossing his arms and looking at her.


“Just move the crotch aside,” he said. “You’d better get started or you’ll have to wait until we get back to the car.”

That wasn’t happening; she had to pee too badly.

Slowly, she squatted down and began reaching under her skirt to move aside the crotch of her panties.

“Pull the skirt up,” he said, squatting in front of her. “I’m going to watch.”

“Please,” she said ... the humiliation would be too much for her.

“Do it.”

Panting now, with more sweat dotting her body from both the heat of the day and the heat of her need, she obeyed. The skirt was pulled up exposing the sopping panties between her widely spread thighs. She didn’t know where to look, at the embarrassing stain between her legs, or into his eyes where he’d see the lust in hers. She opted for the ground.

Knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer, she moved the soaked cloth out of the way and spread her slippery, swollen lips. She shuddered, exposing herself like this. It made her feel like such a slut and he knew that, which was why he made her do it. Finally, with a little whimper, she let loose, the golden stream spraying out onto the ground, as well as wetting the fingers of her hand and generally soaking her cunt. Peeing was always messy for her.

It lasted a long time. The smell of her piss and her horny cunt invaded her nose adding to her humiliation. And the humiliation and the relief as her bladder emptied added to her lust. She wanted him so badly right now.

The stream turned to a trickle, then to a few drips to finally stop. She started to get up.


She looked at him in surprise.

“I’ll let you know when you can move.”

He got closer to her, avoiding the large puddle she’d made by going to one side. She shivered, feeling the piss dripping off her cunt and her fingers. Then she felt his fingers rubbing her swollen, oily lips and gasped. He brushed her rigid clit and she moaned, then kept moaning as he slowly but deliberately masturbated her.

He moved slowly, but still managed to be very rough. Pinching her clit and scraping it with his nails. Forcing to fingers uncomfortably inside her. Her body loved it, but she was mortified, being masturbated right out in the open surrounded by the scent of her sweat, her needy cunt and her piss. He got her very close, then stopped and stood up.

“I’ll give you a choice,” he said. “I need to piss too, and I need a place to do it.”

Her lust fogged brain barely comprehended the request and she looked at him.

“Can’t you go right here?” she asked, barely able to focus on anything other than the need to feel his fingers again.

“Only if by ‘here’ you mean here,” he replied, running his slimy fingers around her lips and pushing his thumb into her mouth. She sucked on it hard out of habit, then pulled away as the taste of her cunt mixed with her piss registered on her tongue. She’d never tasted her piss -- or anyone elses for that matter. It wasn’t a hard limit, but it was one of the most degrading things she could think of doing.

“Well?” he pushed when she didn’t say anything.

“Um, I don’t think I want you to do that,” she said.

“Do what?”

“Pee on me.”

“That’s a good idea too, and it would be an option if I had something for you to sit on on the way back. Since I don’t, it’s not one of your choices.”

“What are my choices?” she asked, fear rising in her. He could be so cruel, and unlike other guys in the past who would tease by telling her all the filthy things they’d like make her do, he would actually make her do them.

“I can piss in your mouth,” he said, “or you can take off your top and go find a decent switch and bring it to me. You’ll get twenty strokes on your ass, and twenty on your tits.”

“No please,” she said. “That’s ... that’s too much. It will hurt too much.”

He shrugged, making it clear it wasn’t his problem.

“Well those are your choices.”

She could tell him no. Really no, but she wasn’t going to and they both knew it. They knew it because every time he pushed her she folded, accepting whatever pain or humiliation he decided to make her experience. She could safe word, he always made that clear. There would be no consequences if she did. But she wouldn’t because she wanted him to push her.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

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