The Phone Call

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A call from an old acquaintance start a chapter of sexual encounters that resulted from visiting 'adult dating sites'

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rough   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   .

The mobile rang just as he finished giving his vehicle a polish. He picked it up, all his contacts were registered by their names; this was just a phone number that he didn’t recognize. “Rick Martin”, he said. There was a pause then a female voice replied. “It is Mary, Rick”. For several seconds he pondered who this Mary was for although he knew a few all were registered on his phone, this Mary wasn’t, so he again had to enquire who she was. “I’m Mary Waterly”, she said. “I met you on the dating site”, then the penny dropped. This was the woman who had briefly engaged him, sent two attractive phones of herself and then asked if she could borrow some money as she was stuck overseas. He remembered telling her to seek the Embassy for help, he didn’t hear from her again and her profile that was on the site disappeared as well. “Now I remember”, he said. “You engaged me a couple of times, sent a couple of photos and you asked for financial assistance as you were overseas, I told you to go to the embassy for help. The only response I got was to tell me I was a ‘fucking cunt’ and I noticed your particulars then disappeared from the site. Cripes Mary that is well over two months ago, what have you been doing and where are you now, not still overseas?”

There were several seconds of silence and then a rather hesitant voice replied. “I am here in Melbourne. I left Sydney is search for work and a place to stay; where I was in Sydney was sold to developers and my position became redundant. You wouldn’t...” her voice faded out as he asked where she was staying. “I ... I am in a motel it was the cheapest I could find. Do you know the suburb ‘East Oakland’? She asked. As he pondered her question his mind was returning to the previous request for financial help. ‘I think she is a scammer, however let’s consider her request and throw out a challenge’. He replied. “East Oakland is one of the low economic areas of the city. Most of the accommodation was built to house the workers who worked in the array of heavy industry and factories, those factories have long since closed and work in that suburb, in fact throughout the city is very difficult. When you first asked for assistance I had virtually just met you. You had sent a couple of photos. If for example they had been nude, if we had met and you had sucked me off and we had fucked your request could have been considered for you may have been a woman that one wouldn’t want to lose. A dead silence followed to the extent that he asked if she was still there, then an answer that made him determined to take the bull by the horns. “I ... I will fuck and I will suck you off if you could help me”

The motel was already in a state of neglect, the paint work on the units, plus that of the office had reached it’s used by date. The garden was almost weeds, but there was no difference to any of the other buildings or homes he had passed, they were all in decline, the suburb was one of the most neglected and there seemed no interest in trying to reverse the conditions, for in reality there was no work, the last factory a manufacturing one had closed nearly two years before and nothing had replaced it. She had told him the unit number, he pulled up, his vehicle was the only one present; he knocked. The door opened and although this was the first time she had presented herself in the flesh, there was really nothing to recognize from the photos she had originally set, she was a mess and had put on weight. His only thought was ‘fuck she has hit the bottom’ “Mary”, he said as she invited him into a barely furnished room, the only thing he could say was that it was reasonable clean. “Would ... would like a drink?” she asked. “I only have tea, I ... I don’t have any milk”. There was a few seconds of silence, both pondering what to say. “I don’t mind Mary’, he finally said. “I can have tea either with or without milk, however, I didn’t come here for that, you said something about a cock suck and a fuck”, he questioned as he undid his belt. She stood almost as though she was stuck to the floor as his trousers fell and his cock rose in anticipation of what he hoped for. “Well what is it to be a suck or a fuck and get your gear off, one may as well know what you really are like, remember you did send me a couple of photos unfortunately they were not nude”, he snapped.

What her thoughts were he didn’t know but her hesitation did bring on a rebuke. “You asked for my help and in return would either suck or fuck, now get your gear off and either work your mouth around my erection or spread ‘em so I can service your cunt or bend over and I’ll fuck your bum, you chose” Her lips trembled but she removed her clothing and it was his turn to hesitate, she was very unattractive, her melon sized tits sagged almost to her navel and her stomach was heavy with fat that it almost covered the tangle of hair at her groin; but she was a woman and beauty had not really been his target. “Suck first”, he commanded. “Then turn around and I’ll doggie you and then maybe service your backside, it certainly is big enough”. Whether those words hurt he didn’t ask, for his next vocal comment was a grunt of pleasure as the muscles of her mouth began to perform. She sucked till saliva dribbled from her lips; he stopped her. “Now turn and bend over”. There was no doubt her bottom was very inviting but so to was that hair covered crack, he inserted his cock and thrust and her response was what he wanted to hear the gasps of a woman being fucked

He savoured every second, ramming till his balls collided with her backside, anchoring him firmly so he could work on her swinging tits, pulling her nipples, then withdrawing and ravishing again and again till he gripped her hard and emptied his balls, only then did he withdraw and she dropped over the arm of the lounge. “Now that was nice”, he said. “Now what was it you wanted me to assist with?” he asked as she slowly got up, her tits wobbling in a very erotic way. “A pity I just blew my balls for the way your tits are bouncing I could fuck you again if I had a hard cock”, he commented with a grin.

“I was wondering if you could help me paying for this unit, I am rather low on finances and I just had the funds to pay for last night”, she began to sob. It wasn’t her tears that made him help her; it was the way she had performed. He paused before adding conditions for him helping her. “Ok! Mary I tell you what”, he began. “I will help you but you fuck, you fuck every time I want it, you suck me off and play with my balls and if I want to fuck you up the bum, you just bend over and offer your backside, now have a shower, put something nice on, I will go and fix the unit up till the end of the week and then I will take you out for dinner”, he concluded. So relieved that for at least a week she was secure, made her embrace him with such enthusiasm, pressing herself against him that he reluctantly eased her away. “After dinner we can fuck again, but for now let’s stick to the agenda I have created”, he said as she almost danced into the bathroom.

Her wardrobe wasn’t great, but she did her best and what she appeared in wasn’t too bad, it was a backless dress which also meant ‘no bra’ and it was low cut revealing a lot of cleavage in fact almost half her tits were on display which could only result in a positive comment. “I think we will go to the club I belong to”, he smiling commented. “I think you will receive a lot of pleasing stares, now as it is in the middle of the week I won’t have to book, there should be ample tables. They left, she clung to him, a gesture that he appreciated for his relationship with women wasn’t great and in fact she was the only woman that he had, had a sexual encounter with for a long time.

The club wasn’t packed so he didn’t have to travel into the overflow parking area. So eager was she to show her appreciation that as they kissed and he asked her to suck him off, she responded and in the car park, she took his entire length into her mouth and drained his balls while he pushed the top of her dress down, massaged her tits and pulled her nipples. Slowly she lifted her head, cum and saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, he handed her a tissue and as she wiped her mouth and he readjusted his trousers, smiling remarked. “That was fantastic”.

Her history since she had originally contacted him, he had no idea of but by the way she wolfed the meals made him think that her menu over that time hadn’t been great. “Thank you for taking me out”, she cooed as they walked back to his vehicle. “I ... I haven’t had such an enjoyable experience as I have had this evening in a long time.” He didn’t comment but just thought that he hadn’t fucked a woman with such enthusiasm as he had with her, so in reality both were satisfied. “Do ... do you have to go?” she asked as she put away the mugs from the late coffee they had after arriving back at the motel unit. “No not tonight my dear Mary, we fuck and we keep fucking till exhaustion calls a halt, now let’s retire, however, I would like a shower first”, he concluded. Her reply was very rapid. “Can I join you?” There was no need to reply, just a grin. The cubical was tight but by the time the soaping and rubbing was complete he was rock hard and when he stammered, “Now your bum”, she giggled as she turned and offered her backside but when he rammed his cock up to his balls, her howl would equal any animal of the night.

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