The Surgeon's New Toy

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

BDSM Sex Story: Divorced man lives next door to a beautiful teen who moves away. A year later finds her homeless and ill so takes pity on her and takes her back to his. Her behaviour makes him take drastic steps to protect her from herself and makes her his sex slave.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Enema   Fisting   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Amputee   Body Modification   .

I was born into an affluent family, one of 3 sons and 2 daughters to the CEO of one of the oldest and largest British Columbia based oil companies, a position he’d inherited from his father who had inherited it from his father before and so on. We lived in a mansion on the North Shore on one of the most exclusive streets on the Lower Mainland and attended the most prestigious school in Vancouver. After high school I attended medical school at Harvard in the US before returning to Vancouver, initially working for Vancouver General Hospital as an orthopaedic surgeon before starting my own practice as a plastic surgeon. While at VGH I married Morgan, a nurse from the hospital. I bought a house in Shaughnessy, an upmarket area near downtown Vancouver, and soon started filling it with children. We were as happy as any young family. Shortly after our 3rd child was born I started my own practice, which put a lot of pressure on me and my marriage and after 9 years of together my wife and split up. I was very upset and bitter to start with but realised that we had just fallen out of love and it became an amicable split. I sold the Shaughnessy house and bought my ex-wife and children a home in Tssawwassen so that she was near her parents, while I bought myself a house backing onto Kitsilano Beach.

My practice went from strength to strength and I took on a partner and more staff, it was becoming that successful. I was even able to relax some and went on a few dates. I was a very eligible bachelor and attracted some of the most beautiful women, but I always found something was missing, that there was no connection, that I was always distracted. From a young age I’d been an amputee devotee, ever since meeting a beautiful girl on holiday once that was missing her lower arm. I watched in amazement at everything she did with her little stump that it became a fascination. That fascination continued long after the holiday, all through my teenage years and into adulthood. I got heavily into BDSM to partially satiate my needs, however I found that most girls were horrified by my play room and those that weren’t at first, soon found their boundaries. The only person that didn’t seem to have any boundaries had been Morgan, she’d spent many hours in bondage, submitting to me in every way, even after we’d had children. I’d hoped that by choosing the speciality that I had, I would get to work with young amputees but it happened very rarely, and the few occasions that I did work with amputees they were old and unattractive. I desperately hoped to find a pretty, young amputee to date but was never that lucky.

Since moving to Kitsilano I’d become friendly with the family next door who had 2 daughters, Charlotte and Amy. Amy was quite young, I guessed around 8 and of no interest. However, Charlie was about 13 and just starting puberty. She had dark brown hair with beautiful deep brown eyes and unblemished skin. Her flawless face was yet to lose its childlike innocence. She had those soft, gentle curves of pubescent girls. Her budding breasts, waist and hips were yet to fill out properly and her arms and legs still looked awkwardly long, but it was clear she would develop a wonderful body. I couldn’t help but watch her in her tight outfits every chance I got, she would often wear crop tops with tight leggings or short shorts in the summer and tight leggings and tight plaid shirts when it got cold. She loved being on the beach and would often be seen in a skimpy bikini sunbathing or messing about. As she got older every outfit seemed to be strategically planned to to make the most of her pubescent body. She was certainly aware of the effect her young body had on boys and men. One barbecue I attended, Charlie was wearing a very short summer dress and it appeared that every chance she got she would sit in such a way that I could see her delicate, lace panties. When she caught me looking she would smile and not move an inch. If she was sat near me she kept accidentally touching me or bumping into me. I started thinking about Charlie a lot and had to remind myself of her age.

One morning I woke to a number of police cars parked outside Charlie’s house. As I left for work I tried to look around to find out what was going on but could only see Charlie and Amy sat on the sofa crying and their Mum talking to a couple of officers. As I drove my Audi R8 convertible down the street I saw Christina, one of my neighbours, walking her dog. She was a typical ‘real housewife of Vancouver’ type and I knew she would have an idea of what was going on. I pulled alongside her and after the initial pleasantries I asked what she knew, which of course, was everything. Apparently there had been rumours of domestic abuse before but overnight Charlie’s Dad had been arrested for domestic battery. I made my excuses and drove to work.

As I pulled into my drive that evening a squad car pulled up and Charlie’s Dad was assisted out and escorted into the house. About an hour later he came back out with a suitcase and got back into the squad car before being driven off. Over the next few months the house was sold and the family moved on. I was sad to see Charlie go, it would have been interesting to watch her develop. Rumour had it that her Dad made himself bankrupt and put all his assets into his new girlfriends name which meant Charlie, Amy and their Mum got nothing. Apparently they ended up in the Downtown Eastside, one of the worst, most rundown areas in BC. I often found myself thinking about Charlie and wondering what happened to her.

As my practice became more successful I opened a second location on the North Shore. Rather that sit in the awful traffic through downtown and over Lions Gate Bridge I would jump on a bus and SkyTrain to Waterfront Station then get the ferry over to Lonsdale Quay before making the 10 minute walk to my practice. As I walked out of Waterfront Station on a cold, wet November morning I spotted a homeless person panhandling. I did as always did, moved further away and pretended not to notice them but something made me keep looking. At first I was struck by how small they appeared and as I got closer I was struck by how young the person looked. I was shocked yet more to see that it was girl panhandling. However my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I realised that the girl looked like Charlie. I stopped dead before being snapped back to reality my a man bumping into me and cursing. I looked at the girl closely and at first didn’t think there was anyway it could be her. It had been well over a year since I had seen her, but the more and more I looked, the more I was convinced it was Charlie. Sure, she looked older, her face and skin and lost their youthful innocence and her hair had lost its shine but I was convinced it was her. I walked up to a coffee shop, bought a large coffee and returned to the homeless person. As I got close there was a spark of recognition from her, initially she tried to hide but as I crouched and spoke to her she softened and I passed her the coffee, which she eagerly accepted and quickly drank. She explained that her Mum and got a new boyfriend who was a creep so she’d left home. I found myself really wanting to help her but wasn’t sure how appropriate it was to offer help to a teenage runaway. I left Charlie sat on the side of the station while I walked to work feeling bad about the situation she was in. Over the next few weeks I saw her each morning and evening, I would buy her breakfast on my way to work and in the evening I would take her to a nearby diner. I tried to convince her to get help or at least go back to her Mum but she refused. It was clear she was suffering the effects of drug use and was probably prostituting herself to pay for her habit. I really wanted to do something for her but I wasn’t sure what.

I was lucky enough to have my 3 children for Christmas so I rented a lodge in Aspen, Colorado for the holiday. My Parents came too making it extra special for the children. We spent Christmas Eve singing carols in the town square and visiting Santa before heading back to the lodge for hot chocolate and new pyjamas before heading to bed. Christmas morning was magical with my children opening their presents while my parents and I drank eggnog, all by an open fire. We had a delicious dinner prepared for us by a local chef before spending the evening relaxing by the fire. We spent the rest of the week on the slopes teaching the children to snowboard before finally heading home after a wonderful vacation. I’d complete forgotten about Charlie.

My first morning back at work it was snowing which made the commute very slow. As I walked through Waterfront station I looked out for Charlie and couldn’t see her. That evening and over the next few days I still didn’t see her and started to get concerned. When it was the same at the end of the next week I decided to try looking for her. I got home and got changed but decided it was better to leave it until later to go searching for Charlie. A guy being found on the streets looking for a young, vulnerable teenaged girl would not look good. It was gone eleven before I got into my Porsche SUV and drove back into the Downtown Eastside. I slowly drove the streets and alleyways looking around. A few times I got hopeful but each time I got sworn at by someone that certainly wasn’t Charlie. I parked the car up and went on foot hoping to have better luck. I stopped and asked a few of the working girls, but none of them would tell me anything and I realised I was drawing attention. I was starting to think I would never find her so got back in the car and started slowly driving home when something caught my attention in a small park. I stopped the car, grabbed my torch, locked the car and walked into the dark park. I could see orange glow of a group smoking in one corner and hoped not to attract their attention. I made my way to what had attracted my attention. On the side by the road, off the path in the bushes appeared to be a shadow. As I got closer I spotted what I’d seen earlier, a boot that looked like one Charlie had been wearing. I pushed my way through the bushes and found the boot attached to a leg which was in turn attached to a body, the rest of which was wrapped in a dirty duvet. I pushed the body to the side and pulled back the matted hair and my heart skipped a beat as I realised it was Charlie. I couldn’t tell if she was alive. I quickly pulled at the duvet and managed to free her from it then lifted her tiny body up and carried her to the nearby bench. I laid her down and in a panic checked for breathing and a pulse. I took a big sigh when I felt a faint heart beat and found she was taking short, quick breaths. I scooped her light body up and carried her to my SUV where I laid her on my back seat and covered her in my coat before getting into the drivers seat and driving off. At first I considered driving her to a hospital as she was clearly very ill but I realised I had no reasonable explanation for being with her, so in a panic I drove her back to my home. Once in my front yard I carried the still unconscious Charlie inside, up to my room and laid her on my bed. She was pale and her skin was ice cold. I ran back downstairs and grabbed my medical bag. Once back with her I checked her over. Her heart rate was very fast, her blood pressure and temperature were dangerously low, I knew she was hypothermic and needed warming carefully. I went to the bathroom and ran a hot bath before returning to Charlie. I realised I needed to undress her but felt really awkward about it. I took a deep breath and reminded myself it was for her own good. I struggled to removed the various layers she was wearing, which were thick with dirt and grime before I eventually decided to cut them all off. Once I was down to her underwear I could see track marks in her arms, her dirty skin and how thin she now was. I cut through the front of her bra before opening it revealing her soft, milky white breasts, I then cut each side of her panties and folded the front down between her legs. I lifted her naked, floppy body up, carried her into the bathroom and laid her into the hot bath. Once I was sure she was safe I returned to the bedroom, gathered up her clothes and noticed the stench that came from them. I decided the best thing was to throw them in the trash. Once they were gone I returned to the bathroom and found Charlie still barely conscious murmuring to herself deliriously. She had now started shivering and I became worried she wasn’t warming quick enough. I stripped myself off, put on some swim shorts and joined her in the bath. I sat behind her, cuddled her tight to me and rubbed her skin. Every so often I added more warm water to keep the bath at the right temperature. Once Charlie had stopped shivering I gently washed her body all over followed by her hair. Once she was thoroughly clean I lifted her out, wrapped her in a towel and carried her into the bedroom before gently laying her on my bed. As I dried her off I took my time inspecting her body. Her breasts were probably a b cup, still quite pert despite the drug use. Her body still had the gentle curves of pubescent girls. She had a little bit of fluffy, brown pubic hair and her pussy lips were swollen and looked abused. Overall though she still had a decent body. Charlie suddenly groaned so I finished drying her, slid her into one of my t-shirts, put her into my bed and covered her with my duvet. I gave her an injection to make sure she slept before drying myself, putting on some pyjamas and sitting on the armchair in the corner of the room so that I could keep watch over her. I tried to stay awake as long as I could but I eventually fell asleep in the chair. That night I had all sorts of dreams about Charlie and what I should do with her, some more disturbing than others. My darker side was certainly rearing it’s head.

Next day was Saturday, when I got up I checked on Charlie who was still in a deep sleep, the aroma of her sweet, clean hair and body filled the room. I showered and made myself some breakfast before putting on the highlights of last nights game and sitting down to eat. It was about an hour later when I heard a noise behind me, turned around and saw Charlie standing there looking confused, her hair was falling around her shoulders, her knees were together like Bambi taking her first steps. I jumped up and walked over to her, put my arm around her and guided her to the sofa, helped her sit down and put a blanket over her.

‘Hi Charlie. How you feeling?’ I asked quietly taking the seat next to her.

‘I, err, where am I?’ She asked croakily.

‘At my home, you used to live next door?’ I replied.

‘How did I get here?’ She asked.

‘Don’t you remember?’ I asked.

‘No.’ She replied shaking her head.

‘I hadn’t seen you at the station and got worried so I went looking for you. I found you unconscious in a park. I brought back here, warmed you up, gave you some medications and let you sleep.’ I explained.

‘Medication? What for?’ She asked.

‘It looks like you have a severe infection which is why you were so ill.’ I lied.

‘Oh, I thought it was just hypothermia.’ She replied.

‘No, in fact you’re due some more now. Let me get you some breakfast.’ I replied getting up out my chair. I walked over to the kitchen, fixed Charlie a bowl of cereal and OJ and carried them over to her. I got a sleeping tablet out and passed it to her. ‘This is the tablet you need to take for the infection, you’ll need to take it for a week.’

‘Thank you.’ Replied Charlie taking the tablet before swallowing it with the OJ. She then started eating the cereal. I felt bad about drugging the teenager but had to keep her subdued while I decided what I was going to do with her. Charlie soon finished her breakfast then curled up and watched the highlights on the TV. It didn’t take long before she fell asleep. Over the rest of the weekend I kept Charlie in a sleepy, groggy state all weekend, I wanted to keep her around and stop her leaving.

Monday morning I was getting ready to leave for work when Charlie appeared.

‘When can I go?’ She asked. I could see she was starting to suffer the effects of drug withdrawal.

‘You can stay here as long as you want Charlie, you don’t want to go back on the streets, do you?’ I replied.

‘I can’t, I have people to see.’ She replied.

‘Charlie, you still have the infection, at least stay until that has gone. Besides, you can’t go out like that.’ I replied.

‘Where are my clothes?’ She asked, I could see she was getting angry.

‘I had to put them in the trash.’ I explained.

‘WHAT! You can’t do that, that’s my stuff man, now what am I gonna do.’ She yelled.

‘Charlie, Charlie, calm down.’ I placed my hands on her shoulders. ‘Your clothes were disgusting and soaking wet, I had to cut them off you.’

‘So you could get me naked! Enjoy yourself did you?’ She asked, I could see venom in her eyes. ‘I saw the way you used to look at me, the way all you men did.’

‘Charlie, it’s not like that, I was worried about you, really. Come on.’ I put my arm around her and guided her to the sofa, she tried to pull away but she was too weak and I managed to get her onto the sofa. As she fell onto it her t-shirt rode up and her legs splayed open revealing her pussy. I tried not to look but I was drawn to it. She kept her legs open for longer than was necessary before pulling them together and cuddling her knees to her chest. I looked up at her and saw a glint in her eyes. ‘Let me fix you some breakfast.’

‘Thank you.’ She said weakly. I carried a bowl of cereal and mug of coffee over and handed them to Charlie. I was worried what she’d do while I was at work. A sleeping tablet would only last until lunchtime at the most. I went do my office, pulled out a vial of a sedative, drew it into a syringe then slowly walked into the lounge with it. Charlie was watching cartoons so I quietly walked round behind her, leaned over and quickly injected her in the arm.

‘What the fuck.’ Charlie’s head spun round revealing a look of anger and betrayal in her eyes. She tried to get up but the sedative took effect quickly and she was out. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on my bed before returning to the lounge. I turned off the TV, cleaned up then left for work ensuring the door was properly locked behind me. I used the remote security camera’s to check on her throughout the day and saw she was sleeping each time.

Throughout the day I was distracted about what I was going to do with Charlie, I couldn’t let her go, she couldn’t look after herself, in fact she was a danger to herself, if she carried on the way she was going she probably wouldn’t make it to 18. I knew I had to do something to keep her safe from her herself, I just had to think about what.

That evening I got home from work and made some dinner before sitting down to eat. As I was finishing a very groggy looking Charlie appeared in the lounge so I jumped up and went over to her.

‘Hey sleepy head, man that infection is wiping you out.’ I told her as I held her by the shoulders.

‘What, what happened? You injected me.’ She replied croakily.

‘Yes, with the antibiotics.’ I assured her as I guided her onto he sofa and sat her down. I then gave her some dinner which she devoured then sat quietly watching the TV. I watched her little body through the thin t-shirt and imagined what was underneath, her tight, gentle curves, her fresh unblemished skin, I was trying hard not to be distracted by the beautiful teen only a few feet away from me.

‘What will I do about clothes when I leave?’ She suddenly asked.

‘I told you, you can stay here as long as you want.’ I replied.

‘Ok, but I need more than this t-shirt of yours.’ She replied, tugging at the t-shirt.

‘True. I’ll get you some clothes tomorrow ok?’ I replied smiling.

‘Can I come with you?’ She replied.

‘Might be a bit awkward walking round a store in just that t-shirt.’ I replied.

‘Oh yeah, I guess.’ She replied.

‘What sizes do you need?’ I asked, trying to sound innocent.

‘Oh, er, size 4 tops and pants, 30b bras please.’ She replied, then went back to watching the TV while I cleaned up dinner. Once finished I gave her another sleeping tablet which she eyed suspiciously but took anyway and soon fell asleep. I carried her to the spare bedroom and laid her in bed, then went back to my own bed to get some sleep.

It was dark when I was woken by a sound in the hallway. I got up and made my way downstairs where I found Charlie trying to open the front door.

‘What are you doing?’ I shouted as I grabbed her.

‘Get off me, I’m going, you can’t keep me, I’m not your prisoner.’ She screamed.

‘Charlie, stop.’ I shouted as I continued fighting with her.

‘Fuck off. I need to leave.’ She screamed back with a rage I’d not seen in her before.

‘You can’t look after yourself Charlie, you need me to keep you safe.’ I shouted now with my arm around her waist pulling her away from the door. Her t-shirt had now ridden up above her waist revealing her naked pussy and tight butt. She was trying to kick her legs at me but to no avail.

‘Keep me safe? I don’t need keeping safe.’ She retorted.

‘Yes you do, you need keeping safe from yourself.’ I shouted back at her. She continued fighting me and managed to get free making another dash for the front door. ‘STOP. Charlie, you can’t go out like that, you only have my t-shirt on.’

‘Your t-shirt.’ She shouted. ‘Is that what you’re worried about?’

‘No. I mean that’s all you have on. I replied trying not to spook her by grabbing her too early.

‘Fuck you, have it back.’ She shouted then removed the t-shirt and threw it at me. She stood completely naked for a moment before turning and trying the door again. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back again. I could feel her fists pummelling against my arms as she tried to release herself. I finally knew what I had to do with Charlie to protect her from herself. Her little body continued it’s fight as I carried her to my playroom. I quickly opened the door, threw Charlie’s little body onto the bed like a rag doll and started to tie each of her hands to the bed. She took advantage of this vulnerability and tried to fight but I managed to tie one hand to the bed post. I then threw her backwards and started on the second wrist. She kept kicking her feet around but I eventually managed to securely tie her second wrist. I grabbed one of her errant legs and tied it down dodging the other kicking leg. I could tell she was tiring but I still struggled to get hold of her final limb. She tried to keep fighting as I tied her ankle to the bedpost. She was fighting her restraints as best she could but I knew there was no way she could escape my knots. Although the houses were reasonable far apart and the playroom was soundproof, I worried that someone would hear Charlie’s shouts and call the police so I opened one of the nearby drawers and selected a ball gag. Charlie’s eyes widened as she saw it and she tried to keep her mouth firmly shut, but using a pressure point behind her jaw, I managed to force it open, slide the ball gag in and secure it despite her continually trying to thrash her head. I turned out the light and left the room leaving Charlie in complete darkness, thrashing around angrily on the bed. Her muffled screams could barely be heard in the room, let alone by anyone outside the house. I got back into bed and tried to sleep but found I was too aroused and slept fittingly for the rest of the night.

In the morning I checked on Charlie and found she was fast asleep. I cannulated her left arm so that I could give her fluids to keep her hydrated, I was reluctant to remove the gag, at least for the moment. I inserted a catheter into her urethra so that she didn’t have to lay in a puddle of piss. I then took a moment to inspect her beautiful pubescent body, feeling my erection grow as I did. I considered fucking her there and then but decided I would wait until she was ready. I set of for work while working out the finer details of my plan to protect Charlie from herself. The rest of the week passed in a blur. Each morning I would wash her, empty her catheter bag and set up the required fluids for the day then travel to work. Each evening I checked on her then carried on with my evening. I could see the anger in Charlie’s eyes but I knew that once she saw that it was all for her own good she would understand.

It was still dark when I got up early Saturday morning. I got showered and dressed then had some breakfast, though I was too nervous to eat much. Once I was finished I went into Charlie’s room and found her awake, squirming against her restraints. Her eyes shot daggers at me as soon as she saw me. I’d wanted her asleep for this bit but seeing her awake and still fighting made me realise I was definitely doing the right thing, she clearly needed protecting from herself. I injected her with a sedative and waited for it to take effect. It wasn’t long before her limbs weakened and relaxed against her restraints. Once I was sure she was completely out I undid the restraints then hog tied her. Her young, flexible body easily contorted into the necessary positions. I used the ropes to carry the naked teenager out to my SUV, placed her into the trunk and covered her with a blanket. It was still dark out and my yard was well protected by high walls all around so I wasn’t worried about being seen. I got into the SUV and made the drive to my new practice on the North Shore as I knew no one would be at all weekend. The winter sun was just starting to rise as I drove over Burrard Bridge giving me an amazing view of downtown, which itself was empty as I drove carefully through it’s streets. I made the journey in just under 30 minutes and pulled into the private service yard at the rear of the premises, backed the car up to the service entrance then shut it off and got out. I closed the gates so the yard was secured then entered the practice via the side door, shut off the alarm and opened the shutter onto the yard. I opened the SUV’s electric tailgate and pulled the blanket off the naked, hogtied teenager. I reached in, used the rope to drag her to the edge then picked her up and carried her inside before laying her on one of the patient trolleys. I returned to the car, locked it up and closed the shutter. I then went to the main operating room which I prepped before returning to Charlie. I carried her into the OR and laid her on the operating table before untying her, removing the ball gag and laying her on her back before securing her tightly to the table so she couldn’t move, even her head was restrained. I then continued setting up everything while I waited for Charlie to wake up, I wanted her to witness what I was about to do to her, to show her the lengths I was willing to go to protect her from herself, to take the steps that were needed. Charlie slowly began to stir as I finished prepping the last trolley. She sleepily looked around the room as her eyes cleared. Once she was fully awake she tried to move and found her restraints allowed her almost no movement at all.

‘What the fuck are you going to do?’ She asked venomously.

‘I told you Charlie.’ I replied stroking her face with the back of my hand. ‘I’m only doing what is necessary to protect you from yourself and preserve your beautiful body. You’ll thank me one day.’

‘Fuck you, let me go.’ She shouted then tried to spit at me but missed.

I gave her a pain killing injection in the top her of her arm, I wanted her to see and feel what I was about to do, so she could truly appreciate the reasons, but I didn’t want her passing out from the pain. I struggled to decide where I wanted to start and the order I would continue in, each limb had it’s own merits, ultimately I decided to start with her left arm. I covered her arm in Betadine and took the scalpel off my waiting trolley. Charlie’s eyes were wide open with fear, she started screaming and shouting. I considered putting the ball gag back in but decided she should be allowed to continue, besides, I knew the OR was soundproof and there was no way anyone would ever hear her so I turned up the music and continued. Her frantic screaming reached fever pitch as I made my first cuts but I tuned her out and carried on. It took just over 45 minutes to perform the shoulder disarticulation. Charlie now looked on in silent horror as I laid her arm onto the nearby trolley before closing up her stump. As I had amputated a perfectly healthy limb it meant I had lots of healthy skin with which to perform skin grafts, meaning the scarring should be minimal and eventually look almost like she’d never had an arm attached in the first place. Once I had finished I had a drink and stretched before deciding which limb to remove next. Charlie was now sobbing quietly, grasping the reality of her situation. If only she had behaved and had taken the help that I had offered. I thought about taking her other arm next, that way she would be even but ultimately decided to take her left leg. I liked the idea of working in a circle and the asymmetry of it was appealing, the teenager would have one disabled side and one non-disabled side. It took nearly 90 minutes for me to complete the hip disarticulation and close up her stump. Charlie now looked pale and lost, it had been a while since she had made any sounds. Once I was satisfied with her stump I decided to take a break. I stood back to admire my work, I was right, her asymmetry was strangely arousing, I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. Her pussy was now much more visible with only one leg to hide it between. Once I’d taken a short break I decided to take her right leg next, continuing in a circle around her. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as I worked in her groin and realised it was wet and dribbling. ‘Could the little bitch actually be enjoying this?’ The second leg came off quicker than the first and once the stump was a perfect mirror of the left I turned to her final limb. I took a breath as I realised removing this limb would leave her a quadruple amputee, completely reliant on someone else for the rest of her life. I took another deep breath then set about removing her final limb. This arm come off in a little under 45 minutes and again I made sure it was a perfect mirror of her right stump. I stood back and admired my work, the tiny limbless teen was now almost perfect, just a few more things I needed to do. I considered cutting her vocal chords so she’d be forever silent but decided against it for now, I could always do it easily at home if I needed too. First I started to perform a laparoscopic tubal ligation, as I made a small cut inside her belly button she winced and squirmed her now limbless torso. I inserted the small camera then cut and tied off both of her fallopian tubes leaving her permanently sterilized and unable to ever have children. I pulled the instruments from the small hole and then closed it up with a couple of stitches. Then I used the epidermal laser to permanently remove her fluffy pubic hair, finally I performed a labiaplasty so that her pussy looked perfect then I pierced her clitoris and both her nipples. Now that her surgery was complete I wheeled all 4 limbs off on a trolley and placed them into the incinerator which I then turned on making sure her limbs, the things that got her into so much trouble, were permanently destroyed. I returned to the OR, gave Charlie some more painkillers then carried her into one of the recovery rooms and laid her on one of the comfortable beds. I was amazed at how light and easy to manoeuvre she now was. Charlie seemed to be catatonic and appeared to have shut down, I hoped this was temporary. I went back to clean up the OR then returned to Charlie’s room and sat in the big leather armchair in the corner of her room. I watched her sleeping and could hear her gentle breathing.

I spent the rest of the weekend monitoring Charlie. By Sunday afternoon she seemed to be coming out of her catatonic state and was actually able to drink from a straw by early Sunday evening. The earlier venom appeared to have left her but I anticipated it may return with her strength. Late Sunday evening I wrapped the still naked teen in a blanket, carried her out to the car and laid her in the trunk again before I cleaned up her room and prepared it for the morning then locked up the practice and made the journey home. Once securely in the garage I carried Charlie in and laid her on the spare bed before getting myself ready and into my own bed. I slept soundly that night.

The next morning I checked each of her stumps, the swelling was starting to subside and they looked amazing, by far my best work. Into each humeral head and femoral head, which had been left in-situ, I had inserted an implant, the only external evidence of which was a small circle flush with the skin of each stump, into which I could later insert rods so Charlie could be attached to all manner of items. However, that was some time in the future, for now it was about her recovery. After I checked all 4 stumps I inserted a nasogastric tube through which I could feed her and give her fluids.

The next couple of weeks was spent caring for her, I kept her mildly sedated and groggy the whole time to give her body time to recover. About 10 days in the torso started her final ever period, I guess she must have been mid cycle when I sterilized her and there was an egg already in her uterus. Over the 2 days her period lasted I regularly changed her tampon and cleaned her up. It was weird to think that the teenage torso had just finished her last ever period. Two weeks after I made her a torso with a head I removed the dressings and staples from her stumps and cleaned her up then stood back to admire my handiwork. I was very impressed, the torso now looked perfect. Her shoulders rounded down into her chest which in turn curved gently into her thin waist before flaring out into her hips. The curve of her hips and butt continued gently round and met at her vulva which now touched whatever she sat on. I also noticed that, in the absence of any arms, her breasts looked fuller. In my eyes she was the very definition of perfection. Over the next few days I slowly reduced her sedation and analgesia so that she became more alert, I also removed her nasogastric tube.

In the early hours of Saturday morning I was suddenly woken by someone screaming and shouting. ‘Help me.’ Over and over again. I jumped up and ran into Charlie’s room where I found her hysterical. She was screaming and thrashing her small torso around.

‘Shh, calm down, it’s ok.’ I said soothingly as I stroked her head.

‘What the fuck have you done to me?’ She screamed angrily. Her eyes had locked onto me with a renewed venom.

‘I told you, I did what I needed to do to protect you from yourself.’ I replied matter of factly.

‘To protect me from myself?’ She replied incredulously. ‘The only person I need protecting from is you. You’ve cut my arms and legs off you freak.’

‘I had to, besides, you’re now perfect.’ I replied.

‘Perfect! PERFECT! I’m a fucking useless freak thanks to you, I’m no use for anything now.’ She shouted. I realised she was getting loud so scooped the limbless torso up into my arms and carried it into my soundproof playroom. She tried wriggling and thrashing her head around but to no avail. Once in the room I threw the torso onto the bed.

‘Let me show you what use you are now.’ I said as I stripped off. Her eyes grew wide as she realised what I meant by that. I slid her catheter from her then walked over to the drawers on one side of the room and pulled out a thin chain, then walked back to the torso. I connected one end of the chain to her clitoris piercing then connected the other end of the chain to each of her nipple piercings. I then pulled the chain tight making the limbless teen wince and yelp.

‘Every time you misbehave I will pull this. The more you misbehave the higher I’ll lift you. Understand?’ I asked. The torso nodded it’s pretty head.

‘Understand?’ I asked more firmly as I pulled the chain tighter and lifted the torso slightly of the bed making her grimace and yelp louder.

‘Yes, Yes, I understand.’ She gasped.

‘Yes what?’ I kept her hanging a little, knowing the pain this would cause her. I knew that blood was rushing to her clitoris and nipples, engorging them, increasing their sensitivity.

‘Yes sir.’ She replied. Now that she accepted her situation I held her up for a second to make my point then gently laid her back on the bed. I then lifted her over onto the bondage table, closed the legs, straddled the bench and held my hugely engorged cock at the entrance to her open, legless, perfect pussy. I rubbed my cock along her beautifully smooth pussy lips making them glisten with pre cum. I then slid the tip between her perfectly shaped labia.

‘No, please don’t.’ She whispered pathetically. I grabbed the chain in response making her yelp again.

‘But this is all you’re good for now, if I don’t fuck you then there’s no point keeping you. I might as well just dump you on the streets. Can you imagine what guys would do to you out there? I could permanently close up your pussy so you’d only have your ass and mouth to please them. God, they’d destroy you out there.’ I could see the torso thinking and realising I was right. ‘Maybe someone would take pity on you and call the police, they’d then put you in a group home where you’d do nothing but sit there. I’d remove your vocal chords so you wouldn’t even be able to talk to anyone. You’d just sit in your chair, useless, no one would even fuck you. You’d never orgasm again. I’m not sure what would be worse.’

She sat there in silence, weighing up her options. I felt my cock had got even harder over the thought of her on the streets or in a home. I pushed gently against her labia.

‘You at least need to wear a condom.’ She replied quietly.

‘Sorry?’ I asked angrily pulling on the chain making her wince.

‘Could you please wear a condom, sir.’ She replied, gritting her teeth.

‘Better.’ I replied relaxing my grip on the chain. ‘But I don’t need to wear a condom.’

‘But sir, I really don’t want to get pregnant.’ She replied anxiously.

‘Don’t worry, there’s no chance of that.’ I replied.

‘Oh? How come.’ She must have seen the look in my eyes. ‘How come, sir?’

‘Because when I took your limbs that got you into so much trouble I sterilized you.’ I explained.

‘Sterilized me, sir?’ She asked.

‘Yeap, don’t you remember me cutting a little hole in your belly button?’ I asked.

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