Gorgeous Little Abi

by jamaica

Copyright© 2018 by jamaica

Erotica Sex Story: A very pretty girl uses and abuses men to get what she wants at work.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Sadistic   Torture   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Foot Fetish   Leg Fetish   Slow   Violent   .

We were running behind on the case and as the relevant senior associate it falls upon me to rectify that. I decide that what is needed is a flat-out push to get on top of things. Book an out-of-the-way room on the 12th, bring all of the files and all of the paperwork together up there, knock out a detailed status and a coherent action plan. A morning should do the trick. One ‘do not disturb’ session, starting early, finish by lunchtime. No problem. Done it before several times. I tell the partner-in-charge, Thompson, what I have in mind and he says sure Mark go for it. Do I need any help? I probably do, I say. Couple of people maybe? I only really need one but two is better. It will mean we easily get it done. He checks something on the system and allocates me Kenneth Drone and Abigail Miller. I can have these two for all of tomorrow am. Is that ok? Fine, I say.

I think about it as I leave Thompson’s office. Ken is a mixed blessing. On the one hand the guy is a dork who irritates the hell out of me. He isn’t the quickest either. Somewhat dim and slow on the uptake. It explains why he is junior in rank to me despite being considerably older and more experienced. The upside is that he tends to be quiet and unassertive. He is a timid individual who does what he is told. Being a bit of a bastard, I will admit that I quite enjoy dominating and bullying Ken and I will doubtless be doing a bit of that tomorrow. Poor sod gets a lot of grief at work. He is one of those inadequate types who attracts it. The guy just cannot stand up for himself.

Abi Miller is something else entirely. She is nothing but great news as far as I am concerned. Abi is fresh out of law school, been with the firm for just a few months, her first proper job, and she is sharp as a tack. The girl is going places, that much is obvious. She is also, and I freely concede that I consider this to be her most important quality, absolutely fucking gorgeous to look at. Exceedingly pretty face, lustrous dark hair, flawless skin, dynamite bod, little Abigail has it all going on. The girl is exceptional. The complete package. Like I say, she has not been with us for long but she is already firmly established as an object of wild desire for me and every other guy around the place. Abi is very aware of this, she knows that she is enormously appealing to the opposite sex, and she handles it with great aplomb. She processes the relentless male attention she gets at the office with the flirtatious charm and self-confidence that I guess comes naturally to a girl blessed with outstanding looks.

It is admirable but there is a certain calculation about her manner, too, which I have detected. Abi tends to be particularly vivacious and friendly to guys at work who are influential. This is someone who wants to get ahead and if her physical attributes can assist in that process, which believe me they will, then so much the better. Fair enough. Happily, I am one of those she has identified as worth cultivating and I will have no qualms whatsoever about showing her some shameless favouritism on this little job. Will there be something in it for me? I have high hopes. Certainly during the short briefing I give at the end of the day her behaviour is distinctly promising. As I hold forth about the assignment she makes a point of hanging on my every word. So does Ken, also present, but there is only one person who I am concentrating on and it most definitely is not him.

Abi has a rather short skirt on, as is usually the case with her, teamed in this case with a tight stretch top. The neckline is high, there is no cleavage, but the top accentuates the shape and size of her breasts. They sit high and full, straining somewhat against the material, so ok you can’t exactly see them but you can certainly imagine. Her outfit is completed by black, very sheer tights and high heels. Her luscious legs are therefore generously exposed and beautifully presented and she has them alluringly crossed as she sits there in front of me and next to Ken. This is a thrilling vista for any red-blooded male and I shoot several appreciative glances in that direction. It is impossible not to, as little Abi well knows. Periodically she uncrosses her thighs and ever so slowly crosses them again, allowing her hemline to ride up a little more. I notice the sly smile on her full pouting lips and a definite glint in her eye each time she does this. She knows I have a hard-on. She slides a shoe off and dangles it hypnotically on the end of her toes. A wicked grin from Abi when she sees me looking down there and losing my train of thought. She smiles at me and licks her lips and tosses her hair. There is no faux-innocent pretence that she does not know exactly what she is doing here. The girl is being a total pricktease and is relishing the effect she is having.

Not just on me either. Ken keeps stealing furtive sidelong peeps at her legs and her feet, which is pretty hilarious. Talk about out of his league. Mind you, just about anything is out of his league. Ken is pushing forty and he still lives with his folks. He is one of those unfortunate sorts who you can tell never get laid and who consequently reek of sexual frustration. The close proximity of a total babe like Abigail Miller, those captivating legs of hers flaunted so brazenly in that sassy little skirt, must be a kind of torture for him. Like a hungry dog tormented by the sight of a juicy bone that it is not allowed to eat. The thought appeals to me. I bet it appeals to Abi too. I bet little Abi gets a secret kick out of desperate types like Ken Drone ogling hopelessly at her. She seems like that sort of girl.

For most of the briefing I ignore Ken and so does she. She asks lots of intelligent questions and I’m pleased to answer all of them at length. Ken may as well not be there. He tries to chip in and contribute but I make it brutally clear how deeply unimpressed I am each time he says anything. It’s the very opposite of how I am with Abi. With her I am almost stupidly amiable and engaged and complimentary. I tell her that she is picking up the key points brilliantly. I stress how pleased I am to have someone so bright and diligent on the team. Abi laps it all up. I find myself showing off for her, playing the big hard boss-man with Ken. I roll my eyes at Abi whenever Ken speaks, grin sardonically at her as I belittle him with some insulting remark, and Abi smirks along happily, kind of egging me on. She’s like the hottest girl in school who allows the bullies to perform for her.

I tell them which room I’ve reserved and for us to meet there the next morning. We’ll start at 7:00 and finish when we finish. Abi asks if there is any more prep she needs to do today. That’s such a great offer, I tell her, but no it’s getting late and she can go home, see her tomorrow bright and early. There is something I would like Ken to do, however, and that is to go and sort the room out. Take the files up there, the laptops, check out the connections etc, so that we can hit the ground running tomorrow, oh and make damn sure to lock all the important stuff away in a cabinet and guard the key overnight with his life. “Ok, Kenny?” I say and he nods, head twitching a little. He hates being called that.

“But I can go home, Mark, right?”

Abi is grinning like a cat. She is liking this. I thought she would.

“Yep. Ken will be ok with it. Won’t you, Kenneth?”

“Yes, course,” he goes, trying to ingratiate. He’s pathetic, he really is.

Abi gets up to leave. “See you guys tomorrow then.”

“Hey just thinking though,” I call out, as she is about to disappear.

She turns around. “What’s that?”

“Breakfast,” I say.


“Yeah, tomorrow morning. Might be nice if Ken comes in a little bit earlier and does the honours. He can stop off via the canteen and get us something. Don’t you think, Abi?”

“Ooo yes please!” she says, pouting at me prettily. Abi has totally picked up the vibe. Like I say, she is a clever girl.

For a moment it appears that Ken might be about to protest but he thinks better of it. Guess he has realized what his position in the pecking order is here.

“Right. So, Kenny, mine is a cappuccino, two sugars, and a bacon roll. Plenty of ketchup. Plus whatever Abi wants.”

Abi ponders for a moment and then says that she would like a decaf latte, also two sugars, and a blueberry muffin.

“Um, ok,” Ken says.

“Good boy,” I drawl.

I’m getting a buzz out of speaking in this way to a man who is at least twelve years older than me. Especially doing it in front of Abi, who piles on the humiliation by letting out a sharp giggle. “Sorry,” she goes immediately, but the sentiment is belied by her amused expression and by what she says next.

“Should he not write it down, Mark?”

I agree heartily with this suggestion. So Ken has to write down the breakfast order and read it back to us.

“Perfect!” Abi pronounces, when he’s finished. “You should be a waiter.”

The heartless girl really is enjoying this. Good. I want Abi to enjoy herself. It is what such a heavenly creature deserves. I chuckle and wave her a cheery bye.

When she’s gone I sit and stare appraisingly at Ken for a long moment, savouring his discomfort. “We are done,” I finally say. “You can go set the room up now.”

“Thanks, Mark,” he mumbles and he rises from his seat and lumbers off.

“Do not on any account be late tomorrow,” I snap at his departing back. He makes an odd servile noise which I take to mean no Mark I won’t. Poor guy. I get the distinct sense that Ken is not looking forward to this job tomorrow. Quite the opposite with me. A whole morning of flirting, and perhaps more, with the intensely delectable Abigail Miller and at the same time the two of us can entertain ourselves royally at the expense of the hapless Kenny Drone. I can hardly wait.

The office is quiet at 7:00 the next morning. I bump into Abi in reception and we take the lift up to the 12th floor together. She is poured into a bright red, figure-hugging minidress that is not particularly professional, and is carrying a cute little bag of similar colour. She has her lips, toes and fingernails painted in a glossy hue that matches her outfit and is wearing a pair of heeled open-toe sandals. The sandals are in full compliance. They are red. Her legs are bare and her dress is cut low to reveal an extremely tempting amount of what I strongly suspect to be braless cleavage. If there had been even the teeniest question in my mind as to whether little Ms Miller’s breasts were just as fabulous as the rest of her, which frankly there wasn’t, then this outfit has provided the resounding answer. She is wearing perfume, a seductive musky ultra-feminine scent that makes you think of silk sheets and sex. The girl is a wet dream and I come straight out and tell her so. I’m rewarded with a sultry pout and a throaty giggle. Whatever would my girlfriend say, she flirts. I grin sheepishly and shrug.

“Certainly got me going,” I say, looking her up and down carnally as the lift rises.

She smiles smugly. “Good.”

“Fuck knows what old Kenny will think. His glasses will steam up!”

Abi smirks at that. “I bet!”

I seize the opportunity to tell Abi that she can have herself some fun in this regard at Ken’s expense if she wants to. It’s the sort of thing that will appeal to her, if I have read the girl correctly.

“What, so it’s ok if I kind of tease the poor guy? Is that what you mean?”

Her big brown eyes are gleaming. Abi is intrigued by the idea and I congratulate myself on suggesting it.

“That is exactly what I mean. Do that, babe. He never gets any action, obviously, so he must be absolutely fucking gagging for it. Just imagine what the sight of you in that dress is gonna do to him!”

Abi grins at me. She enjoyed that ‘babe’. This is going very well. I’m on a roll. She strikes a preening provocative pose, hip out, knee inflected, arms above her head, and does a lascivious, full body shimmy. It is clear that she can indeed imagine the impact she will have on Ken and that she relishes the prospect.

“I guess it would be entertaining to mess with him a little.”

“Or a lot. I hereby mandate you to drive the little fucker crazy. It’ll be a scream.”

Abi is laughing. “Ok! Poor Kenny. Hey I do hope he’s remembered breakfast.”

“Fucking better have, babe. Be hell to pay if he hasn’t.”

“You are terrible, Mark!”

We exit the lift onto the deserted 12th floor and start to make our way towards the room that I’ve reserved for us. It is two long corridors away in the very far corner, so quite a walk. Abi leans close and she keeps brushing herself rather suggestively against me. Absolutely fine by me. She tells me how much she enjoyed the briefing yesterday. That’s good, I say. She asks me if I enjoyed it too. I grin and tell her that I think she knows that I did. She giggles and says ok maybe she did know. Perhaps she could tell that the boss has a thing for her and perhaps she has a thing for him too. She is being so flirty with me that I decide to push my luck. I drift a hand onto her peachy ass and give it a cheeky fondle through her dress. Abi chuckles and says “naughty boy” in a way that is not at all discouraging, so I do it again and this time for much longer.

“Mark!” she goes, finally, knocking my hand away but with no anger or resolve whatsoever. My cock is on fire by this point. I’m hard as all fuck for this hot little bitch. I tell her exactly that and she just loves hearing it. She’s relieved about that, she says, because she is feeling extremely horny herself and she gives my bum a squeeze. It is all too much for me and I lose control a little. There’s an alcove coming up and I pull her into it. “Just gotta fucking have you!” I groan.

“Someone might come!” she protests, laughing, dropping her little bag to the floor. “Fuck that,” I tell her. Abi giggles and melts into me and puckers her lips invitingly. We snog hard, our tongues going hell for leather, and I press and grind myself into her. I drop my hands below her ass and slide them under her dress. She is wearing a miniscule pair of silk panties. I feel inside them and grab an awesome double handful of smooth plump buttock. “Oh yeah, Marky,” she pants and she pulls me in tight. Her soft sensuous hands are inside my shirt, running up and down my back, sometimes digging in with her nails. Her thigh comes up between my legs and she rubs it against my raging erection. She snickers contentedly at the ‘hard’ evidence of how worked up I am. “Fucking little cocktease!” I grunt. She likes being called that, I can tell. I yank the top of her dress down, exposing those fabulous breasts in all their glory. As I’d already pretty much deduced, there is no bra to deal with. I squeeze and fondle her melons, loving how hard and protruding her nipples are. I slide a hand over her buttocks, taking her knickers along with it, and I explore between her legs, stroking her pussy from the rear. She is nice and wet. The girl fucking wants it.

I switch to the front garden and seek out her hot juicy cunt. I insert a finger into the greedy hole and, oh christ, she welcomes it with a little squeal of delight. I get three digits up there and start to fuck her with them. She is dripping now, moaning my name. This horny little bitch so fucking wants it. Nobody is around but I don’t care about that. I don’t even notice, nor does she. We need to go all the way. I’m a fucking maniac, fingering her fanny furiously with one hand, the other one fumbling with my zip, which is stuck, my mouth slobbering brainlessly into her tits. I’m so het up that it is kind of hindering genuine progress. “Baby, slow down,” Abi chides, recognizing this, as I abandon the zip and start grappling with her knickers in an attempt to get the damn things all the way down.

They are red by the way. Quelle surprise. But come on, let’s get real for a second, who the fuck cares what colour Abi’s panties are. All we care about, and this we care about a great deal, is getting her out of them. She laughingly takes over and manages to completes the task with minimal fuss and drama. In no time at all the panties are down to her ankles and she is kicking them deftly aside. She reaches for my fly. “Now for what I’m really interested in,” she says. She skilfully frees my dick and takes a good firm hold of it. “Such a big boy!” she giggles. She hoists her dress and climbs expertly into me, wrapping her legs up around my waist. I shift us into prime shag position, Abi pressed hard into the wall, and seek out the lips of her cunt with the head of my rampant cock.

At this point I almost want to pause because this is the fuck of a lifetime and right now it is still a part of my future. I said ‘almost’ but maybe that word gets lost by the gods in translation because a half a second later, just as I drive into her with my blissful opening thrust, the sodding girl wriggles free and escapes. She instructs me to stop and it is clear that she means it. Oh jesus. It’s hellish difficult but I do stop. Of course I do. I am no rapist. “What the fuck?” I say, rather tetchily because I am consumed with lust and disappointment.

“Condom?” Abi explains, and I have to admit that I am not carrying. Why on earth would I be? Not as if I was expecting this.

“Shame. But we do not want any accidents, honey, now do we?” she says, knickers going up, dress coming down.

Abi is right, I realize that. At least one of us is thinking straight. I’m crestfallen, and I feel horribly frustrated, but I know I ought to be grateful to her too. I certainly am grateful for what she goes on to say. She suggests that I take her to lunch later and then afterwards, assuming that I can swing it for the two of us to take the afternoon off, we can go to her flat, which is quite close, and it will be nice because her boyfriend will not be back from work until late.

I grin like an idiot and assure her that I can authorize that. Consider it done.

Abi grins too and says good because she really does need that lovely thick cock of mine inside her at some point today. That has to go down as the best thing I have heard in my time on earth to this point. I like the rest of her pitch too. It will be much better this way, Abi assures me. We won’t be so rushed. We will be able to take our time with it. There are things she wants to do with me that require total privacy and several hours in a nice big soft bed.

Oh yeah!

This is such a result. The ‘fuck of my life’ is still integral in my near term future, and so is god knows what else.

Abi has a playful look in her eyes.

“And anyway, a man should take a girl out before he gets to fuck her. Unless he thinks she’s a slut. You don’t think I’m a slut, Marky, do you?”

It’s checkmate.

“No way!”

“Are you sure?” she says, teasing.

“I’m very sure.”

“What exactly do you think I am then?”

I don’t have to mull too hard over that one. I know what she wants at this juncture and I am happy to give it to her. My delivery is aided by the fact that it is the pure unadulterated truth.

“By a million miles the best looking girl that I have ever laid eyes on.”

“More attractive than your girlfriend?”

“Honey, you knock my girlfriend out of the park. I would split with her to get just one night with you. You are utterly fucking gorgeous. And in that dress, oh my word, you are enough to make a grown man cry. I want you, baby, I want you so bad. Every single guy in the firm does. I can hardly believe my luck with what is happening here.”

Abi is pleased. More importantly, she is satisfied.

“Ok. Now that is what a girl likes to hear. Thank you. So it’s lunch and then back to my place, yeah?”


“Will you take me to Zefferelli’s?”

Shit, that will set me back a small fortune. Lunch there costs about as much as a week’s holiday in the sun.

“Of course, honey.”


“No problem.”

“And you won’t mind if I flirt like crazy with the dishy waiters?”

“No. Just so long as that is all it is.”

“Thought we’d agreed I’m not a slut.”


“Yeah, no, you’re not. Course you’re not. Sorry.”



I see that Abi is gurning down at my crotch and I realize why. My cock is still erect and jutting up out of my fly. Not a good look, I decide, and I start to put it away, but she stops me.

“Baby, let me do that.”

She closes her palm around my shaft and sets about getting me back into my pants. It takes quite a while to complete the manoeuvre because Abi takes the opportunity to fool around a bit, squeezing and stroking my cock, at the same time playing with my balls. I am perilously close to coming. Some leakage is occurring and my balls are tingling. They feel heavy and they ache. I don’t look down to check but I know they will be discoloured and a little swollen. I moan and shudder and my hips start to buck. “Oh shit,” I go, not sure whether to fight or give in and let nature take its course. Any longer and the choice will no longer exist. Abi realizes the danger and she acts to avert it. With exquisite timing she stops pleasuring me and puts my tackle firmly away. “See you later,” she whispers, wistfully, as it disappears. She pats the bulge and zips me up. Oh god.

Then she bends over to retrieve her handbag. She does it extravagantly from the waist, the laws of physics thus dictating that her tight little dress slides all the way up the back of her thighs. She is facing away from me, so I get a stupendous view to take in. Take in at leisure, furthermore, because she spends ages in that position, kind of fiddling around inside her bag, looking for nothing in particular. Oh double god!

There are teasers and big teasers and truly terrible teasers, and then there is Abigail Miller.

We are running late now but not by that much.

As we are nearing the room Abi asks if I’m serious about her teasing and tormenting Kenny. I tell her I most definitely am. It will be all the more enjoyable watching her torture the sad cunt, I say, knowing that I will shortly be fucking her brains out. Abi chuckles and says that I really am sick.

Ken has not forgotten breakfast. He’s sat there with the items on the table next to him, along with all the work stuff. Three coffees, my bacon roll, two blueberry muffins, one for Abi and the other, presumably, for him. He’s even thought to bring plates.

“Kenny!” I announce very loudly in a jocular, ‘taking the piss’ voice. I close the door and activate the locking ‘Do Not Disturb’ light. Let the sport begin.

Abi says hi and saunters over towards Ken. Just as expected, the effect on him of her outrageous little dress is shattering and painfully obvious. He tries to hide his excitement but he can’t. His fucking tongue is hanging out. The poor guy is absolutely drooling. Abi perches herself up on the table, directly in front of Ken, and she languorously crosses her legs. The outcome for Ken is a flash of panties promptly followed by a pair of lovely bare female legs displayed for maximum impact right before his eyes. He tries not to stare but it is futile. He is utterly mesmerized and close to dribbling. He is also breathing quite heavily. Abi smiles sweetly down at him, enjoying his embarrassment and arousal. She idly strokes her thigh with her fingers, something that poor Ken would give just about anything to be doing himself, and with the other hand she picks up one of the muffins. She takes a bite of it and nods approvingly. “Delish,” she announces. “So hungry I am! Glad you’ve got me two of these, Ken. Such a sweetie you are. I can easily eat two.”

Ken’s face is a picture. Poor bastard. I take a chair and get him to pass me my breakfast. Ken starts to whinge about the theft of his but I interrupt and tick him off very sharply in a raised voice that brooks no dissent. I tell him to shut the fuck up because I’m in charge here and as far as I’m concerned little Abi can do what the fuck she likes and that includes hogging all the muffins. I lay it on thick, give him a real tongue-lashing, because I want to make certain that the annoying little prick fully understands the situation. And also, if I’m honest, because I enjoy it. Ken is frightened of me, I know that, and it is fun to intimidate and brow-beat him. By the time I’m finished he is cowering in his seat and not even thinking about answering back. He knows the score. I doubt we will be having any trouble from Mr Ken Drone from now on. I wink at Abi and she sniggers. She knows the score too.

As if to prove it, she accidentally catches Ken’s cup with her arm and it topples, coffee running over the table. “Oops, clumsy me!” she goes, leaping up swiftly so as not to get any on her. I tell her not to worry. Ken will pop to the bathroom and get some paper towels.

“Won’t you, Kenny?” I prod, since he hasn’t moved.

“Sure,” he mutters.

“Well what are you waiting for? Go on, chop chop!”

Up he gets and off he toddles.

“It was his coffee after all,” Abi gurns.

She pouts her lips and beckons me to her. “Kiss me,” she purrs, snuggling into my arms. Music to my ears. We have a nice sexy snog and are still at it when Ken returns with his cleaning materials. I really do enjoy the look on his face when he sees what we’re doing.

I break off, tell him to get the fucking mess cleared up, and then I go back to necking with Abi. “Do you think the poor thing is a teeny bit jealous?” she whispers into my ear. Which is not really a question.

We carry on kissing until Ken has finished the task at hand. Then we pick up where we left off before the little accident took place.

Me and Abi chat away merrily as we deal with breakfast. Ken is excluded on both counts. He sits there ignored, stewing in silence, and of course he has no breakfast to deal with. Abi is once more sitting cross-legged on the desk in front of us, sipping coffee and munching her way slowly and with great relish through her two fat blueberry muffins, with the famished Ken looking on miserably. Abi eats her food off a plate, which she sadistically makes Ken hold for her, and each time she reaches and breaks off another piece, she proceeds to waft it around under the poor sod’s nose before whipping it away and popping it carefully and ostentatiously into her mouth. “Mmm, Kenny, this is so yummy!” she keeps going, stuff like that, smacking and licking her lips. It really is very funny. There’s a small piece still left on the plate when Abi finally announces that she is full. “You may as well throw that away,” she says to Ken, pointing to the bin. What a bitch. I’m almost pissing myself by this point.

Both Ken and I are in thrall to Abi and in particular, with how she is positioned, to her beautiful sexy legs. The fun and games with the muffins now over, neither of us guys can concentrate on anything but this mouth-watering spectacle. Abi’s legs are smooth and toned and of perfect proportion. They are the sort that stop traffic. Like the rest of her, or what we can see at least, they have a light and even tan. They have a lovely sheen to them too. Cream has been applied this morning. I find myself wondering if she did this herself or whether she had the boyfriend do it. I prefer to think the former. I feel a rush of antipathy for this bastard boyfriend of Abi’s. Imagine getting to fuck that every night. Jesus. Ok, so I will be having a slice myself, and I can hardly fucking wait, but still. I decide there and then that I will do my absolute utmost to please and impress her today, in bed and in every other way, in the hope that she will want to continue the relationship.

The girl really is something to behold. It is quite impossible to look at her, perched up there in her hot little dress, without wanting to jump her and rip it off and drill her senseless. Abi is right now fully aware of this and she is loving it. She knows how much flesh she is showing. She knows exactly what the boys are looking at and thinking about. She knows how fucking amazing she looks and she is basking in the drooling adoration. The girl is having a wonderful time. She is just wallowing in it.

Life becomes all the sweeter for her when I explain in detail how the three of us are going to be operating. I tell Ken that he will be doing very little, just some mundane odds and ends, and that Abi and I will work together on the important stuff, the drafting of the main document. I ask Abi if she would like to be in charge of Ken, emphasizing that having someone work under her should be very useful experience for a clever and ambitious young junior. Abi is delighted. She says that she would love that. Ken looks none too happy but he knows that he has zero say in the matter. He looks even less happy when Abi starts laughing and says that it will be quite funny having Ken at her beck and call. I chuckle and say that I think so too.

“So that’s sorted then. You’re his boss and he does anything and everything that you tell him to do.”


“Got that, Kenneth?” I snap.

“Um, sure,” he mutters.

“Best looking boss he’s ever had,” I joke.

She giggles and blows me a kiss in return.

“Isn’t that right, Kenny?” I add, winking at Abi.

Ken figures it best to say nothing.

“Oh c’mon Kenneth. We know you fancy her. It’s fucking obvious.”

Ken is mortified. He is staring studiously down at his shoes.

Abi slides off the table.

“What do you mean? Was he letching at me or something?”

She sounds a little annoyed.

“Too right he was,” I say.

“Not sure that’s too professional, Mark, is it?” she deadpans.

“No, babe, it most certainly is not.”

“But Mark, I...” Ken pipes, before I cut him off.

“You what, Ken? You can’t help it because Abigail looks so unbelievably sexy in that dress? Is that by any chance what you want to say?”

“Er, um, yes, I guess so,” manages the wretched guy, causing Abi to have a fit of the giggles.

“Kenny! That is so sweet! But, you know, a man should ask a girl’s permission before he ogles her. Did you not know that?”

“Permission?” Ken mumbles, his face going crimson.

She gazes down at him. Abi is standing intimately close to Ken. Her intoxicating sexiness is invading all of his senses. He is intimidated by it. I notice that he is trembling a little.

Abi continues to toy with him. “Yes, Ken. My permission. Mark has already requested it and I have given it to him. So he can ogle me any time he wants, in fact I want him to, but you haven’t asked me yet.”

Ken is all at sea. The poor guy has no clue what he ought to say or do. I join in the fun, trying not to ruin things by cracking up.

“So go on then. Ask the girl. That is an order. Ask Abigail if you can ogle her.”

Abi and I exchange a conspiratorial look of pure malicious pleasure. We are revelling in the untrammelled power we seem to have established over the unfortunate Kenny Drone. It is clear to both of us just how vulnerable and helpless this poor bastard is. There’s the growing realization that we can do more or less anything and he will suck it up. The guy is defenceless. He is simply incapable of asserting himself. Ken is no longer a colleague, he is our stooge, ours to persecute for the next several hours. It is simply a matter of how we intend to do that. How fiendish should we be? Whatever, it is clear that Abi and I are in for a great time this morning and Ken a truly abysmal one. It’s a delicious situation and I can feel the hard-on twitching in my pants. Tormenting Ken always tends to turn me on and having luscious little Abi as an enthusiastic accomplice, especially with her wearing that incredibly revealing outfit, is just such an unbelievably horny experience.

Abi has given up trying to control the giggles.

“C’mon Kenny, no need to be shy. I won’t bite.”

Ken complies. He asks Abi in a strange strangled voice if it is ok for him to ogle her. Abi takes her sweet time considering the matter. There is real suspense in the room by the time she replies.

“On the whole, no, I would prefer it if you kept your pervy eyes to yourself. But listen up because I do have some good news for you. You can check me out a little bit now before we start work. You can stare longingly at me until I tell you to stop. Oh and I will tell you exactly which part of me to look at. Is that understood, sweetie?”

Ken nods his head. It’s fucking hilarious.

Abi grins at me, daring me to stop her, at the same time knowing that I won’t because I am enjoying this just as much as she is. I said that she could cocktease the living crap out of Ken, did I not? I said that she could torment him mercilessly with her insanely hot and unattainable body.

In fact I said that I wanted her to.

Well then.

She bends down towards the seated Ken and shoves her cleavage in front of his flushed face.

“So can you guess what I would like you to stare at?”

“Yes,” Ken croaks.

Abi giggles softly. “Right. Well off you go then. Go ahead and treat yourself. Knock yourself out.”

Ken stares himself silly at the upper slopes of Abi’s glorious breasts. His face is bright red, he is sweating, his mouth is slack with desire. Abi is laughing down at him. She pushes her tits even closer and jiggles them around. “Do you like them?” she inquires. Ken remains silent. “I said do you like them,” she snaps. “C’mon, a girl likes to know if the man staring at her tits is appreciating what he sees.”

Ken says that he does indeed like them, he likes them very much. His voice is thin and strained. His predicament is acute. On the one hand he is being demeaned and degraded by this gorgeously infatuating young girl, but at the same time he is massively aroused. The tangible evidence is supplied by what seems to be happening to the front of his trousers. Same applies to me of course. If I was not on a promise it would be a real problem to control myself, quite frankly. But as it is, all of this is only heightening my anticipation and pleasure. It is the ideal scenario.

“Would Mr Drone like to see a little more?” Abi wonders, soft and titillating babydoll voice.

“Would he like to check if I’m wearing a bra?”

He would. Abi titters smugly at the reaction. “Thought he might.”

She tells him to ask her nicely then. In fact it would be great if he begged.

“Yeah, babe, make him beg,” I go.

She does. She makes Ken plead long and loud to be allowed to check if she is wearing a bra.

“Ok!” Abi relents eventually.

She tugs the top of her dress an inch or two away from her body and gets Ken to crane and peer down inside.

“And what’s the answer? Am I wearing a bra?”

Ken shakes his head.

“Correct! So can you see my nipples?” she goads. It is evident from the agonized longing on his face that Ken can. I have an urge to go over there and take a look myself, but I fight it back. I will soon be making mad passionate love to this little honey, therefore I can play it all cool and collected.

Abi mocks Ken as he stares forlornly down her dress. Has he got a wife or a girlfriend? No? Oh dear so he’s not getting any then. Has it been a very long time? It has?

She chuckles and carries on taunting him.

“Oh you poor thing! You must be terribly frustrated. And now here’s a pretty girl just teasing you with her big bouncy tits. Aw it’s so mean of her, isn’t it, doing this to a man in your condition. Poor Mr Drone can only look when he wants to do so much more than that. Is he imagining what it would be like to fondle a pair of lovely soft breasts? Will he be dreaming about these sexy tits every night for months? Will he play with himself fantasizing about the sexy girl and her big sexy tits? Of course he will. The wicked girl knows that he will. Ok, time to stop. After three. Three, two, one, enough!”

Abi stands up and removes the enticing view. She gazes calmly at Ken who remains seated in front of her.

“He’s staring at your legs now, babe,” I point out, which is kind of true.

“Stop that!” Abi snaps.

Ken quickly looks at the carpet.

“And stand up!” she orders.

He gets to his feet.

“Are you going to scold him, Mark, or shall I?”

I sense that she wants me to.

“Apologize, Ken,” I say, stern as anything.

“Apologize to Abigail for looking at her sexy legs without her permission.”

Ken does so, careful to keep looking down at the floor.

“I’m really sorry, Abigail.”

“Sorry for what?” Abi prods.

“For, um, looking at your sexy legs without permission.”

Abi falls into hysterics. It’s a while before she can speak again.

“Apology accepted. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. Ok?”

“Ok,” says Ken, still concentrating intently on the carpet.

“Look at me when we’re talking!”

Ken looks up.

“Not now. It’s too late now.”

Ken looks down again.

Abi goes into lecturing mode.

“Let’s get this straight. Here are the rules. You look at me when you and I are talking. Look me in the eyes, I mean, not at my legs or my boobs or some other exciting part of my anatomy. At all other times you must not look at me. You look at your work or you stare at the floor. Or the ceiling, or whatever. Have you got that?”

Ken meets her steely gaze. It is not easy for him. It takes a great effort.

“Yes, Abigail.”

“Good boy.”

End of conversation and, as per the rules, Ken looks away again.

Abi turns to me, grinning.

“So obedient he is, Mark, isn’t he?”

“Thing is, princess, he knows what will happen if he isn’t.”

“Guess so. It’s good anyway. I like obedient men.”

I’m conscious of the time. We really ought to be starting work. On the other hand, I am loving the way that little Abi is so cruelly and gleefully humiliating poor Ken and I’m loathe to move on.

“Would you like to see his dick?” I ask her.

“Ooo, can I?”

“Course, babe.”

Ken makes a soft moaning sound.

Abi and I look wickedly at each other. This is such a blast.

“Bet it’s not as impressive as yours,” she tells me.

Oh I do like that.

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